Marvel Comics Goes PC SJW And Is Losing Young Male Audience

The young people at Infowars (yes, Alex Jones has hired a number of wonderful young people unlike mainstream media which seems to be a retirement home for Alzheimer’s patients who can’t remember anything, anymore) and they brought up this story today that interests me because I used to make comix and was even a comic book character many years ago due to knowing artists in California and NYC.  Today, Marvel has been on the forefront of pushing a politically correct agenda for decades and now because of it their comic sales are suffering horribly.


Being PC will probably kill the comix business.  When I was involved with this scene, years ago, the super hero thing was nearly dead and my friends in high school all collected old comics so they could be entertained.  When they graduated from school, they went into the business and changed it greatly and everything soared to the heavens.


We threw big parties which became ‘conventions’ which are heavily attended today.  It was lots of fun, back in the 1970’s, it didn’t pay very well so that is why I went into construction business to make money.  It was only after the DC and Marvel people began selling rights to movies, did the business pay well.


This brought in the Money Men who dictated to artists, what to do.  Over time, these executives became older and older and hung out with some buddies who have a nasty name: the Bilderberg gang.  Yes, they got hauled into the entire Machine run by elites and bankers and other not-very-amusing people.


Since the business was located in NYC and LA (Hollywood) the PC police headquarters there all were huge presences and they commanded the allegiance of the old guard top executives (who share a name with executioners) who then decided, unilaterally, to change basic comic book characters into PC SJW monsters.  This turned off the customers, big time.


Over the last few years, Marvel has made a decent push to include characters that aren’t just “straight white males what hit things” in its roster of heroes. Characters like the kid-friendly Moon Girl, a female Thor, Pakistani American superhero Kamala Khan, and many more have all graced the company’s covers in a welcome reflection of the realities of the wider world.


Sure…there are super strong women all over the place wearing skimpy clothing beating up males.  Just what young men want…NOT.  Below is an example of a R.Crumb drawing showing a biker at Berkeley hypnotizing a cute blonde chick which brings back some oddball memories.  Ahem.  The merger of Zap-style nuttiness with the mainstream hero comics is what drove the Machine for a while.

Now, as a person who hung out with the Zap artists and such, I assure everyone, people bought these comix back then because…of the sex stuff and it being hilarious takes on reality which was very acid-twisted lunacy back in 1969.  All my friends who worked in this field had very immature lives, one of them, the person who worked for the mainstream and wrote all the Ironman stories back then, lived in my commune in NYC, for example.


Well, all of these guys were NOT WEIGHT LIFTERS…they were all glasses-wearing GEEKS.  Über-geeks, no less.  Total fantasy geeks which is why they were able to tap into the great Id and exploit it: they were all the kids who were beat up in high school.  This is mainly how I met a number of them when they were young, out West: I would attack their tormentors.


Back to the executives executing the comic revival:


According to vice president of sales David Gabriel,


‘What we heard was that people didn’t want any more diversity. They didn’t want female characters out there. That’s what we heard, whether we believe that or not. I don’t know that that’s really true, but that’s what we saw in sales. We saw the sales of any character that was diverse, any character that was new, our female characters, anything that was not a core Marvel character, people were turning their nose up against. That was difficult for us because we had a lot of fresh, new, exciting ideas that we were trying to get out and nothing new really worked.’


So, the paper pusher VP (a huge number of the creators and makers of this business are Jewish, there is a lot of ‘strong male’ fantasy involved in all this business) is warning fellow paper pushers/money bags/bankers that they are killing the Golden Goose.  No kidding, dude.


The elemental forces unleashed by comics are what young MALES desire.  They are surrounded by girls, in their youth, who age much faster.  A 13 year old girl is more mature than a 16 year old boy.  In nature, males of all species mature much later than females.  They have to fight like crazy to gain sexual access to the females.  It often takes, in some species like alligators or elephants, many years of struggle and violence to reach sexual access to females.


Cats, for example, females become pregnant after less than a year.  Males in the wild, don’t win sex favors for three to five years.  I once had a very huge male Turkish cat who could swim rivers and was twice as big as ordinary male cats. Still, he didn’t win his first cat fight until nearly 3 years old then he ruled the roost and had control of all female cats within a half mile radius.


Due to this, young males are frustrated greatly by taunting, early maturing females who look down on them especially the young brainy males who get beat up by thugs in school especially the thugs who are held back due to not enough brains.


As pointed out by io9, though, the drive toward more diverse heroes isn’t the only sales-affecting decision Marvel has made of late. The company continues to pump out line-wide crossovers (including the current Secret Empire, which will head into Generations, an attempt to “right the ship” by getting a number of more “traditional” heroes back in their normal roles), leading to pervasive event fatigue. Not to mention the decision to make Captain America a Nazi, a flagrantly tone-deaf read on the current political climate.


Yes, patriotism is under attack.  The DNC is totally embracing attacking patriotism and demanding no borders and other ruling elite theologies.  And this is causing rising rage, of course.


That being said, Gabriel later clarified his comments, noting that female and diverse characters are still some of the company’s most popular, and that fans of heroes like Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, or Spider-Gwen shouldn’t worry about those characters being taken away any time soon.


OK: he is insane.  Or covering his ass. Most likely, he doesn’t care, he wants his paycheck.  So he openly lies hoping he won’t be punished for telling the truth.  Either way, this dooms the entire operation.  The lunacy will continue, customers will vanish and money will vanish, too.  Look at football: it is being boycotted by Trump supporters and it is hurting, hurting a lot due to this.


Comments by readers of this news are most interesting, ALL of them see through this news and are angry, hundreds of comments tearing it apart, here are a few:


Joshua Norton edcharleston • 3 days ago
It’s fucking frustrating. I just want to read a comic without dealing with an obnoxious tie in, or having the series be killed off, or have it reshuffled, or have the current storyline be axed in favour of something new because…because.

I get that it’s a business. I get it. Maybe I’m just screaming into the void. But comics are good as continuous stories. They often don’t finish complete arcs, so when a run is only left to have 15-20 issues, you end up with these chopped up narratives that get axed half way through like an endless series of unfinished novels. It’s frustrating.
Leto Joshua Norton • 3 days ago
Events artificially boost their sales, which has become a norm. Whenever they don’t run an event their numbers come up soft, so like an addict they’ve had to increase the Events in number and duration to achieve similar boosted sales. It’s not be a sustainable practice.
Joshua Norton Leto • 3 days ago
In wrestling, it’s called Hotshotting. You throw everything you can at the wall, stuff that supposed to be used sparingly, to get a series of cheap attendance increases. Cage match, deathmatch, pole matches, ladder matches, championship changes again and again. Eventually, you run out of stuff to do. You burn out the territory by escalating what is the standard level of gimmick and excitement to where normal booking just doesn’t suffice.

Same rules for comics. You throw so much shit out there, in this case events, crossovers, character deaths, character revivals, new characters taking old positions, and eventually, people just stop caring.


Big Money Destiny Prime A Dopehead in a Cubs Cap • a day ago
I’m not saying DC is not pushing for diversity. They’re just not destroying the legacy of core characters to do it. If you look at the latest Justice League (Rebirth) you’ll see that there are two new green lanterns, one which is a bad ass muslim dude and the other is this african american chick.
To be honest, the whole SJW thing is difficult to avoid on the whole and it’s tacky and in poor taste when either side does it, but Marvel definitely was more guilty of that than DC.

From what I recall, DC had some shit in a Catwoman series about Cobblepot running for mayor being an analogy to Trump (and that was pretty stupid, as if comic books were the place for political discourse), but Marvel had some big thing about some Muslim chick hero fighting a MODOK Trump or some shit because ‘Yeah, girl power! #NotMyPresident” garbage.

Point is from my paragraphs of rambling is that if I wanna read some latest batman, I can. But If I wanna read some latest Wolverine or Ironman or Thor, I instead get some shoehorned forced PC bullshit about GIRL POWER etc. etc. Following the latest SJW Tumblr trend doesn’t sell comics, good characters and good writing does.

TL;DR: DC isn’t actively trying to ruin their core, iconic heroes for the sole purpose of them being white males and forcing diversity. Marvel is.


The very same young males dealing with super strong/scary female fellow students in school are not entertained by seeing super strong/scary females beating up males in comics.  This goes under ‘duh’.  But then, the comics executives have great power and money and women throw themselves at these males and will lick their balls for some cash so they don’t see the world through the eyes of young males in school hoping to impress a girl somehow by suddenly turning into a super hero instead of being a dinky, little nerd kid!


The real story here is how nerdy teen males operate: they love taking the academic system analysis stuff to the comics world!  They discuss their favorite literature/beliefs as if this were a college course…which is why it is now part of many college courses which use this as a means of putting these poor kids deep into debt, just so they can talk about comics and ‘earn credit’ for this.  I am stunned at this development.


Um, hey, guys, we not only did this for FREE back in the day, we started the conventions precisely for this reason and talked the schools into sponsoring our conventions there…and we earned money doing this!  Now, kids pay money to do all this.  Ahem.  Hello!  This is called ‘exploitation’.  Wake up.  Take control of all this, we did and now we are the Masters of the Universe exploiting young people who are naive.  Make up your own super hero universes.  Don’t be enslaved by the Elders.


A word of warning from a former revolutionary who saw it all begin back in the sixties.


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13 responses to “Marvel Comics Goes PC SJW And Is Losing Young Male Audience

  1. Melponeme_k

    As far as I can recall in my childhood days, comics were very compartmentalized. There was the regular super hero stuff for the guys and the girls had the Archie comics, Josie and Pussy Cats, Sabrina, Wonder Woman etc. In the stores, everyone went to whatever they liked and maybe there were a few cross overs. I once had a comic where Wonder Woman lost her Wonder Woman title and had to participate in Olympic style games to win it back. I threw that out when I grew up. I kick myself when I think about it. There were also rather gender neutral comics such as the horror genre stuff like Tales from the Crypt. I loved those comics, although I was rarely allowed to buy them.

    I think what this ties into was the social engineering smash of our foundation myths. That was usually Knight saves Princess. Princess has the key to destroying the Dragon/Witch/Demon which she gives to her hero and hero saves the day. I can’t remember who first wrote about this, it was most likely Joseph Campbell. But the ongoing discussion was dire, where would our culture get new myths to replace the founding ones that are a part of our psychological makeup? All that could be foreseen was social collapse because men and women no longer had guidelines on how society was structured both physically and mentally.

    Now in the modern day, we see that this was the correct view. Young men and women are lost, without role models and can no longer form strong attachments with one another. It has even affected the older generations such as mine and up because no one knows how to act anymore without being persecuted by the SJWs.

  2. Lou

    R Crumb was a talented artist and storyteller.
    Also he didnt have much competition in 1966.

    Marvel was sold for a few million dollars [it had reached inactivity as a business] TO A JUST GRADUATED FROM AN IVY LEAGUE GUY.
    He got the money from a fellow student who is an oil Sheik.

    I believe the movies are now made [owned] by Disney.
    And Disney is ((( jewish))).

  3. Lou

    If you look at the latest Justice League (Rebirth) you’ll see that there are two new green lanterns, one which is a bad ass muslim dude and the other is this african american chick.–Funny, how the leftists and jews operate.

  4. Lou


    ELAINE: you know, Lou, if you READ my stories you would notice that the link you copied here is the bulk of the above story. Why do you feel compelled to do this all the time?

  5. Jim R

    Comics are so 20th century, anyway. Kids have lots of things to pay attention to on their cell phones, who needs comics?

  6. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    It isn’t comics that are failing with young people but Marvel. The very un-PC Japanese Manga market is doing rather well. In my travels on the internet, that is what most of the young ones are chatting about if they read comics at all.

  7. Yes, I have been a Manga user for many years, I first started watching anime way back in California when it ran on Japanese language stations there. Yes, in the sixties there were Japanese TV shows on some TV stations at odd hours plus, when we were in Brooklyn, in the 1970’s, the very first test zone for cable TV was my neighborhood and they had few things to show so they ran foreign TV stuff from Europe and Japan.

    I loved it. When cable became common, the choices of foreign stuff dropped, and was replaced with lots and lots of junk so I ended cable use many years ago.

  8. vengeur

    I find this all funny as hell because when I was a kid in the sixties, I read Marvel comics Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos, which was a comic book series of WW2 commandos fighting the Nazis, I think there were eight of them, but believe it or not they were a very DIVERSE group, with a black bugler commando named Gabe , a jewish commando named Izzy Cohen, and an irish commando named Duggan, a blond Nordic Scandinavian , the others I have forgotten, all led by the cigar chomping, stubble bearded Sgt. Fury killing Nazis with tommy gun abandon.

  9. Jim R

    Yup. Cowboy Bebop was the best animated series ever!

    See ya later, Space Cowboy!

  10. Tim cheng

    More comic book ideas:

    Daredevil is not only blind, but also crippled, deaf, unable to taste/smell and previously underwent a sex change gone wrong and so I gender fluid
    Hulk who is easily triggered by micro aggressions
    Gambit whose signature move is to demand a safe space
    Iron womyn whose day job is a female presidential candidate with a fake charity which takes donations from people with whom she will fight against when she turns superhero at night

  11. And we will call your comics ‘DC Comics.’ 🙂

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