Muslim Terrorist Did St. Petersburg Bombing

So, according to the London Daily Mail, the Russian subway bomber has been captured and he is from Kyrgyzstan which is mostly Muslim.  Like many of the other terrorists, he was not very ‘religious’ acting but this is a false front: martyrs to the cause are allowed to sin to their heart’s content before attacking Christian or Jewish targets.



I will note here that EU leaders and others turned a cold shoulder to Russian victims of Muslim terrorism but Trump reached out to Putin directly.  This is true diplomacy which the McCarthy mainstream media giants will attack, I am thinking.  They are insane with rage and want us to all be terrorized even more, I am assuming.


Now on to the unfolding scandal of how Obama’s gang broke laws and tried to rig an election and did various crimes:


The mainstream media is still pushing the idiotic story that Russia runs our elections.  We should thank Putin for getting rid of the criminals in the White House.  But he didn’t, this was a normal election with crummy election laws and no sane system and nothing fixed after the 2000 blowout.  Just more of the same old normal except one item: a non-Bilderberg candidate won.


I see from the above British news that the quiet meeting with Rand Paul is bearing fruit, he is the one spearheading the push to uncover all the facts about how Obama and his gang broke many laws while in the transition, trying to torpedo Trump and wreck his administration before it even came into the White House.


It appears that Flynn will end up being fully vindicated and I hope the people who tried to frame him go to prison.  I hate McCarthyism and for Obama and Hillary to play that evil game infuriates me no end.  Obama wasn’t alive during that era, I certainly was!


Look at the childish agitprop silliness at Newsweek!  The ‘terror threat’ is Trump!  And stopping criminal illegal aliens is evil!  Oh, dear, the elites want chaos!  HAHAHA.  So long as the chaos destroys the working class, they are happy.


Note how Newsweek hates cops and border guards.  Who is working for them?  A bunch of illegal aliens?  I would venture there are more than a dozen.  And they had an issue about North Korea.  I will note that NK launched one missile after another when Obama was President and the media didn’t notice much.


Now, they are in hysterics.  Why?  NK is ruled by a far leftist.  They should be showing how he is fantastic like the dead despot, Castro.

Finally, from Infowars, a funny cartoon.  It sums up everything quite nicely.


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21 responses to “Muslim Terrorist Did St. Petersburg Bombing

  1. Christian W

    Like many of the other terrorists, he was not very ‘religious’ acting but this is a false front: martyrs to the cause are allowed to sin to their heart’s content before attacking Christian or Jewish targets.

    By FAR the largest target for “Muslim terrorism”, as you like to call it, are Muslims, not Christians and definitely not Jews.

  2. Christian W

    Real Muslims are fighting against “Muslim terrorism” a thousand times more than the US is.

  3. floridasandy

    the only way it will work is if Muslims fight Muslim terrorism.

    Not our battle here in the US. We just have to keep the crazies out.

    I guess the good news is that many Muslims can actually see the destruction of their religion by crazy opportunistic zealots/fearmongers. Any religion that advocates destroying your own life (or anyone else’s) is disrespecting the life that God gave us.

    It really has nothing to do with God,

  4. Christian W

    Not our battle here in the US.

    So stop arming the crazies in the ME, including Israel, ok?

  5. Jim R

    The Syrian army is mostly Muslim. They are fighting jihadi scum all over the place.

    And the ‘coalition’ helps out by dropping bombs on them.

  6. Yes, they are not SUNNI. The loyalists in Syria hate the Sunni Jihadists. This is why they are friendly with Iran.

  7. Christian W

    The majority of the Syrian Army are in fact SUNNI.

  8. Christian W

    These SUNNI Muslims are not terrorists, not political tools (in religious wrappings) of Saudi Arabian and Qatari autocrats intent on enslaving the ME beneath their rule allied with Israel.

    Interestingly enough the US has ALWAYS supported the Gulf tyrants against the religious but secular Muslims seeking independence.

    There would, in fact, be no “Muslim terrorism” without US support for the Gulf Kingdoms and Israel. The Gulf tyrants and Israel were created for this specific purpose.

  9. Melponeme_k

    @Christian W

    There would be no Gulf Kingdoms or Israel AT ALL if it hadn’t been for the BRITISH Empire and Rhodes ambition to fulfill the Ruskin Propaganda. The Brits dumped it all on our lap. Because that is who still rules via US Proxy. Start reading Carroll Quigley.

  10. Christian W

    I know, but the US had a choice not to pick up the British Imperial torch.

    It still has that choice in fact. If I recall correctly the Founding Fathers had some ideas about that, flawed as they may have been at least there were flashes of insight.

  11. Christian W

    We are still, to this day, fighting the wars that besotted lunatic Churchill cooked up.

  12. Melponeme_k

    “I know, but the US had a choice not to pick up the British Imperial torch.”

    The American people had no choice. The Brit ruling class co-opted the American ruling class by marrying their little inbreds to American Heiresses. They got the money and they got the reins of power in the US Government all tied up with a little bow. They got Churchill out of it all as well. Win Win for them. Back to a colony for us.

  13. Jim R

    It isn’t really a Sunni – Shia thing, Elaine. That is just how the information warriors have been marketing the conflict.

    It is mercenary proxy armies vs. the actual residents of Syria. The Wahhabi Sunnis of the Gulf dictatorships are big supporters of this proxy army. The actual residents of Syria are of every religious confession you have ever heard of, and some you probably haven’t. And they are of many ethnicities. There are Armenian Christians left over from the genocide by the Turks at the end of the Ottoman empire, for example. There are Orthodox Russians that settled there during the old cold war decades ago and started families. There are the Kurds, the Druze, the Zoroastrians. There are even Jews, not the Zionist type Jews, but the ones that have lived there since biblical times. There are the Assyrians, also from biblical times. Etc.

    And the jihadi mercenaries are from many places, as well. Places like Somalia or Detroit or Arizona. But most of them are not from Syria, they have no recent history there, no families, and their purpose is simply to bring chaos and topple Assad.

    Why topple Assad? Because he won’t permit the Bilderbergs to own oil fields and build pipelines through there. And because he will allow the Russians to maintain their old military bases there.

  14. Christian W

    @ Mel

    The root for that situation is the London City & Wall Street system, which is ONE system. That is why I call them the Twin Towers of Mordor.

  15. And…they are imperialists and won’t let their grip go unless we pry their dead hands from the systems.

  16. floridasandy

    I still have hope with Trump, although the recent saber rattling on Assad is somewhat concerning-can’t lie.

    I have to keep reminding myself about media spin, and the damage they can do.

  17. They are herding him into WWIII because they are evil. Think: how hard is it to resist this force? They can’t push me into this. Remember Bush Jr.? He and his gang herded everyone into a war against Iraq which was a war crime and he hasn’t been arrested for this and I call for his arrest constantly.

    The US public, scared by 9/11, fell for it and went with great enthusiasm, into this war. Now, they regret it. And here we are: going to war with Russia in support of ISIS!!! This is insane but who can stop our lunatic rulers?

  18. Christian W

    The only thing that can stop this is for people to simply stop and refuse to play along anymore.


  19. Christian W

  20. Christian W

    It’s creepy to see how completely they have broken Trump.

    Then again, as we pointed out on this site, Trump was lost the minute he didn’t start to arrest the crooks in the CIA, FBI, Congress and so on.

  21. How could he arrest them all? I have been demanding this for years, of course. But he couldn’t without the media on his side. Instead, the media Bilderberg gang is…part of the gang committing the crimes!!!

    He won, despite all the trash and horror and lies and then…couldn’t pass enough people through Congress to take over. He was virtually all alone, you know. And he doesn’t like ME. I won against him, and note, I point this out because he is a person who can be tricked. If I did it, others do it, too.

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