Both Britain And Russia Tell EU To Go To Hell

The negotiations over Brexit are now heating up.  The EU wants a huge amount of money for any exit and Britain is digging in heels and in the Brussels pig pen, the dirty fighting is going on there with some strange stuff happening…like Verhofstadt basically declaring war on Russia!


He said he was ‘joking’…some ‘joke’.  So, WWIII is a joke!  North Korea is pushing for WWIII, too.  There are many who want this. Hillary openly talked about doing this during the debates.  Our own elites would cheerfully start WWIII to maintain power even though this is suicidal.

Yes, this lunatic actually said ‘we will take the EU to the River Volga’ which happens to be deep inside Russia where Napoleon had a great battle before entering Moscow.


Russia takes sneak attacks very seriously.  There is great historical reasons for this attitude which is why it is suicidal to talk openly or even just ‘joke’ about sneak attacks against Russia.


Song contest is political, now, too, in Europe.  This Eurovison story is amusing especially since the ‘songs’ are boring, stupid and moronic.

Evidently, Russia has won the Eurovision music contest a number of times each year except last year when Ukraine won with a political anti-Russian song.



Here is a funny story, pro-Putin Russians are demonstrating for no business with Europe because it is bad for Russian farmers!

One of the several reasons many Brits voted Brexit aside from the Million Muslim Male problem is how farming, fishing and other fields are destroyed by the EU so England no longer has much of a fleet of any ships, doesn’t build much shipping anymore, has few factories, etc.


All that is imported!  They are being systematically destroyed.  As Free Trade is killing the US industries and businesses that once made this a great and above all, solvent nation.  Now Britain and the US are going deeper and deeper into debt and can’t do this forever.  Free trade is fatal.


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3 responses to “Both Britain And Russia Tell EU To Go To Hell

  1. Seraphim

    Erh, Volga is a bit further than Moscow.

  2. Christian W

    The Volga runs through Stalingrad…

  3. Which is why that lunatic said ‘Volga’ at the EU chambers! Talk about Freudian slips!

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