Rand Paul Will Be Next Senate Boss: Trump Supports This

Trump and Rand Paul have, over the last 5 days, formed a strong alliance with Rand being in the ‘strong pole position’ to take the leadership of the Senate away from the inept, double crosser, Ryan.  Both Paul and Ryan were rivals for the GOP crown last summer and lost to Trump.  But Paul didn’t go on to stab Trump in the back afterwards, being, I am assuming, a superior tactician.  Ryan thought he could use the media fake news giants to destroy Trump after the election whereas Rand simply stayed true to his previous ideological positions.


(a note to readers: in my hurry this morning, I made a mistake.  Ryan is head of the GOP in the House.  Rand Paul is contesting in the Senate for leadership.)


That is, Ryan cynically screwed with the healthcare deal and the main reason it didn’t pass at all was due to Rand objecting to being locked out of the negotiation process by Ryan.  That is, Ryan deliberately closed the doors of his office to anyone’s input when rigging his failed healthcare deal.


This is very significant for the GOP for the Senate GOP leaders have great powers when they control it as the GOP controls both Houses.  Ryan was going to use this power to propel him into the White House over Trump’s ‘failures’ which would be caused by Ryan, himself.


This double deal was dashed not by Trump who seems rather innocent about how Congress really runs but by Rand Paul whose daddy spent most of his life in the House and running for President over and over again.  Rand, like myself, grew up deep inside the System and like myself, as an outsider who is hated by the media who have, just this week, suddenly decided to show him in public.

MSNBC, a total ‘lie machine’ supporting the Obama regime nonstop, has finally decided to talk to Rand Paul.  Being stupid, they imagined that if they had a three versus one interrogation like the media giants did all the time to Trump, they would tear him down.


Instead, he is not only articulate and well-versed on what is the law and what is ‘spying’ and watching the fools on MSNBC whine at him, what is very funny is, these ‘reporters’ claim that ‘there was not WIRETAPPING’ forcing Rand to explain to these infants that ‘wiretapping’ is a generic word for describing spying on communication systems.


Duh.  Then one liberal says, ‘The President appoints the FBI, etc. and this is NOT POLITICAL.’  Excuse me, but these appointments are 100% ‘political’.  This is so stupid, this level of stupidity means I think these adults acting like brain dead elderly…wait, there is a strange thing going on: the left is going SENILE.


I love how Rand explains how wiretaps work and he actually laughs at them while explaining this and…they erupt in rage, how dare he say that to them!  They are puzzled and infuriated that ‘wiretapping’ is a generic term!  Then they say, ‘No, no, no’ while Rand, the top legislator, explains the law to them.


The other issue here is, not only did Obama and the Clintons and the rest of their goofy gang spied on Trump and millions of Americans including me (all my adult life except when Carter was President) they gave this information TO THE MEDIA giants, that is, the fake news clowns.


Rand calls this Obama/Clinton crime ‘a witch hunt’ which caused more rage.  The left has decapitated their own heads and heads will roll over this, Rand will have to build a bowling alley at the Senate for head rolling.  Pins will fall.  People will end up talking to the investigators, this is as big as Watergate.



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17 responses to “Rand Paul Will Be Next Senate Boss: Trump Supports This

  1. Christian W

    Wow. You are expecting the Kabuki theatre in Washington to produce something else than Kabuki theatre.

  2. Duski

    Christian W, at the very least it has gotten way more entertaining lately! 😀

  3. Christian W

    Yeah there are some new characters on the scene 😀

  4. Jim R

    Need to get on the job of disbanding the CIA, before they rustle up a disgruntled, deranged, or otherwise insane shooter…

  5. Petruchio

    This news bears mentioning: David Rockefeller DEAD at 101 years old! Why is it Human turds like the Rockefellers ALWAYS live to 100+ years of age? How old is Bush Sr.? 93 yrs old or so? Two things to be learned about Rockefeller’s death. One, there IS a God, and 2. Karma’s a bitch.

  6. Petruchio, the bad live longer. 🙂

    Actually, if you have servants, a mansion, lots of loot and a hundred doctors, you can extend life to an amazing degree. And this works only for smart people, dumb people with money go nuts and screw themselves badly and die suddenly.

    The Bushes and Rockefellers are ‘old money’. Even ‘old money families’ like my mother’s family that were members of the ruling class, even with little or no money, we tend to live longer than most people because of the way we are raised (survival skills).

    It’s called ‘knowing how things operate’. My own godmother, for example, died at 105 due to falling off her roof while repairing it, she didn’t wait for me to come and do it for her.

  7. Melponeme_k


    It is just genes and luck really. My own great grandmother on the Protestant side lived into her 90s. No special skills. She ran around with the help of a walker. But she had a lot of family around her.

    That is the key. Families that are clannish, stick together, don’t fly off the handle at the slightest argument tend to live longer and be healthy. This is why the Asians have such a healthy lifespan. Diet and exercise is only a part of it.

    This is the main reason why the elite are so intent on breaking up the families of the poor, working class and middle class.

  8. ziff

    i wanna be bad !

  9. The ignorance is amazing, they wouldn’t know what’s meant by a land line that’s for sure.BUT couldn’t they show some curiosity and google something before they insert foot?

  10. vengeur

    Well, the obvious question to me is , did Rice and the Obama team spy on Romney too????

  11. Yes.

    Within the spy network are several sub-networks. It all depends on which way the political wind is blowing. Romney is an insider but he wasn’t an Obama buddy, for example. He is a Bush buddy who is a buddy of Obama…yes, it is Byzantine.

  12. jimmy

    Ryan is not the leader of the Senate, he’s the HOUSE SPEAKER.


    ELAINE: You are 100% correct. Thank you. I wrote in a hurry while under some home pressures (dealing with elderly members with health problems). I really appreciate corrections!

  13. Lou

    Mel, I think the purpose is to get rid of the White race.
    ‘This is the main reason why the elite are so intent on breaking up the families of the poor, working class and middle class.’

  14. Melponeme_k


    They want to get rid of EVERYONE. They aren’t being discriminating on who they kill. They want the whole world for themselves. Once we are all gone, they will proceed on killing one another.

  15. floridasandy

    I would LOVE to see Rand head of the senate. I voted for his father. and I believe he actually believes in free market economics, as opposed to all the other jackasses and their command control economy.

    More money for them, doncha know?

    Rand is intelligent and thoughtful.

    karma will be a bitch for both the Clintons and the Bushes, as well as Obama. Maybe we will see it in our lifetimes, although I don’t hold my breath.

  16. floridasandy

    susan rice and the Rwandan genocide, Huffington Post:


    you just know she spied on somebody who could make a positive difference.

    May karma be a bitch for her also!

  17. Bucking up due to Rand Paul pushing hard, McConnell is going to kill the DNC ‘filibuster’ of Supreme Court nominee. He said: “For 230 years, up or down, simple majority [required] for Supreme Court, Cabinet, everything until [Senate Minority Leader Chuck] Schumer invented this, so it’s a fairly recent thing to filibuster executive branch appointments,” McConnell told host Dana Perino.

    “All we’ll do faced with this filibuster is even that up so the Supreme Court confirmation process is dealt with just like it was throughout the history of the country.”

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