Sarin Gas Blamed On Assad/Putin With ZERO Proof

Yes, the Gulf of Tonkin all over again, this scam has been used in nearly every war the US rulers dictate: they wait until there is some event and then…blame 9/11 on Saddam, for example.  They engineer events and then blame someone else…this is the obvious modus operandi.  And Trump is falling for it because it is being dictated by US news media which lies about nearly everything.  This is so embarrassing.


But we will have to ride this evil merry-go-round to the bitter end as always.  Deeper into debt, lots of dead people, Israel wants Syria destroyed or else.  As we are played for fools, it is hard to resist for the push to war is always propaganda relentlessly shoving us towards disaster.

Trump On Collision Course With Putin After Moscow Denies Syria Behind Chemical Attack. Of course, someone had to use gas which has no information where it comes from…to trigger the obvious just like the Maine blowing up in Havana and being blamed illegally on Spain, just for one glaring example.


Note the speed of accusations with zero hard proof. Trump’s silly NYC daughter and her Jewish husband have been pushing this very hard, for example.


Oh well, calm heads never exist at the top. I remember when I went against the Vietnam War, I was only 15 years old and got my news via shortwave from Europe so I had Real News periodically back in 1966.


But the average American had no real news. Fake news has been around a LONG time, by the way, namely, all my life at least.


For the first time since his election, president Trump is set for a direct collision course with Vladimir Putin after Russia said on Wednesday it stands by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad despite widespread popular outrage over a chemical weapons attack which the media was quick to pin on the Syrian president, in a carbon-copy of events from 2013 which nearly launched a US invasion of the middle-eastern nation, when a YouTube clip – subsequently shown to be a hoax – served as proof that Assad had used sarin gas on rebels in a Damascus neighborhood.


As reported yesterday, Western countries including the US accused Assad’s armed forces for the chemical attack, which choked scores of people to death in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in a rebel-held area of northern Syria hit by government air strikes. While Washington said it believed the deaths were caused by sarin nerve gas dropped by Syrian aircraft, Moscow offered an alternative explanation, claiming the poison gas had leaked from a rebel chemical weapons depot struck by Syrian bombs.


The strike, which was launched midday Tuesday, targeted a major rebel ammunition depot east of the town of Khan Sheikhoun, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement. The warehouse was used to both produce and store shells containing toxic gas, Konashenkov said. The shells were delivered to Iraq and repeatedly used there, he added, pointing out that both Iraq and international organizations have confirmed the use of such weapons by militants.


Note the foreign news about Putin and the fake charges he ran our election.  Ahem, this came out today, too, and was a great reason for our Real Rulers to fake an attack in Syria and blame it on Putin since they whipped up anti-Putin hate for the last three months, why waste it?


Note our lunatic leaders didn’t go after North Korea!  NK wants WWIII.  So, why the silence?  Eh?


Yes, time for another war in the Middle East with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Syria, NATO and Turkey all fighting each other.  Note that Turkey isn’t on NATO’s side, they are fighting the allies of NATO which are the Kurds!


All this, on the heels of a Muslim attack on St. Petersburg, Russia.  Note how NATO showed no mercy about that attack.  Off to blame Putin!  What a mess.  This sort of stupidity causes world wars but then, they know this.  They openly talk about there being too many people.


And our Real Rulers hate American citizens and want to replace us with foreigners and ditto in spades in the EU overlords, too.  Europe will be wiped out totally in WWIII so I cannot understand why the populations there are sitting on their asses.  They should be doing something about their EU leaders who are destroying them.  WWIII with Russia means zero survivors in Europe, you know.


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9 responses to “Sarin Gas Blamed On Assad/Putin With ZERO Proof

  1. Ken

    The Russians are claiming that the poison gas was being stored by the rebels in a warehouse, which was bombed by the Syrian air force, which didn’t know it was there. I have no idea whether this is true, but it seems plausible. Especially since using poison gas on the civilians would not have provided any military advantage for Syria’s government.

    It is also the sort of excuse that is easily verifiable by an on-the-ground inspection.

    Curious that this explanation is never mentioned in the western media. I had to get this information from Russian news.

  2. Jim R

    The previous “poison gas attack” was quickly debunked by Sy Hersh. I can’t recall the details, but the story was that it was “rebels” indiscriminately firing the gas into civilian neighborhoods, which they had also been doing with explosives.

    And, you’ll recall, Assad gave up all his CW stockpile in the wake of that FF.

    So, where did he allegedly get the weapons? Who was he aiming them at? What is the official news line on that?

  3. We are witnessing a typical CIA war crime now. Pay rebels to do dirty work (Libya!!!) and then claim that the ruler is responsible, get rid of the ruler, turn the place into a catastrophe, send the population to Europe and then Israel and Saudi Arabia are safe yet again.

    Why EUROPE is joining in baffles me. They are suicidally stupid but then, our rulers are dumb idiots, too. Muslims moving into France, for example, will have access to NUCLEAR BOMBS once they take over.

  4. Lou

    Muslims moving into France, for example, will have access to NUCLEAR BOMBS once they take over. [The Whites in South Africa were smarter when they ceded power to the mob].

    Remember Fort Hood? ‘once they take over,’ should be once even one of the really BAD ones has access to their Nukes.

    You are good with statistics. At what point is the French military
    majority muslim?

  5. floridasandy

    excellent point, Jim R.

    could somebody tell Trump?

    Wake up, because Europe is suicidally stupid. Hopefully, France will choose wisely in their next election cycle-which is coming up!

    The French Muslim community is the largest and fastest-growing in Europe. In 50 years, from 1967 to 2017, the population of the Republic of France (including the overseas territories, which are as French as Hawaii and Alaska are American) grew from 50 million to 67 million, a 34 per cent increase. Meanwhile, the Muslim population has grown, either naturally or as a result of migrational trends, from one million or so to five or six million at least: that is to say a 500-600 per cent increase. As for the ratio of Muslims to the global population, it grew from 2 per cent to 7-9 per cent.

    They have a minority population which does not want to assimilate, always a danger for any culture. In India, they have Indians attacking cow butchering Muslims and killing them. The lesson here is that if you go to another country, ABANDONING YOUR OWN, you really have to respect their values and quit trying to push your own values on the citizens. Everybody should be able to feel comfortable in their own country and not have to change their lifestyles to support others.


  6. Jim R

    That was the previous ‘gas attack’. This time, it isn’t entirely clear that there was even any poison gas.

    The only reports are from areas dominated by Daesh “rebels” and there are no independent observers, not even from the UN. Many previous reports from them have employed crisis actors, red paint (ketchup?), makeup artists, lifelike dummies, and so forth. It’s fairly obvious if you critically examine the pictures.

    Pictures of real atrocities are quickly removed from the web, because “they are just too horrible” for the average viewer! On rare occasions, you get a brief glimpse from places such as eastern Ukriane, of people who were blown to bits…

  7. Seraphim

    Colin Powell’s vial of anthrax performance redux?
    She outperformed him, even Samantha.

  8. floridasandy

    Logically, it wouldn’t make sense for Assad to do it now:

    The timing of the attack seems startling, just a day ahead of today’s meeting in Brussels at which 70 countries are meant to discuss funding the reconstruction of Syria, and a week after senior US officials disavowed previous US calls to remove Syrian president Bashar al-Assad

  9. There was no ‘attack’ from Assad. This is a CIA operation. It is also a NATO war crime. Falsely occusing an innocent party of a war crime is a war crime. Bush Jr and Cheney should be arrested and if Trump does this, he should also be arrested.

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