Bilderberg Gang Won, Trump Finished, Won’t Save Him, They Will Eliminate Him

Washington Post headline tells half the story.  Yes, Rice is defiant and says she did nothing wrong.  Then at the New York Times, under the story about the Trumps driving the Secret Service nuts because they have to be guarded (!!!) we learn that Trump agrees with Rice and wants no examination of her which seems suicidal of him but then, he is now surrounded by the Deep State operatives who control everything and is their puppet.  Too bad for him but I can understand, look at what happened to Reagan!  Shot in the head.

Note the NYT headline here: the Secret Service is ‘under resourced’ and ‘moral is low’ because…they don’t want to guard the President.  This is code for ‘if Trump is assassinated or shot like Reagan, it is his own fault.’


Trump is not used to running the State or reading between the lines and lies and it shows.  Deciding whether someone committed a crime or not is not in his power.  He can pardon people.  But pre-empting judgement is wrong.  He is obviously out of his league here and has no idea how to play the DC game.  He is surrounded by pros and hostile fake news systems who run the Kremlin on the Potomac River.


He has given up on ‘America First’ and is falling down the rabbit hole of constant interventions that are totally illegal:

He swallowed the CIA lies hook, line and sinker.  This is because he doesn’t read much history.  President Carter did read history books but was also dragged into one trap after the other because he had no idea how the CIA war criminals operate.  He listened to my father but never listened to me.


On the other hand, President Reagan, as Bush Sr.’s puppet, did listen to me!  He handed over a bunch of top Chinese officials to live with me after my father told him, I could host them easily!  I had a lot of fun with them and they changed a great deal and then…I had to go into hand to hand diplomatic combat with Bush Sr. who was very pissed off at me, over the issue of deporting Chinese students stranded in the US during the uprising back then.


The thing here is, DC isn’t a business, it is more like the Mafia.  Most of the real battles are totally hidden from view which is why I am invisible.  The Dark Side is very dark and extremely dangerous and is also homicidal.  I kept saying, Trump, if he did ‘drain the swamp’, he would be assassinated.  So far, they haven’t done this but the more he surrenders, the more likely he will eventually be eliminated.


That is, surrender isn’t possible.  The fact that he COULD change things and MIGHT change things and further, may get to know the secrets they are hiding from him, the best thing is to eliminate him entirely and thus, close that door forever.


The side deal is, no one else will ever, ever go out and defy the Dark State again.  They will openly operate, note how they batted aside the chance that they might have to testify under oath, that they did illegal things.  Trump thinks, ‘If I stop investigations, they will let me live.’  Well, buddy, the answer is ‘NO.’


Even as a puppet, he is useless to them all because he has not persuaded his followers to obey the Ruling Elites.  Each time he gives way to them all, his base gets angrier and angrier.  Next, he will be telling us ‘black lives matter’ and we should let the destruction of our cities continue.   He won’t bring home any more jobs because after a brief scare that forced corporations to rethink their looting of America, he isn’t going to do that anymore, either.


Which means he will side against England in their battle against the EU bureaucrats.  His entire revolt is now vanishing and now is time for Rand Paul to move up front.  He actually has an idea, how the government runs.  These two signal defeats of Trump today clearly shows the people around him have told him how to stay alive.  And I hate to bust his bubble, but they are lying to him.


This makes him easier to kill because he will now have NO support, ANYWHERE.  Too bad he can’t figure this out.  But then, it is his life, not mine.  He did go into the maze to slay the Minotaur only it put on a mask and told him it can keep him alive.  Hello: it is a Minotaur.  It kills.

Theseus and The Minotaur Year 5 Lego animation – YouTube


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17 responses to “Bilderberg Gang Won, Trump Finished, Won’t Save Him, They Will Eliminate Him

  1. floridasandy

    Trump is not going to get killed, and you are engaging in irresponsible rhetoric.

    We finally have a leader who will try and make our country safer, more responsible, and happier.

    Susan Rice likely committed a crime in surveillance, but Trump needs to stay out of it. He is supposed to be impartial, and let justice run its course. We aren’t used to that, I guess.

  2. Melponeme_k

    We don’t know what is going on in the White House. Trump has good people near him and very bad (don’t trust the son-in-law for one). As of now, no matter what, he has to play his cards really close to his chest. He is a marked man no matter which way he turns.

    I love the Minotaur myth. What a perfect way to illustrate the mind, its unwillingness to face itself and the maze it constructs to hide from who/what it is.

  3. JimmyJ

    I agree with Elaine, he is lost to the evil elements and this still won’t save him due to the hystrrical propaganda already unleashed. He had a better chance going after them right off even if it cost him dearly since it would have meant he became a martyr while there was some momentum for change. Now due to Trump’s obvious capitulation his idealist supporters will be angry but unfocused and their energy ultimately dissipated. Any Trump policies from now on will be boilerplate Republican.

  4. Trump is NOT ‘staying out of it’…he said she did nothing wrong. He stupidly stepped forward to placate the CIA operatives and Deep State people who are destroying him.

    As for him being removed: they are very clear that they hate him. A great deal. And don’t want him around…at all.

    These people assassinate world leaders. They are good at this, they love doing this, it is their business. When the Mafia bosses fight, they kill. When world leaders want to run things and someone bugs them or is in the way, they kill them.

    This has been true for the last…um…how about 5,000 years! Anyone who is so naive as to think this doesn’t happen should read history and just go to all the parts about ‘this leader was assassinated/killed’. The Roman Empire is a great place to start and with the very first emperors, too! From Day One, in fact!!!

    Then go down the list of ‘killed’ and ‘severely wounded’ Presidents, by the way, Reagan was the most recent, you know. Since him, it has been 100% Bilderberg gangsters running this joint until this election.

  5. floridasandy

    the negativity here is going to make me leave this site.

    There is a lot of information out there, and I won’t waste it on negatively-especially when it is completely premature.

    Time will tell, but I will be goddamned if I jump to all these negative conclusions. I am so exhausted with all the judgmental people when nothing has happened yet. The media is trying to undermine him, and has no lack of supporters evidently

  6. Moe


    You were in error in your previous prediction of Trump assassination, why are you not wrong now?

    Also, it’s contradictory where you intone that compliance on Trump’s part won’t save him, but acknowledge that compliance on Reagan’s part did save him, post assassination attempt.

    I’m with Floridasandy on this one.

  7. Reagan won by a landslide. Trump barely made it across the finish line. Reagan was in his top power point when shot, Trump is struggling to get even a handful of people into his government and both the DNC and GOP are out to get Trump!

    A gigantic difference.

    Look, I tell the future and tell the truth. It is an unpleasant job. I am not here to pander, it is to forecast.

    And as I learned when very young, people hate that. I would be popular if I lied all the time but I can’t do this for I fear the Gates of Death a great deal, having been there more than once.

    I know what is on the other side.

    Reagan complied with Bush Sr. because he was brain damaged. He barely was able to talk at the end of his presidency. He mostly smiled and waved.

    President Wilson was in the same boat, by the way.

    It is ten times more dangerous now: the Fed Reserve which is pure evil, had kept interest rates super low for Obama and the minute Trump won, they talked and talked about raising rates rapidly and they do this all the time!

    They are very political. And so, all machines within control of the Bilderberg gang are set at ‘self-destruct/cause maximum pain’ at this point and if I don’t warn people about this, I would be evil.

  8. Latest news is, the British and US media lied about Putin agreeing that Syria used chemical weapons. He DID NOT.

  9. JimmyJ

    I don’t see observing and drawing conclusions as negative or positive. If anyone wants to see current US foreign policy as positive that’s up to them. What I see is imperial behaviour which is not news, but the proximity to an attack on Russia is news and is a dire risk. Understanding risk is a primary adult responsibility.

    Elaine has always called it as it is and with the experience of growing up as she has, as close as anyone can get to the so called inner sanctum.

    For positive feelings one must practice spirituality, not read political analysis.

  10. Christian W

    Oh well, this Trump dude was a dud, but there’s always 2020 to get exited about. Better luck next time:

  11. Christian W

    That is, IF we don’t have WWIII (big if) and IF they even bother holding an election after this latest farce.

  12. Jim R

    It now seems doubtful that any “chemical attack” happened at all. Not even a false flag, this was a fake flag.

    The only reports were from Da’ish and its cohort, and there are no credible reports at all from anything approximating an impartial observer.

  13. GOOD CATCHES! Also, a little girl ‘witness’ turns out to live overseas and was reading a script.

    This is an entire tissue of lies from the first hour and now that proof the ‘victims’ are fakes…Trump should grow up and not be bullshitted into believing fake stuff. He doesn’t understand ALL NEWS by the mainstream media is FAKE NEWS!

  14. Christian W

    Interesting rant by an ex? Trump supporter.

  15. Jim R

    Good one, CW. I almost posted that myself.

    They have obviously gotten to him and Tillerson.

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