Racist Stanford University Accepts Student Writing ‘#blacklivesmatter’ Essay

Ziad, the muslim teen activist who got accepted to Stanford #BlackLivesMatter –This kid simply wrote #blacklivesmatter over and over again.  Stanford University’s acceptance squad were so taken with this, they gave him permission to come over and be radical there.  This kid is a religious fanatic.  He also comes from a recent immigrant family who immigrated and his father and mother live in Princeton, NJ which is very rich.


The school accepted him because he has several key elements: he is a foreigner, a Muslim, a political activist and his skin is sort of dark so he can claim he is an oppressed minority.  The fact that he had such contempt for the school as to do this stunt is stunning.  The fact that the people processing his essay gave him this, is stupid.


The kid can’t be blamed for being cheeky but the school certainly can be blamed for being stupid, suicidal and evil.  This kid even says at his own video above, ‘To me, to be Muslim is to be a BLM ally.’  So even this kid doesn’t see himself as ‘black’ at all!


But THE SCHOOL DID.  This is racism, so the kid is correct: there is racism in America only it is reverse racism.  If you are black, you can write a very stupid essay and be rewarded for this.  This, in turn, is very racist for the people looking at the essay saw only ‘black kid, must let in even if he is illiterate or stupid.’


The bar for black kids who manage to graduate from high school is so low, it is lying on the ground.  All black kids who graduate today with high grades which is rare, are given many high level acceptances from top schools.  It is not uncommon for a smart black kid to get offers to go to all of the high level universities.


This makes the news all the time.  It does NOT show how accomplished black students are, it shows how craven the schools are, trying to tick off their ‘black’ boxes for publicity or because the State forces them to do this.


I am betting Ziad is going to Princeton.  Now, Chinese students have the same skin color, approximately, as this cheeky kid and they do very, very well in school and…their numbers are heavily restricted, not enhanced by the fact they are Chinese.  The major number of winners of math contests, for example, are either Chinese or from India.  A few are Jewish or Northern European (German like my astronomer father).


But the bulk are Chinese.  Does this cause the highest universities to pursue them and ask them to come?  Nope.  It operates the exact opposite.  The number of winners of math contests who are black is so near zero…it is zero.  Why is that?


The number of females is zero, too.  Why is that?  I am not stupid.  I had three brothers.  One was a math ace.  They all were better at math than I.  I won contests in other fields, never math.  My brothers were the opposite and it irritated me greatly.  Why was I so dumb?  So I investigated this myself and discovered, it is due to our female brains maturing much earlier than boys and our basic structure makes us think more about being a mother than an Einstein.


Young ladies can focus on going to school and becoming a doctor or a politician, etc. but rarely do any become high level mathematicians.  I went into another nearly all boy field: construction and on the side, mucking around with cars, trucks, etc.  When I do the messing around in these areas, 90% of the people with me are…males.


Back to the school thing: Stanford should fire the clowns who accepted this Muslim radical kid.  He is highly dangerous as well as disrespectful.  Just what the school does not need.  And Princeton should watch out: this kid is DANGEROUS.  And if he becomes a terrorist, I would not be surprised.


He is already radicalized at home!  He is not a good pick unless bringing the wars against Muslims home is the goal then, go for it.  It would be rather hideously amusing to watch this kid do something to his school.



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10 responses to “Racist Stanford University Accepts Student Writing ‘#blacklivesmatter’ Essay

  1. Lou

    Earlier this week, Huff Po etc had an article. It was similar to a previous
    ‘Black guy gets into all the Ivys.’ Last year all the Ivies colluded to pick a black male. This year they universally select a black female. Next year we will be reading an article on the transgendering one-legged muslim aborigine getting the pre-planned all-Ivy nod.

    Here are comments. One person claimed that he knew her friends and the woman claimed ‘racism’ against one of her teachers.
    Nigerian 17 year old

    if she reapplied at these schools and did not check the African-American box on the form do you honestly believe she would have had the same results? Doubtful. Actually impossible.

    Notice how you won’t see a white student celebrated for their achievements.
    Black…. They roll out the red carpet if your SAT’s are in the 80th percentile.

    wonderful, now she can be president of the radical BLM chapter at her liberal ivy league university

    Everyone is judging this girl without knowing her credentials. Release her SAT scores and her transcript and then we’ll judge… Couldn’t get Obama’s so don’t hold your breath.

    So did she get perfect scores on her ACT/SAT or did race play apart in getting accepted to all these very fine schools? I was accepted to Little Rock Community College and ‘got ‘learned reel good’!
    My uncle is a chemistry professor at Princeton University and has taken part in student selections as well. We exchanged e-mails about this article and he told me this has EVERYTHING to do with this girl being black. He said he was told to “make exceptions for the sake of diversity” when it came to accepting less intelligent students. This is very far from an accomplishment like it’s being falsely portrayed.
    • I dont see any mention of her GPA Her GPA is African American female
    She has no good GPA or they would of splashed that all over the place, plus remember what kind of high school she went to, one of the easiest to get A s in.

    This is a perfect example of affirmative action.
    I am on the selection board an Ivy League school and I can tell you with 100% accuracy that a poor white person would NEVER get that opportunity.
    And with the Leftist media celebrating the advantages of the african students its is adding insult to injury. Young poor white kids don’t have a chance compared to the advantage this girl has by being black.
    Irrespective of the fact that her SAT scores had NOTHING to do with her selection. She will probably get her whole education paid for too because african students get much more financial assistance and don’t have to pay it back. I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I SEE IT EVERY YEAR AT MY UNIVERSITY
    Maybe she earned it, but by checking that “African American” box on the application she was automatically accepted. These colleges come under fire for lack of minorities – they will take a C student who is a minority over an A student who is Caucasian any day of the week. White privilege, right?

    My non- minority daughter goes 4/4 at the Colorado School of Mines, Presidential scholarship winner at Alabama (solely merit based) and appointments to West Point and the USAF Academy (leadership based). The proceeds to go 0/6 at the Ivies. Amazingly one Ivy responded within a week when they incorrectly thought she was Native American. hypocrisy at its finest!


  2. Lou

    Elaine, how dumbed down is the SAT?

    NY Post,
    A Nassau County whiz kid was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools — a year after another Long Island teen hit the rare academic jackpot.

    Elmont Memorial High School senior Harold Ekeh boasts a grade-point average of 100.5 percent, an SAT score of 2270 and was a semifinalist for the national Intel Science Talent Search.

    “My parents’ hard work and my hard work finally paid off,” Ekeh, 17, told The Post.

    Ekeh now has his pick of the nation’s elite institutions of higher learning: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth and the University of Pennsylvania — none of which accepts more than 14 percent of applicants.

    He’s leaning toward Yale, where Kwasi Enin, 18, the son of Ghanaian immigrants from Mastic Beach, LI, who achieved the Ivy sweep last year, now attends.
    / How smart is he, as judged by his scores?

  3. Melponeme_k

    That liar has such a smug look on his face in any picture I’ve seen of him. Far from being grateful, his religion tells him that lying to non-believers is the correct thing to do and that they don’t deserve respect. Stanford is an infidel joke to him. Meanwhile hardworking Asian and White children who give up everything to study and greatly desire an elite school invite are thrown to the curb for this radical. DISGUSTING.

    Long ago I knew the deal about claiming race on forms. I knew that I could do anything I wanted if I screeched racism at every corner and helped the elite agenda to destroy culture. I refused and still refuse and feel better for it.

    As far as men’s brains and women’s brains. I think we developed multi-tasking brains due to child care not only biological children but the also the children of relatives and close friends. Being able to keep an eye on crafty, curious and sneaky kids while doing regular work was essential. However this makes focusing on one subject almost impossible. We just don’t think obsessionally as men do, we weren’t afforded the time. However we are more able in ferreting out emotional secrets (due to said sneaky kids). Which is the reason why smart Queens were highly desirable companions and also feared.

  4. I was going to write about that story, Lou, but got side tracked. It is an important read. The students were fantastic, going after things like that, doing research and proving their case. Bravo.

  5. Flor


    You know one of the biggest lies perpetrated is that we were all brought over here on slave ships from Africa. Seriously, it is a huge deal. Everything is hidden in plain sight too. They always act like the Native Americans are almost extinct, like they are less than 1% of the population.

    When Christopher Columbus landed in the West Indies, he described the people on the islands as dark skin people like the Ethiopians. California was populated by black people as well. Europeans who sailed to America described and drew pictures of the people of America as a dark skin and copper colored with Afros, long hair, or wavy hair.

    Black people lived in North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean, before any slave ships ever arrived here which is why Columbus described the dark skin natives as looking like Ethiopians. Don’t fall for the fake outrage at people like Pharell Williams for embracing his Native American roots.


  6. Melponeme_k


    Native Americans can be dark skinned but we are not related to African populations in any way shape or form. The DNA backs it up. The large amount of Native populations share DNA with people from China and the Siberians in Russia (lately studies support a Eurasian background over Asian). Also we share the extra DNA contribution from Neanderthals/Denisovans that the Asians have.

    As far as relying on accounts from Christopher Columbus and other early European explorers, take it with a grain of salt. They came from primarily white populations and anything a shade darker than white skin was black to them.

  7. Flor

    The Illuminati here on Earth have established a pyramid structure of control identical to the system that exists in the Draco Empire. The pyramid with the Reptilian eye, located on the American one-dollar bill, is symbolic of this control structure. The eye is the cap on the pyramid, thus explaining why the original surface of the Great Pyramid in Egypt was capped in solid gold.

  8. Flor, just give the link to the stuff you post instead of these long near identical rants you paste.

  9. Lou

    U of T machete attack, one dead.
    the killer, Kendrex J. White,, has a paper online about ‘racism.’

    A man killed one student and wounded three others on Monday at the University of Texas, walking calmly from one to another and stabbing them with a bowie knife, setting off panic and rumors of a larger wave of violence.

    The university police identified the suspect as Kendrex J. White, a 21-year-old student who was quickly arrested. Witnesses described the suspect as eerily composed during the episode near Gregory Gymnasium, and said that when he was confronted by police officers, he did not speak or appear to hurry.

    Rachel Prichett, 19, a student from Austin, said she was standing at a food truck when she heard screaming, turned and saw a man holding what looked like “a small machete” approaching her, “just walking calmly with the knife to his side.”

    The suspect walked behind a man a few feet away from her, then grasped the man’s shoulder with one hand and with the other hand stabbed him in the back, thrusting the knife “all the way in.”

    Ms. Prichett said she fled, running past another victim, his head bloody, who was slumped over a table.

    In recent weeks, fraternity houses at the university had been vandalized with messages accusing them of promoting racism and rape. Many people on campus speculated Monday balbal bla [courtesy of SBPDL].

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