Rep. Nunes Steps Down From Hacking Investigation

Devin Nunes Steps Down from the Russia Investigation ! – YouTube


House intel chief Nunes steps aside from Russia probe over ethics charges – which he calls a left-wing plot to smear him: the retreat of the GOP continues.  This is rather interesting.  The leaders will blame the Democrats for all this but it isn’t ‘Democrats’ doing this, it is the Bilderberg gang which runs both parties (note how systems never change one iota between elections!). Poor House Intel Chief writes:


‘Several leftwing activist groups have filed accusations against me with the Office of Congressional Ethics. The charges are entirely false and politically motivated, and are being leveled just as the American people are beginning to learn the truth about the improper unmasking of the identities of U.S. citizens and other abuses of power.

‘Despite the baselessness of the charges, I believe it is in the best interests of the House Intelligence Committee and the Congress for me to have Representative Mike Conaway, with assistance from Representatives Trey Gowdy and Tom Rooney, temporarily take charge of the Committee’s Russia investigation while the House Ethics Committee looks into this matter.

‘I will continue to fulfill all my other responsibilities as Committee Chairman, and I am requesting to speak to the Ethics Committee at the earliest possible opportunity in order to expedite the dismissal of these false claims.’


The crime he committed was to talk to President Trump.  The push to isolate Trump from anyone and everyone who is helping him and preventing the Bilderberg gang from running things, continues.  Soon, there will be no one left.


There is Rand Paul.  The gang hates him more than they hate Trump.  Will he elude them, too?


 Still, the congressman said he believes it is in the ‘best interests’ of the intel panel for him to ‘temporarily’ put Conaway in charge.


Republican Reps. Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor, and Tom Rooney will assist Conaway, Nunes said.


Nunes has been accused of ethics violations for disclosing details to the press about classified documents that he saw.


HAHAHA…the entire Bilderberg gang gives the media information illegally all the time.  The issue here was, ‘Did Obama and his gang give private information from the spy networks illegally to the press?’  So it turns into, ‘Nunes is bad for giving information to the press.’  Neat trick here.


The House intelligence chief briefed reporters on Capitol Hill, and again at the White House, on materials he obtained that he said improperly unmasked the names of individuals serving in President Donald Trump’s transitional government after the election.


Prior to his public statements, Nunes spoke to House Speaker Paul Ryan about the documents. Later that day he made a presentation to the president.


He did not brief Democratic members of the intelligence committee on the documents at that time.


All this makes heads spin.  DC is this leaking bucket of crimes and depravity and the media selects which ones to bloviate about and which to ignore.  I keep saying the Real News is what is IGNORED, hiding reality is top power item here.


I bet few people will believe a word I say or write because all my ‘credentials’ are totally obscured because the media refused, downright refused, to mention my real name or talk to me or quote me.  I am always ‘an anonymous woman’.


So, no one can ignore Trump but they certainly can LIE about him and this is nonstop now.  Anyone talking to Trump is stalked and destroyed.  Now, Trump has to rely on Rep. Gowdy to dig up the garbage and he just betrayed Gowdy by telling the fake news hounds, former Sec. Rice did nothing wrong!


Way to go!  I know Trump wants to stay alive and more, he is fearful for his family, but when you go into battle, we call this ‘cowardice’.


Was Russian spy a CIA ‘hacking mole’ for years? | Daily Mail Online


Russian spycatchers are scrambling to figure out how long an accused double-agent was working for the CIA after a ‘dramatic’ discovery about his shady past.

Sergei Mikhailov faces treason changes in Moscow evidently linked to leaks giving US investigators the knowledge that Vladimir Putin‘s intelligence services hacked and meddled in the American presidential election.

The colonel – a department head in the FSB security agency’s Center for Information Security, pictured here – was arrested in December during a meeting of senior officers at the agency’s Lubyanka HQ,and could face 20 years in jail.

A bag was placed over his head and he was frogmarched from the room in handcuffs.  Mikhailov – apparently a high level cyber asset – was originally recruited by the Americans during a vacation in a Mediterranean country, according to TV channel REN, citing security service sources.

Well, this makes everything much murkier.  I will say this outright and I said it in the past: I don’t care who leaked this information, it was all about UNSECURED computers used by Clinton and her gang and they talked about CRIMES and plotted to gain power ILLICITLY and ran a hideous election which deserved to be uncovered by whoever.

I don’t care who: the point is, this shone a light on a very murky, dark place.  Now, PUTIN DIDN’T DO THIS.  Otherwise, why would he arrest this guy?

Worse: the computer hacker doing this in Russia worked for the CIA!  Was recruited while in Italy, it seems.  So this is called ‘double murk twist in the dark’?

Yup, it is very twisty!  And typical spy versus spy.

Other sources say a probe into Mikhailov started after sensational evidence came to light that he has long used a fake identity, even raising the specter that he could have been planted on Moscow.

‘It was suspected that perhaps Mikhailov is not really called Mikhailov,’ stated investigative newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

‘Two sources pointed to him being ‘a foreign intelligence mole inside the FSB’, it was reported.

As such, he represented a ‘spectacular asset’ for the US, according to a Russian intelligence analyst.

So what is real?  Hard to tell, of course.  Putin wanted to be friends with Trump, this failed.  The release of hidden information…that is, who hacked whom…remains a total unknown, there are too many factors  here.  I will assume everyone was playing games and the misuse of the CIA is definitely a problem and one thing the elites do not want is any outsider entering the CIA and finding out what in the hell is going on there.

This would reveal way too many crimes and double crosses and other fun stuff.  

Hang on!  So, the Russian kid running King Servers was the hacker?  Nope, he was A hacker who got into election data bases due to stupid systems running our elections.  The Russian KGB man arrested today in Moscow evidently turned over to the CIA information about this kid, illegally of course.

Both men had been under surveillance for around one year, it has been reported in Moscow, but the FSB leadership failed to act on earlier claims in 2010 that Mikhailov was ‘involved in treason’.

These allegations from ChronoPay, an online payments company, are now believed to be part of the case against Mikhailov linked to the allegations about his mysterious background.

Officially, Russia has not outlined the case against the alleged ‘traitors’ but a source said: ‘The head of the department of the Center for Information Security of the Federal Security Service Sergey Mikhailov and his deputy Major Dmitry Dokuchaev are accused of having violated their oath by cooperating with the CIA.’

Dokuchaev was last month indicted by the US Justice Department, as was another FSB officer Igor Sushchin, who worked undercover officer at Renaissance Capital, a Moscow investment bank owned by billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.

They are accused of masterminding a notorious 2014 Yahoo hacking operation, which involved the theft of data on half a billion online accounts, including those used by the US military and banks.

The US has been involved in looting and destroying Russia for many years now.  When the commies fell, the US vultures came in and tried to destroy Russia and are pissed that Putin isn’t destroying Russia so they upped the ante to the point of WWIII levels of interactions that are very hostile.

And guess what?  This happens to us, back here.  We are not safe at all.  All the Homeland Security crap was just that: utter BS.  Note how furious our Bilderberg rulers are when Trump said he would protect our borders.  Nope, liberal judges out west prevented this, the flood continues, they do NOT want us protected AT ALL.

And this includes terror attacks.  Good lord, will people wake up?  I bet they will be herded into attacking Trump for not doing what he promised!  But he doesn’t control the Republican Party.

These murky things are…being used as excuses to explain why our elections stink.  I once tried to force the Senate and House to pass a Uniform Voting Systems Act and they got off the hook when the Supreme Court ruled, the Gore vs Bush ruling could NOT be used as legal precedent!

I was furious, the media cheered this court coup and Bush Jr. was allowed to do many stupid things.  Then there was Obama’s refusal to show any birth certificates of school records.  That was ridiculous and the media howled at anyone talking about this and anyone who did anything about this were pushed out of office and isolated.

Excuse me, this ‘wipe the slate’ business is infuriating.  And stupid.  And deliberate.  And the murky Russian spy vs spy mess will be also misrepresented, lied about or made impossible to understand and the cartoon explanations will thrive and so will lies.

Keeping on target: the FAILURE of the US systems is HUGE.  The FAILURE of the CIA to do anything is a huge problem, they screwed up and continue to be incompetent and when they brought in the terrorists who flew those jets on 9/11, that was a gigantic failure, they fail all over the planet earth.

The CIA, far from being fixed, is hanging on bitterly to their own incompetence and pure evil criminality and won’t stop.  And the elections continue to be fractured, inept, easy to cheat, poorly run…deliberately.  Nothing is changed, nothing is learned.

The fury of the people will continue to rise.  It is inevitable since the rulers are bringing in illegal aliens who are violent and hate us.  War is on the horizon, self inflicted and stupidly run.  Ineptitude and malice will cause WWIII.

I don’t know if there was a mole, but there were some squirrels seen hanging around


That comment from the Daily Mail of London sums it all up in a nutshell!  Here is another comment:


“Election hacking”? They didn’t hack any voting machines, those things are not even hooked to the internet. At most they released some stolen emails that only reinforced what anyone with an IQ above Jello already knew about Hillary and the dirty Democrats.

Yes, there was no hacking on the election, it was before the election and it hacked illegally run unsecured computers used by Hillary and her idiot gang of goofballs.  These were hacked and I said from day one, it doesn’t matter who did this, everything was the fault of Hillary’s gang of goofballs…they did things wrong and got burned.  DUH.

Well, it will be a cold day in hell if that was mentioned by fake mainstream news! Won’t happen.

Note this business!  The war rages on while ISIS commits many crimes and the US enables all this by demanding the government of Syria be eliminated.

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