Years And Years, I Warned Bush And Obama About WWIII And Have Proof

From 2011: Pentagon plans for WWIII continues towards conception.


When Obama won the last election, the first thing he did was not change the slightest thing at the Pentagon or CIA. All of his promises to voters were void. Today, these CIA and Pentagon guys run amok in the world spreading war and encouraging non-diplomacy. The most dangerous parts aren’t the many anti-Muslim wars, it is actually the raw attempt to surround China with hostile military actions via encouraging Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries to lay claim to countless islands in the hopes this will provoke China into a sea battle with mainly our Pacific Fleet.


This is a great way to begin WWIII. Right now, the US thinks we can win this with a swift sea battle. Of course, all our present wars have been mainly against barely armed opponents such as Saddam who was totally disarmed by the UN before we attacked him, or Gaddafi who foolishly did the same thing and now regrets this greatly. Even with disarmed opponents, we can’t really win our wars so far and each one has bogged us down more and more and cost a fortune which is rapidly bankrupting our empire.


The main question we have is, why do our Rulers want WWIII?  I have pondered this all my long life.  Since childhood, when I got to see nuclear bombs in the California/Nevada desert, as I grew up in the dark heart of the Empire where the rocket/nuclear bomb business sat like this hideous god/monster, haunting my dreams and causing me to resist and fight the Rulers: WWIII is something they have desired for years and years hoping to rule the world via killing most humans.


Back in the 1950’s there were far fewer humans than today.  Now, the Great Cull has to kill billions and billions of humans.


Kerry Goes To Kiev To Start WWIII. February 15, 2015.

For some hideous reason, the Bilderberg gang has decided to decapitate Putin and if this means launching WWIII, they will do this. After years of NATO aggression expanding this military alliance closer and closer to Moscow, we now have a very definite line in the sand in the center of Ukraine which the US has decided decisively to cross after the appropriate propaganda which started with the winter Olympics. So, Kerry travels to Ukraine as US weighs sending arms to the coup in Kiev while Russia warns US against supplying ‘lethal defensive aid’ to Ukraine.


Kremlin confirms Hollande, Merkel visit to discuss end to Ukraine civil war while Kerry sneaks into Kiev to assure the Catholic right wingers that they will have full war like the one that destroyed Iraq. The US invaded Iraq and this created ISIS and now has created a massive religious war in the region as attempts to destroy the non-Sunni leader of Syria has turned into religious warfare blood baths killing off hundreds of thousands of innocent bystanders.


From this year: We Are Being Pushed Again, Into WWIII With Russia And China. Last week, no less.  The cartoon is from the Obama years.  Republished this year because things never seem to change.

From 2015: My blog, 2015: British And US Rulers Can’t Figure Out Putin, AIPAC Rules Congress (as it still does today).  Note that this is about Ukraine, not Syria which was just on the horizon back then.

Going further back in time to 2014: Obama Meets Xi To Discuss US Schizophrenic Foreign Policies That Might Trigger WWIII  I hope readers will note that I went after Obama the Peace Prize Pimp, long ago.  I will now go after Trump since he is being pushed into the identical position after a brief attempt at being different.


I CANNOT BLAME HIM.  He is being shoved in this direction by the massed forces orchestrated by the Bilderberg gangsters who are international war criminals.  Period.  One person can’t stop this death machine.  It has been operational all my long life.  I have fought it all my long life.


I know the dangers of all this, and the Dark Side of this business is extremely dangerous and has a great deal to do with black magic stuff and hits me quite directly and in that area, I do have some power to fight back and have, for years and years.


But I can’t stop stupid.  They take up one stupid scheme after another.  Examples abound: after Madame Mao was tossed out, the Chinese asked the US ambassador for permission to send high officials to live with ME and learn about ‘capitalism’.


We had tons of fun!  They took to capitalism like ducks to water!  It was a roaring success and infuriated the people running Beijing for my crew was mainly from Shanghai.  In the student uprising, Shanghai was the only city to lock out the military thanks to Sheng who lived with me for two years and I punched them in the snout at the UN and punched Bush Sr, too.


I forced them to give Chinese students a safe haven. It was a huge, ugly battle.  The US media conspired to hide all this but back then, CNN worked with me which is why they were very anxious to stop CNN and now it is a laughable mockery of a news service.  Gah.

The things they have to do to stop history!  Do read my story from way back in 2014.  Most illuminating.  Here is further back to 2006: Pax America Collapses Due To Warmongering.

From 2005:  The government is spying on me:

This was my data base.  The big blue slice is the US government downloading my data.  I loved this, it is nice to know someone is still spying on me!  It would feel unnatural to not have spies prying into my affairs.  I don’t have anymore wild sex to keep them happy, too bad, guys.  Tough luck.  Had to retire some point in time.

And from 2007. Iran kitty cartoons were fun to draw. Note how the Iran/Russia mutual friendship works.


Some here like to go after me about supporting Trump’s attempts.  Well, I warned everyone that Trump lost when betting against me which shows that he can be outwitted by the people who are part of the Dark State where I grew up and learned how to be nasty.


I knew from day one, I would easily win.  And he assumed I was weak and stupid and he lost and it took months for his guys to figure this out, I was very blatant about it, I hobnobbed with his staff and deliberately boasted to them about my plans to win and I won again and again until someone ratted me out.

From the same time period, another obvious cartoon. I am no dummy, I know how the state operates.  Trump gave it his biggest effort and was defeated.  But look here, it is not easy doing what he did.  Note that he, unlike Reagan, hasn’t been shot in the head by a Bush buddy.


And finally, just three weeks ago, I wrote this story: CIA Hackers Pretending To Be Russians Could Start WWIII. That FAILED. This last three days, it finally died.

There were no hackers in Russia! So what did they haul out of their hats? Why, the ‘chemical attack in Syria’ stupidity! Boy, they have no imagination!

Trump figures he won’t be executed by the CIA/NSA/ISIS murderers. He is wrong. He should look closer at how Reagan was popped off. The assassins surround him and they hate his guts, big time. Unlike me, they play dirty. And he now trusts them? Sad, isn’t it.







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7 responses to “Years And Years, I Warned Bush And Obama About WWIII And Have Proof

  1. Lou

    They took to capitalism like ducks to water!
    More like ‘sharks to swimmers.’

  2. Christian W

    See my comment in the other thread. Trump lost the battle on the first day in office when he didn’t start arresting the crooks in the CIA, the FBI and at the Pentagon etc etc. That was his one and only chance.

    And guess what.

    When Obama won the last election, the first thing he did was not change the slightest thing at the Pentagon or CIA. All of his promises to voters were void.

    This was exactly the same thing Obama would have had to do if he was a genuine President and I said so before he took office the first time, just like I did with Trump this election.

    The ONLY THING that can change this dynamic of newly elected Presidents morphing into CIA and Pentagon sock puppets is the US people standing up to the CIA and Pentagon and saying enough is enough.

    My main gripe with the Trump election was that it was simply too little to throw in a someone like Trump and expect change. Trump was not a genuine leader given a mandate by a mass movement of people demanding change in no uncertain terms.

    ALL of the candidates given by the “System” were deeply flawed and selected precisely because they would not pose a real threat to the CIA and the Pentagon.

    Trump was a chance candidate that got elected to spite Hillary and the CIA. Maybe that is a start, but the joke is back on the voters now.

  3. Christian W

    Sorry this part of my comment above was a quote from Elaine’s blog:

    When Obama won the last election, the first thing he did was not change the slightest thing at the Pentagon or CIA. All of his promises to voters were void.

  4. It’s OK to quote me! 🙂

  5. Petruchio

    @#2 Christian W. I think the reason Trump was allowed by the Deep State, the Elites, The Real Rulers, whatever name you want to give the people who actually control the USA to become and still remain President (instead of being assassinated) is because the Elites know that the proverbial sh#t is gonna hit the fan. The Rulers may believe it best that an Outsider like Trump is President when this happens. According to this ‘logic’, it will “prove” that an Outsider simply is not qualified to be in the Government. It is self-justification of course, but it shows just how arrogant our Elites//Rulers are.

  6. WRONG. They did not let him in, they are furious he is in, they ache to destroy him utterly. But they had no choice for a while. Now, they have won today, he surrendered to them all.

    He is a fool. He doesn’t understand how they operate. We should elect a Mafiosa boss, they know how the government runs. I will note here that I had my own connections to the Mafia in the past (one was a neighbor who I baby sat for and the other was my boss at work at the stripper joint).

    The Dark Side of the Mafia is famous. The Dark Side of the Bilderberg gang is notorious and nearly totally hidden from view, we have many fake conspiracy stories about the Dark Side but few are true, most are utterly and totally fake.

    Note how they cleverly spread totally fake fake stuff about 9/11, namely the stupid ‘bombs in the building’ garbage.

    I know people fell for that, it is sad watching it. But the Dark State doesn’t even talk about 9/11. I will note here what is obvious to me: when we see news about ANY terrorist attacks, they always say, ‘x number of people were killed in the last TEN years’ not ‘the last TWENTY years.’ This is deliberate.

    Far from talking endlessly about 9/11, the elites and the fake news media outfits now nearly never mention 9/11. This is a psyop designed to monkey with people’s brains.

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