Germans Have No More Free Speech On Internet: Merkel Recreates GDR

RT News:  Germany joins ‘fake news’ battle in Baltics with new Russian-language media – 


How do you stop fake news? In Germany, with a law. – The Washington Post, a major purveyor of fake news, tries to explain how we should copy East German apparatchik Merkel:


BERLIN — Germany officially unveiled a landmark social-media bill Wednesday that could quickly turn this nation into a test case in the effort to combat the spread of fake news and hate speech in the West.

‘Get Out!’ Merkel booed at protest while attending German Unity Day ceremony – YouTube


Mass demonstrations against Merkel from last October which was carefully concealed by US media. I have said all my long life, most ‘news’ is HIDDEN entirely, not just lies by the mainstream media.


Yes, Merkel is turning Germany into East Germany.  This relentless push towards dictatorship is insidious and like the push here in the US, is coming from former or present communists and fake liberals.


I am horrified that liberalism is now all about censorship, terrorizing people about their words, persecution of people who say the wrong thing the wrong way and other neo-Maoist terrorizing citizens.


The highly anticipated draft bill is also highly contentious, with critics denouncing it as a curb on free speech. If passed, as now appears likely, the measure would compel large outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to rapidly remove fake news that incites hate, as well as other “criminal” content, or face fines as high as 50 million euros ($53 million).


We can’t have WWIII unless we first submit to censorship of anyone who tells information that is counter the Bilderberg lies.  Instead of ‘exposing conspiracies that force us into wars’ we shall have ‘patriotism’ driving people into suicidal actions.  This is old hat for the Real Rulers, they cynically do this all the time when reforms threaten their power.


Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet agreed on the draft bill Wednesday, giving it a high chance of approval in the German Parliament before national elections in September. In effect, the move is Germany’s response to a barrage of fake news during last year’s elections in the United States, with officials seeking to prevent a similar onslaught here.


I saw that ‘barrage of fake news’.  It was nearly nonstop from the media giants.  Of course, the people pushing for punishing citizens if they dare do real news, doesn’t surprise me.  The mainstream media lost a lot of power during the last election.


They are regaining power by speaking with one voice (ahem!) and assuring each other that they are being truthful, while they concoct  more war crime lies.  I recall, we punished the newspaper Nazis for spreading lies during WWII.


Already, a few fake news reports have emerged in Germany. One falsely alleged that a German girl of Russian descent was raped last year by asylum seekers. Repeated by high-level Russian officials, the reports seemed aimed at Merkel’s open-door policy for refugees.


What?  I never saw that in the news and I read Russian news daily.  And this one incident is ridiculous.  What these clowns do is point out one small example and then use this as an excuse to muzzle citizens ‘for their own good.’


Merkel is now involved in a strenuous campaign for a fourth term in office.


“The providers of social networks are responsible when their platforms are misused to spread hate crime or illegal false news,” German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said in a statement.


I hope we can have war crimes trials of our rulers.  But of course, since the State will control the media, the lies propping up our rulers will be ‘truth’ and in true 1984 fashion, we will have to obey or else.  Telling the truth will be punished. Pravda, comrades!


The proposed law would apply only within German borders. But Maas said Wednesday he would press for similar measures across the European Union.


I hope the Brits stick to their guns but their leaders won’t.  They will be brought in and tied up like the US who gets to vote one way but end up with the same old same old instead of a choice.


A number of European countries have also sought to counter the fake-news scourge. The Czech Republic recently inaugurated a special unit charged with denouncing false reports. Should the German measure become law, however, experts say it would amount to the boldest step yet by a major Western nation to control social-media content. Depending on how obviously false or illegal a post is, companies would have as little as 24 hours to remove it.


Merkel is clever.  She will punish Facebook and You Tube, etc.  They, in turn, are already heavily censoring their systems and I and lots of other people are increasingly angry about this censorship.  There is zero censoring of far left wing stuff right now but the stupid people there don’t understand, they are next.

In addition to fake news and hate speech, the draft bill would target posts seen as inciting terrorism or spreading child pornography. Officials have cited a surge of hate speech across the Internet as a major factor behind the rise of far-right violence in Germany, including arson attacks at refugee centers and assaults on police officers.


The people of Germany are fed up with the illegal alien invasion.  They want it to stop.  The government won’t stop so people riot.  But Merkel will persist in destroying Germany and we see this here, too.


When Trump tried to stop the influx of dangerous Muslims, the Democrats worked hard to prevent this.  They want terrorists here to attack us.  I noted way back during the 9/11 scare, that our Rulers did nothing to stop the Saudis from attacking us and then assisted them in fleeing afterwards.


“Germany considers itself a pioneer,” said Markus Beckedahl, a prominent German Internet activist and blogger. “It’s a solo effort . . . but the European Commission will certainly watch closely what Germany is doing.”


She is doing what they all want to do: stop citizens from organizing, voting for changes and other upstart actions.


One of the companies most affected by the bill is Facebook, which has sought to sidestep such laws by taking voluntary measures to curb the spread of fake news. The company echoed concerns that the bill would wrongly foist upon corporations a level of decision-making on the legality of content that should instead reside with German courts.
“We work very hard to remove illegal content from our platform and are determined to work with others to solve this problem,” the company said in a statement. “As experts have pointed out, this legislation would force private companies rather than the courts to become the judges of what is illegal in Germany.”


Exactly.  And Facebook should realize, this is the beginning, not the end.  I already don’t like Facebook’s interface.  Twitter, I never use, I think it is stupid.  But many do use these and soon they will be useless.


But German officials argue that social-media companies are simply not acting quickly enough to deal with damaging posts. Maas cited statistics showing that Facebook has rapidly deleted just 39 percent of the criminal content it was notified about, while Twitter acted quickly to delete only 1 percent of posts cited in user complaints.


The ‘user complaints’ are political.  Gangs of online leftist thugs go about the web, doing mass attacks on anyone they dislike and want removed.  This, in turn, it making the web dumber and more boring unless you like Black Lives Matter gangsta postings.


The web was the Frontier for Freedom once upon a time.  I have been on the internet for decades now.  It is much bigger than in say, 1985, but it is less and less ‘free’.  It is now going steeply into self-destruction as our Real Rulers panic.


I strongly believe in Widdershins/mirror effects.  That is, we see things repeat over and over again, only they reverse/flip what happens.  This is why the US commits one war crime after another while Nüremberg Trials hang like a sword over the heads of our rulers.


The liberals become Nazis, the conservatives become liberals…Madame History writes while dipping her feather pen in blood and laughs at mere humans.  BTW, reading the comments to the above article at the Washington Post where they banned all the ‘conservatives’, the liberals, uniformly, love censorship and hope to control things via them running all the ‘news’ and forcing us to read it and nothing else.


It is just astonishing, how fascist liberals are today.  And on top of this, they want to freeze me to death, too.  More news that is totally hidden from US voters as mainstream media hides everything important:

Rioting Muslims attack Christian protesters in UK screaming “get out of OUR country” – YouTube


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  1. Lou

    Germany, UK, Sweden [where Swedes are listed as just one ethnic group]–


  2. Lou

    As many of you know, criticize Islam in Canada and Eu and you will go to jail, if caught.

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