Trump Obeys Deep State Orders For WWIII With Nuclear Armed Nations

From 2009:  Culture of Life Breaking News: Military Poison Gas Destruction Screw-ups, I noted years ago that the USA/USSR poison gas programs were bad and since then, Russia has disarmed but not US allies, that is, we let our dirty fighters in places like LIBYA to get their paws on gas weapons which are now being used for fake war crimes like we saw yesterday.  I don’t even have to make cartoons anymore because I can use the old ones forever: de ja vu all over again, right?


The US has secret chemical weapons depots.  Now we have to get rid of these way back in 2009.


I remember Cold War propaganda not to mention today’s propaganda. “We are the GOOD GUYS,” has been our mantra. Since the horrors of WWI, the use of VX gas types have been strictly forbidden, haven’t they? And after Hitler used gases to kill civilians in WWII, doubly so. So why did our (German/Japanese) scientists set out to teach Americans how to make these gases and why did we stockpile millions of gallons of this junk? One drop can kill? And we are good?


Geeze, this is Darth Vader level killing, isn’t it? This is the sort of stuff Rumsfeld was discussing with Saddam when he was our tool to attack the Iranians. He then used it on his own people and supposedly is on trial for that, oh, scratch that, he isn’t on trial for using poison gases, is he?


Meanwhile, we try to undo the witches’ brew by decomposing this toxin and it gets out into the environment. Eventually, cleaned up slightly, it will be discharged into New Jersey, lucky New Jersey! Well, why not? I would like to see it pumped into the Pentagon instead but that is a no-no. Maybe we could pump it into the underground secret missile resistent bunkers that will hold our unholy leaders if they accidentally or deliberately start WWIII.


Maybe we could water that aspen grove filled with reporters and media owners and corporate lobbyists and government officials? Let their joint roots drink it up, unpurified, eh?


The depths of our perfidy and evil we plumbed during the Cold War knows no bottom. The only real reason why most of humanity wasn’t killed over that ideological imperialist battle for control of world resources is only because the leaders weren’t insane on both sides.


I always go to the past to see what the future will bring.  US voters again, voted for the anti-war candidate only to watch helplessly as that person instantly morphs into a warmongering lunatic as soon as they enter DC.


All promises to fix the mess in the US is instantly forgotten as they are lured into one distant war after another, all of these have murky beginnings and messy ends and the US loses money and materials for no good outcomes.


The war in Syria is typical, not unusual.  Israel and Saudi Arabia want Syria destroyed.  But it is best to do this with the US taking all the hits and losing all the money.  One would imagine that the mess in Libya would cause our own ‘leaders’ to pause and think for one minute but they can’t.


Why?  Well, the US mainstream fake news forces them to jump into illegal wars.  Every one of our illegal wars going back to the war over Cuba 110 years ago, remember the Maine?  It blew up due to poor handling of steam power.


The US accused the Spanish of doing this.  Over the years, Cuba became a problem due to revolutionaries.  Still is.  Our base there has been used as a ‘prison/torture’ camp for Muslims we kidnap.


We never paid reparations or apologized for the war over Cuba, by the way, which was wrong.  War crimes are never punished if the US or say, Britain, do these.


From 2014: Obama Goes To China So Hero Snowden Strikes Again: Reveals NSA Spied On All China.  I wrote then after Obama decided we don’t need a Constitution anymore.  We all voted for him hoping he would not be Bush Jr. and today, he is best buddies with Bush Jr.

While Trump is tricked into WWIII, we have an extension of the spy state and soon the internet will be censored heavily, all in the name of stopping ‘fake news’ and other feeble excuses.


There is zero debate about ‘what is fake news’ in the mainstream media, they assume they are telling the truth even while lying openly and obviously.  Their ‘reality’ is real and ours isn’t.



About North Korea shooting rockets…April 2009: BABY DRAGON SHOOTS ROCKET: WORLD DOESN’T END 


Obama’s foray into diplomacy is crashing into the exact same rocks Bush happily crashed into…there have been some very tiny tweaks in how we torment Cuba or wrestle with North Korea, very, very tiny, very miniscule changes. But overall, we are continuing merrily down the NATO rathole. True, Obama talks about nuclear disarmament applying to the mega-nuclear warmongering state of the United States. But then, Bush talked about the need to establish a Palestinian state to great applause and then helped the Israeli Jews utterly ravage the Palestinians.


No state, of course. North Korea is doing what many countries do all the time: shooting off rockets and putting up satellites. The US and Japan hates this so it is time to revisit Baby Dragon and his many cartoon adventures.


And who advises Obama? Are they patriots or are they supporters of alien countries with obvious agendas? Are they patriots or traitors? Obviously, when our foreign affairs are focused on defending the only country on earth to get away with running bombing raids against other countries with impunity, which gets to fly over all its neighbors with impunity, which gets to threaten its own natives with being ethnically cleansed and gets away with open racism and religious bigotry, then our entire foreign policy gets totally warped.


As well as us acting like this mysterious country which we all know is Israel. Since Israel wants to be the ONLY nuclear power in the Middle East, it must stop all nuclear proliferation. It was furious that Muslim Pakistan got nukes and is terrified that Iran might get nukes, too. Its power to run amok is based on its ability to annihilate all its neighbors in a very one-sided war.


Its present foreign minister, Lieberman, openly talks about killing everyone in Palestine, Muslims in Israel itself, all of Egypt, etc and isn’t a persona non grata in the US. Instead, the US shrugs when he openly talks evil. So, the AIPAC/Rahm Emanual string pullers wanted Obama to be all scared of Baby Dragon and he obeys, unthinkingly.


The Machine runs onwards with nary a pause.  By preventing Trump from installing sane people at the Pentagon and CIA, etc. the Democrats and old guard GOP have boxed him in, he hears only from advisors who are lying, conspiring and determined to destroy him.


He thinks he is protecting us when he is endangering us all.  Last night’s SNEAK ATTACK on Syria by the US military is illegal and stupid at the same time.  It has to be hashed out at the UN but the US media won’t report this accurately, it is nearly impossible for them to tell any truths now not that they tried very hard in the past.


Hillary openly talked about starting WWIII and Trump showed caution but he was an outsider, not an insider back then.  Now, he is trapped inside this insane bubble controlled by the CIA/Bilderberg gang.  His analysis of all this was feeble, being an outsider, he had no idea how this machine runs.


As an insider, it is painfully obvious to me.  But I can’t control events, I can only issue warnings.  Making nice to Putin would have led to a fall in danger, we would see more sane actions about the Muslim invasion of Europe, cooperation would have caused many good things to happen, instead, during the election the US moved troops illegally to the borders of Russia and menaced Putin openly.


And then Trump didn’t order them back again.  That was a huge mistake on his part but it did keep him alive.  As long as he can perform as a puppet and not build any border protections here or stop free trade, they might let him live.


But this is in direct opposition on what he ran on…protecting the US, not endless foreign wars that help no one and wreck our economy.



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8 responses to “Trump Obeys Deep State Orders For WWIII With Nuclear Armed Nations

  1. Nani

    Putin calls US strikes against Syria ‘aggression against sovereign country’


    Moscow suspends US-Russian memorandum on flight safety over Syria


    Iran strongly condemns ‘dangerous’ US strike on Syria airbase

  2. Yes, as I show here, we are repeating exactly the same mistakes as previously. Trump supporters are furious about this. Already, his base doesn’t believe mainstream media and the news that censorship is coming so that fake liberals can feed us their fake news, is another story I have been watching closely.

    It was pretty clear after Flynn was taken down via leaking fake information taken by the CIA, that Trump was finished. He didn’t defy them but then, when Kennedy did this, he ended up DEAD.

  3. Melponeme_k

    Pulled cards last night, got the devil, the tower and the lovers. Oh and 3 of Swords which is probably the only card that represented we, the people.

    The Bilderbergs won.

    1 – Trump is now a war criminal.
    2 – If he stays nice and quiet, he’ll be richer than he ever was before.
    3 – No, need to kill him. The public now hates him. He is literally without power.
    4 – They will now step up their false flags against American citizens with BLM and Illegal Aliens. Especially in the hinterlands. The minute any good old boy pulls a gun to defend himself, will be the day martial law begins.

  4. I did a reading last week that was utterly dark and had nearly all the same cards as my election reading, I shuffled and cut the deck ten times to make it ‘pure’ and yet, the reading was nearly identical. Only Trump was represented by ten of swords: a man pinned to a tree by ten swords. While a black magic woman laughs below.

  5. JimmyJ

    But first reports show there was minimal damage to the airport and question where all the missiles really landed. Was there deliberate mistargeting? Was Russia forwarned as some reports state? Lots of questions about this attack. It doesn’t seem to be like the Gulf War Iraq cruise missile attack in terms of precision and casualties.

  6. How about ‘the Pentagon is INCOMPETENT’? I suspect this is the real story.

    A thought occurred to me, ‘Did the people targeting Syria do this deliberately?’ That is, let these rockets get ‘dumped’ because they are against the DNC/GOP warmongers?

  7. Christian W

    @ 3

    Yeah, it’s going to be a long 4 years.

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