Kremlin Issues Strong Warning: Trump and Bilderberg Gang Pushing For WIII

Put nukes in South Korea and KILL Kim Jong-un: National Security Council gives Trump options for dealing with North Korea, yes, this deranged council of generals and rich bankers have told Trump, he can safely issue WWIII type warnings to a billion plus people who have NUCLEAR BOMBS.  Yes, they are not peasants being pushed around but outright nuclear powers.  I wonder if Trump will wake up from this Hillary nightmare?  Didn’t he win the election promising to be the exact opposite?


The bold options were revealed by NBC News just as President Xi Jinpeng of China wrapped up a visit and meetings with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Trump wants China to use its leverage to get North Korea to back off its threatening behavior.


This is stupid leverage.  It doesn’t work with the North Koreans.  And we are all betting it was Kuschner, Trump’s Jewish son-in-law who ‘leaked’ this story because he leaks everything all over the planet.


One option the network reported was bringing back nuclear bombs and positioning them likely at Osan Air Base, just 50 miles from Seoul. It would be the first U.S. deployment of nuclear weapons overseas since the end of the Coal War.


OK: unlike these idiots, I have a brain and grew up in the shadow of WWIII.  Look, park these nukes in South Korea and they would be eliminated in the first five minutes of WWIII as the people who start that war, attack with no warning.


Trump DID give Putin and Assad warning before launching a bunch of expensive but useless missiles this week but neither  man is happy or smiling about this, they no longer trust him or will work with him on ANYTHING.  Trump has isolated us in the company of ISIS and Saudi Arabia and Israel.  A bad trio that hate each other.


‘We have 20 years of diplomacy and sanctions under our belt that has failed to stop the North Korean program,’ a senior intelligence official who took part told NBC.


The US assumes we will start WWIII.  When our rulers choose to do this, they will.  The problem is, getting it going.  Hillary said out loud, all she had to do was make a phone call and it would happen.


Too stupid to figure out that Russia and China and North Korea can do this, too, our loud mouthed lunatics think they can talk openly about WWIII and nothing would happen.  Well, both Russia and China are getting itchy fingers!  Duh.


We are perpetually 5 minutes away from WWIII.


WH Declines Comment on Medvedev Statement That Trump Broke Campaign Promises: from Russian news, which I read daily now for survival purposes.  It helps to know what is really going on here. The US media is pretending that Putin doesn’t mind being double crossed.


In a statement posted to his Facebook page on Friday, Medvedev said, “Nobody exaggerates the value of election promises but, after all, there are limits of decency followed by absolute lack of trust. Which is sad for our completely spoiled relations. And of course, perfect for terrorists.”


#Vault7: WikiLeaks release shows CIA ‘Grasshopper’ used stolen ‘Russian mafia’ malware — RT Viral—more news from Russia.  NONE of the Vault 7 information is showing up in US mainstream fake news.  They have refused to show any hidden news.


WikiLeaks has released the fourth part of ‘Vault 7’, named ‘Grasshopper’, the latest in a series of leaks detailing alleged CIA hacking techniques. It details malicious software WikiLeaks claims was taken from “suspected Russian organized crime.”

The latest release consists of 27 documents WikiLeaks claims come from the CIA’s ‘Grasshopper framework’, a platform for building malware for use on Microsoft Windows operating systems.


According to WikiLeaks, Grasshopper performs “a pre-installation survey of the target device, assuring that the payload will only [be] installed if the target has the right configuration.”


This allows CIA operators to detect if a target device is running a specific version of Microsoft Windows or if an antivirus is running, according to the statement.


Yes, they are learning from hackers. Why are there Russian hackers?  Well…the school system of Russia, unlike the US, isn’t a broken down, looting operation mess like here in the US.  Students don’t get scholarships for skin color, for example, instead, like in the old days 60 years ago here, they compete heavily with each other under the stress of tests to gain a position in the universities and the training is more rigorous.


The US system is nearly totally broken down now as schools are viewed as looting expeditions to enslave young people mentally and economically.  These poor kiddies go deep into debt to be propagandized by outright leftist communist operatives which is a neat trick, I might suggest.


Well, Russian hackers are adventurous and our kids are being dumbed down so they win.

You can’t get rid of it!


Russia To Upgrade Syria Air Defenses, Suspends Airspace Pact With U.S. as Russia reacts negatively to Trump’s trusting the Pentagon big wigs and drunks.  Russia Suspends Critical Military Communication Channel which really works great, right?  That is, we are now in the dark all the time and Russians are very pissed off at us.


While ISIS is laughing like hyenas and praising Trump for now falling into their clutches.  They owned Hillary and now they got Trump for free.  Hillary collected bribes from our ‘allies’ who support ISIS which is why our battles against ISIS were flubs, this was deliberate.  But Trump collected no bribes which means he is stupid.  The least he could do is get personally rich while destroying America.


Here is the Zionists running the Mexican version of the New York Times which hated Trump because he wanted to build a wall to stop Mexican criminals.

The headlines are insanity.   Assad had no earthly reason to use ‘chemicals’ right during the same three day period that the Pentagon and US media said, if he did this, we would attack him and Russians.  The twisty changey story being cooked by the crooked publishers of our ‘news’ is astonishing to watch.  It makes zero logical sense but who cares?


People need to be led!  And the entire ‘liberal’ media and ‘liberal’ politicians are cheering Trump as he falls into their traps.  Sad, isn’t it?  He thinks he ‘won them over’.  He did not.  They still hate him greatly.


The Grim Logic Behind Syria’s Chemical Weapons Attack – The New York Times:


So why would Mr. Assad risk it all, outraging the world by attacking civilians with what Turkey now says was the nerve agent sarin,killing scores of people, many of them children? Why would he inflict the deadliest chemical strike since the 2013 attacks outside Damascus? Those attacks came close to bringing American military retaliation then. And in a stunningly swift reversal, Tuesday’s attack drew a response from President Trump: dozens of cruise missiles launched at a Syrian air base.

One of the main defenses offered by Mr. Assad’s allies and supporters, in disputing that his forces carried out the strike on Tuesday, is that such an attack would be “a crazy move,” as one Iranian analyst, Mosib Na’imi, told the Russian state-run news site Sputnik. Yet, rather than an inexplicable act, analysts say, it is part of a carefully calculated strategy of escalating attacks against civilians.

Government forces have been herding defeated opponents from across the country into Idlib Province, where the chemical attack occurred. Starved and bombed out of their enclaves, they are bused under lopsided surrender deals to the province, where Qaeda-linked groups maintain a presence the Syrian military uses as an excuse to bomb without regard for the safety of civilians.

Good lord, I wonder if readers figured out they were being taken as fools?  Nope, I bet they swallowed this swill without chewing.

And here is why nearly everyone who voted for Trump are now rapidly deserting him:  Normalizing Trump (or at least Trumpland) – Axios

Jared Kushner seizes control over structuring government at home and America’s public face aboard.

Ivanka Trump adviser Dina Powell is named Deputy National Security Adviser, and keeps her portfolio as senior counselor for economic initiatives.

The NSC is normal(ish) after Flynn is dumped and Bannon sidelined. The other Deputy National Security Adviser, K.T. McFarland, a former Reagan-administration official and Fox News analyst, has been offered ambassador to Singapore, per CNN — making Dina Powell the clear No. 2.

Economic adviser Gary Cohn’s flexes muscle over tax reform, the coming monster on the agenda, at the expense of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

The Jewish Mafia has won.  They took over.  People were nervous about this when they saw how trusting Trump was of his son-in-law.  Well, Trump is handing more and more power over to this NY Wall Street failed banker who now has billions to play with thanks to his buddies on the left.

So, I am assuming, Trump is done with changing things.  We are back to Bilderberg normal.  It was a short, sharp rebellion but under it lies a very nasty real rebellion: the Bilderberg gang is extremely unpopular with a huge part of society that isn’t on welfare or is illegal.  The hinterlands teems with armed, angry people who were promised things they are being denied and now, since votes don’t matter, it is going to be the other thing, that is, when votes fail, revolts don’t fail.

Kushner and his gang think they pulled a fast one here and no one will notice.  But reading comments at any of the many conservative web sites, the roaring rage is quite loud.  True, poor Alex Jones clings to his fantasies and other top rightists think this is temporary or only one time, no, it is not.

It is a complete change in direction and is going to get worse, not better.  No jobs will come home, the coal mines might open but other ‘global warming’ scams won’t stop, nothing will change, we will still pay 50% of NATO overhead costs and in Asia, the same bad deal while our trade rivals continue to ravage us and destroy our internal structures….stupid, isn’t it?

Ordinary Americans could see reality because it is biting harder like a pit bull from hell but the rich and powerful ride this pit bull and think it is a wonderful beast indeed.

Paris Horror: Elderly Jewish Woman Thrown from Apartment to Her Death to Cry of ‘’Allahu Akbar’’ this news is a reminder that Jews will be annihilated once the Muslim invasion takes over entirely.  NHS Orders Security Guards to Remove ‘Offensive’ British Flag Badges because showing the Brit flag is evil.  In Europe, police are ordered to do this, too.  Everyone is to stop the patriotism stuff or else.

In Australia yesterday, Victim Zeeshan Akbar, terror link to Queanbeyan stabbing | Daily Mail Online

Service station worker and student, 29, stabbed to death in an ‘Islamic State-inspired terror attack by two radicalised boys aged 15 and 16’ – who ‘wrote the letters IS in blood’ in the window.


The dead person is also a Muslim.






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23 responses to “Kremlin Issues Strong Warning: Trump and Bilderberg Gang Pushing For WIII

  1. Petruchio

    I have read that the Russians are sending a warship to be docked at the Syrian port of Tarturus(sp.?). I assume it is some kind of monitoring ship that will be able to detect things like Tomahawk missile launches. One more step towards full scale war. I believe if the US actually tries to launch a ship- based missile, the Russians will attack–full force. BTW: how much does anyone want to bet me that the Pentagon has ALREADY ordered at least 60 new Tomahawk missiles to replace the ones the US just fired in Syria?

  2. Jim R

    Wikileaks meticulously released only the documentation for the software in Vault 7. In other words, none of the actual software was published — just the instruction manuals.

    This just in from ZH:
    Hacker Group Releases Password To NSA’s “Top Secret Arsenal” In Protest Of Trump Betrayal

    by Tyler Durden
    Apr 8, 2017 2:16 PM

    Shadowbrokers was pissed enough to release their whole trove of malware. A few caveats here:
    1. Don’t click the link and download that stuff, unless you have some idea what’s in it;
    2. Be sure to keep your virus scanners up-to-date for the next 3 to 6 months.
    3. Expect a lot more calls for censorship of the ‘net.

    And, note that this is the NSA’s malware, while the Wikileaks releas is the CIA’s malware. Diffrent troves. You won’t find instructions for the one trove in the other. But both are nasty.

  3. Yes, there will be online warfare as well as physical warfare. People are very stupid. Kick the dog in the teeth and it will bite.

  4. Jim R

    I would guess that the “real Russian hackers” have long-since downloaded all that stuff, and are now unpacking it with the password just supplied today by Shadowbrokers. And I expect Kaspersky Labs will be releasing updates in the next few days.

    Knowledgeable spies like Binney have stated that it looks like an inside job, like the Snowden’s, and not an operation by some overseas spy agency. The statement from Shadowbrokers was written in a sort of broken English to fake a Russian or other foreign accent, but is apparently faked just to disguise the identity of the hero (traitor?) who walked off with the goods.

  5. ziff

    Trump is a great actor .

  6. Jim R

    Here is the statement from Shadowbrokers on

    View story at

    The broken English is to disguise the identity of the writer. It might be just one guy. Snowden says they should be able to figure out who it was from the contents of the trove.

  7. Christian W

    No, he is just a bully and a narcissist who realized that the Deep State and the System was much stronger than he was, so he decided to join it.

  8. Christian W

    Trump has isolated us in the company of ISIS and Saudi Arabia and Israel. A bad trio that hate each other.

    NO THEY DON’T. They are basically one and the same. Israel and Saudi Arabia are BUDDIES. Saudia Arabia has ALWAYS had Israel’s back against the Arab world.

    Already the Egyptian leader Nasser, way back in the day, said that if you want to free Palestine bomb Saudi Arabia.

    Just as today if you want to end ISIS and Al Qaeda, you start with Israel and Saudi Arabia and Washington.

    When will you finally realize it is ONE SYSTEM. Saudi Arabia is the US SYSTEM. Israel is the US SYSTEM. ISIS and Al Qaeda is the US SYSTEM.

    You cannot whinge about the US losing jobs to overseas vassal states when the entire US System is built on sucking up loot and tribute from overseas. Foreign peoples pay in blood to keep the US System going. President Trump owns STOCK in Raytheon. Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching. The US collects $ TRILLIONS in tribute. The US sucks up a QUARTER of the entire World’s resources.

    When you vote, you vote for THIS SYSTEM. IT IS THE ONLY US SYSTEM. The European part of the Bilderberg gang are MINNOWS riding shotgun on the US SYSTEM. They have no opinion of their own, Uncle Sam tells them what to think and what to say. It has been like that since the end of WWII.

    The reason your leaders sold out your base is simply that they don’t want an empowered base. Another is that leaders of foreign nations states under US control need something to show their populace, namely jobs and exports – subservience to the US with nothing to show for it is not a winning combination. Win, win for the elites, they get goods for printed $, the US base is weakened politcally, foreign nations remain under US control the easy way. The US elites have gotten immensely wealthy with the system.

    The US elites, that you vote for, hate the US middle and working class so much they even sent the US factories to CHINA! A monumentally stupid move, but a move based on the logic described above.

    Now Europe is getting swamped by refugees sponsored by US/NATO wars overseas in the service of Saudi Arabia and Israel and the US SYSTEM. Europe is being destroyed for much the same reason the US base was destroyed. The elites want it all, and their greed and lust for power is insatiable. They do not know how to stop.

    Without the US SYSTEM, Israel is nothing, Saudi Arabia is nothing, Europe is nothing (at least in military terms). That is why the Madeleine Albright called the US the Indespensible Nation. Don’t wave the flag stupidly for this Indespensible Nation.

    It’s time the US citizens gave their elites a big kick in the balls for real, no Trump charades, but actually challenge the elites directly and indirectly. The US system needs to change dramatically or we will be in a shooting WWIII in the not too distant future.

    Make the US a nation worth waving the flag for THEN talk about patriotism. Patriotism under THIS SYSTEM is just sickening.

  9. Case

    Trump is just an inadequate narcissist, there’s worse things to be but don’t bother relying on one. With someone like that you don’t even need to threaten or bribe.

    Perhaps they did just show him the pictures of the dead children and tell him “the poor babies, they need you”. It probably was that simple.

  10. Pete

    Trump is a Genius!
    Had a great week too.

    Gorsuch is on the court and now Trump can bitch-slap the 9th Circuit 🙂

    Those Tomahawks did the job. They blew to smithereens the
    “Trump is Putin Puppet” narrative. That was the target, not Syria.
    They didn’t do squat to the Syrian air force. Pay attention!

    Xi has a lot of respect for Trump. The Trump grandkids just
    serenaded Xi in Mandarin, Very impressive. Trump can’t lose
    a trade war. How can you lose a trade war when the US is running
    a 320B deficit with China? Trump is holding all the cards.
    Xi will agree to balance trade.

    Putin thought he had Trump in the bag. He is now off-balance.
    Just where Trump wants him. Now he can meet with Putin.

    He did the same thing with Xi. That phone call to Taiwan.
    knocked China off-balance. Then he met with Xi and poured
    out the charm.

    Trump base has their panties in a bunch.
    Calm down and just watch.

    Trump is 3 moves ahead of everybody.

    Trump is a Genius!

  11. DM

    Pete – what utter rot.

  12. Nani

    Trump is obviously a pushover. This has aroused great disappointment in those who put their faith in him. The future does not look so rosy any longer.

  13. A great battle just happened. Yes, the general surrendered but NOT HIS TROOPS. The US mainstream fake news think they won. They did get Trump to join them. But he isn’t bringing along his supporters.

    They are pissed off. If he reneges on bringing home the jobs and stopping the illegal alien invasion, I expect retribution, they will be in a much nastier mood next election.

  14. Nani

    @ Elaine

    The next election is four years away. I don’t think we have that much time left.

    Something dark is lurking in the horizon.

  15. Christian W

    Next election…. Hehehe, oh dear

    You never learn do you. I’m sure your owners will give you a meaningful choice the next time around again, like they always do.

    Also, American workers are STUPID if they vote for people like Trump hoping he will help them. He is, and always was, 100% pro big business, pro owner class, and anti-workers’ rights.

    Looking at the voting record of the American worker for the last 30-40 years, we can safely conclude that they will always vote for their own suppression.

    Gorsuch, that someone mentioned above, ruled that an American worker has to freeze to death rather than abandon the equipment of his employer. Trump has stuffed his government with worker friendly people from Goldman Sachs and the Koch brothers.

    You say you understand the US SYSTEM, but you clearly don’t. You are pleading with your owners for relief from your pain (better jobs) but your owners DON’T CARE, they can’t give you jobs or their SYSTEM collapses.

    So yes, vote for Goldman Sachs candidate A because Goldman Sachs candidate B is evil… And by all means work up a lot of huff and puff over it.


    I’ll give up soon I think.

  16. floridasandy

    just quit being so negative, almost everybody.

    Positive brings positive-don’t we all know that?. China said they will cooperate on North Korea-good thing. Putin will probably meet with Trump and they will both air their grievances. The liberals have shut their traps about Russia being in bed with Trump, although they will need something else to bitch about. For the record, nothing wrong with Putin moving his stuff over there to keep an eye on the situation in case it did escalate. Putin will sell more arms to Syria and make money off of this, so how mad can he really be?

    Hopefully, Trump made a point and it will all de-escalate. I have hope because Putin isn’t stupid, and a lot of the Middle East leaders are narcissistic. They only want to kill others, they don’t want to die themselves. We don’t know how it will all play out yet. We all have nuclear weapons and that is enough of a deterrent that most countries will play nice at some point.

    Trump needs to have his meeting with Putin, and then focus on the US economy and taxes.

  17. Lou

    I have mixed feeling about Mister Jones. I see him as controlled opposition.
    Anyone want to share their thoughts on this talk [its about 1/4 hour]?

  18. Alex is a friend of Trump, I certainly am not, he doesn’t like me at all…look, Trump will be allowed to do various deals and things so long as it doesn’t stray from the playbook of the Bilderberg gang.

    So resistance shoots up whenever he wants to do something for his voters and drops like a rock when he obeys our Real Rulers. See?

    They did this to Reagan, you know. Right wingers thought Reagan and his agent, Bush Sr. were responding to them. Note the outcome of those years…ahem.

    Hello? Few changes except for one: many working male unions were killed off. Note how white males now are being kicked to the curb.

  19. Christian W

    Reagan told the white working class the new system would be great for them, trickle down economics and all that. He always supported Neoliberalism (called Reaganomics and Thatcherism back then). The working class and middle class liked him because has not a “liberal”. They got what they wanted.

  20. Christian W

    Looks like Alex’s double think can’t handle the betrayal of his Great Leader.

  21. Christian W

    Reagan was the patriotic choice.

  22. ziff

    @ 11 Pete! , great post ,spot on !

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