Trump Supporters Angry About Illegal Syria Rocket Attack

The Truth About Trump’s Air Strike on Syria – YouTube: America First voters who voted for Trump because he said he would focus on the US and bring jobs home have been betrayed.  They are evidently quite angry about this but this same voter block in the past who voted for Reagan to ‘make America great’ after the Iranian hostage event, cheered when Reagan did exactly the same thing Trump just did: the Airstrike against Libya.

President Reagan: Speech on Airstrikes Against Libya, April 14, 1986 —yes, this is one of the many examples of how our government is now run, it began with Reagan’s warmongering.  True, he didn’t want to invade Libya but this is the beginning of the road to ruin.


Step by step, we have been drawn into this morass. Originally, it was to stop communist Russia.  Today, Russia is a capitalist state and…we are following the exact same ideology that got us into the mess in the first place!  Why on earth is Europe and the US treating Russia like it is a communist state?


Already, Hungry and other Eastern European states are moving towards Putin and away from NATO due to NATO demands that they let in millions of angry Muslim male invaders.  Duh.  Too bad the rest of Europe can’t figure out the obvious.


Here is the recent past, Breitbart reported the Obama attacks on Assad who was protecting Christians in Syria from the mob of dangerous Saudi-sponsored jihadists.  From last December:  Report: 40,000 Pro-Assad Christians in Aleppo Fear Return of Rebels


The estimated 40,000 Christians in Aleppo are not among the civilians who are dreading the fall of the city to the Russia and Iran-backed regime of dictator Bashar al Assad, according to a charity group that helps persecuted Christians.

These Christians instead reportedly fear the return of the rebels to Aleppo, particularly the jihadi coalition known as Jaish Al Fatah, or ‘Army of Conquest,’ that includes the likes of the Syrian al-Qaeda branch formerly known as the Nusra Front before it became Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (Front for the Conquest of the Levant).


Jaish Al Fatah has been “heavily involved” in the battle for Aleppo and the persecution of Christians in the city, claims the charity group Barnabas Fund.


The flood of ‘refugees’ to Europe are due directly to US/NATO war crimes in overthrowing the most liberal Muslim governments while protecting and supporting some of the nastiest regimes on earth such as Saudi Arabia.  Only North Korea is as nasty as Saudi Arabia’s vicious dictatorship.


Trump doesn’t understand any of this, he is a delegator of information, he personally doesn’t delve into details.  This is what all executives do.  They have to trust their staff to do this work.  Trump hired DNC/GOP military people who have dragged us from one stupid war to the next, screwing these up over and over again.


Examining why this happens is vital and totally verboten at the top levels of the Pentagon, Congress and our fake news media.  Why is this?  Ahem…all these wars are to weaken military powers in the Muslim world so Israel can abuse Palestinians and steal stuff.  End of story.


Another story running alongside is, protecting the severely conservative/hate Christians nations like Saudi Arabia so they can sell cheap oil to us.  Now, the problem here is, they hate us and want to destroy us in the end and to keep the oil cheap, Europe and the US must let in millions and millions of angry Muslim males who then attack us at home and kill thousands of citizens and during all this, Saudi Arabia is protected by our soldiers who make things worse by getting other, poorer Muslims so pissed off at us, they attack us nonstop all the time and scream ‘Allah Akhbar!’


So this devilish deal rolls onwards and it gets more and more dangerous.  Way back 30 years ago, Muslim terror in NATO nations was relatively small.  Starting with 9/11, it has mushroomed.  Citizens want to be protected but are not and the left leads the way demanding we not be protected and bringing in more and more terrorists.


Farage: ‘A Lot of Trump Voters Will Be Scratching Their Heads’ over Syria Airstrikes – Breitbart reports.  Yes, Farage has been hanged out to dry.  Trump will forget about protecting our borders and will focus on making Muslim males madder and madder while GIVING THEM WEAPONS.  Yes, that was the stupid thing here and it now officially continues.  How dumb is this?  This is a religious war we are losing and are doomed to lose and the more we support jihadists the more we are doomed.


I remember when this all began!  Reagan and Bush Sr. thought it was a very clever idea to arm and protect jihadists in…AFGHANISTAN.  And then this bled the Soviet Union dry and led to Muslims in Eastern Europe rioting and going to war and that tore up the European end of the USSR and now…it is a hellish mess that is attacking NATO from within.  A very stupid end to all this.


The USSR fell and now NATO will collapse.


“I have to say, I woke up to this news this morning very, very surprised. And I think a lot of Trump voters will be scratching their heads hard and asking, ‘where does this go from here?’” said Mr. Farage Friday morning, speaking on the LBC radio network.


The MEP told presenter Nick Ferrari: “I’m a Trump supporter and friend, and one of the things that I think helped him gain votes was the idea that we shouldn’t endlessly get involved militarily in the Middle East without fully thinking through the implications of what we’re doing.


“I think back to Libya a few years ago and, unarguably, we’ve made the world worse as a result of our intervention.”


Pointing out that his platform of non-interventionism was one of the president’s key selling points during the 2016 U.S. election campaign, Mr. Farage said the world “could have done with more certainty” over the situation in Syria before the U.S. launched airstrikes.


Forget about it.  Trump is owned by the Bilderberg gang now.  They have found his weak spot and will exploit it ruthlessly.  They love the fact that he now has no more political base.  This will evaporate totally because these same monsters want open borders and no trade barriers so the destruction of the blue collar working class will continue.  The comments at Breitbart show how Trump supporters are very angry about all this:


Assad had already retaken 60% of the country from these rebels. In other words, he was winning. Doesn’t make any sense that he would use chemicals on his own people. I wonder what sort of intel Trump got and where is the proof? So now we believe the intel when just days ago we knew so many of them were crooked? The world has a right to know what the truth is and right now we’re all just spinning.


Trump silent on Twitter since the attack.

He OWES us an explanation.

We put our lives and livelihoods on the line to get him elected, all the while targeted and called deplorable racist misogynist homophobes. We deserve an explanation.

So bomb to punish gassing 27 kids and wind up killing 4 kids is that how it works?


Another comment:


Yes, this is a win for the warmongers and a defeat for the US citizen voters. If this is a one time event, they may forgive Trump but does anyone with a brain imagine this is a one time event?


Of course not! This is the beginning, not the end. President Carter tried to focus on the US but was dragged into confrontations and looked weak because he didn’t salivate over smashing countries like we have seen in the last 5 Presidents. The US is spending a fortune, patrolling the entire planet.


And as I keep pointing out, we don’t really win any wars, we just keep the witches’ brew bubbling. Nothing is fixed, chaos spreads and the US slides off the economic cliff. This insanity has to stop before bankruptcy.


But that is one topic our rulers never, ever discuss. The deficit is treated like an invisible monster lurking behind the closet door. Not to be ever, ever mentioned nor is the trade deficit discussed.


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14 responses to “Trump Supporters Angry About Illegal Syria Rocket Attack

  1. floridasandy

    two things

    the media is super happy with the attack and is trying to reward him by saying Americans love him for this:

    two, we have to get a grip. The strike is over and no American was killed. Trump needs to move on and go back to doing what he promised to do-which is create more jobs and reverse everything Obama did. I see that wages went up slightly- a small victory– as the employee situation is tightening. Taxes need to be cut, and the fence needs to be built.

    Trump really needs to stop using his son in law as his advisor, and go back to people like Bannon (whom the media hates, hates, hates). I don’t see how his son in law can be objective at information transfer to Trump. He may be bright, but he can hardly be objective. Also, his father went to jail for Democratic campaign fraud, being a rabid Democrat-so maybe not the person for foreign policy advice.

  2. floridasandy

    Kushner has a lot of debt tied in with Deutsche Bank and at least two Israeli banks also. When you are the father-in-law of someone and love your daughter, you might not be able to be completely objective about what their role should be in your administration. Maybe he could be an advisor, but not chief advisor-so Trump can get more impartial intelligence. Trump needs to remember that Syria’s president is a popular elected president.

    We need less hawkish foreign advisors, and more independent negotiators. The Mideast will likely always be a quagmire since there are so many factions fighting each other at any given time. It’s the only way to keep the people suppressed–to have an enemy outside of the government so you don’t overthrow the government.

    At least the leftist poodles are getting strangely quiet since they are confused about Trump’s Russian actions, and don’t know what to yell about now. We have that, anyhow.

    I wish some Syrians would come on board and tell us how they feel, as we don’t get objectivity from our media on anything.

  3. Petruchio

    One thing that doesn’t seem to me to be getting the coverage it deserves is how much the “facts” of the latest Syrian Tomahawk missile strike varies depending on your information source. Initial reports said the targeted airfield was totally destroyed INCLUDING all of the planes. Then other sources purport to show said airfield to be almost totally untouched, with video showing Syrian planes taking off from the airfield. Of course the American MSM lies, but Propaganda isn’t effective if your aren’t telling at least plausible lies.

  4. Ken

    This debacle has all the signs of continuing. Trump is saying that he will strike again if the Syrians use poison gas again. Except the Syrians claim that they didn’t use poison gas in the first place. The gas was being stored in a warehouse or lab by ISIS. It was released when the Syrian conventional bombs ruptured the canisters.

    This scenario seems to be borne out by Trumps attack. With 59 missiles hitting the Syrian airfield and buildings, if the Syrians had any gas then Trump’s attack would have ruptured their canisters. No report of any release of gas at the Syrian site, however.

    So, there is nothing that the Syrians can do to avoid another attack by Trump. ISIS will keep poison gas at locations likely to be bombed by Syria, it will get released (intentionally or accidentally), and then they will bring in the western press to document Syria’s use of gas. Trump will attack again, and we will get sucked into another Middle Eastern war.

    Which is exactly what Trump said he would not do.

  5. ziff

    We said Trump would be assassinated and he has .

  6. Christian W

    The US is already at war in Syria.

    I believe the US is getting ready to attack Syria with more US troops in combination with fresh proxies/mercenaries. Especially the US wants to capture Deir Ezzor and cut Syria off from it’s border to Iraq. In it’s place the US wants to build a fake Kurdistan/Arab tribes state under US control with Barzani (a rumoured Jew) in charge.

    This is the break up Syria plan (balkanization) that will be implemented by US force now that the Al Qaeda proxies are losing the on the battlefield. The Saudis are running out of idiots willing to go to Syria to fight for $100-250 dollars a month. The Russians and the SAA are killing AQ and ISIS faster then they can be resupplied, so the US has to either up it’s game (which it is going to do) or lose the battle for Syria (which is not an option for the US/Israel/Saudi Arabia).

    The question is if Russia will step out of the way, which I think they will not do. Eventually Russia will run out of room to back down. Syria must be the battleground for Russia.

  7. hblinken

    This scenario seems to be borne out by Trumps attack. With 59 missiles hitting the Syrian airfield and buildings

    only 23 missiles got thru, 36 failed either shot or jammed by anti air defense, some of the 23 hit innocent villages causing deaths among the Christian villages. Either Ratheon made the dud missiles or the Russians, Iran, Syrian have cracked the codes

  8. Case

    The man immediately surrounded himself with Goldman sachs employees upon inauguration. What did you expect?

  9. ziff

    @9 , yes i think that is more correct than my statement. Perhaps they have something to really blackmail him , there was a long no trump news period just before this started , which seemed odd . But Trump is a great actor it seems.

  10. No, it is his son in law who is Wall Street and tribal insider. He is engineering this disaster on behalf of Israel. AND TRUMP VOTERS ARE NOW VERY AWARE AND ANGRY ABOUT THIS.

  11. Petruchio

    Aw c’mon Elaine, MUST you post a video with Ronald Reagan in it? Anyways, I remember when that lying fraudster was President and there was that disaster/tragedy in Lebanon where 189 US Marines were killed. At least Reagan put his tail between his legs and left Lebanon, leaving the Israelis to deal with it. I’m betting that it will be more than 189 lost lives this time around.

  12. floridasandy

    petruchio, let’s see how it all plays out. I think that Trump is concerned about North Korean and wants China intervention.. Maybe a show of force was to impress the Chinese leader that he isn’t a man of inaction.

    We are all outsiders so we can only speculate. I just pray that Trump really remembers why he was elected– AMERICA–, not the Middle East. We don’t give a rip what they do there, and he needs to remember that.

    Trump, President of the United States of America only.

  13. No, the baying mobs surrounding him are all neocons and fake leftists working with the Bilderberg gang leaders…they won’t leave him alone or let him hear from anyone and he will be totally cut off, already, he has not ‘called his troops’ on the ground and discussed what he is doing and why.

    Nope. Not at all. Not a peep from him, only one stiff speech written by his leaders who surround and now control him.

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