Col. Wilkerson, Fellow Bush Iraq War Criminal, Condemns Trump New War Crimes

Wilkerson: Trump Attack on Syria Driven by Domestic Politics – YouTube: we did the same thing to Iraq.  Lawrence Wilkerson – Wikipedia—the video has sound problems but is still worth listening to, just keep tabs on the volume controls.  Yes, domestic politics drove this illegal attack and this has been true of all previous illegal attacks going back to my childhood.  And who drives this?  Why, the media and the big shots in DC!    This is all very deliberate.  Rush into war: old news.  Only WWI and WWII did the US hold back.


The history of Wilkerson clearly shows how hysteria married to raw criminal desires leads people who pride themselves of being ‘good people’ into supporting and promoting and enabling obvious crimes:


Lawrence B.LarryWilkerson(born 15 June 1945) is a retired United States Army Colonel and former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. Wilkerson has criticized many aspects of the Iraq War, including his own preparation of Powell’s presentation to the UN.


Powell is ‘black’ and therefore, not to be touched or examined.  So liberals gave him a pass while he openly did horrible things.  Ditto with Obama, of course.  Wilkerson believed all the information he was handling even if it was obviously illogical and…if it were true, the solution was not ‘invade and destroy Iraq.’


That was ignored by the media and our ‘elected’ people. I railed about the ‘solution’ to Saddam’s ‘crimes’ as illicit and possibly war crimes in themselves but no one listens to me or anyone else warning about the dangers of invading Iraq.  Supposedly, the people of Iraq were happy we invaded.  But naturally, this unleashed forces we were hopelessly unable to control or rather, were made worse as our rulers used Saddam’s people to attack other Middle Eastern Muslim leaders on the Israeli ‘get rid of these guys’ list.


Wilkerson was responsible for a review of information from the Central Intelligence Agency that was used to prepare Powell for his February 2003 presentation to the United Nations Security Council. His failure to realize that the evidence was faulty has been attributed to the limited time (only one week) that he had to review the data.


And this is why he is against the Trump attack.  He remembers that one week is not enough time and this is true in this case.  Trump reacted without thinking and was encouraged to do this by Pentagon chiefs and the entire political class in DC who rule us ruthlessly.


Of course, they wanted a mindless attack and now Trump is one of them.  For a minute.  Trump is foolish if he thinks this makes him OK with the rulers.  Nope.  Won’t help him in the long run at all.


The subsequent developments led Wilkerson to become disillusioned: “Combine the detainee abuse issue with the ineptitude of post-invasion planning for Iraq, wrap both in this blanket of secretive decision-making…and you get the overall reason for my speaking out.”[1]


In a 2006 interview Wilkerson said that the speech Powell made before the United Nations on February 5, 2003—which laid out a case for war with Iraq—included falsehoods of which Powell had never been made aware. He said, “My participation in that presentation at the UN constitutes the lowest point in my professional life. I participated in a hoax on the American people, the international community and the United Nations Security Council.”[6]Wilkerson said in 2011 that his preparing of the presentation was “probably the biggest mistake of my life”, he regrets it, and that he regrets not resigning over it.[7]


Anyone who has any knowledge of history knows that falling into a war over fake information, hysteria and other causes, is an ongoing danger.  It should be considered in every instance.  For example, Pearl Harbor was definitely an attack with no declaration of war from Japan.  Germany interfered with our trade with England during WWI and began sinking civilian ships doing business.


In Syria, all of this is about getting rid of Assad illegally via using military force.  This is illegal.  Here is Trump’s rather dry (probably written by staff) Twitter comments about his new escalation of war:


There are extensive tweets about all sorts of topics while this war action gets only two comments.  I find this not surprising.  His speech explaining the attack was impersonal and recited as if he was reading something that was produced for him.


Here is an earlier video from Wilkerson:  Col Lawrence Wilkerson Dick Cheney lost his mind – YouTube

An interesting interview:  US Syria Strike Was Illegal, No Matter Who Carried Out Gas Attack – YouTube. The Security Council which is mostly NATO members and Saudi Arabia and China as well as Russia, and all the NATO SC countries applauded this attack.


NATO is falling off this odd cliff.  They are massing troops on the border of Russia while letting in armies of illegal alien Muslim males who are now rioting, stealing, abusing women, doing terrorist attacks, etc.  As this unfolds, I figure at least Eastern Europe which was ordered this week to take in a million Muslim males, revolts and joins Russia again.


This flip will be historic!  Big time.


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37 responses to “Col. Wilkerson, Fellow Bush Iraq War Criminal, Condemns Trump New War Crimes

  1. Jim R

    If Trump wants to look tough, he could fire McMaster ‘Apprentice’ style, on TV. It would be even tougher to do him for treason.

    H. R. McMaster Manipulating Intelligence Reports to Trump, Wants 150,000 Ground Soldiers in Syria

  2. Christian W

    Trump’s Al Qaeda buddies doing an Oscar worthy performance:

  3. Christian W

    hmm can twitter please let me link this video?

    Nope cant get it to work. Well it’s a video of an Al Qaeda dude planting a bomb in a car on an empty square, the man drives off, the bomb explodes then a lot of people waiting in the wings rush in to lie down and pretend being dead as a result of the explosion. All the while the camera is rolling to record the “Assad regime crime”…..

  4. Jim R

    CW, your tweets didn’t load.
    Was this the one you meant?

  5. ziff

    i think n korea is next.

  6. Um, South Korea and Japan will be knocked silly by nukes. China will sit and watch, being a dragon and knowing that this will really mess with US systems and alliances.

  7. Jim R

    Will Japan even notice? It’s a nuke waste dump already…

  8. tio

    “The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad. Negotiations to limit Iran’s nuclear program will not solve Israel’s security dilemma. Nor will they stop Iran from improving the crucial part of any nuclear weapons program — the capability to enrich uranium.”

    “Iran’s nuclear program and Syria’s civil war may seem unconnected, but they are. For Israeli leaders, the real threat from a nuclear-armed Iran is not the prospect of an insane Iranian leader launching an unprovoked Iranian nuclear attack on Israel that would lead to the annihilation of both countries. What Israeli military leaders really worry about — but cannot talk about — is losing their nuclear monopoly. An Iranian nuclear weapons capability would not only end that nuclear monopoly but could also prompt other adversaries, like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, to go nuclear as well. The result would be a precarious nuclear balance in which Israel could not respond to provocations with conventional military strikes on Syria and Lebanon, as it can today. If Iran were to reach the threshold of a nuclear weapons state, Tehran would find it much easier to call on its allies in Syria and Hezbollah to strike Israel, knowing that its nuclear weapons would serve as a deterrent to Israel responding against Iran itself.”

  9. Floridasq

    Powell was a jerk and a gossip

  10. Christian W

    @ 5 Jim

    Haha nope 😛

  11. ziff

    ”Um, South Korea and Japan will be knocked silly by nukes. ” maybe the
    US thinks they can knock off all of Kim’s toys ?

  12. Christian W

    Trying again. It was that guy Jim but the hoax video a bit down on his current feed.

  13. floridasandy

    japan and south korea will NOT be knocked silly by nukes.

    I’ll take that bet.

  14. Christian W

    The US is preparing for a much larger operation in Syria. The US has been sending loads of military hardware and heavy weapons to Jordan and Lebanon. Also Turkey is preparing for heavy action again.

    The ridiculous “Sarin attack” event is a NATO provocation using their ISIS dogs of war and the MSM.

  15. Jim R

    CW, that’s an old video.

    But, it does make the point. I think this ‘sarin attack’ was completely fake as well. There aren’t any credible reports about it, just the usual spew from various propaganda organs…

  16. Christian W

    Way to go Trump baby:

  17. floridasandy

    don’t jump the gun, Christian.

    I will be happy to apologize if you are right.

    McCain being his usual steaming POS;

    can Arizona please recall his dumb ass? You can’t possibly be proud of his idiocy!

  18. floridasandy

    OT, can we get back to what Trump can do right>

    /pol/ News Network‏ @polNewsNet 6h
    6 hours ago

    In 20 States illegal immigrants get cheaper college tuition than actual citizens.

    These States should lose all federal funding for college.

  19. Christian W

    I know it’s an old video, I’ve seen it before along with a lots of similar fake vids from the White Helmets et al. But this just proves how two faced and evil the US elites are for showing this utter crap down our collective throats and using it as casus belli.

  20. Christian W

    Oh dear. I don’t know what is happening to our world. I can’t tell what is more embarassing, the weak Swedish female police officers (tbf I’ve seen some you defenitely wouldn’t mess with) or these fine white specimens from Florida:

  21. zifff

    Trump not going to attack NK eh ? well here it comes ;;

    enter the world of unexpected consequences

  22. zifff

    actually i wish him luck, but has anyone thought about what they are going to do with millions of brainwashed n. korean?

  23. Mewswithaview

    This attack on Syria is “wag the dog”, it’s entirely about domestic political operations inside the beltway and nothing else.

  24. floridasandy

    if they really wanted to get rid of the leader of North Korea, maybe they could hire those hideous girls who killed his relative to do it.

    that would be a lot cheaper.

    of course, the people would still be brainwashed, as zifff said.

  25. tio

    The art of the deal made flesh, the ultimate expression of neolibcon ideology. If Mr Trump had any clue who was actually on the other side of this ‘trade’ maybe he wouldn’t darken its doors ever again. Please take a look at the pasty faced clowns on Airstrip One that represent God knows who at this point.

    The levels of deceit and stupidity are at truly biblical proportions, and for what. We are truly bankrupt.

  26. Well, guess what? Sanders and Hillary both wanted openly to do this. We still have the fact that 50% of America voted for securing the borders and not foreign wars. And we were cheated by the elites and the Democratic voters who fought Trump tooth and nail early on.

    Now, they are happy, the bints. What can we do? Raise hell, of course. Will the Trump voters fight back?

  27. floridasandy


    I like it.

    zero hedge had an interesting piece on the white phosphorus BS:

    like Assad actually wants to get attacked some more. WTFU!

    it’s not too late at all.

  28. DM

    has anyone thought about what they are going to do with millions of brainwashed n. korean?

    .. should get along fine with millions of brainwashed usa-ians

    But more importantly – why do you “actually wish him luck”. Do you know even one fucking thing about North Korea that you didn’t get from a TV cartoon – or the news media that targets a mental age of 12. So, worst case, the North Korean leaders are a bunch of arseholes. So what? Really, so what? What the fuck has that got to do with America. You gonna feel good killing a whole bunch of brainwashed peasants cause you don’t like Kim?

  29. DM

    That the pasty faced Boris clown on Airstrip One is really from the Americas (USA in Oldspeak). You can have him back if you like.

  30. floridasandy

    Americans are not brainwashed. Keep your pants on. Nobody wants to kill a bunch of North Koreans.

    I am not that worried about the little North Korean dictator because most of his rockets are duds anyway.

    Note on Mccain, the warmonger:
    Ward cannot be outdone by McCain, whose non-profit institute that bears his name accepted a $1 million donation from the Saudi Arabian embassy in March of this year.

    Trump needs to shut down all of these fake nonprofits money laundering warmongering institutions. If we ever do go to war, I hope they tie McCain to the first rocket.

  31. ziff

    DM i agree with you , but i have never ever seen one positive thing about the Kim regime ,[and i’m willing to be shown otherwise ],a slave state like no other. They probably think they can knock off his toys.

  32. Christian W

    North Korea didn’t come out of nothing. Ask yourself why the Korean war is NEVER mentioned unlike the Vietnam war. Ask yourself why there are ZERO movies made about the Korean war, unlike WWI, WWII and even the Viet nam war (or the American war as the Vietnamese call it).

    The US slaughtered millions of Koreans, it was much bloodier than even the war in Vietnam. To this day Korea (both sides) is deeply traumatized.

  33. First: there were no cute females to put in the movie, the Koreans meant business.

    Second: ever watch a you tube video of Korean shop keepers in the black cities? They are hard fighters, quite tenacious, they can be very nasty if you try to hold them up or run off without paying them.

    They make good neighbors, I have had Korean kids in my life and they are fighters. We got along great.

    So, we can’t look like big heroes around them. They are their own heroes.

  34. Black dude tries to hold up Korean lady and she nails him.

  35. Christian W

    The birth of North Korea as we know it.

  36. Moe

    Pieczenik looses it on Alex Jones. Video at bottom of article. (Please don’t remind me about Jones being controlled opposition).

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