Trump’s Pro-Bilderberg Bombing Triumph Is Hollow Victory

US Airstrikes Kill 21, Mostly Civilians, in Northern Syria — News from the news about the US ‘response’ to a chemical attack of unknown origin was to…kill just as many civilians including, alas, children.  Many a new President comes into office and I have seen this over and over again, something happens.  Then the media giants who are fakers, lie about things and yell, ‘Think of the children victims!’ and demand we blow things up.  And always, this ends up killing children.


We get new generations via having babies and each generation has to learn the hard lessons we had to learn and most people have no learning because they are surrounded by propaganda designed to push/pull them from one thing to another.  As an insider, it bemuses me, watching this process.  Even when citizens break away from the system, they get sucked into some other system that has hidden motives and people like myself are not believed because we say and write things that seem incredible to outsiders.


Trump wants to survive.  To do this, he needs the approval of the elites of NYC and Hollywood.  Both were utterly against him when he talked to the voters and said things the voters wanted to hear.  Now, free at last, he can schmooze with the elites and they will praise and pet him.


Seriously, how many humans can endure the hatred and constant attacks of the powerful elites?  They deal with humans that are not scared of them via wiping them off the map, that is, never report any news about these people defying the Bilderberg gang.


Proof to me is obvious: when I camped on diplomatic territory right next to the UN in the middle of Manhattan where I was known as the ‘housewife from Hell’….not one major media, only the just created CNN, covered my fight with Bush Sr. and the Chinese government.


This concealment was so thorough, books written about all this make no mention of me.  I am used to this, I just want to win a fight, not be famous.  Fame kills.  Trump is very famous.  And trust me, it is hard to live in the spotlight especially when the people holding the light are hostile.


International politics are highly dangerous.  It is a constant mine field.  The slightest misstep and you are killed.  Trump was slated for being terminated.  Now he has bought some time.  He is obviously relieved for suddenly, from his point of view, all the lurking dangers vanished magically.  He is being praised by his enemies!


He doesn’t care that he lost his allies, they couldn’t protect him.  They are powerless…to a point.  And this is my main point: the helpless working class especially the males who are under sustained attack from the Bilderberg gang, are a powerful force as History instructs.  Anything goes wrong, they rise up in justified wrath.  They can’t be fooled forever.  The explosion that can happen is very real and far from vanishing, it growing.


I get most of my real news about world events from Russia now for they have to see reality to survive:


Today, US airstrikes near Raqqa killed at least 21 people, mostly civilians, and while some of the strikes were near fighting between US-backed troops and ISIS, at least one of the strikkes appears to have been a deliberate attack on a boatload of civilians attempting to cross the Euphrates River.


The boat was carrying about 40 people, and NGOs say that at least seven bodies, six of them children, have been recovered so far, with more missing. The US has dropped leaflets in the area urging civilians to flee toward the Euphrates, but apparently dropped a second leaflet warning them not to try to cross the river or they’d be attacked.


The biggest target in the Hanida strikes was an Internet cafe, with the US strikke destroying the site, killing 14 people within, including four children. The US is so far not offering any justification for any of the attacks in the area.


This real news will NEVER appear in the US.  The wild bombing of Syria continues and it did, in the past.  The excuse for the bombing of the Syria airport was just that: an excuse.  Now Syria and Russia and China will go to the UN Security Council and demand they talk about all this.  Trump’s victory was a mistake but politically, it was ‘smart’ if one wishes to be on the good side of the Bilderberg gang who run NATO.

And the real enemy is still ISIS which the US is protecting, as usual.  This goes way back: when Russia took over Afghanistan, Bush Sr.’s gang created ISIS with the Saudi royals which is why bin Laden, whose daddy was a top Saudi political power, volunteered to go there and organize the Afghan rebels.


The Spoils of War: Trump Lavished With Media and Bipartisan Praise For Bombing Syria: Glenn Greenwald is very upset with all this.


But U.S. war fever waits for nothing. Once the tidal wave of American war frenzy is unleashed, questioning the casus belli is impermissible. Wanting conclusive evidence before bombing commences is vilified as sympathy with and support for the foreign villain (the same way that asking for evidence of claims against Russia instantly converts one into a “Kremlin agent” or “stooge”).


That the Syrian government deliberately used chemical weapons to bomb civilians became absolute truth in U.S. discourse within less than 24 hours – even though Trudeau urged an investigation, even though it was denied in multiple capitals around the world, and even though Susan Rice just two months ago boasted to NPR: “We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.”


New wars trigger the worst in people: their jingoism, their tribal loyalties, their instinct to submit to authority and leaders. The incentive scheme here is as obvious as it is frightening: great rewards await political leaders who start new wars. In Federalist 4, John Jay warned of all the personal benefits a leader obtains from starting a new war – which is the reason it was supposed to be difficult for U.S. Presidents to do it:


It is amazing, watching all this.  I understand the war fever business.  I come from a huge number of generations of overlords who fought each other and outsiders, we were barbarian invaders of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire, we took over Europe and due to internal battles, ended up invading the New World and fighting here, too.


Fighting comes naturally, it is assumed we will fight to win and the main thing is, we also learned the hard way, that stupid fights have nasty outcomes!  Understanding this human nature, the people who were not on the wild frontier (my family was ALWAYS on the frontier, not in the cities anymore) wanted to prevent endless fighting.


So they made all sort of rules which are regularly broken because frankly, fighting has some important side effects.  Look at Sweden today: over 100 years of no battles and the population is so feeble and helpless, they let a million illegal alien Muslim males invade and torment them now!  And they were told this month that they must also fight Russia which has, like us, been fighting nearly nonstop for generations.


They will lose, of course.  They know nothing but surrender.  The left has been fighting in the streets under Obama due to him greenlighting this and the police of DNC run states are helpless and hog tied so it was easy fighting them, they retreated every time!


But the upcoming fight from the right is different because the police are allies, not enemies.  They will join in, not suppress.  The mainstream media except for half of Fox News, can’t figure this out and that is where the explosion of change will come, watching Europe die has wakened many Americans.

The US news never, ever covers the fight over the Pacific between both Koreas, China, Japan and the Philippines.  Russians get to learn about all this.  It never ceases to amaze me how dumbed down Americans are but I never blame them, I put all the blame on the media owners who are creating this problem deliberately.

HAHAHA.  I read the WP for cynical fun.  So, Russia is in Nicaragua.  Note the open gate.  How dare Russia have a foreign policy!  The US is grossly over-extended.  It costs taxpayers a tremendous sum every year which is added to our debt pile.  We, not Russia, are in trouble due to expanding our reach.

The editorial writers at the WP are no longer attacking Trump.  They turned on a dime.  They even allow an editorial about negotiating with Russia about Crimea!  Now, they don’t need the heat from ‘Russia is evil’ to gain power, they got it now and it is time to dial back the violence.


Trump, Xi agree to 100-day plan to discuss trade issues because China continues to win the trade wars and now sees that the Bilderberg gang is back in power and now they can ‘negotiate’ with DC because they know exactly how corrupt it is and how to win these negotiations.  Double crossing US workers is very easy and quite cheap.


And has a very dangerous downside.  Will US males kneel and let their heads be decapitated like EU workers?  We shall see!  I am betting, no, they won’t.  From Intercept, a screenshot of a 2012 tweet by Trump:


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6 responses to “Trump’s Pro-Bilderberg Bombing Triumph Is Hollow Victory

  1. floridasandy

    A couple of thoughts

    the media sucks.

    we actually do have an enemy out there, and Islam is the culprit:

    trump needs to go with his original plan and get Putin and other 1st world countries (France, England) on board against actual terrorism. He needs to ignore his son-in-law for a while. Liberals love wars and his father was a rabid liberal.

    Meet with Putin and get this straightened out. We are only upset because nobody wants a war with Russia, as there will be zero winners.

    We do want terrorists gone in the world. Too many people have died at their hands, and massive immigration has to stop EVERYWHERE. This is for the benefit of Israel only, and the other countries don’t need it! Keep your own people in your own countries. Native Swedes are fleeing Sweden in record numbers, and that is ridiculous. You shouldn’t have to flee your own country because your leaders let the psychos in.

  2. Claudeeyah

    Trump is now the big man on campus and the MSM is fawning all over him, which is likely all he really wanted in the first place. I sometimes wonder if it would have been better if Hillary would have won. At least the sh*t would have hit the fan that much quicker, instead of this steady, slow but to hell we’ve all been aboard these past fifty plus years. Kind of like the old prison movies where the inmate awaits a call from the warden, only to be faced with another delay.

    Despite his understandable motives to stay alive, a large percentage of his very strong base instinctively smells a rat, and they are not happy being betrayed by Mr. Trump. I do not remember in my life bikers getting behind ANY presidential candidate, EVER. These people are not to be f*cked with. Don’t believe me? Walk into any biker bar and scream out, “PUSSIES!” at the top of your lungs. Guaranteed, I’ll read about what happened to you in the papers the next morning. 🙂

  3. Christian W


    The Beltway is ALL on the take! The PENTAGON is on the take… All those directors and generals and politicians and lobbyists and boardmembers and think tankers get bags of money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They all get fat and rich from bonuses and dividends from their war stocks and Wall Street insider deals and money stashed in their secret tax haven accounts.

    The enemy is not Islam, the enemy goes full circle back to Washington and Wall Street….

    This is so easy to see. Why can’t you?

    Stop telling yourself porkies. Stop pretending you are the victims of evil foreigners. This is the US SYSTEM and has been for more than a century.

    Trump just sold out to Saudi Arabia, Qatar et al (he “came around” as one of the GCC royals put it) the banksters and Deep State insiders and operators. If he is smart he at least got a MASSIVE bribe, if he is stupid he did it for free. Even Obama did not sell out that completely.

    And that is not even mentioning Soros, the Koch brothers and all the other Oligarchs behind the scenes running their running dogs and water carriers round and round doing their bidding.

    Yeah, by all means wait another four years to vote for another narcissist on an ego trip to get elected sweep in and tell everyone they are fired for corruption and there are new brooms in town and all the Deep State criminals will just say YES SIR, RIGHT AWAY SIR and shuffle right off.

    GET REAL please.

  4. melponeme_k


    It is not a US system, it is not a French, UK, German etc system. It is a system of Transnational Royals, Elites and Corporations. They robbed enough wealth to rise them above nation states and even play against them at an even level (i.e. Soros).

    The United States is a dead host and it is zombie being controlled by these parasites. But go ahead Christian, keep feeding your Anti-U.S. rhetoric, the rhetoric fed to you by the same transnational propaganda.

    And Obama was not a sell-out, he didn’t have to because he was their puppet from day one. Anyone who has a Rhodes scholarship is an enemy of the nation state, ANY nation state. Yeah, Quigley wrote about what they teach these boot lickers from year one of the scholarship’s establishment in the 1900s.

    The aim of this transnational association is to gain as much wealth, land and natural resources as possible. To live in luxury while they push us into small rabbit hutch apartments in big cities then proceed to bomb out big cities through terrorism and race wars.

  5. This latest display of power is making the Rulers very happy, for what they all want is despair, giving up, people saying, ‘To hell with this…’ defeatism.

    Look, this isn’t an easy battle, it is a hard war. And winning won’t come easy, it, too, will be a hard thing. I have some small experience in fighting the Machine in the past and yes, one needs all of one’s wits and lots of luck to win a fight and fights are won, one at a time.

    Trump rode in on this force but he was too stupid to understand how this force works and thinks he can dispense with it now that he is ‘in’.

    I keep saying, ‘They want him DEAD. He is not one of THEM. He is an outsider.’ He can be their puppet but they really don’t want an outsider who might do the wrong thing, see?

    I feel kind of sorry for him, he rode in on this wave but didn’t realize he is now swimming with the sharks. And we can’t and won’t haul him out, either.

  6. melponeme_k

    “I feel kind of sorry for him, he rode in on this wave but didn’t realize he is now swimming with the sharks. And we can’t and won’t haul him out, either.”

    He was at the forefront of the revolution that started in 1776, the final chapter when the people finally rejected the elites and take full possession of their state. As seen during the inauguration, the people were willing to lay down their LIVES for Trump. Did he think that happens every day? For any politician? THAT was the reason why the elites were spitting up tar and blood because they feared the peoples will.

    They refused to work with the moderate. They turned Trump.

    Now, Now they will get the hard choice. The leader who will be fanatical, who will clothe himself or even herself in the anger of the people and wield it like a weapon. It makes me sad because anger like that can’t be controlled for long. They will turn against the evil ones but there will be innocent victims, the Jewish citizens (who are not Zionists), Hispanic citizens, Native Americans and Blacks.

    Its going to be hard, hard road ahead.

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