Passenger Seized And Dragged Off United Flight Because Too Many Tickets Were Sold

HUNGER GAMES:  Video shows a passenger forcibly dragged off a United Airlines plane – YouTube


It appears that United Airlines sold too many tickets and so to fix this on the plane, they beat up this poor passenger and then dragged him literally off the plane.  I bet a thousand lawyers are calling him.  The flight was to Chicago…!  This is just amazingly stupid.  Corporate America is going to hammer all of us plebeians.

This video shows the man running to the back of the plane, saying, ‘I have to go home, I have to go home’. It looks all so surrealistic, like a Monty Python skit.

Everyone is killed.


Anyone who thinks corporate America is sane is insane.  And they just took over…again.  Thanks, Trump, for letting these monsters continue their rule.  Backlash can hurt, though.


I recall the election: whenever anyone at the top of the pyramid insulted or abused Trump voters, they boycotted and punished the corporate entities.  This hurt.  So…the clever guys at the top decided to close ranks, steal Trump and then win, win, win.


And we get tossed from the plane and they get to run the lottery…


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45 responses to “Passenger Seized And Dragged Off United Flight Because Too Many Tickets Were Sold

  1. Ken

    The thing that puzzles me is how United allowed too many people on the plane to begin with. The logical solution would be to deny seating to the last person to show up. That would have avoided this whole mess.

    I fail to see how trump can be blamed for this.

  2. ziff

    why not offer some $$$ ? cheap bastards to boot .

  3. I have no idea. I mentioned Trump only because he is also in the news and breaking deals seems to be his thing, too.

    The people on the plane were on the plane. Removing one for another means giving some big reward, a goodie to volunteer, not pick some poor sucker and beat him up and drag him away.

    That is INSANE. And I hope he sues and if I were on the jury, I would give him a big pay day.

  4. Ken


    This is why no lawyer in his right mind would put you on a jury.

  5. Too late, not only have I sat on a jury but I drove it to the logical conclusion via re-staging the event and using a stop watch to track how much time it took for the crime, and was praised by a law school professor who was there to see how juries really worked. It was fun.

  6. ziff

    news , they did offer $800

  7. Anonymous

    The plane was not overbooked, but four United crew members suddenly needed to be transferred to Chicago, so four seating vacancies were required. Despite offering cash, no one volunteered, and so the airline took matters into its own hands.

    The Asian gentleman and his wife were among those selected to be moved onto the next day’s flight. The wife agreed, but the man refused, claiming to be a doctor and having patient appointments the next day. At this point, security was called to forcibly remove the passenger.

    Obviously, this situation was extremely poorly handled by United and really shows the extent of their staff’s incompetence. Will personally not be flying with them ever again.

  8. Anonymous

    Sorry, my mistake. The crew members were to be transferred FROM Chicago to Louisville, KY.

  9. Christian W

  10. Yes, now we know (didn’t know before) that they did the ‘bidding’ and then GAVE IT UP because they didn’t want to go to $1000. Even if it went to a million dollars, they had no right to beat up the Asian doctor and drag him off the plane. This is totally wrong on moral and legal levels.

  11. floridasandy

    I almost couldn’t watch that video because of the annoying woman’s voice on it..

    I am surprised that a physician would get so hysterical and belligerent.. Is he really a doctor?

    I also am surprised that United would go to the lengths it did to haul him off. He will undoubtedly get more compensation than they were originally willing to give him.
    civility is a 2 way street, and I didn’t drag airline employees around when they lost my luggage for a day. I see a little fault on both sides, but terrible PR for United.

  12. Melponeme_k

    United has nothing to worry about this incident. They have a stranglehold monopoly between themselves, Delta and AA. They price fix like crazy and practically charge for the air everyone breathes on the plane.

    In any law suit, they would probably get a partisan judge.

    Considering how gung ho the military and police forces are quick to bash the unwashed masses over the heads, I don’t put any stock in them supporting a revolt against the Bilderbergs. Most likely they will do what their colleagues did when the USSR fell, they will become the mafia.

  13. floridasandy

    funniest comment so far for a United slogan:

    We put the hospital in hospitality.

  14. Moe

    Fabius Maximus concluded:

    “Here we see key features of our new America. The arrogance and lies of our leaders. Their disdain for the proles (us). Their readiness to use the police to enforce their policies. The eagerness of the police to do obey corporations — and do so with maximum violence.”

  15. Moe

    How soon we forget: ‘United Breaks Guitars’, now at nearly 17 million views. You think this video affected United’s bottom line. You bet.

  16. The fracas on United was misreported. There was no lottery, they offered money and the doctor held his ground in the bidding war and United wanted to do things cheap so they assaulted him and then accused him of fighting when they attacked.

    This is all around INSANE. And to think they did this to a full flight so they could sit in four of their employees is even more insane. The flight was not overbooked, United simply confiscated seats for its own use.

    I am even angrier about this now. How stupid was this? Again: this did not call for a goon squad to physically attack, beat up and then drag out a passenger!

    Bidding wars: if the passenger whose wife already took a bribe, wanted more money, the airlines should have continued the bidding until another, other passenger said yes. It is that simple. But to SAVE MONEY they beat up the man who rejected their offers.

    We call this cynically, ‘A deal you can’t say no to….’ which is a Mafia threat.

  17. Moe

    Floridasamdy said:”I am surprised that a physician would get so hysterical and belligerent.. Is he really a doctor? ”

    Acted like a llibard. I wouldn’t have volunteered to go either and would have resisted. But not like he did. What a wuss: so undignified.

    Cutting passengers off at the boarding area is absolutely routine for these airlines. But yanking customers off planes? Holy sh*t, Batman: all they had to do was up the offer until someone accepted.

    Without attempting hyperbole, this is what fascism looks like.

  18. Melponeme_k


    His wife gave up her seat, he refused stating that he had patients to attend. THAT was the extent of his refusal. The police then proceeded to beat a non-violent man and drag him off the plane. So just verbally refusing to give up a seat justifies the violence he experienced?

  19. floridasandy

    I am equally surprised that the United CEO doubled down on the PR disaster aspect of it, by defending their actions..

    United made the original mistake and I agree just keep upping the price or perks and somebody will get off. Now they have immeasurable negative publicity. I swear I don’t know where these companies get their CEOs.

    Another comment:

    First we seat you, then we beat you.

    kinda catchy.

  20. Moe

    @18 Melponeme

    I was not referring to the fact of his refusal, which is understandable, and I was not attempting to justify the violence subsequently exercised (and I find it difficult to comprehend how anyone could interpret my comment in this fashion) .I was referring to his reaction, screeching like a little girl. THAT was undignified.

  21. Rob

    Witnesses said he resisted being unbuckled by first two goons. Then third goon tried, and again being resisted, shoved his torso and his head hit the bulkhead, hence bleeding from ears. You can then hear the click of the buckle and see him dragged out.

  22. Melponeme_k


    Ok, being in shock or disturbed by unjustifiable force is just not noteworthy.

    We should all suffer quietly, like they do in film.

  23. Moe

    Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a senior member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, is calling for a hearing the forceful removal of a United Airlines passenger from an overbooked flight.

  24. Moe


    Let’s agree to disagree on comportment or shock reaction, and focus on the primary issue, fascist tactics.

  25. Anonymous


    If you wanted to focus on the primary issue, perhaps you shouldn’t have made a completely inappropriate attempt to belittle the victim in this scenario. Might be a good idea to take a look in the mirror and consider how “dignified” you yourself actually are.

  26. Moe

    @ 25 Anon

    Whatever. Color me insensitive. I expressed my opinion, you don’t have to agree.

  27. Jim R

    My spouse pointed out that the $800 “money” they offered was not in fact money, but a voucher for future air travel, with various restrictions and limitations on it.

    It was actually a pretty lousy offer for someone who might need to be somewhere.

    And I hope this costs UA millions. Tens or hundreds of them…

  28. Moe

    United Air Lines stock loss, USA Today:

    And the good doctor apparently had a few problems (not that this is material to United’s maltreatment of him, just sayin’…):

  29. I don’t give a DAMMMN who the victim is…it is the actions of the airlines, forcing a paying customer to disembark so they could fly EMPLOYEES. This is beyond stupid/insane, it is…corporate America at work.

    And the boss of this hideous operation tried to justify it to staff, telling them their job is to stomp on customers, not service and please them.

    He should be fired and sued by the board of directors except these idiots hired him to be their thug. Capitalism at it most destructive!

  30. Lou

    It seems to be in line with the ‘pat downs’ that are given before boarding, but worse.

  31. HAHAHA…a SLUG down. And then thrown onto the tarmac.

  32. floridasandy

    it was a failure by some employees at one airline, that’s all.

    the Asian guy is evidently playing the race card, saying that he was thrown off because he was Asian. Were the other 3 people Asian? He wants a boycott in China of United, according to the Washington Post.

    So tired of everybody trying to play the race card. Just take your compensation (which will likely be generous) and move on. The other passengers didn’t cause a scene when they left, and they were not manhandled while clinging to the seat.

    So many snowflakes, so little time.

    For the record, United stock took a hell of a beating, which they deserved today-millions of dollars in market capital. Next time (if there is a next time) you better believe they will offer a lot better compensation if needed.

    It would be interesting if all the passengers who were asked to leave were Asian, but I never read that anywhere.

    I remember when I was younger, a lot of people booked on likely to be oversold flights at Christmas time, hoping to get bumped and get a bunch of perks and free travel. (because a lot of passengers really don’t want to get off the plane during the holidays). How times have changed.

  33. Sandy, stop digging that hole deeper.

    Look, ALL the OTHER passengers could have volunteered to lose their seats…and none did. This guy was picked on and he was a paying customer, even on the damn subway, doing this would be criminal.

    There was ZERO reason to beat up a customer and drag him out. None. No excuses at all. I am stunned someone can’t figure this out. Blaming the victim for not being totally perfect is INSANE. I don’t care who he was, I do care about the attitude of the airlines, the president saying to staff that this was perfectly OK and how abusive travel has become.

    Cattle cars one step away from slave ships????

  34. Christian W

    Yep, oppose Corporate America and get all your dirty laundry published… Cattle cars incoming indeed.

  35. I noticed in the Daily Mail’s smear story about the victim that most readers were incensed, furious at the Mail doing this smear job.

  36. floridasandy

    Are you saying he didn’t play the victim card at all?

    I would strongly disagree.

    Again, not defending the INITIAL stupidity of United employees/managers, but he sure as hell could have behaved better. We are a civilized nation. At the point he got hysterical and screaming,, what would you have the police do? Leave an out of control person on a closed plane with no exit and subject the other passengers to his tantrum? Some people are perpetual victims in life, and they never understand why.

    He made a lot of bad choices, and so did United-but he will be amply rewarded for his. He had a meltdown that will pay off more than his gambling winnings.

  37. Yes, when filling the cattle cars, anyone raising a ruckus should be shot or beaten to death. Sarcasm fails me.

  38. Anonymous


    Yeah, I mean, how dare this obvious nutcase kick up a fuss as he was being manhandled, beaten by goons and having his rights violated? Doesn’t he know that this is a civilized nation and the dictates from above order us to stay silent and docile while being led to the gas chambers?

    Thank God there are people like you here to enforce the will of the elites on the rest of us. Who knows what chaos may erupt from people fighting against clear injustices.

  39. floridasandy

    warren buffett lost a bunch, so there’s that anyway.

    While United will pay him a lot of money, he still acted like a freaking 2 year old and displayed incredibly poor judgement. I feel sorry for his wife, and I would NEVER see him as a physician. People should be warned about his losing his medical license, his poor judgement calls, playing a race card, and his lack of self control (drug induced? nerves? who knows?)

    The United CEO needs to step down, and somebody else needs to explain their new overbooked policy changes that they will HAVE to put in place. Overbooked flights are less than 1 percent of flights, but that is no excuse to not have plans in place for any contingency. People have a right to believe that when they buy a ticket they are actually going to get where they paid to go.

    I wonder what he will settle for. He probably won’t even go back to medicine due to the payoff, his age, and all the publicity about his priors.

  40. Floridasandy, I wrote another story about this to explain how courts work and how Big Shots can get shot down at trial when they reveal to the judge, that they are nasty creepy monsters.

    This is how my husband won at his trials…the state was evil and stupid and pissed off not one but two judges.

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