Trump Betrays His Voters On Free Trade/H1B Foreign Workers Too

Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Economic Policy Speech in Monessen, PA (6-28-16) – YouTube

Anyone interested in how to win elections, here is the Full transcript: Donald Trump’s jobs plan speech.  It was a perfect speech for US workers.  They cheered him and then voted for him…twice.  In the primaries and then the election.  He was the only one to openly challenge the Bilderberg gang and the foreign powers.  And now…all that is dead and gone for he is now retreating from this speech and betraying the working stiffs, big time.


Amid Trump Attacks, Support Grows for Free Trade – WSJ falsely claims.  That is, they, themselves, this pro-free trade front news source, did the poll and even then, they didn’t get even anywhere near 50%+ for ‘free trade!  Nonetheless, they trumpet this as a victory for free trade:


Free trade took a rhetorical beating from both Republican and Democratic politicians in the 2016 election—yet public support for it has soared over the past year, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.  43% for ‘free trade’ and 34% against with 10% undecided.


Of course, like all polls this year, it doesn’t exactly ring true.  Definitely, working class citizens are not happy with free trade, I know many farmers including myself, have been utterly destroyed by free trade.  The anger about free trade is huge and growing rapidly, I remember when I opposed it online many years ago.


Today, people are hopping mad about that and importing foreign labor to keep down US labor costs and to have easily deported staff who won’t cause problems.


Donald Trump’s Pick For Top Economic Adviser Is Pro-Immigration, Pro-Outsourcing as yet another Bilderberg dream comes true.  He has now totally surrendered to them all which is why the Trump attacks suddenly vanished starting this weekend.


The various online supporters of Trump are still struggling to catch up but their readers and comments there are hopping mad.


 President Donald Trump has picked an economic advisor who believes in growing the nation’s economy by importing workers and consumers, and by expanding free-trade outsourcing, despite Trump’s “buy American, hire American” campaign promises.


Kevin Hassett is slated to become chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors if he is approved by the Senate’s banking committee. If Hassett is confirmed, that will be a win for the corporatist, business-first faction in Trump’s White House, which fights for influence in the Oval Office against the populist, America-first faction that helped Trump win the election in November.


The Financial Times said Hassett’s pick shows “nationalist forces have lost some ground when it comes to the economic advice reaching the president.”


“Liberalized trade — in broadly multilateral, regional, or bilateral agreements — is a key ingredient in the recipe for prosperity. … An absolute prerequisite for long-term economic growth is full participation in the global economy and trading system.”


Breitbart News reported last year about a study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine:


“Deep in the report, but not in the press release, it shows how each new unskilled immigrant costs state and local taxpayers $1,600 per year. It shows how the annual cost of legal and illegal immigration to state and local taxpayer is at least $57 billion, and that each unskilled immigrant is a net loss to taxpayers for the next 75 years.”


The same study also showed how cheap-labor immigration cuts salaries and shifts wealth towards investors and company owners:


The jargon-filled, much-caveated, 495-page report does show the information needed to measure how legal and illegal immigration transfers $500 billion a year from the wages paid to working-Americans towards companies, Wall Street investors and to new immigrants. But the report does not provide a dollar figure for the ‘immigration tax.’


And then there is that pesky trade deficit thing.  No mainstream fake news media dares mention this.  During the election, there were hints about this and the Trump voters made a loud noise about this and everyone assumed that Trump would do something about this and now…nothing will happen.


Wall Street wants business as usual and this is what we get since no one seems interested in dealing with the future when we go bankrupt.


NY Fashion Industry Outsources Elite Jobs to H-1B Contract Workers – Breitbart


The fashion industry’s trade association is joining with Mark Zuckerberg’s lobbying group on Monday to argue that employers need more visas to hire more foreign professionals for high-fashion jobs in New York City that young American graduates supposedly just won’t do.


But the leading designers at the Council of Fashion Designers of America are already using many foreign professionals instead of American fashion school graduates, according to federal data about the inflow of foreign contract-workers. For example, the 22 fashion leaders on the CFDA’s board have asked for enough visas to import 406 H-1B contract workers since 2013, according to federal data at the website.


Michael Kors has asked for 39 H-1B visas to import foreign contract workers since 2013, according to the website. Tory Burch asked for 30 contract workers, Ralph Lauren asked for 138 contract workers, J. Crew asked for 106 contract workers, and Calvin Klein sought 37 foreign workers, all to take desirable U.S-based jobs sought by young American professionals.


The H-1B visas allow the fashion companies to get employees at the cheapest rate allowed by the federal government. For example, companies asked for visas to hire foreign workers for jobs such as a New York 2015 “fashion designer” at $80,000 per year, a 2013 “technical designer” in New York for $50,000 per year,  and a 2016 “associate designer” at $67,200 in nearby Jersey City. Many of the jobs are for related fashion industry careers, such as an “associate CAD designer” in New York to be paid $75,000 in 2016. Less famous fashion companies say they will pay foreigners below $50,000 in 2016 in high-cost New York, says the site.


To bring in visa workers, designers including Michael Kors and Phillip Lim have hired the well-connected outsourcing law firm, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP, as Breitbart Texas reported. Fragomen has previously helped outsource hundreds of American jobs to foreign workers for Carnival Corporation and Viacom.


Comments from readers show how many people are quite aware of this game the elites are playing and why it is happening.  On the left, they know, too, but have decided to side with the elites because it is easier than resisting enslavement.


Serve your country at home and abroad – return to civilian life – go to school on the GI Bill with hopes of landing a decent, entry-level job at an established company, only to find some Hindu, 1st off the boat beat you to it because the company has a pipeline straight to some Indian employment agency with the blessing of the U.S. Government. It’s a scenario which has played out many times I’m sure. End the H1b visa racket now!

As the father of a graduate of one of America’s best fashion design schools, I can personally state that these companies are lying. These same companies DEMAND that American graduates DONATE a year as an UNPAID intern with no guarantee of a job if they perform well. These American graduates are treated as slave labor. Most of them would gladly accept any of the described jobs at the pay scale stated rather than serve as unpaid labor for a year. These applications for H-1B visas are fraudulent!!!

I work in the Technical Field and will be extremely disappointed unless we get this H1-B Visa problem under control. I’m sick to death of working with incompetent Indian Engineers who know nothing about American National Engineering Standards. Tired of teaching them the fundamentals..!  Hire American damn it..!

Originally H1-B visas were meant for only those rare, highly specialized positions such as in an esoteric scientific or medical specialty where an employer truly would have great difficulty hiring an American. Many applications were rejected. Now it is all about getting cheap workers and has become a fraud and needs to be stopped.


The trade deficit and the H1-B workers are two sides of the same coin: export jobs and import workers.  This is making the elites richer and richer.  And Trump is one of them and he went against them when running for President and now he imagines he can ride this tiger while pretending he is riding the Bilderberg horse.


Won’t work.  He can’t hide this from his support base.  Infuriating the support base is suicidal.  He has to choose which he wants.  If he thinks the left is going to forgive him when he obeys the Masters of the Universe, he is nuts.  They will hate him even more.


His base, on the other hand, will turn their backs on him and give him no support so he will be screwed.  I wish they figured this all out years ago with Bush Sr. but they didn’t and even when Reagan ran off to Japan to collect his bribe from them, they didn’t wake up.


This merry-go-round is destroying and diving insane, the left, too.  Note that when it comes to sex stuff, our Rulers don’t mind giving us whatever we want yin and yang, over and over again.  This keeps hope ever eternal and I wrote about this in the past so many times, it is monotonous.


The Alternative News is doing a good job of discussing what is happening and quickly, most of them so far, they are figuring out that they have been betrayed again.


I must say, Trump tried for two months to do things for his voters but the howls of rage of the rich and powerful was deafening, louder than any time in my life and he finally surrendered to them and I understand why…it is easy to do.  Doing the honorable thing is very hard to do which is why I am not rich nor famous.


This is because I fear the Gates of Death and the Watchers who see everything, being vulture types.  They silently watch which is why most humans don’t notice them.  The shock comes when one is no longer  a living being.  Then, naked, one is exposed and this is when ‘how many people did I help/save/comforted matters tremendously and all the wealth and power comes to dust and ruin.


That is, you carry the good spirits with you when you go and the power stuff is temporal, thus, useless on the other side of the Gates of Death.  None of this gets past the Dire Sisters and their three headed doggie.  A cartoon about this deadly doggie:

Billy and Mandy S3E04 House of Pain ~ A Grim Prophecy ~ Mandy Bites Dog – YouTube



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13 responses to “Trump Betrays His Voters On Free Trade/H1B Foreign Workers Too

  1. ziff

    due the election i started to follow a few people online , Bill still , mark steyn , [dick morris has gone silent] , some fox , all have turned over , spineless shits. This blog is solid .

  2. Ken

    According to the main stream media, everyone loves Trump’s decision to bomb Syria. No dissent in the country at all.

    I suppose that we are all “Fake News” on this site.

  3. tio

    I was doing some digging around today on that sick fuck Kissinger, trying to get a take on elite mentality e.g. “The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer” .. what a sack of shit. Anyway in the course of my burrowing I unearthed this article which is both poignant and telling. What you have to remember is that the correspondent is a notorious libtard, I’m glad I didn’t notice to start with otherwise I might not have bothered. Enjoy.

  4. Petruchio

    I suppose you could explain Trumps’ behavior by saying the Elites/Deep State finally got to Trump. Then again, maybe The Donald was One of Them all along. Trump has betrayed his supporters who voted for him just like Barack Obama did. Remember Obama’s slogan, “Change you can believe in”? The only difference I see is that Donald Trump strung his voting supporters a little while longer than Obama. I don’t know if I buy this line of “the Deep State “howls of rage from the rich and powerful”. Trump won the Election! He had leverage over the “rich and powerful”. Trump could have used it but he didn’t. You can only speculate as to why Trump surrendered to the Elites. I think Trump is a business wheeler dealer. He has no REAL principles–other than making money and/or increasing his Power. That’s the way Trump was before he became President, that’s what he is now.

  5. ziff

    @4 , yes those are the questions , thing is, Trump carries it off without a hint of remorse , thats a LOT of acting,, 24/7

  6. floridasandy

    nobody loves Trump’s decision to bomb, except Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    Strange bedfellows, no?

  7. Trump is going to pay a steep price for this betrayal. Obama let his people burn down cities and universities, riot, attack everyone else and in general, misbehave with zero push back.

    Trump has to deal with a lot of possibly very angry, armed men who often have police and military training and who don’t like generals, for example.

  8. Christian W

    @ 6 Sandy

    And what Saudi Arabia ($$$) and Israel loves, the beltway loves. Strange, no?

    Trump will cruise along just fine with all the other war criminals and crooks in Washington and New York.

  9. As I recall, the people at the top were screaming we must ditch the way we elect Presidents and throw it away because it gave too much power to the little states and people in the countryside.

    They want the votes in biggest cities with the most illegal aliens to decide who rules us. They were genuinely pissed as hell that Trump won.

    The fact that Trump is throwing all this away to stop the shrieking of these maniacs is infuriating. We have to be very noisy and obnoxious to teach him a lesson about who can scream the loudest.

  10. Petruchio

    @#9: Good point Elaine, but I can remember watching The inauguration of the Bush Family Idiot, George “Dubaya” Bush. Georgie Boy got in the Presidential limo to go to his Presidential swearing in ceremony. People were throwing ROCKS and eggs at the limo! This of course was in January 2001. The elites know full well how unpopular they are so my question is, here in 2017, what will it take to get the elites to back off? Are some of these elites going to have to be getting shot at before they figure it is time to back off? Imho, once the masses get PO’ed enough to pick up pitchforks and other tools to force “conflict resolution” it will be too late. And Trump supporters seem to me to be WAY above average pissed off.

  11. The Democratic rioters burn down their own cities, loot the stores they need and in general, are self-destructive.

    The pissed off right, on the other hand, will not touch their stores, burn down their neighborhoods or kill each other. They will go hunting.

  12. zifff

    china masses 150 k troops on n korea border

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