Trump Dumps More ‘Deplorable’ Aides, Is Total Bilderberg/Military Tool Now

As Trump has now been lured into the Neocon treehouse and shown the Way to Power, he is helping them continue their “Götterdämmerung” plans to have WWIII.  Putin did as I expected, he has given up on the idea that Trump was going to change course.  The Chinese said nothing as they exited the country but I know the Chinese very well and their silence is important.  They will not advertise their plans, naturally.  The US media is pleased with this change in direction but voters who voted for Trump are intensely angry.


Bannon should just go and start opposition to Trump via Breitbart.  Most of his former readers are angry enough to help out with this enterprise.


Yes, the internal coup is nearly complete.  The Bilderberg gang is happy, finally they will control the narrative.  General Flynn’s replacement is Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster: Who’s now Trump’s new national securit yadvisor: 


….As the director of the Army’s Capabilities Integration Center, is the first active-duty military officer to take the post since Gen. Colin Powell served in the role during the final years of the Reagan administration. As an active-duty service member, McMaster would likely have had difficulty turning down a job the commander in chief had asked him to fill.
His book, “Dereliction of Duty,” examined the military’s failure to communicate to US policymakers that America’s Vietnam War strategy was not working.
Retired Col. Cedric Leighton called the book “one of the great works to come out of military thinkers in the last two decades.”
“He talked about, in essence, the military’s responsibility to talk to civilian leaders, to challenge the status quo, and I think that’s what we need in the White House,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, told CNN’s Jim Sciutto. “I think it’s a great pick.”
McMaster redeployed to Iraq following the 2003 invasion, receiving praise for his command of US troops during efforts to secure Tal Afar…He also deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 and oversaw military planning and anti-corruption efforts.


US Intel Chiefs Urge Trump to Assassinate Kim, Other North Korea Leaders: yes, they are now openly telling Trump to do the stupidest things possible.  This is pure insanity, of course.  I recall CIA attempts to assassinate Castro…and who really was assassinated soon afterwards.


Trump, darling, I warned you in the past to review President Kennedy’s assassination by a former US Marine.


Back to this general: he thought he could stop corruption in Afghanistan, why would our puppets there be honest?  There is zero history of Afghanis who support invading aliens, doing anything BUT corrupt stuff!  This is true in all countries in the third world that NATO and the US invades.


We all learned how Europe and Japan acted after WWII: they were our allies and did OK except…they all leached off of us and gave us trade deficits in return for us protecting them.  Now we will go bankrupt thanks to them all.


They cynically use the US as their army with the Bilderberg gang in Europe openly pushing Russia to war while expecting us to die for them and pay for everything in this looming WWIII business.


In Afghanistan, it is 100% corruption just like during the Vietnam War, we were forced to do the majority of the fighting and pay for everything while the Vietnamese top people feathered their nests.  All for naught, too.


This general, like all the others, learned NOTHING from that war.  Nor did our politicians and media learn anything.  I remember the Vietnam War years, I made contact with the North Vietnamese while in France in 1968, I wanted to know exactly what was going on and wrote about it back then.


A mere teenager telling the US military and US political leaders (I grew up knowing Barry Goldwater who was once our neighbor in Scottsdale in the fifties, for example, and I knew the Udall family, too, via my dad) that they were in a trap in Vietnam and nothing we could do would change this because we didn’t understand what went wrong there when the French were defeated by the Japanese.


Ooops, talking about the French, Japanese and WWII in Vietnam is still pretty much verboten, most US people are unaware of what happened back then.  Going in blindly, thinking that military force would win hearts and minds led to a historic and huge disaster there.  We live in the shadow of this disaster because no one at the top learned a damn thing from it all.



HAHAHA…and we went back into Afghanistan after 9/11.  ‘This is a TRAP,’ I yelled back then. We are still there.  OK: bombing bin Laden was OK but then leave.  Instead, we stayed.  With Bush Jr. we stayed, with Obama we stayed and now with Trump we shall stay.


Ahem: Russia warned us about this.  Instead of thanking Putin, our rulers are attacking him nonstop.  After the coup in Ukraine installing a right wing lunatic gang, the Pentagon and OBAMA thought this was a fantastic time to clip Russia’s wings forever and our military tried to seize Crimea which is a spot the Russians paid dearly in blood to obtain way back 150 years ago.


It backfired and now we face WWIII over the Crimea and in extension, across the planet in far away places which are all death pits for US citizens again.  Great going, gang, the Bilderberg plots are disgusting, stupid and FATAL.

Oh, the brave Bilderberg EU members!  They really are stupid.  I will note that the Daily Mail which I am using screenshots from, has totally switched from attacking Trump for stupid things and being very alarmed about WWIII finally.


They noticed the coup going on when KT MacFarland was kicked out last night.  This totally isolates Trump from his base.  

Wow, the Daily Mail of London is really freaking out.  Thanks, dudes.  You all did everything possible to attack Trump’s team when he came in and now you reap the whirlwind which was easy for me to see.  How blind of them to not see it, too.


Our troops are being attacked from within: The US military is investigating a secret Facebook group that spread naked pictures of service women.  All the soldiers are being severely punished for these pictures.  The insanity of taking young, virile males who want to fight and mixing them with females in full estrogen bloom begging via smells wafting from their vaginas, putting them all in the same units, eating and sleeping near each other, is INSANE.


I have been a woman ‘warrior’ all my long life and the mix of sex and fighting is very familiar to me, a woman can rise up and lead men in battle only if she is much older than the young men AND she hooks them up with young females (that is, she helps them get dates, etc. so they are happy and content).


This is true in police and prison guards, too.  We have one scandal after another of women guarding male prisoners getting pregnant or helping them escape after sex.  This is lunacy.  Eventually, society will collapse.


Sex is an extremely powerful force, in your younger years, it totally is in control and to prevent disintegration of forces, it must be controlled and redirected and you cannot do this while mixing the sexes, the pheromones take over everything, it is thick as a London fog.


Hundreds of MARINES are now being punished, attacked and abused by authorities as they seek to tamp down normal male sex behaviors so they can be sexually clipped like eunuchs and then go into battle…good lord.  This is pure insanity, right now, today, they are being told to go forth and DIE for us while being whipped over their sex desires which are nearly impossible to control when women are constantly in the middle of their activities.


Yesterday, The Center for Investigative Reporting published a report that revealed that the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) has launched an investigation into hundreds of Marines following the discovery of a secret Facebook group that was used to spread naked pictures of service women.


The report, authored by Thomas Brennan, founder of a nonprofit news organization called The War Horse, revealed that pictures of the service women were shared on a private Facebook group called Marines United, either posted to the site itself, or via links to a Google Drive folder. The group consists of nearly 30,000 members, some of whom posted comments on the images.


The group was originally founded in 2015, and open to male members of the US Marine Corps, Navy Corpsmen, and the British Royal Marines. According to a description from a retired Marine on Reddit, the group has a history with this type of content, with a “vast majority of the posted items were pictures of girls posts without permission, revenge porn, creepy stalker-like photos taken of girls in public, talk about rape, racist comments and just straight bullshit.”


How many wars would we have won if, for the last 200 years, our fighting forces were a bunch of neutered, brow-beaten men and arrogant, overinflated self-belief females who would destroy their genetic futures by being killed or disfigured?


History is crystal clear: during wars and right afterwards, women have MORE babies, a baby boom happens!  If you kill an equal number of women as men in a distant war, this punches a big hole in the population and genetically speaking, over time, women who are brave and can fight will vanish due to having no offspring, her genes are erased forever.


It is worse: we are now sending our troops to places where women are hated, locked up, hidden from view.  When our troops entered Europe after WWII, many of them married European women who had far fewer men to marry due to the war, for example.


This is not true today, in the Vietnam war, a number of soldiers married Vietnamese women who were easy and available and desiring marriage.  Not now in present conditions.


The badly-thought out policies running the Pentagon today were imposed entirely by feminists.  I am an old style feminist, ditto my ancestresses who broke barriers.  My grandmother was one of the first women to get a degree from a men’s university and was one of the four women astronomers of her generation.


And guess what?  When she graduated, she met my astronomer grandfather and they married and had children and worked together just as my astronomer mother and father did the exact same thing.  This works.


But it doesn’t work in WARS.  In wars, soldiers must be prepared to die.  And if they fall in love, would a male send the female into battle?  No!  Obviously, he will, if sane, protect her!  This makes a mess of fighting.  It is insanity, in fact.  Time to kill this business of women and men fighting together.


It is never going to work because it goes against nature, totally.  Anyone attempting this will go extinct such as the Spartans, over time.  And even though the Spartans treated their females like males, even they didn’t send them overseas to die in battle.  They were for holding down the home fortress.

A note: yesterday, global warming strikes again and California freezes in springtime.  Today, it finally is warming above freezing here on my mountain during the night.  About time!



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12 responses to “Trump Dumps More ‘Deplorable’ Aides, Is Total Bilderberg/Military Tool Now

  1. Melponeme_k

    It’s such a strange time to be a level-headed feminist. We are treated as Victorian throwbacks. Women who want to fight should be able to do so. I think there are women who can do it. But not in the theater of real warfare. Psychologically and physically we are shown that men can not handle it. It is extra stress that they are not capable of handling in an already horrific situation. And YES, from a genetic standpoint the women who are strong and can fight are exactly the women who should marry and raise the next generation. Innately, on a genetic level we all know this.

    Just look again at the videos you posted of Hungary fighting off violent Muslim migrants. In the early video there was a young, pretty, blond female cop that the migrants focused on with vicious fervor. Her colleagues (men over 6 feet tall) had to split their focus between protecting her and forming a proper resistance line. That split focus is not acceptable. In the later video when more SWAT type forces were called up, not one female in site. The Hungarians learned real fast.

    The fact that we are being socially engineered to throw ALL our young people to the jaws of war is nothing but an easy cull for the elites.

  2. Melponeme_k

    “a woman can rise up and lead men in battle only if she is much older than the young men AND she hooks them up with young females (that is, she helps them get dates, etc. so they are happy and content).”

    I don’t feel that is an option either. Because of better living standards women stay younger longer. Women can menstruate well into their 50s now and still look very attractive. Once menstruation stops, women lose strength rather quickly and again are not fit for warfare.

    We hold the rear defense as nature intended. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but hard reality.

  3. floridasandy

    I agree, since it is a simple fact that women are not as strong as men. The strongest man will always be stronger than the strongest woman. If it ever came down to hand-to-hand combat the women would lose. .

    funny headline:

    Hillary Clinton: I’d have won if not for Russian hackers forcing me to run a terrible campaign
    April 7, 2017 01:29 PM by Doug Powers

  4. I am referring to famous women who led armies…of course, they couldn’t do full hand to hand combat but then most generals and emperors don’t fight directly, either. Sorry about that.

    Obvious to me that the strongest of women are mid range power to men. I have written about that in the past. I have done combat/sports with men all my long life before old age put a stop to it all. I was one of the top females in all this and knew, constantly, that I was no match for most men.

    One key difference: I do strategy/tricky stuff when fighting that is, brain type stuff and that was the key to leading men in medieval fighting, for example.

    In the end, it is all about brains using other people’s brawn. Dumb leaders=bad outcome in battle or wars.

  5. charlottemom

    Interesting that Elaine connected the betrayal of intel generals with Syria assualt and this soldier Facebook scandal. Very astute. This sex pic scandal has names and acct info of thousands of soldiers. Hmmm…
    Could this be used by traitor military generals to control and suppress any possible organizing of soldiers against the government? Threat of exposure, job loss, law suits to prevent any real insurgencis/coupes by mid ran officers and soldiers. Cia-backed coups always use establishment generals.

  6. hblinken

    Maestra could you do a little write up on the Kushner’s, i think Jared is the point contact of Soros and Hilary Clinton was set up to lose the election. “Blessed is he who permits the forbidden” seems to be the role of the Sabbateans who now occupy positions of power.

  7. Yes, there is this family back door operating here.

    Trump isn’t a Bilderberg gangster but his son in law is.

    But then, Bernie S. isn’t one, either, but he surrendered to them without a fight.

  8. Melponeme_k

    Kushner is a wormy little snipe who lives at 666 Fifth Ave. That is all you need to know. The man has no game, no subtlety. He thinks his address is a witty joke. Meanwhile the world power players think him a nicely placed fool.

  9. ziff

    obvious point, what makes this so dangerous , the asymmetrical nature of the us/ru standoff , Russia has no proxy US targets to attack [ ukraine ? ] , any attack is a trigger.

  10. Christian W

    And if isn’t Kushner then it’s Pence. The PTB build in fail safes even in Trump’s campaign. That is why it is impossible now to have a “clean” candidate. If the candidate does not accept a string of compromises and fail safes (daggers at the back) they will be perceived as an enemy and treated as such. Trump was a bit head strong (not to say obtuse) and didn’t get the point until very late in the game.

  11. Christian W

    Every single candidate the Deep State does not like gets screwed, or bought, at some point.

  12. This is why I talk about the Deep State all the time but listen: I have directly confronted the Beast more than once and once in a while, I won! YOU CAN WIN!

    It is not easy. It definitely requires the support of the US public. Without that, you are isolated. Once you get that, you can push even the biggest assholes around and..EVEN SEND THEM TO PRISON or COMMIT SUICIDE.

    Trust me on this! IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

    You have to do your research and hound them over and over and over again, you have to go into the neighborhoods and get people to cooperate and confront them. We have done this more than once.

    We can do it! It is not impossible but it is hard, very hard work and you need to have faith in your own personal power. The Little People, as Gandalf said in the LOTR, can shake the councils of the powerful.

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