Crying Lady Was Also Muscled Off Of United Jet To Hell

United Airlines Man Dragged Incident NOT THE ONLY ONE [BREAKING NEWS] – YouTube


More news about the thugs running United Airlines: it turns out someone filmed a woman on the same flight to hell.  She was unceremoniously told, she had to leave or else.  They did not offer anything to her, they simply stood there and demanded over and over, that she surrender.  The poor lady burst into tears and passengers argued with the people kidnapping her from her paid seat.

Will You Flight United Airlines Again? Dragged Chinese Man Witnesses Asked in CNN Interview Two Passengers tell their stories- YouTube


Finally, tears streaming down her face, she was removed!  THEN these thugs came back onto the plane and without any conversation, closed in on the poor passenger and immediately began to threaten him, right off the bat.


As I said before, the chances of this doctor winning rises with each revelation.  Now there  is a woman traumatized by these same thugs who will join the lawsuits.  This story illustrates how our country is being run, now.  I remember flying in the 1950s and onwards, my parents flew a great deal and so did we, with them and by ourselves.


These flights, even the difficult ones like in thunderstorms or ice storms or breakdowns, always the staff was looking out for us passengers and were unfailingly wonderful.  So nice, that when I was deported from Germany, the Lufthansa pilots and stewardesses were told to help me at Kennedy Airport so they brought me into and past customs where I got to get to my next plane with no one stamping my passport!


The thing is, we viewed flying as ‘being royalty’ not ‘cattle car’.  Today, it is 100% cattle car for the average passenger and the attitude is very nasty and I bet they will begin using cattle prods to move passengers in the future.  Moooo….

Millionaire Thrown Off Plane For Drunken Bragging – YouTube: the people on this flight last year had a very miserable time in cattle class.  Note the lack of staff doing anything to keep people from going insane.  But then…


I remember the old days!  There was no first class back then, we all sat in these huge, heavily padded seats and ate real food served like in a restaurant.  People didn’t dare cuss (the video hear has people cussing nonstop) and children were given toys which we kids loved like crazy.


The present set up was designed this way due to higher cost of fuel but then fuel didn’t keep going up in price but competition led to everyone dropping everything to be as threadbare as possible.


This reminds me of riding the subways in NYC and where I arrested an entire car load of rioters one day, years ago. Fun times!  The people on this flight are out of control due to inability to be simply polite.  I guess this is how people behaved in the sinking Titanic?


And…note a lot of this junk is due to ‘stopping terrorists’ and yet they can’t stop simple drunken idiots, much less, terrorists.

Couple gets kicked off flight for being rude and their cat escapes – YouTube

Massive Brawl Happens on Plane After Woman Refused to Turn Music Down – YouTube


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4 responses to “Crying Lady Was Also Muscled Off Of United Jet To Hell

  1. Sunger

    I suggest an initial figure of $25,000,000.00 punitive damages to start. The jury has already been won over.

  2. The more videos passengers post, the more horrible it all was. Talk about evil. The airline simply didn’t want to spend any money above the promise of one ticket’s worth in IOU to the passengers so they used brute force! Amazing.

  3. Lou

    Off topic—-I wonder what happened, or rather, who dunnit?
    Cuomo gives her a loving bye bye tweet;

  4. The airline president is now terrified. He just ordered all passengers get a refund…way too late, buddy. They are all lining up to sue now. This will kill United.

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