EU Threatens Hungary, Poland and Russia At The Same Time

Hungary cracking down on Muslim migrants (Warning: Graffic images) – 2015, Hungary stood its ground and stopped the Million Muslim Male march.   The dozen or so children were there as a demand of entry.  We have the same thing happening on our borders and Trump has backed off on securing our nation, a major promise being broken.  Since this video was made, the Hungarian army is along the borders to stop illegal aliens and NATO is pissed as hell and wants them to confront Russia who is protecting its borders, too.  The EU is doomed.


Hungary & Poland must take in refugees or face Brussels’ action – EU Commission — RT News


“This is solidarity in action and a demonstration of responsibility. Now is the time for our Member States to deliver on their commitments and to intensify their efforts,” said Dimitris Avramopoulos, EU Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship.


Dimitris is from Greece which has been overrun by illegal aliens and is seeing its economy collapse. They want to spread the pain, not fix anything.  A hint to NATO: stop destroying Muslim governments and assisting the Saudi and ISIS fanatic invaders!  Duh!  Of course, our nation’s rulers support these invasions and want more destabilization which is short sighted and insane.


“They have a political, moral and legal duty to do so. I call on those countries that have not yet joined this common effort to do so.”


There is NO legal duty to take in millions of foreign illegal aliens.  If other NATO/EU nations want to commit suicide, the Hungarians can’t stop them from being stupid.  But since the EU is going to punish nations that want to survive, then it is imperative for these nations to fight for survival.


Will the US do this, too?  We have yet to see.  I see the last election as a shot across the Bilderberg’s prow.


With around 14,000 asylum seekers awaiting relocation in Greece and around 3,500 so far in Italy, the total number of people eligible for relocation in both countries “is well below what was foreseen in the Council decisions,” the European Commission argued in a statement.


Both Greece and Italy are going bankrupt.  And their populations leave or have no children.  This social/economic collapse is due to socialism.  Why have the difficulties of raising children responsibly and working to make life better when the government will do everything?  So people go and goof off and children cease being born.


“If Member States do not increase their relocations soon, the Commission will not hesitate to make use of its powers under the Treaties for those which have not complied with the Council decisions,” it said. Over the past months, Hungary has faced stark criticism from Brussels for its refusal to implement the refugee quotas. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban insists his country is being “attacked” by migrants, arguing that they form a hotbed of terrorism.


This ‘council’ has a name: Bilderberg gang.  It is, the Trilateral Commission.  It is the Super Rich and Super Powerful and they dictate what the EU does.  I would love to see the Germans invade Hungary and Poland…HELLO.  WWIII started by Germany again?  Yup.  That is quite possible.


Last year, his government spent large amount of money to fund a six-month campaign – slammed by reputed rights groups as xenophobic and populist – in the lead-up to a failed referendum on accepting the EU migrant quotas. There have been other reports saying that alleged the widespread and systematic use of excessive force by Hungarian police against migrants trying to cross the border.


“They will have to make a choice: are they in the European system or not? You cannot blackmail the EU, unity has a price,” the diplomatic source told the Times.


Meanwhile in Hungary, authorities are erecting a second electrified fence stretching 173km along the Serbian border. Construction of new detention camps is also underway despite a fierce backlash from the UN, rights groups and European judicial authorities.


I wonder what excuse Merkel will tell the German people.  ‘They invaded us,’ won’t work since they are building fences to keep Germans and illegal aliens out since Germany is being very obnoxious again and dictating where people’s borders begin and end, using raw force and other cruel tools to enforce the German Will.


Also from Russian News which is funny since Russia is watching its former subject states lean more and more towards Moscow again:  Lavrov— Avoiding Idlib ‘attack’ probe would mean intl community not looking for truth — RT News….just in:  Russia vetoes West’s ‘misconceived’ Syria resolution at UN Security Council.


“I would like to stress that we are 100 percent sure that, if our colleagues in the UN or in The Hague will steer away from this investigation, it will basically mean that they do not want to find out the truth,” the Russian Foreign Minister said, adding, that Russia “will insist on” launching the investigation.


Trump was a fool.  A total fool.  He was told by our stupid generals who have collectively screwed up over and over again much of my life, that attacking Russia over an issue that hadn’t been investigated at all, is OK.  Sorry, it was stupid, illegal, and useless.


At the same time, Lavrov the official noted that Moscow that Washington is ready to support the idea of launching an international inquiry into the alleged chemical weapons attack in Idlib. He also stressedthat any UN Security Council resolution that focused on solely blaming Damascus and not on investigating the Idlib incident would be counterproductive.


France and England will be dragooned into voting to start wars with Russia based on zero proof of any aggression and Japan loves these wars.  Think not for a minute that the Japanese warlords have forgotten WWII.  They know that if the US legalizes this sort of warmongering, why, all the ‘crimes’ of the Japanese politicians and generals from 1920-1945 are made ‘legal’.


The same goes for Germany: attack Hungary and Poland means Hitler was right to do so back in 1838-1945.  Everything is legal and the Nüremberg Trials were a fraud.  How delightful for both!


It makes me steaming mad.  How dare our present rulers do this stupid thing?  And why don’t they have a historian working in the Pentagon.  They could hire me.  I can then remind them all about what happens next and since I know, to some degree, what will happen in the future, too, that would be quite useful.  HAHAHA…the curse of Cassandra.


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7 responses to “EU Threatens Hungary, Poland and Russia At The Same Time

  1. Ziff

    If trump can defang NK without blowing us up it will be a huge victory but holly crap !

  2. DM

    Yea? Really? Just who is threatening who? US has been threatening NK since the Korean War (that was a draw). When NK agreed to pull back on nuclear development some years ago, the US (as par for the course), renaged on their end of the deal (re a couple of light-water reactors) And given the Iraq and Libya deals, it doesn’t make any sense for them to de-nuclearize. I repeat myself, but it doesn’t sound like you know anything much about NK. No threat to America if left alone. Anyway, sounds like most Americans are on-board for any old war that looks promising. Yep, let’s destroy another country and kill a whole bunch of people to make it safe for the American Fruit Company.

  3. Ziff

    Seems to me Kim has made lots of theats and he has been left alone , wise or not looks like they are finally calling his bluff.

  4. Case

    “NATO is no longer obsolete” – Trump

    Well that didn’t take long.

  5. DM

    Nope, ‘and he has been left alone’ isn’t even close to a fact. Maybe you don’t read history, or don’t read the news, but the US has thousands of troops permanently stationed there – they conduct massive drills every year – close to or within NK territory In the eastern islands – fly B52 bombers close to their airspace, and now have nuke submarines and an aircraft carrier group offshore.

    Oh, and if you think the North Koreans are bluffing, wait and see what happens.

    Hmm! I don’t think ‘Armada’ was a good choice of words. The last one didn’t work out too well for the Spanish.

  6. The Korean war never ended. It has a temporary truce. The Vietnam war did end, we vacated. The Afghanistan war never ended, we are stuck there and doing poorly. There seems to be a pattern here.

    We are trying to rule the planet and not succeeding. And it will bankrupt us.

  7. Lou

    The war on freedom goes on.

    Elaine, you learned TWO judges were killed?

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