Fox News Sex Chicks Whine About Dirty Males Looking Up Their MINISKIRTS

These women sitting in minimal clothing, crossing their legs, showing off their bare arms, heads of thick hair and wigs and tons of make-up and they are taking down men who they accuse of being SEX FIENDS even as they do everything in their power to be sexy prostitutes.  I have a big, big beef with these females.  Way back in my youth, I made fun of these sex fiend females luring men and then squealing like pigs when touched.


I created this character when 15 years old whose name was ‘Auntie Hattie.’  I bought a bunch of Victorian hats and clothing from Value Village in downtown Tucson where all the drunks laid about.  I wore these things to school in 1966 and did this little spiel: I would walk around, pretending to be a Victorian virgin and would approach mini-skirted teens and then say ‘Oh, I am going to faint!  Not only are these hussies showing their ankles, they are showing their knees!’


The Dean of Girls was at the front doors every day to measure miniskirts and send girls home if they were too short.  So, with her yardstick, she approached me.  I said, ‘Madame, you must assist me, I am surrounded by hussies who are showing their knees and even thighs!’  And in horror, I pointed at the Dean of Girls and said, ‘Oh, oh, oh, even YOU are wearing the same short dresses as these impertinent hussies!’


‘I am going to faint!’  The Dean of Boys came out, ‘Sir, kindly show this…this woman how to properly dress!’  This brought out the principal.  I said to him, ‘If you call the cops, I will make this news, you know.’


They all retreated.  Auntie Hattie won the battle.  Look, females, if they want to be taken seriously, they should not sit at the table where all the men are dressed ‘formally’, dressed like stripper chicks.  That is wrong, wrong, evil wrong.


Flashing your thighs at males is an invitation.  If a woman wants to be serious, she should wear serious clothing.  Preferably black like the males at these round table couches.  If they want to wear short red dresses and hook their legs over each other, then they can go to the stripper clubs and make an honest wage like I did, years ago.


Attacking men for being attracted to them when they act all sexy while pretending to be analysts or reporters is insane, stupid and annoying.  What pisses me off is, there are no old looking ladies, no ugly ladies except for Maddow (errr…hahaha) who hates men anyways…if women want to be sex objects they shouldn’t complain about men thinking they are sexy.


When I was sexy, I was a wild young lady who ran around doing goofy things, until married.  Then I became serious.  I now had children…aw, even then, when the kiddies grew older, I ran around anyways.  Wow.  All these delusional virginal ladies who faint when men look at them sexy, should DRESS APPROPRIATELY.  Wear a sign saying, ‘I am a fainting virgin, don’t look, don’t touch.’


Better still, wear burkas.  Sheesh.   Or castrate all males, then we can be true Amazons, right?


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22 responses to “Fox News Sex Chicks Whine About Dirty Males Looking Up Their MINISKIRTS

  1. Claudeeyah

    Too late on the male castration part. Western males have been castrated since about 1965 or so. Down with males, up with females! Vive la feminazis! Rachel Madow is the new Bridgett Bardot, doncha know?

  2. Christian W

    According to Russian media Kim Il-Jong has ordered a very large part of Pyongyang’s population to evacuate in anticipation of a US attack on North Korea.

    North Korea readies for war? Kim Jong-un orders evacuation of Pyongyang

  3. Christian W

    Trump is a sociopath. Do note how Xi humoured his host.

    Trump says he told Xi how he bombed Syria over ‘most beautiful piece of cake’

  4. And Hillary came, saw and killed and thought that was funny.

    Many world leaders tend to be psychopaths, history tells us this more than a few hundred ways.

  5. Christian W

    Yeah, Donald managed to advertise his establishments desserts while boasting about his missile attacks (and unwittingly profoundly insult his guest)…. In his own head he is probably very clever.

  6. ziff

    Speaking of news hens,, whats really incredible is how even our local , nice pretty , news hen in vancouver is ever so finely attuned to the desires of the NWO , tonight announcing ‘ lowest point ever ! ‘ in US/ RU relations,, ie ;closer to WW3 ,,,smiles and beaming warmth,, the rest of the time any mention of trump was frowns and concern ,, bad ,bad , bad ,,,,,

  7. Ken

    Isn’t Elaine’s argument the same one that Muslim males use to excuse raping western women? Just a matter of degree.

  8. Wrong. Ken, why do men on TV have to dress up and cover their entire bodies except for hands and face while the sexy (no old or ugly women allowed) females show legs all the way to nearly the crotch and nothing covering their arms?

    Why are they nearly naked? While the men talking to them are formally dressed and covering everything? Think for one second about the message this sends!

    Then, to top it off, the men are supposed to cut off their Ds and behave is if there are no sexy chicks barely dressed sitting around them?

  9. Maddie's Mom

    Couldn’t agree more, Elaine. I’ve been saying this for years now. The sleeveless dresses in the middle of winter make the females look especially stupid. This is done in the local media as well. I believe it is a mandate from their superiors. What else??? Our local anchors did not dress this way until cable news set the example.
    The double standard is mind blowing!
    If it’s all about physical appearance, and it quite obviously IS….give us ladies something to look at already!!! OUT with the gray-haired, saggy-eyed dudes and put something HOT in that anchor chair .

  10. Maddie's Mom

    ….wearing something with a little spandex, preferably! 😉 hahaha

  11. Petruchio

    Now wait a cotton pickin’ minute here Elaine. I take exception to your depiction of the picture of the Fox babes. I think they dress appropriately. They are hot looking women. Of course they are going to show off what they got. You can imagine what the women on The Petruchio Network would look like!! But seriously, look at ALL the women on TV. How many actresses on TV shows are dumpy, frumpy overweight women? VERY few. Let’s face reality here. Sex sells om TV. TV shows hire hot looking, hot bodied women because that’s part of what draws audiences. This is why Fox and others do it also. What I’m wondering is if these Fox babes have to go through a ‘weigh-in’ every week or month. You know. I’m wondering if the Fox women have to actually hop on a weight scale and their weight is checked AND the Fox babes are NOT allowed to gain weight. I know they make actresses do this. BTW: I like the Fox chick in the picture second from the right, the one in red. I like her outfit. Imho, she has the most credibility of the four!! lol….

  12. Lou

    why do men on TV have to dress up and cover their entire bodies except for hands and face —-to look business like? Expensive suits.

  13. Maddie's Mom


    They better put the men on scales too then, or otherwise I think that would be discrimination.

    I read that Roger Ailes forbid the color orange. If true, what other rules did he have that pertained to how the women dressed?

  14. Men wear BUSINESS SUITS while the females all wear PROSTITUTE DRESSES. Not female business suits…dresses that whores wear. I know this is appropriate for media whores but why are they howling about this?

    If one is going to be a whore, be proud, not ‘oh, I am a helpless virgin!’ crap. I speak as an ex-stripper here. I am insulted at their freaking out about sex, they are pro strippers, for crying out loud.

  15. Christian W

    Men have involuntary responses to attractive women flashing sex signals, ie the instinctual parts of the brain and nervous system is triggered.

    Bet most of these women, if not all, have had boob transplants, nose and lip jobs, dental work etc and botox if they are starting to age. So these women spend fortunes and go out of their way to be as “attractive” (ie triggering) as possible and then if/when men are triggered the men are supposed to feel guilty about that. All part of a power game.

  16. It is as old as Adam and Eve.

  17. melponeme_k

    Truthfully, I never cared how other women dressed while at work, school or anything. Dressing more feminine gives privileges and that is why pretty women with shark teeth do it. I think it makes them look ridiculous and trivialized. Especially on TV when all the men look very tailored and well dressed. That even bothers me on Alex Jones’ show, the girls look shanty town while Alex and the rest look ready for work.

    I was never a beauty, never received extra attention, which is why I never felt the need to seek attention via clothing. Its also the reason why I never feared aging either. There was nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  18. Petruchio

    @#13Maddie’s Mom: It actually does happen to actresses. It’s in their employment contracts; they can’t gain weight, so just like fighters, they have to keep their weight in a very small range. They Do actually have to get weighed to prove they aren’t getting fat. @#14: Now I don’t know as if I’d call them “prostitute dresses”. I’m more inclined to call these media babes as “tastefully attired”. And as much as I despise Fox and Roger Ailes, I have to give Fox credit: they can pick good looking women well.

  19. But these women are squealing that dirty old men are touching them!

    To hell with these bints.

  20. Moe

    As always, the old becomes new again. Does the term ‘c*ck-teaser’ ring any bells? Relax folks, it’s merely symptomatic of the moral decline of Western Civilization.

    Back When: “When a hoe was a hoe…”

  21. Don’t forget the infamous ‘Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum…’ females.

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