Trump Son-in-Law Kushner Is The President

In attempting to explain why the US illegally and suddenly shot rockets at Syria, Sean Spicer tried excusing this action by discussing WWII history in a very awkward way.  The NYC/LA Jews went nuts over him saying that Hitler didn’t even use chemical weapons in WWII.  Now they can remove Spicer who was too inept to talk about difficult subjects like, say, the US willfully committing war crimes due to not going to the UN first.

Sean Spicer Faces Hitler Comparison Backlash | True News – YouTube


A warning to everyone: EVERYONE running for President said they would do the same or wanted to do the same thing or it would be good to do the same thing.  As I pointed out, Trump was the only one not to say he would do this sort of thing but thanks to being surrounded now by generals itching for WWIII, he is doing the same thing.


Now, since the Jews running much of the media machine have an excuse to go after Spicer for his unfortunate choice of words used to justify US war crimes…I can’t believe I am writing this!  They are attacking Spicer for doing what ISRAEL wants us to do!


And the Jews would love to lob a few hundred missiles in to their old foe, Syria.  This fact is paramount, we are their ‘cat’s paw’ in this matter.  This shows the total hostility towards Trump’s previous anti-war rhetoric.


Now look at the picture from the London Daily Mail: Kushner, the Jewish Zionist son-in-law is grinning demonically as his father-in-law chews out his former friend, Bannon, who worked hard to put Trump into the White House.


Bannon’s millions of followers of Breitbart are already steaming mad at Trump and especially furious at his son-in-law.  The rage is huge, not small, it won’t settle down to nothing, it will grow tremendously but Kushner doesn’t care, he will run as a Democrat and will bill himself as the first Israeli to be President and the media will pet him and fall all over him.


Trump doesn’t understand he is being set up to take a fall.  But then, as I said in the past, he gambled with me and lost every time because I outwitted him.


A comment from a reader of Trump doubles down on Bannon ultimatum | Daily Mail Online:


The guys in the red hats did not vote for Kushnerism.

Feuding Trump aides meet and agree to end ‘palace intrigue’ – YouTube: Trump’s love of his own family has caused him to destroy his relationship with his voters.  I am supposing he is going to do the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ by siding with the NY/California crews and give them their victory over the ‘dumb a…s in the hinterlands’ but this will be what is called ‘a Pyrrhic victory’.


That is, the left will never love or forgive Trump and the right will actively hate him and want him dead.  The right is being deliberately strangled by the Bilderberg gang thinking these hard edged people who are the core of all armies and police and other muscle-sort of things, will bend to the will of the Rulers who hate them.


What do these people, the hard right males, expect to get from the Real Rulers?  So far, it was death, doom and destruction.  That is, their home lives are being attacked, their wages go down relative to cost of living, they are punished if they fight the welfare offspring rioting and looting what remains of our industrial cities, if they annoy criminals too much, they are punished.


So they are being sent to ‘fight’ people who have done nothing to them.  They were tricked into doing this by Bush Jr. and his gang of crooks and criminals and then they were forced into doing this under Obama and now, what does Trump expect?


Oh, to send them to die due to fake events, to send them to die in the streets while trying to be nice to populations that are violently out of control?  And what else?  Oh, our borders.  Trump is no longer talking about our own borders.


We are to patrol all of Asia and all of Europe and all of the Middle East, too!  He is giving up and will not be forgiven, far from it: betrayal is twice as dangerous than losing due to not running a good enough election.  Betrayal will not be forgiven or forgotten.  He can’t win them back, if he kicks every one of his supporters in the teeth.


Alex Jones is still backing his old buddy, he imagines his calls to Trump to drop his son-in-law will work but this is delusional.  All the photos of the son-in-law shows him smirking while his Big Boss Daddy chews out all of Trump’s staff.  The smart staff will stay silent or leave and many have left this last month due to Kushner taking over.


So this internal coup is a success for the Zionists and a disaster for the rest of us.  And far from making Jews more powerful, it  is rousing a fury that is terrible to see.  I don’t want this, my family is half Jewish and we are going to be hammered if the general population blows up.


But the Zionist method of controlling everything against the will of the voters, the citizens, is insanity.  It has disaster built into it.  Just like the disaster of black power or Islamic power in the US and Europe will end up not with rule and control but a blow out mess of great violence.


Most revolts are intimately connected to troops turning on their rulers.  But then, who really reads history?



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12 responses to “Trump Son-in-Law Kushner Is The President

  1. Melponeme_k

    According to an old video report from Infowars (since taken down), Breitbart news is barred from discussing Kushner at all. This is due to the amount of hatred directed toward him as the shadow president. The same behavior was displayed toward Trump’s daughter who is nothing but a cat’s paw for her husband.

    You are right, Bannon should quit, spill all on Breitbart and take all the former Trump supporters into a new 3rd party. A 3rd party may not win the presidency but it can certainly dilute the Bilderberg power in D.C.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Incidentally, something about 666 Kushner makes me rage. I would pay big money to smack him around a room with a whoopee cushion. But something tells me that he would really, really enjoy it and ask for more.

  3. Jim R

    A whoopee cushion? Really? Not a boxing glove with a roll of quarters in it?

  4. Melponeme_k

    He would probably like that more. Look at that face, there is no low he wouldn’t stoop to experience. He would probably dig a whole to get lower.

    The Trump daughter must have a stomach made of steel since she lets that wormy little body next to hers. GAAAAAG!

  5. Christian W

    You are right, Bannon should quit, spill all on Breitbart and take all the former Trump supporters into a new 3rd party. A 3rd party may not win the presidency but it can certainly dilute the Bilderberg power in D.C.

    Except the ONLY power in D.C. is the Bilderberg power.

    That is why there can be no reform from within. Either all the crooks are arrested or this insanity will go on until it meets it’s messy end.

  6. Kenogami

    I suspect that the majority of US Americans have come to the conclusiuon that peaceful reform is impossible. So, What is left?

  7. tio

    Stronger lube.

  8. Indeed, what is left? I recall why my own families showed up here in the New World: they were fighting kings! And they took over here and lived on the frontiers all the way until…well, the 20th century when everything caught up and we were stuck.

    Look, we have to press on because pressing on is all we can do. We can’t sit back, they want to get rid of us, we are ‘deplorables’ and they hate us.

  9. ed

    Some of the Jewish tribes are still Caanites and follow Baal. Their holidays are coming up.

  10. Petruchio

    “And the Jews would love to lob a few hundred missiles in to their old foe, Syria. This fact is paramount, we are their ‘cat’s paw’ in this matter.” I have said for some time that if the Israelis are hot for war with Syria so much, they should tee it up and send THEIR OWN armies to take care of Assad. The way I look at it, the khazarians must not be serious about Assad if they don’t put their own armies into the fight. As for the US being Israel’s “cat’s paw” I would use the term “bitch”. The US Government does everything AIPAC and the Israelis/khazarians want.

  11. And tomorrow is Skull and Bones day, time for the True Religion of the Elites.

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