EU Court Blames Russia For Not Doing Miracles During 2004 Beslan Massacre

As we get more and more entangled in the gigantic caldron of death in the Middle East, as our media giants refuse to report the horrors Saudi Arabia is inflicting on the Yemen tribes…we have our Ruling Elites in Europe attacking Russia for SAVING people held hostage by suicidal Chechnyan terrorists over a decade ago!  I remember that horror: terrorists invaded a theater and held the audience hostage and many people died as the Russians tried desperately to save as many as possible.  Now, the EU is blaming the rescuers???  This is insanely dangerous.


This breaking story about the Iraqi terrorist let into the EU by the Bilderberg gang, then doing typical terrorist attack inside the EU.  Will the courts attack the EU leaders for this stupidity?  Nope.


 The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday that there were ‘serious failings’ in Russia’s handling of the Beslan school siege in North Ossetia in 2004, in which more than 330 people were killed.


Unlike EU methods at stopping terrorists that were worthless!  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the stupidest government of all?  How about Germany and France and Sweden unable to stop riots, violence, terror attacks?  We know that a number of the terrorists were known by the governments involved and they did nothing!  How about the EU punish its own Bilderberg jerks?


The court said although Russian authorities had received information that a terror attack was being planned, insufficient measures had been taken to disrupt the plot, and security at the school had not been increased.


9/11 alert!  Ahem: many terror attacks are enabled by our governments so they can have an excuse for an illegal war.  Is the EU court going to go after Bush Jr. and Cheney for 9/11?  They did have some warnings beforehand.


Chechen militants stormed the school on September 1, 2004, beginning a three-day hostage crisis. A total of 184 children were among the dead.


It added that ‘insufficient steps had been taken to prevent them travelling on the day of the attack; security at the school had not been increased; and neither the school nor the public had been warned of the threat’.


The case was brought by more than 400 Russians who were either involved in the incident or whose relatives were taken hostage or killed.


If any court can rule this way then…most governments would fall.  This is an impossible standard.


The militants were demanding the withdrawal of Russian troops from the war-torn republic of Chechnya.


They rigged the gymnasium of the school with explosives and packed more than 1,100 hostages inside, including around 800 children.


The massacre was one of a string of brutal attacks Russia suffered in the 1990s and 2000s stemming mainly from an insurgency in Chechnya that morphed from a separatist rebellion into a Islamist campaign.


The overwhelmingly Muslim Russian North Caucasus has since emerged as one of the major sources of foreign jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq.


So, what is the solution?  Oh, surrender!  I see.  Europe itself is producing an epic number of terrorists who then go about the planet tormenting everyone.  Perhaps we can arrest all the Bilderberg gangsters who invited in and continue to protect obvious terrorists.

So, the EU terrorists move in and out of countries and only now are the Swedes trying to stop this revolving door.  It happens all the time.  Can Russia sue the EU for letting terrorists run riot?  I would hope all EU citizens go to court to demand their rulers protect them better.  Right now, the protection stinks to high heaven.


You can’t go to court and demand people do the near-impossible.  That is, stuff happens and if a government tries to stop stuff from happening, they are attacked by liberals for being too draconian.  If they do protect people, they are accused of running a police state.


Look at our airports: security is crummy because liberals demand everyone be treated as if they are terrorists instead of using various skills to winnow out who is more likely to be a terrorist.  Russia is now imposing a draconian system to stop terrorists and yet the feeble lunatics in the EU courts where terrorists run riot all the time, demand Russia be even more draconian?  HAHAHA.  The contradictions pile up like snow in winter.


The EU and US are pushing hard for WWIII now.  They are demanding we all go nuts and run around shrieking because Russia is backing one of the few sane leaders in a Muslim country.  Why aren’t we scared of the Saudi Royals who are pure evil?  Nope, they are our allies and can do terror and commit war crimes to their heart’s content.


Turkey can menace Europe demanding they let in millions of dangerous Muslim males, too.  And what is NATO doing?  Oh, joining in this demand, will punish Hungary and Poland for refusing to bring in endless male terrorists!


And Russia is supposed to stop the Chechnyan terrorists how???


The mainstream media is still attacking Trump nonstop.  His surrender to the elites didn’t help at all, I could have told him that, now he is losing his base and the wolves will close in and rip him to shreds.  The lunatic ‘spy’ community has its guns out for Trump’s head.  They give zero proof about anything but keep repeating the ‘he is a buddy of Putin’ while the media screams, ‘Putin isn’t perfect, he isn’t strong enough’  hahaha.  Good lord, all this is going to backfire badly.

And North Korea continues to say they will launch WWIII, China is now pissed off at both the US and North Korea, Russia is telling the US to not sabre rattle to death and the generals surrounding Trump are out of control.  Oh, and the Japanese warlords want war, too.  When too many people want war, they get wars.


At least the British press is honest about WWIII.  The US press likes to play down this possibility.  The utter defeat of diplomacy is obvious here, on all sides.  I blame the US media giants and the Bilderberg gang for all this: they are the ones, when the US public hoped Trump would be civil to Russia and calm things down, pushed hard as possible the ‘Trump is a Russian agent’ story to the max.  They screamed this at us for days and days and days with both the GOP and DNC in Congress joining in.


I cannot blame Trump for knuckling under.  It has been a ferocious, evil campaign and few humans can take the pressure.  But it is important for the Deplorables to apply pressure now, too.  In the opposite direction.  None of what they voted for will be done, Congress and the media have insured that this would be nearly impossible.


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21 responses to “EU Court Blames Russia For Not Doing Miracles During 2004 Beslan Massacre

  1. Case

    We do not need any more police state. That is exactly their goal. Problem-reaction-solution.

  2. Jim R

    Good news for Russia.

    Now that they have the ‘failing to prevent’ precedent, they have the court’s permission to shoot down NATO aircraft and missiles over Syria. To prevent, you know, damage, and stuff…

  3. Lou

    Off Topic, Clinton Flunkie may spend life in jail [lets hope] and

  4. Christian W

    Since Trump “knuckled under” it means no one in the US is free. You have the freedom of choice of doing what the Deep State says or else.

  5. John F

    Point of pedantry.

    The European Court of Human Rights is NOT and EU institution, hence Russia subscribes to the ECoHR system and this case was being heard.

    Whether EU member states also subscribe individually I am not sure.

  6. JimmyJ

    Beslan was the school (deaths from explosives and weapons) not the theatre (deaths from fentanyl). Both had innocents casualties but Beslan had almost 200 kids killed plus many adults.

    I don’t know about operational deficits but strategically Putin dealt harshly with Chechnya and any terrorist action because the Federation has many islamic residents and things could get very bad. I was sad about the innocents but don’t blame Putin for savagery when it is a war and he didn’t start it. The EU would rather it was terrorists killing innocents so they look better by comparison but give up protecting citizens because they are really cowards.

  7. John F

    Missing sentence.

    The EU itself subscribes to the UCoHR system.

  8. I sometimes write from memory and got two terrorist acts mixed up over time.

    But they are essentially the same: Russia is being punished for not being perfect while the rest of Europe and the US get away with being useless or stupid about terror attacks…certainly, they are doing a crappy job of protecting us and the court is claiming, you have to be very good at it or else.

    Perhaps all the 9/11 victim families should go to international court to sue the government for letting that happen.

  9. Jim R

    In case someone hasn’t seen this.

    What he’s saying is that the CIA writes the news for all of the major outlets… he passed away not too long after making this statement. Heart attack.

  10. Christian W

    Yeah, looking forward to see this European court attack the US for failure to prevent 9/11 HAHAHA

  11. Seraphim

    The chutzpah (brazen effrontery) of the EU Human Rights Court is breathtaking and ridiculous at the same time. Their fury is motivated by the realization that Russia cannot be cowed by Muslim terrorism like Europe was. And that Russia doesn’t give a hoot for their ridiculous posturings (like LGBT ‘rights’).
    There certainly is another motivation at play. Beslan was a school (the theater hostage crisis was a different case), victims were children. The ruling comes after the ‘shock’ of dead children in Syria made possible by the callous disregard of Russians for the life of children, as the case of Beslan showed. What other reason could be in digging out a case almost forgotten, the more that Tillerson said in Moscow that the past is irrelevant for solving the ‘present’ situations?

  12. Really, what this does is show everyone that the Muslim terrorists are really, really dangerous. Seems many US liberals have totally forgotten 9/11 even happened.

  13. Jim R

    It would be interesting to learn what Trump knows about 9/11.

  14. Christian W

    9/11 was the US government in collusion with it’s own terrorists.

  15. Jim R

    Trump was living in NYC when it happened. He hung out with the movers and shakers of NY real estate. Probably had some mob connections. There would have been some discussion of it, I’d think…

    I was just saying it would be interesting to find out what he really knows.

    In fact, that may be why they hate him so much, they’re afraid he will launch a REAL congressional investigation, since the original lies make no sense at all.

  16. Everyone has ‘mob’ connections if they are in the landlord business. Even I. That is, there is the Jewish Mafia, the Italiano Mafia, the Chinatown Mafia, my boss for a while was a Jewish Mafia guy, Cohen. When I closed on my first building, I had a dispute with the landlord of the building because he tried to cheat me and Mr. Cohen, who was sitting in on the meeting as an interested party, drew a gun, the guy I was arguing with drew a gun so my lawyer drew HIS gun and I said, ‘Hey, you didn’t tell me we were going to have a shoot out. Give me a gun, let’s go do it.’

    Mr. Lake laughed and said he would never cheat me, everyone put their guns back into their chest holsters and Mr. Lake was perfectly fine with me thereafter and…told everyone to not touch me or my property or else.

    YES, to survive the NYC real estate markets in the mid-1970’s required Mafia levels of ‘muscle’. Trust me on that one! And this is the same era when Trump went into real estate.

    BTW, that world is full of gossip and that is how I got to know all about Trump back then and when he opened his first casino, I told all the guys I was going to win against him in his deals…and did. We gossip a lot in the NYC real estate world…it isn’t all that big, really, each borough has its ‘culture’ of guys making deals (inside information is best way to do business there even today).

    This isn’t about homes for regular families, this is the ‘landlord/eviction/nasty fights over raw territory’ stuff I am talking about. No single family homes need to apply to these battles in the murk.

  17. Jim R

    Haha, thanks for the insight. It reminds me of The Sopranos and their interactions with the Russian Mafia in NYC… the Russians were always tougher and smarter than the Sopranos. Yeah, I know, it was fiction.

  18. Christian W

    The Saker says a more accurate desrciption of the “Russian” mafia is actually the Jewish mafia.

  19. Christian W

    In Russia that is, guess the lines blur abroad.

  20. Jim R

    The Cohens are sort of a big deal in NYC, too. As Elaine said above.

    I’ve got to give this tribe credit — they stick together better than just about any other human tribe. You don’t see the Cherokee diaspora pulling political weight in Asia for the tribe back in Oklahoma, for example…

  21. Seraphim

    Mob connections? Kosher Nostra/Undzer Shtick, Russian Mafia (“In more recent years, Jewish-American organized crime has reappeared in the forms of both Israeli and Jewish-Russian mafia criminal groups, and Orthodox kidnapping gangs”. Maybe the ‘Russia trail’ is not so fanciful, after all.

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