Everyone Will Now Be Suing United: Lawyers Are Lining Up, Airline President Scared

This case is fascinating because it shows all kinds of rifts and systems of our Ruling Elites who are chafing under the system of civil laws that grew out of great conflicts starting with King John and the Magna Carta.  Over the centuries, serfs became citizens and people gained what we call ‘civil rights’ which protect us and prevent tyrants from abusing us.  Even so, we are always in danger of losing this due to criminals, riots, foreign invasions, attacks from within and without.  Flying today, after 9/11 and other events, is one of the most unpleasant experiences one can have and I, frankly, will not fly at all, ever, if humanly possible.  The case of the doctor who was beaten and abused by United is heating up, not going away.


This case is also very important: airlines, the government and the transportation systems has gotten so tied up in knots, it is now an abusive system that is dangerous to use and is falling to pieces because of these stresses, both economic stresses as well as political problems.  For example, everyone at airports must suffer invasive examinations even if there is near zero chance they might be terrorists.


Meanwhile, terrorists continue to attack in various ways and can’t be stopped since this is a moral/religious/territorial war going on which Trump promised he would stop but instead has been egged into making it worse, not better so we will continue with the terror and violence at home with zero ways of stopping it.


Dr. Dao stood up to the airline when he refused to move.  This is along the lines of the civil rights great man, Dr. Martin Luther King.  ‘Here I stand!’ he said.  He was arrested and abused, too.  I was arrested once, and illegally charged with starting a riot I didn’t start.  I know what it is like to be abused and have the government try to stick something on me.


They failed, in my case.  In the case of Dr. Dao, he didn’t expect to be beaten up for refusing to obey an illicit order.  I mentioned before, there is contract laws that deal with ‘possession’.  When airlines sell seats, they have this contract whereby they have to honor their part and the passenger has to cooperate.  When they unilaterally decide to steal the passenger’s seat, the only way they can do this is to fully compensate for doing this.


This means NEGOTIATING.  The airlines tried a feeble negotiation with the entire plane load of passengers and they unanimously turned it down.  Instead of sweetening the deal, the airline unilaterally decided to threaten passengers and if they didn’t follow orders, they would beat them up!  What????


The story of one passenger, who is now suing, too, about how she was surrounded and menaced until she fled in tears, illustrates the Mafia behavior.  This is a deal you can’t turn down sort of violence.  And…it is entirely illegal.


Right now, the frightened thugs at United are refunding all tickets from that flight.  This is also illegal. Now that it is a court case, this appears to be a bribe by the airlines to prevent people from testifying.  Even if everyone accepts this feeble bribe, the lawyers for the doctor and the unnamed woman will use this as further proof, the company is doing something illegal.


It is totally illegal to bribe witnesses.  What is more striking is, this deal by the airlines came after it was clear, they were going to be sued, big time.

Here is the grinning buffoon that runs this wretched airlines.  Scott Kirby Named President of United Airlines – Aug 29, 2016, he has been in charge for half a year!  He and he alone is the one who issued a statement to employees backing this wretched attack on passengers.


 United Continental Holdings, Inc. (UAL) today announced that Scott Kirby has been named president of United Airlines. In this newly created role, Kirby will assume responsibility for United’s operations, marketing, sales, alliances, network planning and revenue management. Kirby’s appointment is effective immediately and he will report to Oscar Munoz, United’s CEO. Kirby joins United from American Airlines, where he held the title of president since the merger of American and US Airways in 2013.


He is 100% responsible for this mess.  He is a tool of the elites, look at his bio:


 “Scott is a proven leader, whose deep airline experience and expertise will further accelerate our efforts to build the best airline in the industry,” said Munoz. “Scott’s appointment, along with other recent leadership announcements, is the culmination of the formation of my senior leadership team. This is just the latest step in our mission to be an agile and innovative industry leader.”


This new leadership (sic) team are the ones who screwed up this event from top to bottom.  At every turn, they did the absolutely wrong thing.  They showed arrogance and cruelty and self-regard when stomping on customers.  Evil, in other words.


Kirby is a well-known industry veteran, with a broad and accomplished three-decade airline career with senior leadership roles at America West and US Airways, where he was named president in 2006. Kirby started his career at the Pentagon and in the technology sector and earned bachelor degrees in computer science and operations research from the U.S. Air Force Academy and a Master of Science in operations research from George Washington University.


So, he is one of the many military honchos who have run things into the swamp thanks to 9/11.


“I am honored to be joining United at this important and exciting time and to have the opportunity to help accelerate the momentum the airline has achieved over the past year,” said Kirby. “I see real opportunity to build on the airline’s vast global network and, along with my 86,000 United teammates, create the world’s best airline for employees, customers, and shareholders.”


His failure is epic.  If the world’s best airline is a vicious cattle car to hell…he succeeded.


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4 responses to “Everyone Will Now Be Suing United: Lawyers Are Lining Up, Airline President Scared

  1. Anonymous

    I’m not sure why you’re pinning the blame on the company president when the CEO is clearly the one calling the shots. Looks like Kirby is merely the COO.

  2. lyrac

    Good job, Elaine. Like you, I refuse to fly, which means I won’t go anywhere.
    Oh well!

  3. Moe


    I don’t refuse to fly, merely refuse to fly with any US.departures/connections. I recall arriving in London’s Heathrow ten years ago and having to remove my shoes. I was dumbfounded the authorities could be so stupid. Now the ‘dumb’ is so pervasive I’m just ‘numb’.

    Enjoy affordable flight while you can. The Proletariat soon will be sucking rocks for moisture and skinning rats for supper.

  4. Moe

    It appears that Elaine’s perspective is that this incident is a manifestation and implementation of prevalent and growing fascist ideology (at least that is my interpretation), and of course not limited to the US. And that I believe is the reason for her vehement response to this outrage: it abridges many of the rights the citizen has earned (or for the cynical, been granted) in the past millennium. Recall the response of the flight’s fellow passengers: they were visibly upset at the violence. The heart of the typical citizen is in the right place, but obviously not so with our masters. (My apologies to Elaine if I’ve misinterpreted her position.)

    We could start a pool on the amount the good doctor will wrest from (dis)-United. At first I thought 15 million, but now I incline to 50 million plus. Too bad it won’t be enough to bust this criminal outfit. (Caveat: I believe ALL large corporations to be criminal enterprises, just like all large governments. Hey, that’s what fascism is all about!).

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