Harvard Radical Leftists Post Fake Warnings About Deportations

Harvard University Student Protest (“Divest Harvard”) – YouTube: one of the weakest demonstrations, ever.  They want more money from the rich school.


On of the top schools in the US (except it has been dumbed down greatly) has a scandal that is typical of today’s university students being dishonest, hysterical and anti-American:  Harvard students apologize for fake deportation flyers | Daily Mail Online

Harvard Law protesters segregate “privileged” speech – YouTube


Two minority student groups at Harvard have been forced to apologize after they put up fake deportation warnings in dorm rooms to frighten students.


This is where treason begins.  Pretending to be the government and then issuing a document designed to scare fellow students…um, these students are the brightest of all students, no?  And they couldn’t see through this fake document?


Of course they could not because it isn’t intelligence, it is having the ability to maturely see how the real world works which the students lack.  Harvard panders to students it brings in to tick off the ‘one of these kids, another of this species of kiddies’ boxes.  Most students brought in this way are unable to cope with the school and usually can’t graduate but it makes the school feel superior and PC good.


Notices from the fake ‘Harvard Special Investigations Unit’ were put up this week warning that one of their fellow students had been detained indefinitely.


Lying about this matter is very serious.  Will the vandals who published and distributed these lies be sent packing?  When a white student posts something slightly racist on a private account, they are kicked out of the schools.
But if radical leftists who are protected groups do obvious, vicious illegal things, they get a smarmy warning and let go to remain on the campus until they drop out due to failing classes.


‘We regret to inform you that a resident of this dorm has been detained indefinitely due to suspicious actions, suspected violent inclinations, or suspicion of being a deportable alien (i.e. questionable residency status),’ the flyers read.
Two of the groups have since apologized after the flyers caused widespread outrage

This is a fake apology.  ‘The Palestine Solidarity Committee firstly acknowledges that many responses to the notices were visceral and deeply emotional, in aways that are valid and personally familiar to the organizers of this initiative’…like all the present leftists on campus, everything is ’emotional’ and ‘visceral’ and not intelligent or well-thought out.


It is, always, ’emotion’ not ‘intellect’ that rules!  This is the road to destruction.  ‘While those who drafted this notice are themselves affected by the issues of administrative detention, criminalization, state violence and deportation…we made a mistake.’  Again, they are victimizing themselves when they were the ones breaking rules and breaking laws.


They frightened and hurt fellow students but since they are all ‘motivated by emotion’ it is OK to lie, intimidate and abuse fellow students.  They promise to not hurt anyone, anymore except they feel entitled to be emotional and lie whenever convenient.  This is no apology.  It is a declaration of war.


One group that was behind the leaflets, a Hispanic group, claims they had no idea what they endorsed.  Talk about stupid.  Their excuse is, they didn’t bother to read the leaflet.  Double down on the dumb.


I put out lots of leaflets when in school, most were about the Vietnam War and other issues.  I had to be most careful with facts and details because any mistakes I made would blow up in my face whereas the US media giants and politicians can lie, lie, lie again and they cover each other so even when they are caught red handed, lying about everything, nothing happens.


In today’s case, the rift between mainstream fake news media and our universities which seethe with students trained by their teachers to lie in the name of the Cause, we see a huge clash developing.


Right now, the media giants and Congress and both political parties have colluded into driving us into WWIII by lying and exaggerating events.  North Korea is ruled by an insane autocrat but then, we aren’t much better at this point.  Trump’s focus on the home front has been shattered and voters are very bitter about this and we go into conflicts with people being trained to hate America, hate the Constitution, hate fellow citizens at our top universities.


This is all quite insane.  Also fatal for the left.  Right now, Hispanic Mexican flag wavers want an alliance with black power people and white leftists but their plan is to stab both groups in the back since their goal is to take over key southwestern states and run it like Mexico which means their allies will be kicked out.


How stupid is this alliance!  If they win power, the biggest hunk will be Hispanic and they live next door to blacks and hate them.  Black power people should wake up and see how they are slated for removal.


But thinking ahead is a skill many people lack, I am assuming which is why EU leaders are suicidal demanding their countries be invaded by millions of angry Muslim males.



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8 responses to “Harvard Radical Leftists Post Fake Warnings About Deportations

  1. melponeme_k

    How do these people find the time to mess around with clubs and political activities?

    I got into college because of my music abilities. I knew I wasn’t a scholar, so that meant I spent 99% of my time crawling through the school library reading and studying. There was no time for me to fool around. I also purposely took extra credit assignments, extra courses and graduated within 4 years with honor. I had a friend who was so smart she graduated Summa with very little effort. Some people just have better organized brains. I didn’t.

    People complain that education is watered down. Yes, it is to some extent at college level. But if you are a student who just wants to party on, the college will be happy to take your money and offer classes in macrame. If you dig deeper, you’ll get a classical education…IF you work for it.

  2. This is why the lucky students who get grants due to ethnic/illegal alien status get to goof around while paying students are more serious. On the other hand, everyone gets these nifty loans and stupid students think this is ‘free money, party dudes!’ only to discover it is a trap when it is too late to escape.

  3. “Didn’t bother to read the leaflet” “Don’t like reading manuals””White people wrote it”
    I’ve heard it all.
    All excuses for their grade 2 reading skills.

  4. It is called ‘run away!’ They have to flee what they celebrated earlier.

  5. Lou

    In 20 States illegal immigrants get cheaper college tuition than actual citizens.
    These States should lose all federal funding for college.

  6. Lou

    Is Harvard mostly Jews? I read ‘half the students are heebs.’

  7. If US universities did admittance due to being intelligent, 50% of the students would be Asian mostly Chinese.

    But then these same elite schools had Bush Jr…

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