Most US Wars Are Very Expensive And Often Useless This Half Century

We just spent $16 million to kill 36 ‘militants’ on a mountain in Afghanistan.  The wars against peasant fighters just like the Vietnam War and the fatal, stupid and illegal Iraq wars (plural) we repeat the exact same mistakes of the last 60 years over and over again, the Pentagon learns NOTHING.  Ever.  Each of these ‘foreign fighters’ cost taxpayers well beyond $16 million, the cost of transporting the bombs, the cost of the hours the plane that flew the weapons to Afghanistan, the cost of the bases used to do all this, the cost of the geniuses in the Pentagon who cooked up this costly ‘victory’ is well beyond $36 million.  Spending a million per dead Afghani is how a country goes bankrupt.

Tucker: Democrats are now the reflexive party of war – YouTube: the Democrats are cheering this use of expensive force as a great victory.  This reminds me so much of Vietnam, it makes me nauseous.  Celebrating this very expensive ‘victory’ that doesn’t change any of the dynamics on the ground, is just plain silly.  But our media giants who pushed the Vietnam war and demonized young people protesting it, are having fits of  joy because a handful of Afghani natives have been slaughtered.


What is much more irritating is, these same media giants and the Democrats simultaneously scream at Trump and the rest of us to let in endless numbers of Muslim especially  many males, from the very same places we are fighting!  This is lunacy.  I do not recall the US demanding we let in a million North Vietnamese, or North Koreans, for that matter.  Why don’t we do that, too?


Obviously, there is no reason to keep out military age males from either country to come and go as they please since our rulers think this is a fine idea and anyone wanting border protections is a Nazi and should be punished in various ways.


Marine Le Pen’s Denial of French Guilt – The New York Times reports that the FRENCH PEOPLE ruled by the NAZIS should have protected the Jews.  As if anyone in any country run by the Nazis could do this…some very brave people hid Jewish families from the Nazis but like in Poland, this was not often the case.


Of course, right now, our rulers want Poland to be mad at the country that rescued them from the Nazis who wanted to kill all Poles and Jews…so no one is attacking anyone in Poland for talking about this sort of thing.  Should Poland feel guilty?  The worst camps were in Poland, not France at all.


Marine Le Pen showed the world that she is, after all, her father’s daughter when she said France was not responsible for rounding up Jews during World War II to be sent to German concentration camps. Ms. Le Pen worked hard in recent years to cleanse her far-right National Front party of the virulent anti-Semitism — spouted by her father and other party leaders — that made it unpalatable for decades for all but hardened bigots on the political fringes.


Yet, there she was on Sunday declaring “France was not responsible for the Vel d’Hiv,” one of the worst stains on France’s history. On July 16 and 17, 1942, the French police arrested nearly 13,000 Jews, including 4,000 children, in and around Paris. About 6,000 were sent to a transit camp on the outskirts of Paris to await deportation to concentration camps. About 7,000 were incarcerated in the Vélodrome d’Hiver sports arena in Paris for five days before suffering the same fate. Altogether — with the willing, even enthusiastic assistance of French authorities — around 76,000 Jews were deported from France to Nazi death camps.


And this happened in Poland, it happened in Ukraine, it happened in the parts of Russia overrun by the Nazis, wherever they went, they forced the police of the countries they invaded, to do this.  Are all guilty?


No!  Of course not.  Sure, brave people could have told the Nazis, ‘I refuse to do this’ and then be shot dead.  When someone holds a gun to your head and orders you to do something, usually, people try to stay alive and do whatever they are ordered.


I recall that at the Nüremberg Trials, even NAZIS were let off the hook if they were not leaders.  Duh.  Lots and lots of Nazis…during the last few years we see low level people who obeyed Hitler suddenly being dragged before the public and abused for being a German and obeying the Nazis.  This is because the people being punished are helpless and very elderly.  A final kick in the face before they die of old age…


Meanwhile, NATO war crimes accumulate.  Should we punish the lowest soldiers doing the bidding of their leaders?  How insane is this?  I know that Le Pen should have been more cautious about how she talked about all this because of the knee-jerk reaction of the mobs of people who excuse US or Israeli war crimes and other horrors.


But this really pisses me off, this is all about driving voters to shun one person while embracing others who want to bring in a million angry Muslim males to butcher people!  Hello!  I call this ‘collusion to mass murder’ since these killers will kill hundreds or thousands of innocent civilians to score political points.


The leaders letting these people in to attack us are traitors.  Oh, and the DNC is celebrating stopping Trump from these invaders, by the way.  They are as bad as the Nazis.



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5 responses to “Most US Wars Are Very Expensive And Often Useless This Half Century

  1. ziff

    nothing on NK ? wow . Trump is playing some moves ,,,

  2. Christian W

    It’s not about winning wars anymore it’s about keeping them going. (KA-CHING)

    Orwell knew that already.

  3. Flor

    Yo subí al poder al presidente de los Estados Unidos de America Donald Trump ‘ I helped Donald Trump to assume power in the United States’

    At the end time the king of the South will collide with him, and the king of the North will storm against him with chariots, with horsemen and with many ships; and he will enter countries, overflow them and pass through.

  4. ziff

    when you print the most money has nowhere else to go , military might backs the currency.
    Armstrong on US debt , not going bust;

  5. Then there is the EU which is disintegrating rapidly…so much for the future of the euro.

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