United Airline Threatened To Beat Up First Class Passenger…Give Seat To Another!

Businessman: United Told Me I’d Be Handcuffed If I Didn’t Give Up My Seat – YouTube: it turns out that United Airlines has been muscling passengers for quite a while.  Up until this last week, all of them yielded to the thugs who threatened them.


In the above case, the gentleman bought a first class ticket.  But they ‘oversold’ the tickets and a richer man bought the same seat.  The wealthy man sitting already in the seat, in Hawaii, was told to go sit in a middle seat in the lower class section or else.


Or else what, he asked in indignation.  Well, they were going to beat him up and handcuff him and throw him off the plane!  So, the threatening of passengers, the stealing of services to give it to someone else for whatever reasons, has been standard protocols for this demented airline business.


So…he is now using the present case to also sue.  He isn’t expecting a big pay off but rather, this is to show that the airlines has an active policy of threatening passengers not because of dangers or need but for CONVENIENCE.


That is, they do it frivolously and for whatever reasons they wish, it is a caprice.  Not any necessity.  I believe we all should salute Dr. Dao for standing up to the bullies.  They worked him over, good, but in the end, he will win.


There are ‘experts’ on TV claiming that he may win say, $3 million for this severe abuse.  But that isn’t where it will end.  There will be punitive charges designed to teach the airline executives a sharp lesson.  Since the case isn’t alone, this is standard behavior of United staff, to physically threaten passengers for all sorts of illicit reasons…the punitive part of the lawsuit can be scaled according to the size of the organization which is huge, and to teach everyone watching, what to avoid doing to customers.


That is, it can be up to and even over $100 million in punitive damages because they nearly killed Dr. Dao.  If he, an elderly man, died of a heart attack that day, the price would be astronomical.


United Airlines advertises on TV and other media of the fake news people system.  I went through a number of ‘news’ stories and most of them didn’t tell the entire story at all, it is very piecemeal and they try to minimize the impact, I consider this a major case for it sheds a sharp light on the deterioration of our transportation systems due to corporations needing to make a profit while being increasingly abusive.


Cheap+hideous is very dangerous in air travel for it is a dangerous operation.  Car, bus and train crashes are dangerous but plane crashes have 100% deaths much more frequently than any other transportation systems.


They need desperately for tight regulation. As someone who had a previous home site incinerated by a crashing jet, I am very sensitive about all this.  Traumatized, even.  My mother called me screaming that a jet was about to smash into my house in Tucson but I had just moved to NYC.


She freaked out thinking it was about to kill me.  It did kill people on the street.  Jets are dangerous!  I watched on slam into a grocery store 20 miles away when sitting on the porch when I was a teenager.  It was a terrifying sight to see.


United Airlines may go bankrupt because of their abusive actions which are 100% their own fault.  They wanted to do business this way so to hell with them.  I hope other businesses learn from this and not be tempted to imitate this system.


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2 responses to “United Airline Threatened To Beat Up First Class Passenger…Give Seat To Another!

  1. Flor

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  2. On the other hand, my ancestors were pirates, Vikings and British upper class nasties. Somehow, this ended up in myself and it is troublesome.

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