Bellowing Between North Korea And US Mostly Sound And Fury

Russian Today news is carrying a number of stories about the bellicosity between the US and North Korea since this is right on Russia’s eastern flank.  Since the US Congress, US media fake news propaganda machines and now Trump joining these to howl at the moon, the noise level is deafening…and China issues warnings for everyone to shut up.

A fair number of interested parties in the Middle East are calling for the US to bag it, too.  The US is stuck out on this limb: NATO nations leeching off the US and Saudi Arabia and above all, Israel, want the US to smash Syria and Iraq and other pesky countries into a putrid, bloody mess so the power of all these hanger-on countries will increase while the US goes bankrupt.


Why on earth are we fighting?  I remember the fight over Kuwait: the Kuwaiti government re-emburst the US for that little limited war.  Since then, we have paid through the nose for one war after another and none of these benefited us or the victims in any way, shape or form.


The Russians have given up on courting US politicians.  They now will go back to making fun of us and kicking us in the shins and we deserve this:  Tillerson backs down on ultimatum mission to Russia — RT Op-Edge


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, nicknamed T-Rex, was in Moscow this week roaring with an ultimatum and threats of isolating Russia. After hours of intense talks, the American meekly quit the Russian capital, more like a wounded vegetable-munching sauropod.


Yes, great diplomacy.  So far, every one of our political ‘leaders’ and their buddies/owners/tormentors, the Bilderberg gang, has been a laugh riot.  They are stupid, inept and produce nothing useful for US tax payers.  Goodie gum drops, we get to pay for all of Eastern Europe’s military/financial needs, too!


What a wonderful…we are going bankrupt!  How stupid is this?  What do we get from this?  Nothing!  And now, thanks to the leaders in Europe, these former Russian satellite states are moving back to Moscow for protection from being forced to host millions of angry Muslim males of fighting age that the Bilderberg leaders want to force into an invasion.


This weird demand baffles me.  Don’t these clowns know anything about the lat 500 years of history in Eastern Europe?  Like, the Muslim armies invading?  The Battle at the Gates of Vienna and all that?  What the hell?


Australia is sleepwalking into confrontation with China — RT Op-Edge warns yet another country about the obvious dangers of sticking one’s nose where it might get punched.


The United States is at a critical moment. Having exported its all-powerful manufacturing base, run down its industry and reduced millions of its once-hopeful people to poverty, the principal American power today is brute force. When Donald Trump launched his missile attack on Syria – following his bombing of a mosque and a school – he was having dinner in Florida with the President of China, Xi Jinping.


China has long received this message. In its rise as the world’s biggest trader and manufacturer, China has been encircled by about 400 US military bases – a provocation described by a former Pentagon strategist as “a perfect noose.”


This is not Trump’s doing. In 2011, President Barack Obama flew to Australia to declare, in an address to parliament, what became known as the “pivot to Asia”: the biggest build-up of US air and naval forces in the Asia-Pacific region since the Second World War. The target was China. America had a new and entirely unnecessary enemy. Today, low-draft US warships, missiles, bombers, drones operate on China’s doorstep.


And this ‘noose of bases’ isn’t a power point, it is our weakness.  China is big, united, has industries and remembers the past invasions and is very paranoid.


The US is fractured, being heavily invaded by illegal aliens who openly wave foreign flags and talk about dismembering the nation by force, we have industrial cities that are in violent chaos and a disaster socially and politically, cancer sores that are spreading poison, killing the host.


And we are deep in debt, Obama doubled it, Bush Jr. made it huge, too.  And so how ‘strong’ are we?  A hollow giant wasting millions of dollars of weapons to knock off a few dozen ‘terrorists’ who are replaced within minutes with even angrier ‘terrorists’ determined to destroy and bankrupt America.


This is not a position of strength, there is a name: overstretched, over expanded, ripe for collapse.  I looked at Japanese news to see how upset they are about what is going on.  NOT.  Nope, they are discussing how to keep the US trapped doing stupid things for Japan!  So they plan to open a few factories in the US to keep the US from figuring out, the Japanese believe in one way trade.


Japan should use U.S. economic talks to boost investment: gov’t adviser ‹ Japan Today: the news in Japan is mainly about business, as usual.  Low down on the scale is the warmongering between North Korea and the US/Japan/South Korea military machine.



Japanese companies should use the U.S.-Japan economic dialogue as an opportunity to boost investment in factories in the United States and protect market share, a Japanese government adviser says.


Japan should also welcome any opportunity to negotiate a two-way free trade deal to improve relations with one of its most important economic partners, said Motoshige Ito, a member of the government’s top advisory panel on economics.

I know how they will ‘negotiate’.  It will be glacially slow.  They will make verbal promises that won’t happen.  There will be endless excuses.  Then we get a new President and it all starts all over again.


A waste of time.  Will our ‘leaders’ figure this out at last?  It will amaze me if they do.  So far, the ability to learn from past errors is vanishingly small.


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21 responses to “Bellowing Between North Korea And US Mostly Sound And Fury

  1. Christian W

    A fair number of interested parties in the Middle East are calling for the US to bag it, too. The US is stuck out on this limb: NATO nations leeching off the US and Saudi Arabia and above all, Israel, want the US to smash Syria and Iraq and other pesky countries into a putrid, bloody mess so the power of all these hanger-on countries will increase while the US goes bankrupt.

    For heaven’s sake Elaine will you ever get it? THERE IS NO GERMANY. Germany has NO OPINION of it’s own. Germany has no foreign policy of it’s own. Germany is 100% a subdivision of the US System and has been since WWII. Germany is part of the same Wall Street/London City banking system that runs Europe. What Germany says or thinks is irrelevant. Germany can’t even say no to, much less protect itself, from to the Alien Horde aimed at it by Israel/the US/UK, Turkey and KSA. Germany is being deliberately destroyed. It is not growing in power. Same thing with France. Germany is an irrelevant rump state at this point. France is run by Zionists much like the US. The UK is a partner in crime with the US/Israel and Saudi Arabia. France is trying to play for that team too and doing a job in it’s old colonial hunting grounds in Africa (and Syria).

    The UK is much closer to the US being a partner in crime with the Five Eyes/Echolon world surveillance aparatus. The UK elites and their tax haven system is an integral part of the US system.

    There is no NATO without the US. The US Military Industrial Complex will never give up NATO.

    Every single major decision since WWII has been made by the US and the rest of NATO/Europe have only been able to say Yes massa!

    This narrative of the US as the victim is absurd! It is not foreign plots that are ripping the US apart, it is the contradictions built into decades of shitty policies that have been 100% designed to serve the US elites and their MURDER INC system.

    Your notion of the US as a nation state of integrity is so quaint my dear Elaine. The enemies of the US are not foreign, they are DOMESTIC. Clean up at home and all your troubles will solve themselves.

    Now, the problem for nations like Germany is if they try to clean up at home, the CIA (Mossad), the FED et al will get to work. That is why I keep saying that the root of the problem is the corruption in the US. By all means be Patriots, but at least be SANE patriots and not the idiot USA boyaah MOABs between the ears kind.

  2. Jim R

    I can’t help but think that some time in the near future, all those European countries will be turning to Russia for support.

    I know, it isn’t happening yet. The place is still studded with US and NATO military bases. If Israel sneezes, Europe catches the cold.

    But, but, but … a lot more people are a lot more clued-in these days. The ‘free world’ of Washington/London/Tel Aviv has lost just about every shred of moral high ground. The ‘humanitarian bombing’ lie is exposed, thanks to the internet and remaining free websites like this one.

    And maverick politics is suddenly mainstream. It isn’t just Trump winning on ‘outsider’ credentials (which were pretty shaky), (and of course Obama ran on ‘hope & change’) it is all over Europe. Brexit, for example. Le Pen. Wilders. AfD. Change is coming.

    Not necessarily change everyone will like. But it’s coming.

  3. Claudeeyah


    Great analysis, Jim R. Your words to God’s ears. Elaine just hit another one out of the park. Well done!

  4. Ziff

    I think trump will attack .

  5. What is this nonsense of Germany being run by the US? We have a trade deficit with Germany and Japan. Both tell us what to do. Furthermore, some of the top Bilderberg gangsters are…GERMANS.

    The internationalists have a joint conspiracy, they have meetings where they discuss how to use the US taxpayers to pay for everything.

  6. Moe

    Tillerson must be gritting his teeth with the stupendously stupid Russian diplomatic goals assigned to him. Lavrov is one of the sharpest knives in the drawer, which Tillerson well knows, and my guess is he spends a lot of time with his former Russian acquaintances apologizing for US imprudence and asininity.

    If anything comes of the North Korean mutual ‘bellowing’ I will be utterly convinced of US ineptitude and lunacy. Jim Stone was even caught up on the potential for nuclear exchange, which I regard as a complete non-starter. What, the US want to re-start the Korean War?? (There was never a Korean War peace settlement). I don’t believe it; Trump can’t bluff a busted hand.

  7. Flor

    alberto canosa y donald trump en vivo cnn

    At the end time the king of the South will collide with him, and the king of the North will storm against him with chariots, with horsemen and with many ships; and he will enter countries, overflow them and pass through’

    Once the South invade the North’ Babylonian the whore the harlot is next’

    The end of this satanic system is approaching and noting can stop it’

    “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled”
    “If you do right, you won’t get hungry or thirsty,” says Zach, age 6.

    Because there is no justice under this rotten Luciferian satanic demonic diabolic system of plundering’

    There are two gods under this luciferian system>

    The soulless god of egos impunity worshiping gold oil drugs demons devils diamonds dollars’

    Nothing has changed since the times of Dura

    Babylon and The Love of Money

    During the early part of the Bronze Age of Man a less than heroic pursuit dominated the development of trade in the ancient world. The insidious trade in opium had regained its footing in the Anatolia region where a bunch of warrior-kings were acting like modern day drug cartels warring over who should control the lucrative trade routes between Asia and the Western kingdoms.

    The most powerful cartel was called the Troy Cartel, but it was being seriously challenged by the upstart Agamemnon Cartel. The battle lines were drawn and the ensuing narco-war engulfed the region for the next ten years.

    War as an expression of blood sacrifice was the new trend. An industry started to grow around the concept with the development of military technology being a feature of the West, while a concentration on the Art of War through strategy characterised the Eastern approach. Both resulted in the same thing. People got killed and the blood flowed.

    But something was missing in the greater scheme of things as far as the Illuminated Ones were concerned. They were still hankering for a return to the debt-based slavery system of Babel as the core economic model for mankind. A tweaking of strategy had to be carefully considered if they were to have total control over the affairs of man.

    The equation was simple: War needs money, and borrowed money to pay for wars equals debt. Debt = Slavery! If a kingdom could be manipulated into accepting debt, then that would make it a kingdom of slaves. The power to enslave whole kingdoms was in being the one who was owed that debt.

    However, this was only guaranteed if you controlled the issuance of the money borrowed by the warrior-kings in first place. In the Near East, at a place called the plains of Dura, some highly positioned and privileged Illuminated Ones got busy.

    Essentially, this was the world’s first financial gold standard and Dura was Babylon’s answer to the modern Federal Reserve System of the United States. Anybody not adhering to this gold standard in matters of trade and commerce within Babylon was to be ruthlessly exterminated by a fiery death.

    The destruction of Babylonia is inevitable’ This is why NK will be invaded’

    It is inevitable’ Destruction will fall upon those who have ruined humanity and planet earth!

    Trump will play an important role in the destruction of Babylonian empire of liars’

  8. Kenogami

    I believe the Anglo-Zionists criminals see only advantages for them in starting a war in Asia. It will destroy the other end of new Silk Road project, destroy many big Asian economies and put the domination of Asia over the West many years back.
    They don’t care if the price is 20 millions dead Koreans and lots of Japanese, and perhaps the 3rd World war will redirect the anger of the people in the West away from the true criminals.

  9. Moe

    Here’s a different perspective from C.H. Smith

    Excerpt: “In the context of face being lost as China’s inability to control or contain its client state is revealed to all, China has no choice but step in before the U.S. acts unilaterally. In terms of saving face, it would be better to force North Korean compliance before the risk of a nuclear exchange escalates, and China may be signaling North Korea that its patience has finally run out.”

  10. Christian W

    @ # 5

    Yes, the joint internationalists set up by the US system. Not Germany. Look at how Volkswagen was PUNISHED by the US when they dared get too close to Russia. Look at how Merkel does not even bat an eyelid when it is revealed she is bugged 24/7 by the CIA. Which nation is under military occupation? Who dictates what to do to whom? Who punishes whom? The CIA runs German media, not the other way around. Germany has zero say in what the US does. The US dictates what Germany does.

    All of this is rooted in the US system, since the US is the big gorilla dominating everybody else. There is ONE military and economic superpower on this planet, the US. Until you take the actions of the US Military Industrial Complex, the US corporate elite into account you will have things backwards. Sure, the US picks up some people willing to sell out their nations for personal profit, they always do. But the US always make sure they have daggers at the back of those individuals. Take down Deutchse Bank (which is already rickety) and a large portion of the German Oligarchs’ fortunes vanish. And DB is only a small part of the Wall Street system.

    Germany is weak and has no say of it’s own. Now the fact that Germany rebuilt successfully, up until a point, post-WWII is based on many factors, not the least of which is the US post-WWII anti-Soviet policies, Those US polices are the direct cause of why we find ourselves where we are today. The system the US built up post-WWII has become the current monster.

    You talk about the Derivatives Beast created by Wall Street. It’s time to find a name for this much larger monster that is Wall Street, the MIC and other US corporations including Apple, Amazon (another CIA subdivision), CIA, NSA, MI6, Bundesnachrichtendienst (CIA subdivision), the Pentagon, NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, London City and the British Tax Haven system and the Western MSM (another CIA subdivision) plus assorted and associated Oligarchs pulling strings.

    The NSA hacked the SWIFT banking system. It wasn’t the Germans doing this, it was the US. The US is not the victim, it is the MAIN player.

    As long as this much larger monster is active there is no point in pretending any nation in the West has sovereignty. The US cannot pretend, like Trump did in his campaign, possibly out of ignorance, that this monster does not exist. You cannot fix ANYTHING as long as this monster is in place. If you use this monster to bring home loot for you (ie the US) only, like Trump wanted, then you are a Fascist because this system is essentially fascist, not leftist, but fascist.

  11. Christian W

    What is fascism in this context? These criteria define fascism:

    At the heart of fascist ideology are corporatism, militarism, nationalism, racism and total control of citizens.

    1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism (Patriotism) – check

    2. Disdain for the importance of human rights – check

    3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause (Russia/”Muslims”) – check

    4. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism – check

    5. Rampant sexism – check

    6. A controlled mass media. – check

    7. Obsession with national security – check

    8. Religion and ruling elite tied together – check

    10. Power of labour suppressed or eliminated – check

    11. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts – check

    12. Obsession with crime and punishment – check

    13. Rampant cronyism and corruption – check

    14. Fraudulent elections – check

    You have blogged extensively over the years about every single one of the above themes and complained about them afflicting the US…

    Yet, at the same time, you seem to have a parallell path of thinking that somehow does not see them and pretend another US, free of the above afflictions, exists somewhere. It does not.

  12. tio

    Not quite so simple Christian, but me feelin it.

    “When a government is dependent for money upon the bankers, they and not the government leaders control the nation. This is because the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Financiers are without patriotism and without decency.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

    Shrewd cookie imho. Hang on, If memory serves me well, I think there was another little corporal who came to the same conclusion.

    “Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders.” – The Honorable Louis McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee in the 1930s

    End the Fed.

  13. Christian W

    Merkel jumps on the Sell Weapons to Gulf Butcher Kings bandwagon.

  14. Christian W

    @ 12 Tio

    That’s what I am saying Tio. The muscle for these banksters is the US military gorilla (MIC + Pentagon) + the CIA/Mossad goons (both run by Israel as Elaine’s article from 2005 points out, Israeli military has the freedom of the Pentagon Keep). Nothing holds a candle to them which is why the banksters need to be taken down in the US first. If people on the fringes start something they will be stomped by this gorilla or their henchmen.

    Pretending the US is A OK at the same time it is butchering millions and imposing a global surviellance state isn’t going to solve anything. Nor is being distracted by the Kabuki theater of ‘Left’ vs ‘Right’ set up by the System to distract from the real operations.

  15. Germany has a trade SURPLUS with the US as does Japan. And this isn’t due to both being weak but CLEVER. Too clever.

  16. DM

    Another angle is, as these trade deficits are paid for in US fiat toilet paper, then getting more from Germany and Japan (and China) than the US gives them, may be seen as too clever by half. Particularly as these bonds and debts can never be enforced. The gun-barrel is not pointed at the US.

  17. Actually, that is correct. Of course, falling apart means our allies who did this will be exposed naked to a very angry Russia and China. But I don’t expect them to figure this out.

  18. Jim R

    “lock and load” ?

    Why do they always say “lock and load”? Shouldn’t you load first, then lock? Isn’t it a reference to those old bolt-action rifles?

  19. Christian W

    @ 16

    Yes, DM that is my point.

    Trade deficits don’t matter when you rule the world at gun point. Easy to have a trade deficit when you just print $$$$ and get super rich doing it. If anyone objects they get stomped by the Pentagon and the CIA.

    The US already imports a quarter of the world’s resources for printed $$$$ confetti. What’s not to like? Now you want to force other nations to deindustrialize as well all the while telling them they can’t do business with Russia for example?

    This is not a German scheme, it is the US that has ruled the geopolitical scene since WWII. It is the US that implemented Bretton Woods, it is the US that gave up the Gold Standard for confetti printing. It is the US that demand others invest in the US $ economy (Russia STILL has plenty of problems due to this. Russia struggles to finance it’s own domestic growth due to the USD problem).

    You can’t blame other nations for doing the best they can with the hand dealt to them, under various forms of duress, by the US government.

  20. tio


    Marion Morrison in Sands of Iwo Jima 1949, I believe he found himself in an adversarial position to Sir Winston Hitler-Tojo. Peace is War.

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