Panic At Penn Station NYC As Cops Tase Violent Man

Panic at New York’s Penn Station as cops taser a man causing a stampede of scared travellers| Daily Mail Online: People are now full of fear when traveling.  One event after another has people on edge this holiday season.  Especially in the big city hubs, panic is just one step away:


People rushed out of a packed Pennsylvania Station in New York City after cops reportedly tased a man and people suspected he was a potential shooter.


Amtrak police used a Taser on an unruly man and passengers falsely assumed he had a gun according to PIX 11. Two people were taken into custody for ignoring the officers’ orders and one of them was tased.


No shots were fired in the busy station during the Friday rush hour. Many people left behind their belongings amid the chaos, littering the station with cellphones, suitcases and purses during the massive stampede at approximately 6.30pm.


The man was reportedly detained from the disabled New Jersey Transit train.


Luggage left all over the place as people flee.  Nervous is right!  With all the violent news about travel, with airlines deliberately attacking and abusing passengers to terrorists trying to make a bloody splash and then just plain, everyday chaos…the level of fear is suffocating.


To stop people from being cynical or unhappy, Delta ups offer to flyers who give up seats to $10,000 | Daily Mail Online reports.  This is all about PR, the pie in the face for airlines is huge. Rarely will they go up to $10,000 in ‘bids’.  And travelers are cynical about this, it isn’t ‘cash’ but various ‘deals’ that really don’t cost all that much for the airlines.


In an internal memo, Delta says gate agents can offer up to $2,000 in compensation, up from a previous maximum of $800, and supervisors can offer up to $9,950, up from $1,350.


Comments from fliers shows they are not being fooled by this news:


It is a step in the right direction but it needs to be CASH or a pre-loaded credit card and not restricted to use on their airline and other pre-set limitations. If you want a fare paying passenger not to fly because you over-booked a flight then you need to ‘show me the money’.

Disingenuous publicity stunt from Delta. A few months ago I wanted to take an earlier flight from ATL to Boston. They run every 90 mins or so. I tried for a flight two hours before my scheduled flight. I checked seats before I arrived at ATL and the plane was half empty. With flight change fee and same day fare difference they wanted $578 dollars to change my ticket. Needless to say I waited for my original flight. United and Delta suck like a virus.

This seems like a good start. The compensation to the passenger needs to be determined by what the passenger deems fair. By increasing the amount it increases the chance no one will be involuntarily kicked out of a seat they paid for. Obviously $800 wasn’t fair compensation for a lot of people. Been in economy seat on transpacific flight where $1500 in unrestricted travel voucher might voluntarily get me off plane. I think a lot of people will take the bump before it reaches a $4000 threshold in economy. Business class passengers might start taking voluntary bumps at the $4000 mark, or at least I would consider it while in business class seat.

I’ve flown Delta three times and each time my luggage was lost and once I was berated by the gate person, Irma, for no reason the day I was deploying. I’ll NEVER fly Delta, not matter how much they offer.

Delta should have listened to complaints years ago, instead, deaf and dumb, they ignored the effect of their policies and abuses and things got worse and worse and the airlines became arrogant and stupider and now they reap the whirlwind.  The word is out: complain!  Tell what really goes on!  Attack the airlines until they stop these odious policies.


Now if only we could do this to the schools!  Might get them fixed.

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