Berkeley Mayor Removes Cops When Antifa Thugs Attack Legal Visitors To Park

Free Speech Battle For Berkeley, California! | Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux – YouTube

There was a  full scale paramilitary Antifa radical attack on conservatives yesterday in Berkeley and before the speeches in the park there, the conservatives got permission and did all the right things and the police promised to protect them until…the Antifa thugs showed up.  Then the police went into their cars, didn’t stop physical attacks on the legal visitors to the park and this is grounds for suing the mayor of Berkeley and the state of California for unleashing illegal thugs on US citizens.  I hope the people attacked will sue.


The mainstream news tried to belittle this event.  There is this attitude of ‘What?  I saw nothing’ which happened all this year when thugs including illegal aliens, attacked Trump supporters.  Especially in California, run by Brown, a thug Democrat like the mayor of NYC.  These thugs refuse to protect citizens from illegal aliens and leftist radicals.


Battle of Berkeley 3 as Antifa circled the park – YouTube

The fact that the police are called on not protecting patriotic citizens is very bad for Berkley and all of California, for this attitude comes not from the cops but from the Democrats put in power by the tip vote of illegal aliens who want chaos so they can take over California.


The stupid Antifas are the fascists.  They have idea how fascist they are because they are stupid.


Note the explosions in the video: these are from the Antifa and are being allowed to do this by by chief of police and mayor of Berkeley.


I do hope the victims of this police lack of protection sue everyone for a lot of money.

Brittany Pettibone speaking clips at Battle of Berkeley 3 – YouTube


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8 responses to “Berkeley Mayor Removes Cops When Antifa Thugs Attack Legal Visitors To Park

  1. floridasandy

    you know who the troublemakers are going to be when they show up wearing masks.

    it’s not Halloween, jackasses.

  2. Claudeeyah

    The day will come when the jackals are put back in their cages. It won’t be pretty this time, either. There are more of us awakened than most realize. Keep playing. Keep pulling those strings. I (and we) have an incredibly long memory. Guess it’s that “white privilege” you guys keep selling. The backlash will be severe. Count on it.

  3. floridasandy

    we need more law and order not less, when facebook has things like this for viewing:

    My heart goes out to that gentleman who was murdered for NO DAMN REASON. This is the culture of hate being encouraged. May that man be caught and executed post haste.

  4. ziff

    its this guys fault , or others that use him

  5. I lived in Berkeley for two years. I told everyone when I left after writing a kind letter to the family of a Japanese young cop who was murdered in front of my commune, this caused the radical leftists to attack me ferociously and I told them all to go to hell.

    Since then, it has gotten only worse. I recommend everyone avoid that hideous, stupid place.

  6. Lou

    Elaine, at least you did not end up in the bay, like Betty, after the Panthers got to her.

  7. Joseph Cocchiola

    Wow…Far-left agenda. They will stop at nothing to push there agenda. Trying to silence conservatism completely.
    Make no doubt about it America it is time to wake up. Antifa is college professors spreading hate to our future. We pay the tab for them to teach our young adult children their retoric.
    It is time to make a stand, first choke off their money supply. When they call asking for donations tell them no and give them clarification on why you won’t donate. Stop attending there sports and buying their merchandise. Then cut their throats send your kids to private Christian Universities. They have fasfa grants also.
    If you like our Capitalist Country and do not want to become Nazi Germany our socialists Russia. Vote like you want to live in the Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave. Vote Conservative. And F__k Antifa beaches.

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