Le Pen Assailed On All Sides: French Authorities Send Double Ballots To French Living Outside of France

The Truth About the French Election – a good analysis by Paul Joseph Watson.

In one of the funniest election statements on earth, the German President warns French voters against trusting Le Pen’s ‘siren songs’ a week ahead of the election.  Oh, yes, Germany ordering the French who to follow!  The hamfisted ways of the Bilderberg gang will backfire badly, I don’t think many French want the Germans to dictate who will represent them.


The German President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has urged the French electorate to be responsible and not to vote for the “populist and nationalist” candidate in the upcoming presidential election out of fears that Marine Le Pen will stage Frexit, shattering one of the pillars of EU stability.
Marine Le Pen facing wipe out in French election after COMPUTER BLUNDER | World | News | Express.co.uk: for some odd reason (right) all the French living elsewhere in the EU were given two ballots and the hope of the Bilderberg gang is, this means they can vote twice and since they don’t live in France, they will vote against stronger French borders.
What a nifty trick!  Reminds me of vote cheating in the US.  No reforms were made after the fiasco of the 2000 Bush/Gore election.  The US elites simply ignored reforms and claimed there would never, ever be another close election again which would reveal the vote cheating going on.
Then it happened this year and the very same elites who refused to fix the system howled that there was vote cheating going on and…nothing was fixed a second time.  Interesting in a horrible way.  The elites love vote screw-ups.  This is how they maintain power.
The double ballots sent to French voters outside of France was deliberate.  Those votes should be not counted and new ballots sent out with a special stamp on it as the official ballot.  But I don’t expect any sanity here, being corrupt, stupid and inept is how the elites keep themselves in power, it seems.
The same smears by the ‘liberals’ is being hurled at Le Pen, that is, because she can talk to Russians, she is a Russian puppet and not someone who can stop the pell-mell rush to confrontation and WWIII.
Trump was pushed very, very hard to oppose better relations with Russia but Putin plays chess, not tiddly winks like our rulers and he has the patience to keep playing his strategy game, he knows that Trump’s base is furious with him for listening to the Bilderberg gang’s demand we have WWIII with Russia and he knows that the smarter player will win in the end.
Now, about the North Korean missiles: we are to be very afraid…but the North Koreans should be very scared now that several missile tests blew up in their faces:


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16 responses to “Le Pen Assailed On All Sides: French Authorities Send Double Ballots To French Living Outside of France

  1. tio

    I found this a very rewarding hour or so .. it outlines the origins, scope and plans of the Bilderbuggers so it is not completely off topic.

  2. floridasandy

    Le Pen may stiff pull it off. She seems fearless and determined, good qualities to capture the voters.

    She is a champion of liberty in France, and sometimes the good guys do win.

    )although I have no illusions that she is still not the ideal candidate, 🙂

    OT, Us insurance companies are suing Saudi Arabia for 9-11

  3. floridasandy

    also OT:

    the Berkeley babies are acting out again.

    Racial makeup at Berkley

    and that was a few years ago.

    Note the international body size.

    On their website, they are pushing Lyft over Uber. A college with an agenda, gotta love it. They want the kids without their own cars, renting, and in deb-while they yell about “freedom” and try and shut down free speech

    Geniuses,. Bravo!

  4. Jim R

    David Stockman comments on things. Many of the same things we comment on.

    Apparently all us dirty hippies were right in 1968…

  5. melponeme_k

    It’s interesting the more the Bilderbergs malign Putin and Russia, the more they push world populations to defend Putin/Russia. I see it on the sites that still allow comments. People are not buying the Monster Putin story. The Bilderbergs are actively ceding more power to Russia with their whining and Russia doesn’t even have to lift a finger. You would think they would get a clue and change course.

    And if Russia has to swoop in to save Eastern Europe from Muslim invasion, he will become a Saint to the little people of the world not a villain.

  6. Pete

    Russia and China now have forces on N Korean border.

  7. ziff

    @5 so russia is a weakling ? no nukes ?

  8. floridasandy

    Charles hugh smith (of two minds) has a good piece on china and the US, and the North Korean dictator.

    Also, addressing immigration they got the Google jogger girl killer:

    so many angry foreign men, with no job opportunities and limited language and intellectual skills. It was always a disaster waiting to happen.


  9. Claudeeyah

    so many angry foreign men, with no job opportunities and limited language and intellectual skills. It was always a disaster waiting to happen.


    It was always a disaster PLANNED to happen, fs! These (((people))) don’t do anything without an end game in mind. There is nothing more they like than to get some goyum involved in some never ending military overseas occupation while the home front is left to disintegrate and get invaded.

    Impolite supper conversation on Easter Sunday, but our (((friends))) love to summon us when we’re preoccupied with our pagan holidays……Christmas, cough, cough…1941,…….cough…..cough…..

    Christ kicked them out of the temple a few thousand years ago. Hitler tried, but failed, to rid his country of the vermin around eighty years ago. Like cockroaches, still they live and (((thrive))). Corrupting and destroying everything.

  10. Jewish people are trying to survive just like any other, it amazes me that people notice Jewish people but not say, NORMANS who invaded France then England then fought each other ferociously and then invaded much of the planet.

    I come from that violent strain of people. Yet everyone calls us ‘your majesty’ and other kind stuff instead of ‘evil pirate Vikings’. Funny, that.

  11. Lou

    it amazes me that people notice Jewish people –On this we disagree.
    People are trained to not notice Jews tremendous power, relative to their tiny percent of the worlds population.
    Part of that is the ‘Holocaust cult'[that Jews suffer more than the rest] and Hate Speech Laws.
    Here are other peoples thoughts on the tribe,
    The “poor” Jew is an interesting thing.
    I’m guessing some may be out there, but I’ve not heard or met any. Anecdote: I know a Jewish lady who is comfortably middle class bourgeois, but can’t manage money at all. At the same time, the idea of “moneyed status,” and her lack of it consumes her psychology with resentment and a lot of envy.
    She once told me that she was applying for German dual citizenship. She told me that because her dead father was a holocaust survivor(TM) she could get some money. I asked whether he was interned in a Death Camp(TM)? She said no, that he was living in New York City during the war.
    But she heard of an angle she can work to get some money for herself in her dad’s name, since her father was evidently born a Jew in Germany. I never followed up with her about it. True to form, she tells anyone who will listen how she’s the daughter of a holocaust survivor(TM). My impression is that lying and money grubbing victimology consumes these people.

    Your mention of your brother’s wife reminded me of other cases, in which the strongest, most intelligent, gifted young Europeans are “targeted” by (((Tribal))) women, to either take them out of the gene pool, degrade their morals or traumatize them for life.
    Some examples are one who abused her high position at a college to seduce a long succession of young male students, another who seemed “planted” by the landlord in a house full of young female students to corrupt their moral standards, dissuade them from marriage and children, and challenge them to show they were not “racist” by introducing them to ethnic minority men as “dates”.
    There were others who latched onto successful young academics to insure that they never had children, by marrying them, draining away all their money and refusing to bear children, or by traumatizing them with such toxic, parasitic, violent relationships that they were put off marriage and children altogether.
    Though I know of many such cases involving female (((Tribal))) members, I haven’t yet heard of any involving males targeting European women with these methods of “stealth genocide”.


  12. Um, the experts at getting men to marry them and then running off with half the wealth happen to be women like myself: the real blondes with titties.

    This is the true ‘marriage for wealth’ females.

    And yes, there are very poor Jewish people just like every other group, I know this from direct experience. One has to be careful not to paint everyone with the same brush.

    Israel is collapsing because the majority of Jews there don’t want to work and live off of welfare (they are called ‘Hasidim’) and they have five to ten children while goofing off and this is worrying the rulers of Israel because these religious nuts also don’t have to serve in the military and the burden of being in the military is falling more and more upon the shoulders of the non-Hasidim.

  13. tio

    “it amazes me that people notice Jewish people but not say, NORMANS”

  14. tio

    usurped much?

  15. Good lord, look at the royals of Britain! Lazy dopes, live like kings and queens! And can eliminate annoying ex-wives, too.

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