Google Won’t Celebrate Easter

Google Boycotted Easter – YouTube


The only google doodle for Easter was in 2000 and only showed Easter Eggs.  Since then, nothing for this holiday even when they have something for even obscure holidays, etc.  The Google mailbox is 666 in Bermuda to hide their profits from tax collectors…oh…they want Trump to show all his taxes!  HAHAHA.  I want everyone at the top do this and show who is hiding money where on the planet.  Run them all down!



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14 responses to “Google Won’t Celebrate Easter

  1. Christian W

    Unworthy victims: Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990

    Undisputed UN figures show that 1.7 million Iraqi civilians died due to the West’s brutal sanctions regime, half of whom were children.

    The mass death was seemingly intended. Among items banned by the UN sanctions were chemicals and equipment essential for Iraq’s national water treatment system. A secret US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) document discovered by Professor Thomas Nagy of the School of Business at George Washington University amounted, he said, to “an early blueprint for genocide against the people of Iraq”.

    In his paper for the Association of Genocide Scholars at the University of Manitoba, Professor Nagi explained that the DIA document revealed “minute details of a fully workable method to ‘fully degrade the water treatment system’ of an entire nation” over a period of a decade. The sanctions policy would create “the conditions for widespread disease, including full scale epidemics,” thus “liquidating a significant portion of the population of Iraq”.

    This means that in Iraq alone, the US-led war from 1991 to 2003 killed 1.9 million Iraqis; then from 2003 onwards around 1 million: totalling just under 3 million Iraqis dead over two decades.


    The “mistakes” the US did in Iraq weren’t mistakes, they were deliberate genocide.

    Gee I wonder why Muslim refugees are pounding on the doors to Europe.

  2. Christian W

    Israel is doing the exact same “liquidation” of the Palestinians in Gaza as we speak. The Palestinians in the Gaza ghetto are denied clean water, electricity and medical aid in most cases.

    The US and Saudi Arabia are doing the same liquidation thing to the populace in Yemen right now.

    The US has bombed water plants and electrical plants in Syria to achieve the same effect. The US did the same thing in Libya.

  3. Lou

    Christian, and muslims have killed as well, not that it has anything to do with Google.

    Google is jewish. Another easter –if I recall–the doodle was of cesar Chavez.

  4. Lou

    Elaine, I am surprised that you didnt mention googles art–the 2 satanic pentagrams.

  5. Lou

    Found these—-
    And google wants snopes to decide what is fake online. A joke.
    I hate Google! Oops! Better retract that or Google will strike all AWD DNA from the inter web net. Google now is putting into operation a program that detects ‘hate speech.’ Whatever that is.

    In addition, Google has created a $2 million “crisis fund” that can be matched by up to $2 million in donations from employees. The fund is for four organizations: the ACLU, Immigrant Resource Center, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps, according to that report. Google executives are separately giving money to the cause, though the report didn’t cite specifically who. A spokesperson for Google confirmed the existence of the fund.

  6. Lou

    Google honored this nut with a doodle. She and her Black mechanic died in the crash.

    Bessie coleman
    On April 30, 1926, Coleman was in Jacksonville, Florida. She had recently purchased a Curtiss JN-4 (Jenny) in Dallas. Her mechanic and publicity agent, 24-year-old William D. Wills, flew the plane from Dallas in preparation for an airshow but had to make three forced landings along the way because the plane had been so poorly maintained.[19] Upon learning this, Coleman’s friends and family did not consider the aircraft safe and implored her not to fly it. On take-off, Wills was flying the plane with Coleman in the other seat. She had not put on her seatbelt because she was planning a parachute jump for the next day and wanted to look over the cockpit sill to examine the terrain. About ten minutes into the flight the plane unexpectedly went into a dive and then a spin. Coleman was thrown from the plane at 2,000 ft (610 m) and died instantly when she hit the ground. William Wills was unable to regain control of the plane and it plummeted to the ground. Wills died upon impact and the plane exploded and burst into flames. Although the wreckage of the plane was badly burned, it was later discovered that a wrench used to service the engine had jammed the controls. Coleman was 34 years old.[11]

  7. Claudeeyah


    Like I always say, if you desire to court destruction, death, and poverty, hire a negro. Never fails.

  8. Lou

    #7–Do you know the story of ‘Falling Water’ FL Wrights home?

    Or the San Bernadino school shooting, last week?

  9. Plenty of white people are incompetent and stupid, painting someone with a racist brush over this story is stupid, very stupid.

    I won’t bother to list all the white males who did equally stupid things in the 1920’s but just think about Lawrence of Arabia and how he stupidly died.

  10. Christian W

    UK Attorney General steps in to protect Blair from facing justice over Iraq invasion:

    The UK establishment closes ranks.

  11. Lou

    I won’t bother to list all the white males who did equally stupid things in the 1920’s but just think about Lawrence of Arabia and how he stupidly died.

    Great. And list the White females with them.
    But the truth is, Whites invent and build civilizations. Blacks destroy them.

    The point with my information on Bessie is that (((Google))) celebrates someone who is not a heroine, imo.
    Why doesnt big brother, I mean google, celebrate this ‘pilot?’ Oh, she was White.

    7-Year-Old Pilot Crashes, Killing 3 And Ending Cross-Country …
    7-Year-Old Pilot Crashes, Killing 3 … A little girl and her big dream died here Thursday … Joe Reid, also died when the plane nose-dived into the driveway of a …
    [Search domain]
    Girl, 7, Seeking U.S. Flight Record, Dies in Crash – The New …
    … Girl, 7, Seeking U.S. Flight Record, Dies in Crash. … A 7-year-old California girl on a quest …

  12. Christian W

    Dems raking in the cash as corporations buy them to support Trump

    Corporate Lobbyists Funnel Cash To House Democrats Amid Push To Pass Trump’s Business Initiatives


    Draining the Swamp LMAO

  13. Well, how can Trump stop this? The bribing of Congress can only be stopped by CONGRESS. I suggest we go forth and demand these bribes stop and the Congress critters, arrested.

  14. Christian W

    Congress is owned by the bankers and corporations. It’s supposed to be the other way around, no?

    Yes, cleaning up Congress, so you can clean up the banks and corporations, must happen if you want to take the US back.

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