Leftist Rioter Attack Le Pen Rallies: The Bilderberg Gang Encourages This

RT: Russian News is fantastic.  I use it all the time now because it is Adult News not Infantile Fake News.  Look at the news today, would we see this news from Paris in the New York Times?  HAHAHA.  It is identical to the news from Berkeley which I posted today.  The left is being allowed by the Bilderberg gang to run riot, attacking citizens during and after elections to enforce the rule of the Wretched Elites who hate the bourgeoisie.  This sort of crap is what we see in fascist states.  The left is now full blown fascist.


Like in the US, this will backfire.  Also from RT News:

Merkel continues to encourage millions of Muslim men to attack Europe. This is in huge, huge numbers now.  Instead of turning these flotillas back to Africa, they are picked up.  This insane business will continue until all EU citizens vote out all the Bilderberg gangsters who are enabling, encouraging and enforcing this invasion. This is an INVASION.  And will destroy Europe from within and without in no time flat.

According to RT News, Serbia, Russia and Belarus now have a joint operation to deal with the invaders and their EU Bilderberg sponsors and soon Poland and Hungary will join if the EU rulers force them…and Slovakia…to take in a million Muslim males.  This insane program is going to utterly unhinge Europe and time is running out!


And…this is the NYT big front page story!  None of the news I see in Russia is in the NYT, of course.

Yes, Turkey voted to give their leader dictatorial powers after the failed NATO coup.  No great surprise.  The vote was close like the vote here but I will note that when our rulers ‘win’ any vote this way, they are quite happy and claim they have a mandate.  Of course, when anyone else does this, they whine that it isn’t real just like they did with our own election when nearly the entire non-‘city’ vote was for Trump and Hillary carried only a slender amount of real estate and nearly all of that in ‘big cities’ with ‘lots of welfare families.’


The Rich Dude who owns Amazon.com newspaper, the Washington Post, has this story:

Oh, all the ‘white’ towns are DYING.  Well, the Democrats hate those pesky towns.  And so do the big shot Republicans. Both have united for 40 years to destroy these agricultural/manufacturing towns and they are now dying, isn’t that a surprise?  I remember when we had many sheep farms here and I was one, too, and we had all sorts of agricultural stuff and it is all dead and gone thanks to free trade.


Thanks a lot, you evil squirts.  And they hope we have given up and won’t give any trouble as they finish us off.


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23 responses to “Leftist Rioter Attack Le Pen Rallies: The Bilderberg Gang Encourages This

  1. Lou

    all the ‘white’ towns are DYING.–The agendas being 2,
    1] get rid of Whites [we were once 35% of total population.
    2] depopulation. With robots, most humans will not be needed by the Bezos, Bilderbergers, Rothschilds.

    “Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.” — James Burnham

    Every day, illegal aliens molest or worse to nearly 400 CHILDREN. EVERY DAY. in USA.


  2. Claudeeyah


    The final joke will be on them. White society can only be sustained by……wait…..for……if…………………Whites! Happy Taliban, friends and company. I sadly won’t live to see you tortured by your multicultural friends.

  3. Lou

    Elaine, take 8 minutes for the first part of this,

  4. Christian W

    Fascist means in service of the corporation run by crony capitalists, ie you can’t say these people are traditional leftists opposing crony capitalism/neoliberalism when they are in service of it.

    In that sense these fake leftists are in fact full blown fascists. Both the “left” and the “right” serve the “State” only their ideas of what the state is differs – ultimately they serve the same entity yet neither the “left” nor the “right” can see this.

    What we see with these demonstations is young people being organized by Soros paid professionals to agitate for “issues” (such as anti-fascism, anti-racism) against other “issues” (anti-communism, anti-immigration). In other words, the Oligarchs have hijacked the budding protest movements on the right and the left and pushed them against each other, like in Berkley with the Neo-nazis vs. the “Communists” (ANTIFA ie Anti-Fascists).

    Black Lives Matter serves beautifully as an example that agigates both the “right” and the “left” to clash, yet the winners are the elites. Why do the elites win? Because the issues framed by the organizations set up by the elites ensure that there can be no compromise, no common ground.

    We saw this with the Trump campaign vs Hillary. Both sides (fake right and fake left) saw the other side as an existential threat, yet at the end of the day there is no difference between Trump and Hillary when it comes to their servitude to the System. This basic fact is completely outside the reach of their supporters who are focusing on “issues” rather than the big picture where the elites rule unchallenged.

    This is basically how CIA Color Revolutions work, and now they are aimed at the heart of the Western nations, including the US and NATO countries and budding NATO countries. Russia is also under siege this way.

  5. Christian W


    White Christian Supremacist Genius promises to start WWIII if North Korea doesn’t submit to Uncle Sam

    The Latest: Pence says ‘era of strategic patience’ is over
    50 minutes ago

    PANMUNJOM, South Korea (AP) — The Latest on U.S. Vice President Mike Pence in South Korea (all times local):

    12:02 p.m.

    U.S. Vice President Mike Pence says the “era of strategic patience is over” with North Korea, expressing impatience with the willingness of the North Korean regime to move toward ridding itself of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

    Pence tells reporters near the Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Korea that President Donald Trump is hopeful that China will use their “extraordinary levers” to pressure the North to abandon their weapons.

    He says there was a “period of patience” over the years but “the era of strategic patience is over.” He says the Trump administration hopes their clarity will be received in North Korea, adding the U.S. and its allies will achieve its objectives through “peaceable means or ultimately by whatever means are necessary” to protect South Korea and stabilize the region…


    Haha, the US was never interested in “stabilizing the region”. That is why it destroyed Korea in the first place and have had part of it under military occupation for 60+ years

  6. Christian W

    Oh, all the ‘white’ towns are DYING. Well, the Democrats hate those pesky towns. And so do the big shot Republicans. Both have united for 40 years to destroy these agricultural/manufacturing towns and they are now dying, isn’t that a surprise? I remember when we had many sheep farms here and I was one, too, and we had all sorts of agricultural stuff and it is all dead and gone thanks to free trade.

    Sorry but the people in these little towns didn’t see through Reagan’s bullshit, they LOVED him. They waved their Amerian flags and VOTED for “free trade” and “individual liberty” because regulations and restrictions on commerce are un-American and leftist quasi-communism or even “liberal fascism”.

    Of course the point is that the “freedom and liberty” in this case wasn’t THEIR freedom and liberty, they voted for the freedom of the ELITES to do as they please. And now they are whining? Please.

  7. Christian W

  8. Nani

    The leftist fascists hates Western civilization, and work ceaselessly to destroy it. This is done mainly by two means; one, by enabling and encouraging illegal mass immigration, and two, by wrecking our economies through deindustrialization, and cheap foreign labor.

    The primary target of this strategy seems to be white men who the leftists hates more than any other group of people on earth. This is why they always talk contemptuous about “white privilege” and “angry white men”.

    There is a war going on in many western countries now. This is a war between the leftist fascists and the real conservative right. Our primary enemy is therefore not the male muslims invaders (they are only a tool), but our own fascist “liberal” rulers. They are the ones who actively strives for our destruction.

    Czech Republic: We’d Rather Risk EU Penalties Than be Forced to Take Migrants

  9. Good, so now the Czechs are joining the Slovaks in telling NATO to go pound sand. This is how the EU will vanish from history. I predicted this some time ago.

  10. Lou

    30,000 pro Le Pen Facebk accounts shut down;

  11. Lou

    Easter weekend saw 7,000 MORE Africans arrive in Europe thanks to the ‘humanitarian’ boats picking them up just off the Libyan coast.

    Read this! Hillary is responsible!


  12. Lou

    White Christian Supremacist Genius???
    And, Sorry but the people voted for Clinton. Twice. He voted [at 11th hour, 59th minute] NAFTA, China gets most favored nation status.

    and VOTED for “free trade”–look at USAs balance sheet, 17 years later.

  13. Lou

    Reagan gave us the first amnesty. That was the beginning of the end.

  14. Christian W

    @ 11

    Thanks to US destruction of Libya you can now buy a slave for €200. Why would anyone sane stay in that environment?

    The US bombed the Libyan infrastructure to bits, dams and water systems, electrical plants you name it. And now people are complaining desperate souls try to flee the misery?

    Think about that, the US brought back SLAVERY to Libya. I bet the CIA is earning a fair bit on the human trafficking as well. KA-CHING!

  15. Christian W

    Yes Lou. The GOP and the Dems screwed you. I’m sure they won’t the next time.

  16. Yes, both parties are owned by the very rich and very powerful. Originally, the internet was a free zone but this has been shutting down more and more for many years now. It will probably cease to exist, that is, the ‘interactive’ parts.

    That is, all the parts where we can communicate with each other. I will note here now, that nearly all mainstream media sites no longer take any or a very tiny number of comments to the publications.

    And these are heavily censored.

  17. Christian W

    CNN’s Amonpour (CIA) refused to show the Syrian President Assad’s response to the US chemical attack in Syria that prompted Trump’s Tomahawk assault, on the grounds that Assad’s response was propaganda.

    The CNN is now officially deciding what is appropriate for Americans to see and think.

  18. Christian W

    Also the OPCW, the Organisation for the Prohibiton of Chemical Weapons, refuses to investige the Al Qaeda “gas attack”, despite being explicitely invited by the Syrian government and Russia to do so.

  19. Christian W

    Shalom VP Pence:

  20. Christian W

    This Zionist critter Pence has no problem nuking North Korea for his masters.

  21. Lou

    Christian, how would attacking North Korea help Israel? Or do I misunderstand?

    Meanwhile, in Sweden;

  22. Christian W

    Israel–South Korea relations refers to the diplomatic, commercial and cultural ties between Israel and South Korea.

    South Korea has maintained relations with Israel since 1948,[1] and in 1962 both states initiated official diplomatic relations. Israel and South Korea have expressed interest in strengthening the relationship in all areas, particularly defense, but also renewable energy, science and technology, and bilateral trade.[2]

    US run South Korea is another lickspittle of Israel. Nobody is allowed to deviate from Israel worship without becoming a target.

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