My Readers Remind Me: Middlebury College Professor Nearly Killed, Excuses Her Own Student Riots

Students Protest Lecture By Dr. Charles Murray at Middlebury College – YouTube


Readers who kindly respond to my postings here alerted me to further news about the professor in Vermont last month who was beaten up by her students when she protected a guest from being lynched by mobs of screaming lunatic students she and her ilk taught:  Professor Injured In Left-Wing Riots Responds to ‘Antifa’ Protesters | MRCTV here is the original news story:


Middlebury College professor of politics and economics Allison Stanger was attacked by left-wing, so-called AnftiFa (an ironic abbreviation for supposed “Anti-Fascists”) protesters on March 2, merely for attending a speech by, and talking to, conservative/libertarian author Charles Murray in the rustic Sandersesque, Flower-Power enclave of Middlebury Vermont.


The utter evil these spoiled brats pulled in Vermont is going to backfire, badly.


Evidently hungering for more than Phish bootlegs, Ben & Jerry’s binges, and baths in patchouli oil, the “protesters” (more precisely called thugs) decided that they needed to shut down free speech and send Professor Stanger to Middlebury Hospital in order to satisfy their wanton self-righteous egos. She emerged with a neck brace and horrified thoughts about her attackers.


Yes, their teacher did chide them for trying to kill her.  But that isn’t the end of this story.


What they rarely acknowledge — or perhaps even understand — is that fascism has a very specific meaning. It is the political arrangement whereby the means of economic production are “nominally” owned by individuals or corporations, but are ultimately commanded by the state. It is, as a result, anti-individualist, anti-private property, and anti-dissent.


One does not produce “goodness” or “fairness” via the agency of violence, be it personal or state violence. And one cannot claim to be anti-fascist when engaging in the epitome of fascist tactics, embracing fascist ideology, and hiding behind flags of self-congratulatory righteous indignation.


Here is professor Allison Stranger replying to the media about the news that leftist students who knew her and go to school around her…openly attacked her physically when they wanted to beat up and perhaps even kill another visiting professor who was saying things they didn’t like!


Professor Stranger supports these violent students, begging them only to not be quite so utterly violent, they should have been semi-violent!  Understanding the Angry Mob at Middlebury That Gave Me a Concussion – The New York Times…of course, being  one of the very first Bilderberg gangsters, the Time’s owners have a very long and ugly record of being creepy and wanting to enslave US taxpayers and force them to pay for the protection of Europe and Asia and not the US itself.


The NYT interviews this delusional, brain damaged female teacher who helped create these out of control little thugs:


That is the context into which Dr. Murray walked and was so profoundly misunderstood.


Evidently, the NYT reporter is blaming the VICTIM for being physically assaulted by deranged students who were trained to be vicious monsters by their weak, delusional ‘teachers’ who then co-conspire with expensive schools like Middlebury, to bury these crazy kiddies deep in debt for the rest of their miserable, unemployable lives.

From the stage where I sat with Dr. Murray, waiting for students to take their seats, I saw a sea of humanity. Students were chanting, “Who is the enemy? White supremacy,” and “Racist, sexist, anti-gay: Charles Murray, go away!” Others were yelling obscenities at Dr. Murray or one another.


That is not a ‘sea of humanity’ it is a MOB.  And the pro-Dr. Murray people were there to listen to a speech and the vile opposition was there to RIOT.


What alarmed me most, however, was what I saw in the eyes of the crowd. Those who wanted the event to take place made eye contact with me. Those intent on disrupting it steadfastly refused to do so. They couldn’t look at me directly, because if they had, they would have seen another human being.


HAHAHA.  She thought, if only her own students would look at her, they would have seen her as a human and not someone to rip to shreds and kill.


The protesters succeeded in shutting down the lecture. We were forced to move to another site and broadcast our discussion via live stream, while activists who had figured out where we were banged on the windows and set off fire alarms. Afterward, as Dr. Murray and I left the building with Bill Burger, Middlebury’s vice president for communications, a mob charged us.


This stupid woman can’t understand that SHE and her ilk, her buddies, fellow professors, trained this mob of mindless lunatics to attack anyone who disagreed with their training which was created by this stupid professor and her own buddies.


I wish to god these lunatic leftists teaching in these stupid schools would teach real history, the history of all ‘revolutions’ is, the liberals are the second group of people to be annihilated and murdered.  They are not argued with, they are KILLED.


Most of the hatred was focused on Dr. Murray, but when I took his right arm to shield him and to make sure we stayed together, the crowd turned on me. Someone pulled my hair, while others were shoving me. I feared for my life.Once we got into the car, protesters climbed on it, hitting the windows and rocking the vehicle whenever we stopped to avoid harming them. I am still wearing a neck brace, and spent a week in a dark room to recover from a concussion caused by the whiplash.


She saw the open hatred, the lust for blood, the desire to murder her just because she would not let them murder a visiting professor, and look at what she learned:


It is obvious that some protesters made dangerous choices. But with time to reflect, I have to say that I hear and understand the righteous anger of many of those who shouted us down. I know that many students felt they were standing up to protect marginalized people who have been demeaned or even threatened under the guise of free speech.


This is the convoluted way the adult ‘liberals’ who taught and encouraged this kids to be violent thugs, pretending these thugs are fighting for people who are ‘demeaned and threatened.’


During this last year, we watched Mexicans physically attack American citizens in California, waving Mexican flags and screaming in Spanish while the mayors of these cities who were elected by illegal aliens, standing aside and letting these foreign invaders attack US citizens trying to go to a political rally.


The students were not ‘protecting’ anyone.  They were ATTACKING.  That is utterly the opposite.  The ‘marginalized’ people were the rational students who invited a professor to come and talk to them.


But for us to engage with one another as fellow human beings — even on issues where we passionately disagree — we need reason, not just emotions. Middlebury students could have learned from identifying flawed assumptions or logical shortcomings in Dr. Murray’s arguments. They could have challenged him in the Q. and A. If the ways in which his misinterpreted ideas have been weaponized precluded hearing him out, students also had the option of protesting outside, walking out of the talk or simply refusing to attend.


This stupid woman and her gang taught these kiddies how to be intolerant and stupid. Not to mention, suicidal.  Geeze, a question and answer session?  HAHAHA. In classes at schools like this nutty school, anyone going against the propaganda of the professors is attacked…by the professors who then give them bad grades!


Argue with them, they get physical.  The nastiness is entirely on the professor/student radical left’s side of the equation.


Part of the problem was the furor that preceded the talk. This past month, as the campus uproar about Dr. Murray’s visit built, I was genuinely surprised and troubled to learn that some of my faculty colleagues had rendered judgment on Dr. Murray’s work and character without ever having read anything he has written. It wasn’t just students: Some professors protested his appearance as well.


So, does this funky female put 2+2 together and figure out that the professors and students are toxic and worked each other up into attacking another human who was a professor without knowing ANYTHING about what he said or wrote?  Ahem: this is the definition of ‘evil’.


Intelligent members of the Middlebury community — including some of my own students and advisees — concluded that Charles Murray was an anti-gay white nationalist from what they were hearing from one another, and what they read on the Southern Poverty Law Center website. Never mind that Dr. Murray supports same-sex marriage and is a member of the courageous “never Trump” wing of the Republican Party.


I would dispute using the word ‘intelligent’ to describe these terrorists.  They are stupid.  Very stupid.  They have no idea about how history works or how their beliefs are terrible, look at any communist country, even the Chinese couldn’t make it work and turned to ‘capitalism’ but in a fascist form (that is, the government controls everything and no free speech).


She claims, if only her delusional buddies would learn more about Dr. Murray, they would see he isn’t a right winger, he even supports things she and her ilk support!  But this dear delusional female who couldn’t figure out the obvious, this is exactly why they hate Dr. Murray: he deviates from exactly one position they hold.


They want total control of every aspect of our lives and without compromise.


Students are in college in part to learn how to evaluate sources and follow up on ideas with their own research. The Southern Poverty Law Center incorrectly labels Dr. Murray a “white nationalist,” but if we have learned nothing in this election, it is that such claims must be fact-checked, analyzed and assessed. Faulty information became the catalyst for shutting off the free exchange of ideas at Middlebury. We must all be more rigorous in evaluating and investigating anger, or this pattern of miscommunication will continue on other college campuses.


Where are these kiddies picking up their delusional ideas, lady?  Go look in the mirror.  Go to the administrators of this fake school and tell them, they are destroying their own students by teaching them to be insane, intolerant and stupid!  Duh!


She dare not do this, of course.


I am not saying that students shouldn’t protest white nationalism. That it is immoral is not at issue. But there was a direct line between the fighting words on campus, the suppression of speech and the angry mob that gave me a concussion. All violence is a breakdown of communication.


They were not protesting white nationalism, they were protesting against free speech.  They cannot communicate because they are owned by their teachers and don’t develop any skills in how to argue any case.  They demand adherence to whatever ideology they use as a life raft.  They have no mature ideas created via thinking and arguing a case, they live in this echo chamber: most schools today have only ‘liberal’ teachers.


Anyone who wants a degree in other fields know, when they take any courses in the ‘liberal arts’ they have to keep their heads low and ape what the teachers order them to read and write and then they get good grades.  Argue your position is very verboten.


There is no excusing what happened at Middlebury, and those who prevented Charles Murray from speaking must be punished for violating college rules. But what the events at Middlebury made clear is that, regardless of political persuasion, Americans today are deeply susceptible to a renunciation of reason and celebration of ignorance. They know what they know without reading, discussing or engaging those who might disagree with them. People from both sides of the aisle reject calm logic, eager to embrace the alternative news that supports their prejudices.


This woman has no right to teach anyone, anything.  She lives in La La Land.  Mainstream news is very biased!  ALL news has ideology by definition.  This has been true for the last 5,000 years.  There never is a time when ‘news information’ isn’t ideologically driven.


The news systems is all about persuasion.  The pursuit of truth is separate from the news.  This is where ‘analysis’ enters and one thing the mainstream news hates more than anything, is sane ‘analysis’.  The push into one war after another is old stuff, it is fed by the media systems.


This professor believes the ‘news’ she sees is real.  She has no system for examining it to see when it lies, for example.  I see how it works because, since 1960, when I  had access to my father’s short wave radio, I got international news which is three-dimenentional.  One cannot see what is real unless one sees all sides.


The internet drives our rulers nuts.  Citizens can get news from across the planet, from people big and small, leaders and citizens or anyone…this infuriates them and they are now desperately trying to censor the news and willing to destroy the internet to stop this flow of information, or alternative analysis of events.


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15 responses to “My Readers Remind Me: Middlebury College Professor Nearly Killed, Excuses Her Own Student Riots

  1. ziff

    Why are youth angry about things , what are they really angry about? having to enter the adult world ? Teenage rebellion. Seems a common thing , we were angry about getting shot at in a stupid war,

  2. Melponeme_k

    It isn’t only politics where people are intolerant. It is ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Go to any culture site (books, music, dance and film) and you will see people attacking anyone with a contrary opinion. You don’t even have to be nasty to get flagged and muzzled by site moderators. Everyone is a hurt party with feelings right under thin skins.

    It is all argument based on personal emotions. There is no ability to craft logical explanations and arguments. In fact when faced with opponents who can argue logically, it draws more hatred because it is exposing failures in education inside the SJWs.

    This is all a result of media brain washing telling a whole generation that they shouldn’t be DISSED.

  3. BTW, if anyone argues any points with anyone at nearly all sites, you get banned.

    There has been no dialog for years now.

  4. At Smith College. They have these huge Black Lives Matter banners hanging off the dorms balconies. Don’t they know that BLM will not let white people attend their meetings?

  5. And the young lasses doing this are lining up as potential crime victims,too. But not at Smith, I once did a lecture there. Talk about ISOLATED and in a White community, too. Save zone for being silly.

    I, on the other hand, lived next to the University of Arizona and in Berkeley and did a huge amount of anti-crime arrests and greatest violence, too.

    We were in literal pitched battles with attackers trying to kill us!!!

  6. Save zone for being silly. With a tuition and fees about 60 thousand a year. Why not.

  7. I should work as their babysitter. Make oodles of money and turn reasonable children into human wrecks! What a job!

  8. Lou

    The Huff Po piece is especially rich, as its from a Black South African.
    South Africa has imploded, being a rape, baby rape and murder capital.
    SSSSSSSSHHHH, Huff Po. See no evil.

  9. Yes, the left is entirely unhinged and extremely racist.

  10. Lou

    11—have a look at what this college professor is advocating-OPENLY.
    He’s employed by Texas A&M.

  11. Lou

    Yet when Whites use the term, ‘Nigger’ —well does anyone remember paula Deen? She was at the end of a gun and described the robber with the N word. 20 or so years later, the media did her in. or tried to.

    Tommy Curry works for the College of Liberal Arts, Department of Philosophy. Here is the contact information for the Department. Here is individual contact information for the heads of the Philosophy department. Here is contact information for the heads of the College of Liberal Arts.

    Less than two weeks ago a black nationalist at nearby UT-Austin went on a racially motivated stabbing spree. He stabbed three whites and one Asian. One of the white victims died.

    In 2011, an African immigrant named Nkosi Thandiwe went on a racially motivated shooting spree in Atlanta. He shot three young, beautiful white females. One was killed and one was left paralyzed. During his trial, he said he felt justified in shooting white people because of what professors taught him at a local community college.

    Here is the summary of Tommy Curry’s book The Man-Not:….

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