RT News From Russia Rarely Shows Up In Google News

Front page today of  RT News.  Chaos, carnage, and courage: First 6 months of Battle of Mosul in 10 visceral videos — RT News has for anyone with curiosity as to how NATO is faring in Iraq.  We re-invaded Iraq again just like Afghanistan, again.  No one in the US was consulted in these invasions, neither of these went to Congress nor did we declare war on anyone.  We just go around the planet killing people and interfering in countries, usually leaving them in worse shape than before the invasions.


If you click on the RT link above, it contains many videos which is good for it shows clearly the succession of events that has caused the Iraqis so much horror and terror.  Saddam was nasty and vicious but this sort of destruction is unforgivable for it was caused by snotty invaders claiming they were saving the people of Iraq.


November, 20016 in Iraq: Mosul food shortages leave soldiers struggling to contain crowds during aid delivery – YouTube


Here is the The New York Times front page:

The editorial page attacks Trump every day without fail.  Krugman, who celebrates ‘free trade’ whines that Trump isn’t saving all the jobs of everyone.  These clowns supported all the previous Presidents shipping jobs overseas and bringing in H1B workers to undermine US wages and break the unions.


Really funny is the story at the NYT about how Trump voters are upset that the Bilderberg gang is hijacking him and tricking him into focusing only on their crappy agenda, not focused on bringing jobs home.  This, as if the other candidates wanted to do what Trump promised.  They outright said they would do nothing!


The NYT totally refused to report the violence by Antifa fascists attacking the Trump rally at Berkeley, California last Saturday.  This refusal to report the news is criminal.  It is an attack on the citizens of the US.  If the NYT covers up leftist crimes like this, it makes the NYT complicit in their crimes.


All the ‘liberal’ news is complicit in these crimes.  For example, the San Francisco News carried this story:

But not the actual riot which was started, as always, by the leftists who openly attack the peaceful demonstrations by conservatives.  There are plenty of stories in conservative media outlets about the vicious actions of the leftists and how the police suddenly vanished when the leftists marched in with weapons.  This happened after the cops disarmed all the conservatives, telling them they didn’t need any protection because the police would protect them.


To the horror of the leftists, without weapons of any sort, the conservatives fought off the leftists and won the fight in the end.  And they have a lot to be proud of: they defeated the Machine set up by the Bilderberg gang.


The conservative movement isn’t dead.  It gets weaker when it fights the sex wars.  I am against the conservative agenda on sex, have been since I was a teenager.  The people who want to make abortions illegal are fighting the wrong battle.  The problem isn’t abortion, it is how to protect children and get them out of poverty.


And the movement for that has been hijacked by cynical Bilderberg gangsters who pretend to be conservatives while meeting in private with fake liberals who then divvy up the world’s wealth between themselves and both are intent on destroying unions and marriages.


This continuous betrayal of both the liberals and conservatives is rapidly destroying our country.  The US mainstream fake news dare not report any of this real news because it would cause people to understand how they are being systematically destroyed by our ‘leaders’.


Trump has to play footsie with these people or they will outright kill him.  They wanted Reagan dead, you know.  Reagan, after less than a year, was knocked down flat by an assassin and never really regained his brains after the severe damage and was a puppet for the Bilderberg gang and I am still amazed at how the conservatives couldn’t put 2 and 2 together: a Bush Sr.’s friend’s son tried to kill the President.


Instead of being chucked out of office by outraged conservatives, he was allowed to take over the running of the government with Reagan as his puppet since Reagan could still read speeches but was now pretty poorly functional.


To top this off, conservatives then let Bush Sr. and then Bush Jr. become President, too.  They have a lot of self-destruction involved in all this.  The left has operated in such a way that they could fool the leftists into supporting outright neo-nazi fascism in Israel and when the left sided with the Palestinians, they could be locked out of DC and have zero influence.


Now, about Google News: they censor a lot of the internet.  On the ‘News’ search, all blogs are cut out, RT news NEVER shows up there at all, the censorship is totally wacky.  It is very annoying and it is very deliberate.


The people operating Google at the top are Bilderberg gangsters.  When there is a flood of news they hate, they will highlight mainly those which are owned by fellow Bilderberg gang members and maybe let in one or two non-affiliated news services but never, ever Russian news.


Locked in this stupid box designed and run by gangsters means the US public is led around by the nose.  The only cracks in this system comes from internet operations overseas or citizens like myself writing about the real news.







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    what do you mean? not usually, always.

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