More Evil Airline Stories, Now About CHILDREN Being ‘Bumped’ Due To Overbooking!

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Air Canada compensates family after bumping ten year old boy from overbooked flight – Business Insider: It appears that when this family traveling on vacation arrived at the airport, they learned before boarding that their little boy was chosen randomly to be bumped from yet another overbooked flight this week.  It gets much worse.


It turns out, the family decided to have the father be bumped and the child go with the mother.  Sounds OK, yes?  NO!  The airline said, if the father stays behind, his seat would go to the next overbooked person, NOT his own son!


So the family had to make a torturous change in plans to fly instead of boarding the plane.  This is why ‘overbooking’ must be outlawed.  It is a hideous way to run a business and the family is contemplating suing and I hope they sue and get a huge pay off.


Guess what the payoff was offered?  Less than $2,000 and only as a voucher to fly with these idiots in the future.  ‘We are very generous’ said the crocodile who works for the airlines as PR person.


Is this a one time thing for Air Canada?  Nope.  They have this tick about children flying: make them walk the plank!  ‎A 15 year old traveling alone, was stranded this way with a $10 food voucher at an airport for 24 hours! Back last July, no less.


They promised, they swore they would never abuse a child again after that fiasco blew up in their faces and then…told that 10 year old crying child, he had to be left behind because they overbooked a flight, as per usual.



Who do they hire for airline travel?  Genghis  Khan?  Darth Vader?  Grandfather of 12 year old left stranded,  calls on a  review of children being bumped  policy


 Brian Truelove said Air Canada should improve its policy on transporting minors after 15-year-old Hayden Levy was forced to sleep on the floor at Toronto’s International Airport.


Now I learn the kid was forced to sleep on the floor because he was too young to go sign up in a hotel…OMG.


Levy was travelling from Winnipeg to Halifax two weeks ago but was bumped from his connecting flight when the airplane stopped over in Toronto.


Following the incident, Canada’s national carrier apologised and gave the teen a CAD$400 voucher as compensation.


But Truelove has criticised the airline’s policy, saying his grandson is “too young to book a hotel room but not too young to bump off a flight”.


So, they gave him only $400?  Um, sorry, but in both cases, this is called ‘child abuse’ and the adults doing this should be put in jail or fined heavily at least.  When parents entrust their children to strangers who then abuse them, this is ILLEGAL.


It isn’t just Air Canada, an Asian airline did this, too, to a 12 year old child who was left crying at a strange airport!


In June, a father said he was suing Cathay Pacific for US$250,000 (NZ$355,000) after his 12-year-old son was left unattended while flying from Hong Kong to India.


Ram Prasad Poosaala said he specifically requested the airline’s unaccompanied minor service when his son, Raja Ram Poosaala, was travelling to Hyderabad last year to visit his grandmother.


We all have to protect children when running a business that involves either housing or transporting children.  Schools, for example, can’t just dump children any old place.  Why?


It happened to me when I was in first grade!!!  First day of school, the teacher put me on the wrong bus, the bus drove into the mountains away from Scottdale, Arizona and ordered me off the bus!  I cried, he told me to go or else and I exited.


Walked all the way home through the desert.  It took me over five hours.  During that time, all the sheriffs, police and military helicopters were looking for me but I evaded them because I was told to never talk to strangers if I got lost!


I made it home finally and told my parents that I wasn’t going to school ever again, the walk home was too difficult.


But this raises strong emotions in me due to that past event.  I must have been cursed because I was already raped by a powerful neighbor in Wisconsin, hit by lightning and…well, it only got more, not less challenging.


The fact is, we have this unwritten obligation to protect children.  The US bombs or shoots children all the time, so do other rulers, it is all too common.  Children are ridiculously easy to kill and when Trump said he was bombing Syria because children died in an attack of unknown origin, he did this and it pisses me off.


Typical of all adults when they get power: they kill children or abuse them.  Stop it, guys.  Just stop.


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8 responses to “More Evil Airline Stories, Now About CHILDREN Being ‘Bumped’ Due To Overbooking!

  1. Melponeme_k

    The airlines have been vile for many, many years now. The first time I flew alone (around 19), a family friend who worked in the airlines gave me one of her first class upgrades. I was extremely nervous. The stewardess in charge of first class was nothing less than evil. She didn’t speak to me and proceeded to glare at me any chance she had. It was downright sociopathic because she was as sweet as pie to the business man sitting next to me. He took pity on me and told her to extend hospitality to me.

    The world absolutely hates children and has been taught to do so by social engineering.

    As a kid I was a paranoid wacko. I was convinced that all adults were out to pull the wool over my eyes and I wasn’t that far wrong. It served me well. I was never trusting.

    It carried over into my late teens and early twenties when older men would hit on me. I automatically deduced that something was seriously wrong with these men if they could only relate to someone as young as I was back then.

  2. Claudeeyah


    Pretty sure they were just horny. Old guys have been hitting on young ladies since, oh, I don’t know……forever! And as far as morality goes, the old saying has always been, ” a stiff pr*ck has no conscience.” The only difference between now and when we were growing up is that the women are catching up with the men with their lewd, preying upon youngsters, behavior. Equal rights and all that. I don’t think Mrs. Robinson was meant to be a role model. 🙂

  3. Melponeme_k


    Unless you had a father figure complex or a gold digger, were you honestly interested in old men when you were young?

    What kind of normal person thinks they can have an equal relationship with a very young person?

    “Old guys have been hitting on young ladies since, oh, I don’t know……forever!”

    Going after women in their 20’s, the young women should know better. But running after teenage girls 15 and up is completely disgusting.

    The old person (man or woman) preying on young person is by and large a CULTURAL, social engineering, maladaptive, learned behavior. Young people should feel free to express themselves with their peers not have stunted old people impinging on their time in the sun.

  4. Claudeeyah


    When I was around 15 or so, my dermatologist molested me. I was raped right in his office. When I finally got out of there, my face was crimson red, my mother quite pissed off as I had been gone for over an hour, and the waiting room was filled with very angry patients. The receptionist gave me a rather harsh look. I suspect I wasn’t his first time at the rodeo. Of course, I told no one. My dad was curious that I refused to go back.

    Throughout my teens and early twenties, old(er) men (thirties/forties/fifties/sixties) would relentlessly pursue me. It got so bad at one point I couldn’t walk down the street from a bus stop without being offered a ride. That was when I was poor and still a teen. Of course I politely refused.

    Not trying to be anti-male at all. I love the company of men. But they have revealed themselves to be completely lecherous when it comes to sex, excercising little self control. Of course, now I see it as little more than a power grab, not so much libido.

    That’s just my fifty plus year old experience. Sad now that the women are proving just as disgusting as the men. How nice!

  5. Melponeme_k

    I’m truly sorry that was your experience. And I’m sure it was hard to rebuild your trust in men.

    The reason why we have such destructive behavior and the preying on children is because of our culture. Look on the TV, in film, in pop music. Abusing children is the top name of the game. Adults should know better. But then we are also being brainwashed in Luciferianism. That we should all get what we want, do what we want and social darwin our way through life. The little people behaving this way covers up the larger sins of our elites. We are their cover.

  6. Claudeeyah

    I taught elementary school for a number of years and was surprised how sexualized young girls had become. As young as kindergarten and first grade, some are wearing make up, have pierced ears, and often wore sexually provocative tee shirts with sayings like, “Bad Little Mamma”, and so forth.

    When I was in fifth grade (the Dark Ages) some girls were maturing faster than others. Instead of emphasizing their breasts and hips, they wore loose fitting, frilly tops with collars. I am amazed that mothers (and absentee, or non-existent fathers) would allow their young girls to dress like that. Of course, I taught in the hood, and seeing these mothers entertaining a never ending parade of young, unemployed men in and out of their bedrooms was something we were supposed to ignore and not notice.

    I was always protective of these girls, looking for clues that they might be victims of molestation. Their mothers usually looked like tired out old hags by the time they were thirty, so I am sure a half drunk, deadbeat, sometimes “boyfriend” might take advantage of a situation where a young girl was present and available. It did happen, but luckily not under my watch (as far as I am aware).

    I agree. Society’s first mission is to protect its most vulnerable members. That would be the young as well as the elderly. Sadly, these groups are the first to get thrown under the bus. I suspect it has always been this way to an extent, but the “ghettoization” of our culture has only increased this behavior.

  7. Good lord, when I was only five, I was literally raped. Bled a lot had to be operated on later, messed me up badly. The rapist confessed to me when I was over 40 years old and then he died.

    My revenge was he had to visit my Watchers on the way out.

    This odd fact gives me great satisfaction. This is why I didn’t let it destroy my life so I had two children but was too fragile for three, alas. But I did have children after being told I couldn’t have any, ever!

    Little children need to be protected. And obviously, corporate American has no intentions of doing THAT! They are to be EXPLOITED.

  8. BTW, my pregnancies involved lots of hospitalizations. Very dangerous.

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