NASA Employee Widow Muscled By Feds Over Selling Microscopic Moon Rock

Good Moon rock Weed And More Cannabis Strains for sale –this isn’t the moon rocks in the story today.  You can get arrested in many places for selling these ‘moon rocks’ too.


True story: my grandfather was part of this expedition in the 19th century to go to Meteor Crater in Arizona to figure out if it was caused by a meteor strike.  He then took this huge hunk of the meteorite and took it to his lab and toyed with it, cutting it in two.  I grew up playing with this rock.  We were told, in 1965, that this rock was illegal so my dad gave it to the Smithsonian Institute.  We had other interesting stuff no one is allowed to have these days.  This takes me to the story in the news about a retired NASA scientist who was given a moon rock by Armstrong which was ‘illegal’ and when his widow tried to sell it, she was attacked literally by NASA goons.


NASA agent faces heat for ‘degrading’ moon rock sting during which grandmother wet herself • The Register


Davis and her first husband Robert had both worked at North American Rockwell in the 1960s, building parts for the Apollo space program. After the first manned moon landing, the family claims Neil Armstrong gave Robert a fragment of the moon and a small piece of Apollo 11’s heat shield as a thank you for the brilliant engineer’s hard work.


I suspect my father knew these people.  ‘Davis’ sounds familiar.  We did live in Texas a while back in the early rocket days and I have a relative who was a doctor for NASA down in Texas, too.  My father was the father of the US rocket program due to bringing back the Nazi rocket scientists.


The two objects were separately encased in lucite and used as paperweights by Robert. When he died in 1986, they were left to his wife. In 2011, Mrs Davis ran into financial difficulties and planned to sell the two paperweights to foot her son’s medical bills and help her raise several grandchildren after her daughter passed away.


She emailed NASA for advice on how to sell the trinkets. She was then telephoned by someone calling himself Jeff who claimed to be a broker. Jeff said he had heard the grandmother wanted to flog her cosmic memorabilia, and claimed he had previously worked on the space shuttle program. However, unbeknownst to Davis, Jeff was in fact a NASA special agent called Norman Conley.


The fact that she contacted NASA and asked them about this matter and then they didn’t tell her anything is her grounds for a lawsuit and the shocking information in this story shows that her chances of winning is very high.


Conley knew but for some reason, over the course of seven long phone calls, didn’t tell Davis that selling moon rock is straight up illegal. All samples taken from our natural satellite on the Apollo missions are the property of the US government and cannot be hawked legally. But rather than tell Davis this, Conley chose to set up a sting operation to recover the rock and heat shield shards. Davis even told Jeff she knew someone had been jailed for touting moon rock, but she believed she was in the clear because the material was a legit gift.


Yes, that is the definition of an illegal entrapment.  When the agent along with a goon squad, met the old lady, they muscled her and abused her.  That was stupid and also illegal since she wasn’t resisting arrest.  The courts this week announced that she has grounds for suing and bless her heart, I hope she wins.


Just two months ago, a very similar case:  NASA to turn over Apollo 11 moon rock bag to auction winner, per court order.


Feb. 25, 2017

— NASA, following a judge’s order, will turn over an Apollo 11 moon rock bag to the Illinois woman who bought the artifact at a disputed auction.

Judge Vanessa Gilmore, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, ruled on Friday (Feb. 24) that Nancy Lee Carlson’s property was “illegally seized” by the space agency. Gilmore ordered that the Apollo 11 lunar sample bag be “produced and handed over” to Carlson at NASA’s Johnson Space Center on Monday (Feb. 27).

The finding brings to an end a nearly two-year dispute that landed the moon rock bag at the center of multiple lawsuitsin two states.
The zippered cloth pouch, which was labeled in bold black letters “Lunar Sample Return,” was used on July 20, 1969, as an “outer decontamination bag” to protect the first moon rocks retrieved from the surface of the moon as they were delivered to Earth by Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.


NASA lost that case, too.  In this case, the woman who bought it assumed it was nothing big but then asked NASA about it and they did the same strong armed thuggery.  What gives?  Eh?  Brain damage time!


Due to an inventory error, the bag was not identified as still belonging to NASA, or that it had been flown on Apollo 11, at the time it was sold. Carlson later sent the artifact to the Johnson Space Center to be inspected.

NASA verified the presence of moon dust and established that the bag had been used on the first moon landing. But without a record of it being released from federal property, the space agency withheld returning the artifact to Carlson and contacted the U.S. Justice Department to reverse the improper forfeiture.


So, a double whammy of stupid here: NASA made the mistake and the woman who bought it thought it was real and wanted confirmation and it proved to be real so…they acted like Mafia thugs and took it from her by force!  Doesn’t anyone in that organization have any brains?  Naw.


In December 2016, a U.S. District Court in Kansas ordered that the lunar sample return bag belonged to Carlson. The judge said the government failed to cite examples where a court had ordered the invalidation of a sale to a “bona fide purchaser after a final order of forfeiture.”

Noting NASA was a “victim in this case, not a wrongdoer,” the Kansas judge wrote in his ruling that he hoped Carlson and the space agency could “amicably resolve the dispute in a way that recognizes both of their legitimate interests.”


NASA is not the ‘victim’.  If it was stolen, yes.  But it wasn’t, they were careless and stupid.  So the US public is the victim here and NASA employees should be fired for being stupid.  They also found some moon dust inside the bag and thus said, they could steal it because of the dust.


I am glad the judge slapped that down, too.  I wonder where they are hiring the staff? From failed airlines?



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10 responses to “NASA Employee Widow Muscled By Feds Over Selling Microscopic Moon Rock

  1. Jim R

    Apparently we are heading into an era of all-goon government. NASA goons, IRS, Post Office, Pentagoons…

    NASA has become so pathetic, between budget cuts and corruption. How do the astronauts get to the space station, now that they’ve retired the last system capable of getting men into space? (trick question)

  2. Claudeeyah

    The schools are graduating “scientists” who have trouble tying their shoes, let alone doing rocket calculations. This is what you get when you dumb down education and have an “Everbody Wins!” type of culture. The Russians are undoubtedly laughing their a@@es off.

  3. Christian W

    Real scientiest always had trouble tying their shoes… but they sure could do calculations :p

  4. DM

    There could be a much more interesting back-story to this moon-rock fetish.

    Pretty sure I read not too long back, that NASA had “lost” most of the moon-rock (along with all the original film).

    i suspect, though, that this is not the correct forum to discuss this 🙂

  5. Christian W

    The Donald had a vision of the future.

  6. Claudeeyah


    Two thumbs up.

  7. K. Chris C.

    Funny, considering that Apollo is a fraud.

    And yes, I have done the hours and hours of research that backs that statement. Doesn’t mean I’m correct, but I’m not just regurgitating what some fool told me.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  8. It is not a ‘fraud’. Like all the weird beliefs that surround every event, people manage to screw up understanding simple events.

    It is very much real. And yes, we did go to the moon. The problem was, and NASA was aware of this back then…no body had the slightest idea what to do there.

    I watched the debate about the moon as a child. NASA wasn’t certain if we could even land there for the fear was, the dust was so thick and light in nature, the space capsule might be stuck there.

    Luckily for us all, it wasn’t like that.

  9. Jim R

    Meanwhile back in the idiocracy of California, Juan Browne has another informative report:

    $275 million, cha-ching!

    Just like we have been saying. Mediocre design back in the ’60s, followed by shoddy construction, followed by decades of poor (or no) maintenance, and wouldn’t ya know it, the spillway had cracks and groundwater underneath…

  10. Lou

    Those who know might get a laugh.The mulatto with an adding machine gets a building named after her for her ‘miracle’,

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