New York Times Keeps Hitting Trump Over Taxes While Being Tax Cheats, Themselves

The odious little toads who sold the New York Times to a Mexican billionaire who needs that dying paper to propagandize the need for open borders and letting in millions of illegal aliens…continues to attack Trump over his taxes despite him proving, he did pay taxes.  Unfortunately for the NYT clowns, here is a 2011 headline from the NY Sun:  Owners of New York Times Used Tax Loopholes the Paper Scored Ambassador Lauder for Using.  So, the NYT has a long history of attacking public officials for ‘crimes’ they, themselves, commit!


It seems that this victim of the NYT hit piece was a Reagan ambassador to Austria then ren for mayor of NYC in 1989.


It is interesting to me that the NYT attacked Mr. Lauder who is a conservative Jew in NYC, he didn’t obey the dictate that all rich Jews should support fake Democratic ‘liberals’.


And, as of Sunday, according to the Times, Mr. Lauder is the poster boy for “how the wealthy take advantage of the system” through what the Times calls, disapprovingly, “tax avoidance techniques.”


The game the Times and its reporter, David Kocieniewski, are up to is clear at the start of the article, with this false dichotomy: “A handful of billionaires like Warren E. Buffett and Bill Gates have joined Democrats in calling for an elimination of the breaks, saying that the current system adds to the budget deficit, contributes to the widening income gap between the richest and the rest of society, and shifts the tax burden onto small businesses and the middle class. Republicans have resisted, saying the tax increases on the wealthy would harm the economy and cost jobs.


Well, one rule of thumb is, whatever a party runs for office isn’t what they do after winning.  We see this with Trump, he hits very heavy headwind whenever he tries to honor his promises and it is easy sailing if he makes moves that are nice for the rich and powerful…Democrats.  And rich Republicans who conspire with the rich Democrats.


This is why the US public seldom sees much change, isn’t it?


 This is just flat out-false, in at least third ways. First, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have not called for eliminating the charitable tax break. In fact, they are using the tax break to avoid paying taxes on tens of billions of dollars more than Ronald Lauder has through his charitable activities, which, while vast, are themselves dwarfed by the assets of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, funded by Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett. Second, if anyone has been calling for the elimination or reduction of special tax breaks in favor of a flatter, simpler system, it’s not been Democrats, but Republicans like Rick Perry, Steve Forbes, and Herman Cain. And third, eliminating the special breaks doesn’t necessary require “tax increases on the wealthy” — one could have revenue-neutral tax reform that lowers rates for everyone while broadening the base.


Whoever is out of power wants to tax the rich.  When in power, they change their minds because it pays to change minds.  The Clintons didn’t become filthy rich due to their magnetic personalities or speeches, they were paid immense bribes by foreign powers as well as the local rich tax evaders.


I will note here that Google parks its ass in Bermuda to avoid paying taxes, for example.  All these fake liberals are tax cheats.


The Times goes so far as to calculate that “after Estée Lauder died in 2004, she passed down nearly $4 billion to her heirs, according to tax experts who studied the case and estimated that the estate was taxed at an effective rate of 16 percent — about a third of the top estate tax rate at the time.” There’s no calculation offered by the Times of what the tax rate on Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger’s estate was.


The Times complains that Lauder’s television company “maintains an official headquarters in the tax haven of Bermuda, where it does not operate any stations.” The Times doesn’t mention that Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, of which longtime Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger was a longtime trustee, gets its insurance through captive insurance companies part-owned by the hospital that were incorporated in Bermuda and the Barbados (where Mount Sinai does not operate any hospitals) in 1982 and 1986.


The Times complains about Mr. Lauder’s charitable giving. But it makes no mention of the Sulzberger Foundation, Inc., a tax-exempt private foundation headquartered at the same address as the New York Times Company. The foundation’s latest tax return shows it with assets of $35 million and reports that it paid Marujupu LLC a $440,387 “management fee.”


Note how the NYT nakedly attacks Trump nonstop on the very same issues which they, themselves, exploit to avoid taxes.  The fury voters have over this double dealing by media owners can’t be calculated because no one at the top wants to really know what we think or what we know.


Google’s owner is monkeying with how information appears and is ranked so he can kill stories that annoy our fake liberal tax cheaters who want power very badly and are very pissed off that they don’t control our government anymore.  I don’t know if stories about the NYT tax cheating will be ranked next to the stories the NYT is publishing about Trump’s possible use of the same tools they use to avoid taxes but I do say, my story today should appear if anyone Googles ‘New York Times tax cheating’.


Elite Press Offers Readers Advice on How To Avoid News of President Trump – The New York Sun‘s story today is funny.  It seems the NYT is advising readers to AVOID THE NEWS because there isn’t much ‘good news’ that is, news that makes Trump look nasty.  Readers are becoming suicidal, it seems.  They have no jollies.   This news is so sad, or perhaps the NYT wants us to laugh to death.


So it is a two pronged attack, no?  Eventually NYT editorialists and Washington Post editors will be seen jumping from windows.  Only the NYT won’t let staff into the top five floors of their building in Manhattan.  Well, they might just have broken legs, then.




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2 responses to “New York Times Keeps Hitting Trump Over Taxes While Being Tax Cheats, Themselves

  1. Petruchio

    I can remember (not that I want to) the last Prez Election. A member of the ‘On-Air’ TV mdia mentioned, real casually that the US MSM had as little credibility as the Political Whore Class (PWC, my term)–which is to say not much. His attitude was it is no big deal. That comment points to the attitude of a lot of the media: they don’t have much credibility with the General Public. And the MSM couldn’t care less. That tells you something. One would think that declining readership and viewership would be a “no brainer area of big concern for the media. Apparently it is not.

  2. Claudeeyah


    The government is in bed with the media. Media gets huge tax breaks and other goodies if they toe the line. Heh….who needs to make a profit? It’s not like the stock market reflects any real value or economic performance. Our (((friends))) behind the scenes are very confident they have this manipulation scam down pat. Heck, it’s worked for almost ten years now. Course, that was the same meme around 1920 in Europe. A scant thirteen years later, a different tale was unfolding.

    “The weekend at the college didn’t turn out as you planned. The things that pass for knowledge I don’t understand.”-Steely Dan

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