Democratic and Republican Senators Unite To Increase Foreign Workers/ Japan Working Citizens To Death

31 Democratic and Republican Senators Call for More Foreign Workers to Replace Blue-Collar Americans last month.  The plan is to work us all to death or eliminate us and have nonvoters, aliens and illegal aliens come in and take jobs at half the cost and then let these people vote, too.  This plot to eliminate or reduce citizens to starvation levels or locked out of the systems…is how the super elites want to control power over us all.  And in Japan, the LDP has announced that employers can’t work their staff for more than 100 hours of overtime a month…which makes for a 70-80 hour week!



Voters went for Trump to stop this and he is now backing off after all the elites and powerful people running our systems attacked him nonstop.  As he surrenders to them all, they cease trying to kill him.  I don’t like this but can’t blame him for surrendering, it is hard to resist this level of violent attacks.


The bipartisan request comes three months after the shocking November vote pressured GOP leaders to slash the H-2B visa program from a one-year high of 264,000 visas back down to the long-standing level of 66,000 visas.


Yes, he did promise to do this and did this and the power players in DC are freaking out an they will move heaven and earth to foist this on us and stop the hiring of citizens.  They will resort to murder, if necessary.


The request to Department of Homeland Security John Kelly also comes as a claimed shortage of H-2B is prompted recruiters to find, hire, train and retain some of the millions of young underemployed men and women who could fill the many low-status seasonal jobs in landscaping, golf course maintenance, cleanup in restaurants, seafood processing, and hotel cleaning which are often allocated to H-2B contract-workers.


Yikes!  You can’t intimidate citizens at work like foreign ‘guest’ workers!  The super rich are who are hiring these aliens.  Will Trump surrender on this issue, too?  I am betting he will.  It is always easier to ‘go with the flow’ than to stop a tsunami.  Now on to Japan, a country where the elites are literally killing off their own people but in this place, they don’t want any stinking aliens, they want ROBOTS.


First a look at my own blog from over a year ago:  Working Japanese People To Death While Running Giant Government Deficits | Culture of Life News

Screen shot 2016-04-04 at 7.36.37 AM

Government debt has skyrocketed since 1993 and is higher and higher except for four years, now very high.  The tax collection system has begun to collapse, not grow.  Worker’s wages are down, down, down and they are being literally worked to death with required 80 hours a month overtime with zero pay for this free work!  Insane indeed.  Japanese corporations are filthy rich and the workers are extremely poor and live in tiny hovels with near zero free time.


The very same people who did this to Japan and the US are the people who use offshore banking to hide their wealth as we see in today’s news.  Japan’s rich don’t need to dodge taxes because the government doesn’t even bother taxing them in the first place.  Japan Government Takes On Its Deficit-Ridden Finances – WSJ


From today’s news:  Death by overwork: Japan’s 100-hour overtime cap sparks anger – Abe and his gang ‘fix’ the 80 hour work week by making it much worse!  Japan Today  Yes, the ‘fix’ is to make things hideously worse.  It sets it up so businesses can legally work everyone to death.


Workaholic Japan has unveiled its first-ever plan to limit overtime, but critics want to give it the boot, saying an “outrageous” 100-hour-a-month cap will do nothing to tackle karoshi, or death from overwork.


“I thought the government was finally going to tackle the issue…. But this has turned out to be (a) step backward rather than a step forward.”


Victims of years and years of this sort of vicious abuse were furious with Abe and his gang.


Teranishi’s husband was the manager of a struggling soba noodle restaurant in Kyoto when he committed suicide in the mid-nineties after suffering from depression blamed on long working hours.


“My husband worked for a total of 4,000 hours a year without weekends off. At most, he had two days off a month,” she said, adding that he was pressured to work more by his recession-hit employer.


“He was depressed. He told me he couldn’t sleep or eat. I asked him to take a day off every morning, but he still went to work.”


Currently, Japanese firms can make full-time employees work far beyond the usual 40 hours a week during busy periods.


Overtime is viewed as a sign of dedication at many firms, even if Japanese workers’ productivity lags behind that of their US and European counterparts.


Of course, productivity collapses.  How can someone be ‘productive’ when they are grossly overworked,  nonstop?  The Japanese overlords do this for other reasons: workers can’t give trouble in any way or form if they are under the eye of the bosses virtually all their waking hours and..they have no time to socialize with each other or do anything political.  They go home and collapse.


Readers today in Japan blew up over this news:


TigersTokyoDome Apr. 19 04:26 pm JST

100 OVERTIME hours per month? Is this correct? That would mean 25 hours of overtime per week, 5 hours onto each day, or a 7 day working week with no days off, and it would be legal?!

smithinjapanApr. 19 05:38 pm JST

This is Japan. Why did anything think anything would actually change? What’s more, this is only the legal limit (which is already illegal) for LOGGED hours. So, companies will just demand employees log less, but still work the same overtime. But let’s say the “limit” is strictly adhered to at 100 overtime hours a month. If someone works a 9-5 job, Monday to Friday, that means they could be forced to work five extra hours every business day, meaning it becomes 9-10, or 13 hours. That does not include commuting time, nor does it take into the account that pretty much NO company in Japan allows staff to go home at 5:00 p.m.

This is simply lip-service, and very bad lip-service. It is government mandated slavery.


And all of this is old stuff.  I have many stories about this issue.  From 2015, two years ago:  Abe Change Rules Working Japanese Men To Death…Making It Even Worse | Culture of Life News


Working to death in Japan: Health warning over ‘no overtime’ law ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion has all the ugly details how the business lobby in Tokyo is changing the laws insidiously so they won’t have to pay for any overtime, ever, if they pay a salary instead of by the hour.  The comments are most illuminating:

Supey11MAY. 25, 2015 – 09:11AM JST

Consider this alternative: If Japan not only reversed this idea, but instead upped the overtime rate to 50% instead of the current 25%, then did both a crackdown to enforce it as well as for taking full vacations, and then did a publicity campaign about this to prevent worker compliance in secretly allowing it, then this would have a wave of Abenomic effects.


-People would leave on time and maybe spend it with their family. Families would benefit, more sex would happen as people wouldn’t be so tired (so up the population figures) and there’d be potentially less domestic family issues.


The bankers and industrialists don’t care if this kills off families.  They move their capital and production elsewhere!  The Nazis had ‘national socialism’ which was supposed to help build families again only…Hitler used this to run massive wars that killed millions of Germans and many millions of victims of Naziism, one of the more horrible regimes, ever.  The Soviet system was the same: millions dead, families shattered, society collapsing.


And way back in 2012, I wrote about all this:  Free Trade Is Literally Killing Japanese Men | Culture of Life News


At the time, Koji used to start work at 5 a.m., pick up all his packages by 7 a.m. and drive through the Kanto region delivering them until about 9 p.m. He received approximately 200,000 yen a month as take-on pay. There was no overtime allowance, nor bonus...He also briefly worked at printing and automobile parts factories, but was fired after half a year for declining to work on his days off…At the company where he next started working, the many hours of overtime was considered normal. In summer last year, Koji was diagnosed with depression and quit the job. His unemployment insurance will expire in mid-January.


In Japan, there is no overtime protection.  The owners can work their employees literally to death and do this regularly.  This merciless system is finally kicking the stuffing out of the males to the point, they are giving up as we can plainly see.  Working ridiculous hours to get double the rate of welfare is no boon.  It is the equivalent of working two jobs to earn more than not working at all!



Back to today’s news: nothing has changed in Japan.  The elites still ruthlessly run the joint.  Over 50% of Japanese young people expect to never get married!  Families are collapsing, the birth rate is falling through the floor.


From my news, 2014:  Japan Politician Proposes Fake Birth Control To Force Women To Have Babies | Culture of Life News

Screen shot 2014-07-19 at 7.55.10 AM

Yes, an LDP member actually suggested this as a solution to the declining birthrate in Japan!  Over 30,000 Japanese kill themselves every year for the last 14 years.    Poverty rates have doubled.  Birth rates continue to fall.  Germany, Russia and Japan all have below replacement birth rates and this is tied to a global economic mess which began six years ago in the West but the predecessor, the BIG blow-out depression coupled with ZIRP rates began way back in the early 1990’s in Japan and today Japan remains mired in this depression and is using the typical way out which is fascist imperialist expansion and suicidal wars, something the US is choosing to do, too.  Oh, and high government debt shooting ever upwards which the US has also aped.


Instead of taking this crisis seriously, the Japanese politicians have fascist solutions due to the fact that they are right wing fascists:  Politician proposes giving newlyweds pierced condoms so the women can be raped by the state and thus, produce more soldiers for imperialism.  Selling false birth controls is pretty evil.  Sigh.


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32 responses to “Democratic and Republican Senators Unite To Increase Foreign Workers/ Japan Working Citizens To Death

  1. Christian W

    Isn’t Neoliberalism (laissez faire) capitalism grand? Do whatever you want for profit with no consequences. The destruction of Syria (and Ukraine, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan etc etc) is with the looting in mind. The US wants to split off the part in Syria that has oil and balkanize it under a puppet government.

    Turkey (NATO/Al Qaeda) routinely steal children and harvest their organs. 200 children, mostly girls, are missing/were kidnapped in the aftermath of the terrorist bombing of the refugee buses in Fuya and Kafraya. Some of them were taken to Idlib (to be sex slaves for the terrorists) others were taken to Turkey.

    Israel frequently refuses to return bodies of Palestinian children and young adults they have murdered because the bodies have been stripped clean with anything of value stolen and sold (internal organs, corneas etc).

  2. Christian W

    The Vice President of United States of America thought it was a good idea to walk up to the border and show North Korea his war face… (for real). Yeah, that will show them Pence.

    Sigh, where do you find these guys?

  3. Christian W


    Ain’t war crimes grand?

  4. Christian W

    More war crimes. Saudia Arabia dropped a US MOAB ($16 million) bomb in Sanaa Yemen in 2015. The US lied when it pretended MOAB’s hadn’t been used before the strike in Afghanistan.

    This video is interesting as it shows the blast wave from different angles.

    The Yemeni’s see this bombing as their 9/11.

  5. Ken

    Elaine busted my chops several days ago for saying what I am about to re-say. Here goes anyway.

    The Japanese politician who wants to trick women into having more babies by tampering with birth control sees the writing on the wall. Societies which treat women as little more than baby machines are seeing their populations grow exponentially. Societies which treat women with respect and value their non-reproductive contributions, and allow them to make informed decisions regarding birth control, are seeing their populations decline.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see where this is going. Unless steps are taken to address this situation, eventually the enlightened western democracies will be overrun and overwhelmed. Eventually, women will no longer be treated with respect, since the societies doing this will end up on the wrong side of history.

    Japan is already addressing this in one manner, by limiting immigration in general, and from repressive cultures in particular. The politician who wants to trick women into having children is merely suggesting another, complementary strategy.

    The strategy is doomed to failure, however. As long as abortion is legal, there is an easy way around his plan. Outlawing abortion is a strategy that failed miserably in the past (like prohibition), so his plan is not viable.

    A better approach would be to provide incentives to have more children. Malaysia tried a variation of this many years ago, when they offered incentives to intelligent people to reproduce. However, political correctness put a quick end to that.

    Looking at the long term picture, the same enlightened policies which empower women in western democracies today may eventually lead to their subjugation once these western democracies fall. And yet, these same enlightened women are lobbying vigorously for importing more and more of the culture that wants to oppress them.

  6. Claudeeyah



    Please don’t confuse us with facts! 🙂

    Of course no one here will take you seriously. Here’s the dogma, since apparently you didn’t get it the first time. I don’t mind going over this AGAIN! sigh……

    1) There are no racial differences. It’s all in your mind.
    2) Women should embrace Islam because to not do so is to reject the religion of multiculturalism ™.
    3) Whites are evil and must be destroyed (particularly white men – they should be the first to go.)
    4) Education is whatever the State says it should be.
    Therefore, if 2 + 2 = 5, then you as a teacher must teach it to be so. (why I quit teaching…or should I say, the final straw that broke the camel’s back).
    5) All countries are equal and we should welcome all immigrants, especially the ones who diametrically oppose our traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs and European ancestry (Western Civilization is bad……mmmmmkay?)
    6) The (((Tribe))) does not wish to exterminate non-tribe members….again, you are imagining these things!
    7) The negro is not the foot soldier of the (((Tribe))). Nor is the radical Muslim. You are IMAGINING these things.
    8) You are a racist and hate women if you don’t want to open the doors to your (white) country to Third World people.
    9) Western Law is a white construct and should be aborted in accordance with more socially acceptable Islamic/Sharia Law (have to be inclusive………mmmmmmKay?)
    10) As a white man, you have NO say over what goes on in your country, due to #s 1-9.

    Rinse, repeat, as often as necessary, Ken. They will not rest until you are exterminated. Welcome to the (J)ew World Order.

    ……oh, and the Normans we’re really awful, so it’s all okay, mmmmkay?

  7. Kenogami

    Elaine writes:
    “Germany, Russia and Japan all have below replacement birth rates and ”

    This is not true anymore for Russia. Under the drunkard criminal traitor Eltsine, Russia population and fertility rates collapsed. The collapse stopped when Putin became president, and the fertility rate started to increase. The birth rate finally overtook the death rate slightly in 2013 and has been a little very bit more since then.

  8. Claudeeyah


    Godspeed, Russia, and China, for that matter. If Western Europe and America have decided to commit suicide and not have any more babies, we need the awakened, superior cultures of Russia and China to repopulate the world.

    Saddens me to say it. It isn’t easy to see your own country commit suicide as well as genocide to its founding stock, but the survival of humanity now rests in the hands of the Russians and Chinese.

  9. Christian W

    @ 6 Ken

    “eventually the enlightened western democracies will be overrun and overwhelmed”

    Too late. The “enlightened western democracies” are already overrun. There is no western democracy now that is not run on behalf of private bankers, served by a bought and paid for professional political sphere.

    In other words, there is no such thing as “enlightened Western democracies”. Maybe some Nordic countries (not Sweden) are borderline democratic since their economies are quite small but that is debatable.

    Basically most, if not all, “enligthened western democracies” are neoliberal, neocolonialist enterprises above and outside the law.

    The collapse of the middle class, working class and traditional cultural and ethnic demographies in this context is not anathema to these private financial interests. These financial interests need consumers, not citizens, patriots, not intellects, warriors, not soldiers, regurgitators, not thinkers, debt slaves, not savers.

    A healthy, independent, awake and aware, self reliant, ***happy***, unafraid, creative and peaceful population is 100% anathema to these bankers. Happy, strong, economically and politically independent families not reliant on the political, financial or military systems for their livelihood is verboten.

  10. Christian W

    Cheminade, in France, is probably a better option than LePen, who I suspect will jump in bed with the Zionists if she wins.

  11. Claudeeyah

    Donald Trump leapt into bed with the Zionists, I feel confident that LePen will not fail to capitulate to her “betters” once (and if) she finds herself in office.

    These folks have been in charge for nigh on 150 years. Turning back this tide is unlikely, and if ultimately successful, will take several generations to take hold. A very slow boat to suicide can be much more painful than a quick, precise blow.

  12. floridasandy

    wow, the posts are all over on this one.

    I am not surprised by Graham and certainly not by the crooked write in election winner Murkowski (family dynasty doncha know)

    happy to see no Florida names on that list.

    This should be an epic tweet and all those named people should be challenged and BEATEN by 3rd party candidates before it ever goes to the general election. It wouldn’t be hard to beat them if the word gets out.

  13. floridasandy

    another thing about women not having babies.

    Society stopped making the men behave responsibly and step up to the plate- as well as single motherhood having financial perks.

    Birth rates might go up if more FAMILY units were encouraged. We have so much immigration here in the US we don’t need more people currently.

    May all those names on that list be spread around, and may they ALL those their seats next election cycle. They are traitors to Americans.

  14. Christian W

    Sandy, men stopped being able to step up to the plate. Inflation ate up their wages compared to previous decades when one wage fed a family and put the kids in college.

    But these guys, on the other hand, are Happy Happy Happy – they are laughing all the way to the bank as they get richer and richer and richer and richer an….

    (well as happy as these miserable creatures can be)

  15. DM

    I feel confident that LePen will not fail to capitulate to her “betters”

    Confident? I think not. Madame Le Pen is much better material than old scumbag. Watch her videos. Learn French.

  16. Claudeeyah


    I sincerely hope that you are right and I am wrong. You have no idea how crestfallen I and others in the US who fought for and voted for Donald Trump are right now. We are still being mocked by those such as Christian W. who think we were fools to believe in nationalism again. It hurts getting beaten down again and again by these folks who celebrate the demise of our democratic republic. If Le Pen wins, I will salute you and the French people. The Americans, sadly, are condemned to an eternal existence under Zionism.

  17. DM

    “resolve in my face” Yeah .. where do they find these duffers.

    It continues to astound me how hopelessly feckless the “leaders” of America really are. Clueless.

    Someone should show him some photographs of North Korean troops and he might see what “resolve” on a face looks like.

    Sigh! And I think most – if not all – US generals are feckless dweebs too. Armchair warriors without a cause. Dangerous.

  18. DM

    fools to believe in nationalism again

    Well, only if you don’t already see that it is not going to happen by wishful thinking.

    I also was somewhat wishful. Seems though, that it an’t gonna happen without a real fight.

    Christian W is not always right either. Cheminade and his “Real Europe” can take a hike. Another fraudster.

  19. Claudeeyah

    Lots of us will undoubtedly die, if not in downright battle, as a result in the dying Petrodollar and collapsing medicaid/obamacare fraud. Americans are a fat, entitled, misinformed lot. Perhaps a culling of the herd is in order. We who happen to be awakened are ignored and maligned. I am too old to make a difference and probably will not live to see how this all pans out. Those who smirk at the downfall they see going on about us will feel the most pain. That, in and of itself, gives me some satisfaction.

  20. Lou

    Ken–It doesn’t take a genius to see where this is going.
    Numbers of Whites? Percent of world population in year 1900 and 2017?

    Blacks in USA, 1965–12? million. Now 45 million.
    Blame LBJ, especially.

  21. Christian W

    @ 17

    Nothing is eternal. I think the Zionists are extremely aware of this, so they are pushing as hard and fast as they dare. That is also why they are so nervous about BDS and grumblings of unrest in the pleb ranks like Occupy Wall Street and voting for Trump – even if they had Trump well covered before the election. That said, they are very cruel to people they percieve are not obidient enough. Clinton got it straight in the face (Monicagate), he was tamed everafter. Obama was shown little mercy too (they eased up on him after Libya), Trump is just starting to get the treatment.

    That is also why you, the US citizens, are getting the treatment on a larger scale. The Alt-right and the Antifa crap and “Muslim threat” (what a joke in comparison to the Zionist rulers) and “Russia threat” and “North Korea threat” and “China threat” and “LBGT issues” and “abortion” and Infowars and Alex Jones and the MSM and “humanitarian interventions” and “dictator this” and dictator that” etc it’s all just one insane circus made to order to make your minds spin and spin and spin. Always with the assumption that You, whomevery You are, is the Good Guy and the Other is the Bad guys.

    It’s time to look past such simple dichotomies used to give you the run around.

    Reality is very simple. Go for the Fat Cats because they control your politicians which means they control your government which means they control everything. Nothing will change for the better until you do. Until you do there will be no end to the negative social and political and economic engineering that so obviously runs your lives for the profit of the few.

    As for nationalism. There is nationalism and nationalism. Beware brand Nationalism (TM). Americans are subjected to an extremely strong dose from babyhood onwards. If you think you are not brainwashed think again. All of us have concepts imposed on us that we take for granted unless we subject them to close examination.

  22. Christian W

    Gen.Smedley Butler laid out how the US System works clearly in 1935. Nothing has changed. Patriotism (Nationalism (TM)) is the trappings hiding the Fat Cats gorging themselves on blood and misery. Is this the US you want to bring back? Are these the good old days? Just because the Blood and Misery happens to be out of sight and out of mind (war in Korea in the 50s, war in Africa, the ME, Asia now) does not mean it is not a continous part of how the American Fat Cat feeding machine operates.

  23. Christian W

    @ 19 DM

    I concur I am not always right, far from it 🙂

    In Buddhism all views are wrong views, reality is as it is and beyond the dichotomies of the personal ego. So when I ponitificate I am just giving an opinion that is as fallible as anybody elses.

    Most likely you are correct about Cheminade, I haven’t researched him really and the powers that be are good at putting people out there that say the right things (like Obama’s promise to take on Wall Street & Hope and Change & Trump’s Drain the Swamp & Bernie Sanders yadda yadda).

    The PTB will not allow themselves to be voted out of power, or they would not be the PTB. As Claudeyah pointed out they are old in the game.

    (and I see I should have added cultural engineering to my post above)

  24. Christian W

    Personal memo for next “election”. Identify the sheepdogs sent out to round up the idealists and the naive.

  25. Sorry, those are NOT ‘sheep dogs’ they are WOLVES.

  26. Christian W

    I accept the correction 😛

  27. Christian W

    More US bases in Occupied Japan.

  28. Okinawa is viewed as ‘aliens’ by the Tokyo Japanese.

  29. Petruchio

    “31 Democratic and Republican Senators Call for More Foreign Workers to Replace Blue-Collar Americans last month.” WHOOMP!! There it is!! Yet another example of how there is really NO difference between the Dems and the Repugs. They answer to the exact same Masters. Well they are the Political Whore Class after all. As far as the elites wanting to work the masses to death, people should look into the subject of Eugenics. Are elites study this subject and have for a long tome. Billy Boy Gates is a big eugenicist. As were/are the Rockefellers. These overly inbred a##holes aren’t going to stop until they are forced to stop.

  30. !00% correct. Sigh. I have been railing about this for years and years…

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