Liberals Scream About Conservatives Like O’Reilly Being ‘Sexist’ And Then…Love Bill Clinton!

There is this old Chinese curse: may your wish come true.  Leftist females want to have men not look at them, touch them or anything with them.  And eventually, they will be left high and dry for men will avoid them like the plague.  The Fox News O’Reilly scandal is on a far lower level than the Bill Clinton sex in the White House office scandals.  I have a letter from Hillary thanking me for going to the media and defending her husband.  I told her, it was the principle of the matter, not him.  Stupid sex scandals are stupid.  Now, O’Reilly is being dumped for silly little things.  There are some evil contradictory things going on here and it is all due to feminists refusing to be realistic or sane.


The picture above is the very narrow range of what men wear at work.  They wear this basic uniform and it is very uniform, the color code is strict, the elements are nearly identical.  Now look at what the females wear at work:

If I showed the entire page, it would be a flood of colors, skirts, pants, tight pants, plunging necklines, short skirts, very short skirts, a million choices many of which are all about being…get this!….SEXY.  As sexy as possible and not be arrested.


What do the females use to get ahead, too?  Hint: their dress screams what their tools are.  They want to be taken seriously while at the same time playing sex kitten.  You can’t do both at the same time!  Why are women’s clothing allowed to range all over the place with a huge emphasis on sex while men have to wear this strict uniform?


Bill O’Reilly accuser says host called her ‘hot chocolate’ | Daily Mail Online


The Fox TV twins who took over after retiring their daddy are removing all the conservatives using various excuses to break contracts.  They live in NYC and hang out with buddies there and note that the Fox twin owners dress conservatively for photoshoots but will they force all the females working for them to do the same very strict codes?


Or will they go the ‘sexy chick’ route, too?  The pertinent question is, why are we seeing women freaking out over mild sex statements while the same liberal media/political class continues to adore the Clintons who are sex predators?  This contradiction isn’t just with the Clintons.  Many leftist males are sex fiends, too!  Have been much of my life and I always said, ‘Who cares?’


Women at a very young age when early teens learn early on, they command a lot of attention if they are sexy.  I know for I was once a female teenager!  One of my great amusements when under the age of 17, was my character called ‘Auntie Hattie’ who was this ancient crone who went around with an umbrella and beat up hat in my high school, chiding female students wearing miniskirts which was nearly 100% of them all.


Even the female teachers did this!  Oh, the horrors!  HAHAHA.  I was the ‘dirty hippie chick’ back then so playing that character gave me great fun because it confused everyone totally.  Now, we have this schizoid world where women dress up like tarts and then whine when men look at them.  YUCK.


All the above females want desperately to be as sexy as possible even old crones like Katie the News Reader Couric who has frequent surgeries and fake hair and sexy dresses to show off her rotting carcass because…she thinks this ’empowers’ her.  My ‘Auntie Hattie’ character looked ten times older than her!


Note how Chelsea Clinton is a good female character even though her parents should be shunned and abused for being nasty sex fiend types.  Nope.  She is ‘good’ and anyone conservative who does 10% of what the Clintons have done, is ‘evil’.


It is worse: Variety has a female actress on the cover snarling about ‘child pornography’ while dressed as if her underwear is falling off, her dress is definitely sliding downwards, her hair is wild and she puts on her fake ‘I’m super sexy’ face…yummy!  Oh, and about that famous director who is overseas to avoid being put in prison for raping young actresses?  She loves that creep!


Meryl Streep bashes Trump, but applauds a pedophile | Fox News ironically reports:


The most aggrieved actress of the night was Meryl Streep and she pitched a hissy fit worthy of an Academy Award.


“You and all of us in this room really belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now,” she said, her lip quivering. “Think about it: Hollywood, foreigners and the press.”


In Streep’s twisted reality, the true victims are Tinsel Town starlets with their faces botoxed and their bodies stuffed into over-priced gowns.


If Streep wants to talk about vilification, fine. Let’s talk about the Christians and Conservatives in Hollywood who are afraid to come out of the cultural closet for fear of retribution. Let’s talk about the Sacramento theatre director who was forced out of his job – because he supported traditional marriage.


In 2003, she gave convicted child molester Roman Polanski a standing ovation after he was awarded an Oscar at the Academy Awards. She saluted a child molester – a deviant who had sex with a 13-year-old girl after drugging her.


Double standards and ‘do as I say, not as I do’ and ‘tolerate me but I can condemn you’ seems to have taken over all the liberals lately and I hate it.  I am a real liberal.  Some readers here are not liberals at all and like it when I attack liberals but honest to god, I am a real honest liberal and recognize insanity in  fake liberals when it appears.


Women, in general, have had it both ways all the time for a long time now.  When I fought for my own civil rights, it was to be an adult, not an eternal child.  But the women around me seem to think it means we can have loopy standards that vary greatly with white males held to the highest standards of perfection while black males get to be monstrously anti-social and dysfunctional, for example.


What?  Women are to be as sexy in public as possible while men are supposed to ignore them and avoid touching or thinking about what they see all around them?  This is insanity.


This isn’t new, either.  During the 19th century, starting in 1830, women went into this trip about being sweet and adorable and needing protection from men.  They dressed very quaintly.  Then, by 1860, the skirts designed to hide the sex organs mushroomed to immense size and the waist became very small to show off the sex of the women.


Then, it became the bustle dress to show off the rear wiggling when the women walked…then the hobble skirt and finally, the super short dresses of the Roaring Twenties.  After serious uniform-type dresses during WWII, it started all over again, the demure dresses turning into miniskirts into…whatever today.  Fashion is all over the place and for women, it means dressing like in whore houses or looking as drab as possible  and for men, it is all about being bums or Wall Street Lawyers.


And why do liberals love dirty music so much?  Why aren’t they all going after black ‘gangsta rap’ dudes?  Why is all the hate aimed at white conservative males while dirty hippie type males and black ghetto gangs get celebrated for being creeps?  Eh?  Explain that!  It can’t, of course.  This is called ‘double standards’.


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26 responses to “Liberals Scream About Conservatives Like O’Reilly Being ‘Sexist’ And Then…Love Bill Clinton!

  1. Lou

    It would be nice if Fox was as conservative as you are getting [in yr old age]…
    Now a Black Killer is described as White,

  2. Lou


  3. Lou

    According to Ann Coulter, Eminem did a duet with Elton John [eminem had rapped about killing gays] at the Grammys [TM].
    But Dr Laura was bad, she doesnt like gay marriage.

  4. Rob

    That was a photoshop hoax.

    What about the family of the grandfather forgiving and wanting to just hug the killer? I get the forgiveness meme, but I would be thinking of getting the guy off the street and into a prison before ‘hugs’. He was on a self-described murder spree.

  5. Ken

    I don’t know why Fox would want to change its anchors and thereby alter its format. Being the only “fair and balanced” news channel has been very successful for them. Why change?

  6. Petruchio

    “”Leftist females want to have men not look at them, touch them or anything with them. And eventually, they will be left high and dry for men will avoid them like the plague.” Yes, Elaine, men most certainly WILL avoid these man-hating women like the Plague. For one thing, women of this type can’t vent rage at a group–in this case men–and then expect these men to serve them at their beck and call. (What on EARTH made these women think this in the first place??!!) We could go into the issue of Divorce and how brutal it is for men financially, but let’s set that one aside for another time. But there IS an Iron Law of Nature that no amount of ‘Maoism’ , radical feminism or whatever you want to call it can overcome. The inescapable TRUTH is only great looking women can tee it up and play hardball with men. A woman who is great looking and has a great looking body is always, ALWAYS going to be more desirable to men than ANY and EVERY liberated, assertive, doesn’t-need-men female–who is also a plain Jane with a pasty complexion and is 40+ pounds overweight. Women like this have to beg men for attention; they can’t under any circumstances play hardball with men. I really think that the Mothers of these Maoist, Leftist women should have told them this fact. Oh well, these women can always buy another cat….

  7. It isn’t the ‘being a manly woman’ stops men, I did construction work, fought medieval battles like men with men and supervised men and got along with them all and when divorced had zero difficulty in finding a man again and getting married, too.

    This is because I like men a great deal and spent my life working with and around 90% of the time, with men. No, the attitude problem is the problem here.

    Our men are being chased out of universities not just by deliberation but by dropping wages and the loss of tenure protections. So part time, very bitter women are being hired and they really hate everyone especially students who are female and have the remaining males going for her, for example.

    All around, a toxic environment. BTW, when I taught at RPI in machine shop, the female students were very popular with the male students. But then, this was for engineering majors.

  8. Melponeme_k

    “But there IS an Iron Law of Nature that no amount of ‘Maoism’ , radical feminism or whatever you want to call it can overcome. The inescapable TRUTH is only great looking women can tee it up and play hardball with men.”

    I’m sorry, NOT true. What you wrote here is FALSE, Hegelian Dialectic that is used to control the procreation of the proles by the elites. This is LUCIFERIANISM. A case book example of what LaVey wrote about in “The Satanic Witch”.

    Everyday, people of all shapes, sizes and features get married and have children. Throughout history we can see most people married more often than not.

    What is the difference?

    MIND Control. You, Elaine, me and everyone reading this page is subject to continual social engineering mind control by the elites. We are being taught to HATE and MISTRUST one another.

    I don’t hate men. I don’t hate men who are convinced that every woman is a gold digger (a mind control meme). Instead I have compassion because these men are stuck in mind prison created to stop them from life fulfillment. You don’t know how many times I’ve met men who are angry inside over ILLUSIONS that they are told are real.

    The same with women who are crazed feminists. Young women who are angry for no reason at all except they are being bombarded with messages that they are under attack.

    If you want to evolve and the world to evolve as well. You have to systematically question every belief you have and DESTROY what is false, what is mind control.

    It is hard, believe me. Your ego will fight it because it will view the examination process as an attack on itself. But life is so much better if you can go through life without thinking everyone is out to destroy you.

  9. Bravo, well written. Should be posted everywhere. And this paranoia is deliberately cultivated, too.

  10. Petruchio

    Elaine: you said you worked as a stripper at one time. I haven’t seen a pic of you in your youth, but I’m betting you were good to look at–from a male perspective. If you were 60+ pounds overweight and had acne or some other skin issue, do you really think the men would still be attracted to you? Don’t bet on it. Of course! There are lots of reasons people get (and don’t get) married. You can find anecdotal evidence to prove just about anything, but looking at the whole, I think you will find that nice looking women with hot looking bodies tend to get married at a high rate. Yes, average looking men and women get married all the time. I never said that wasn’t true. What I am saying is that a.) great looking women will have many more marriage options than a plain looking woman does and this holds true if it comes to re-marriage and b.) because of a.)–in general–good to great looking women can play hard to get AND plain looking women can not. This is as old as Adam and Eve, no getting around it. You can go back to the Bible. David and Bathsheeba. Samson and Delilah. @@@Mel” I certainly respect your opinions, but I think in this case you are wrong. Men are competitive. They always have been and this is especially true when it comes to women. This has been going on since Adam and Eve. “You don’t know how many times I’ve met men who are angry inside over ILLUSIONS that they are told are real.” I don’t speak for other men; just me. I certainly don’t think all women are gold diggers, but I’m sure you will agree: some are. And I don’t hate and distrust everybody. I don’t trust the MSM. I don’t trust the Political Whore Class in D.C. Sometimes not trusting something IS rational.

  11. melponeme_k

    “I certainly respect your opinions, but I think in this case you are wrong. Men are competitive.”

    No, not wrong. That is EGO. You have built part of your world view on a mind control, Elite planted LUCIFERIAN idea. Your Ego is fighting this because it has built your concept of self around it.

    Love HAS NOTHING to do with Ego boosting. NOTHING. That is putting your personal power in the opinions of others. It is making you powerless by your own choice.

    Maybe if people approached the opposite sex without that whole ME, ME, ME, GIMME, What are you going to do for me, How are you going to make ME look better, we wouldn’t have the run away divorce rates that we do now.

    Again this is Luciferian BY DESIGN

    “.)–in general–good to great looking women can play hard to get AND plain looking women can not.”

    Hogwash. I’ve played hard to get and I’m as plain as they come. Men have played hard to get with me and many of them were certainly no beauties.

    If you take this as truth, how do you explain Cleopatra? Certainly never a woman noted for her beauty. Unless you think a big, honking, hook nose is a sign of great beauty.

    When you are presented with a person of any sex, who is alive, without anger, full of humor and charm they will win the day all the time. Especially over a beautiful viper who is only about ego.

  12. Christian W

    When you are presented with a person of any sex, who is alive, without anger, full of humor and charm they will win the day all the time. Especially over a beautiful viper who is only about ego.

    I think when you are very young it is hard to see past this part. I agree the first person will win the day every time, but only once you really know them after they have had a chance to show themselves. A lot of people, of both sexes, want to play with the viper first (that is the ego in action).

    Some few may be mature enough in their relationship with the other sex to not fall into power, ego and shadow games, but for most people that is the way they have to go. Sane people mature as they go and begin to see the wrinkles in their own setup as well as the heart of the other person and can begin to sort things out based on deeper understanding.

    Power is the opposite of Love.

  13. floridasandy

    love is complicated, but it is, after all, what we ALL want. The feminists and the angry men are hurting their own chances to find love and I guess that is the way it is supposed to be.

    As an example, is it any wonder that Ashley Judd is divorced when she goes off on that crazy (really crazy) “feminist” rant? Or Rosie O’Donnell in a gay relationship with all her anger issues? What sane person would want to be around that? These angry people set themselves up for a continuing lifetime of anger, and no true mercy.

    Because love is about mercy, forgiving the flaws we all have, and embracing the good. We all want to love and be loved, as trite as that sounds.

  14. lyrac

    Feminism has destroyed what little sense of honor and manners remained in the American so-called ruling classes. Now women get to be jerks. Ugh. They are so aggressive and so unattractive! No future in this way of being.

  15. Humans have always been ‘jerks’ but now we are in a situation where tribes are disintegrating due to modern forces.

    On the other hand, as I keep pointing out, the Normans who invaded England only married each other while spreading their genes to their serfs via rape or other means, and during all this, they bloody well hated each other with amazing passion and often were fighting with great ferocity, each other.

    By the end of the War of the Roses, much of them were dead! This is how the outsiders, the Tudors, came into power and then…they, too slaughtered everyone around themselves including smashing up the family, itself so it lasted only two generations!

    Isn’t that funny as all hell?

    Henry the VIII was particularly vicious to his poor wives.

  16. Melponeme_k

    “Feminism has destroyed what little sense of honor and manners remained in the American so-called ruling classes.”

    It was not feminism that destroyed but what the Luciferian elite have turned it into that destroyed our culture. Beginning with the CIA plant Gloria Steinem.

    I’ve started listening to Mark Passio’s lectures because he discusses Alchemy and I’m interested in that subject. Alchemy is a philosophy that is near and dear to the hearts of the elite. They use it to enslave us but that is due to them hiding most of the material on this system and twisting it to hurt us. But getting back to Passio. He stated in one of his lectures that Feminism as we know it today acts upon the tenets of Anton LeVey’s “The Satanic Witch” and he urged everyone to read it in order to know who and what we are fighting against.

    This immediately sparked understanding inside me. Because I READ LeVey’s book while still in high school. I mean talk about bizarre, crazy and coercive stuff. BUT it is based on Alchemy tenets. Two of them being Polarity and Gender. Alchemy states that everything has an opposite self. Everything has a gender of masculine and feminine.

    LaVey dedicated a great part of his book to gender roles and archetypes. He wrote even more on how they could be SUBVERTED in order to gain more lovers. LaVey stated if you wanted sexual success, you had to be the OPPOSITE of your prey. If a woman wanted a strong, typically masculine man, she would have to emulate the super feminine archetype (like Marilyn Monroe). If she wanted a smaller, more effete man, she would have to be a masculine Rosie the Riveter type.

    Can you see what the elite have done with this message?

    What they have done is used this Luciferian book to flip gender roles to hurt us. To prevent us from forming proper friendships and loves.

    They have purposely masculinized women en masse through a socially engineered practice calling itself Feminism.

    So how do men react to this? How are they taught to attract such women? They have to feminize themselves.

    We are all twisting ourselves against nature because of mind control. Because our elites love satanic majesty and HATE us. Make no mistake, they hate us and wish us ill. Anytime they see two regular people happily married and parents as well, it makes their blood boil. We aren’t supposed to be experiencing joy. That gets in the way of being their slaves.

  17. Christian W

    Mark Passio? Interesting synchronicity. My best friend pointed me towards him a few weeks back.

  18. Christian W

    So how do men react to this? How are they taught to attract such women? They have to feminize themselves.

    Indeed, I’ve railed against this in the past. Men now are beared women including in how they are supposed to dress in clothing that makes their butt look big, shoulders narrow, waist too high and short thin legs. (White “intellectual” men)

    The other manly ideal (for White working class men) is the tattooed tribal warrior. No mind, a bit of cunning and plenty of grunts and muscle.

    Blacks get to have other ideals, ghetto gangstas and conqueror of ‘ho’s’

  19. Petruchio

    “”“.)–in general–good to great looking women can play hard to get AND plain looking women can not.” Hogwash. ” I’m gonna have to dispute you on that one. I have no idea what you look like or what your standards in men are. Try competing for a man’s attention sometime with a hot looking, nice bodied female sometime. You might get an education. There certainly are wonderful people who are plain looking and have a romantic interest in their lives. I think where you get confused is that men and women have different standards for attractiveness. Men look first to physical beauty. This has been studied over and over. Humans are like animals in the animal kingdom. They look for certain things in order to find a suitable mate. It is not ego. We are hard wired to be this way. Women have standards too. It’s the way it is.

  20. Lou

    18–I am in California. Lots of tattooed White women.

  21. Melponeme_k

    “This has been studied over and over. Humans are like animals in the animal kingdom.”

    No Lou. Question why you are holding SOCIAL DARWINISM, an idea loved by Fabian Socialists, Eugenicists and Satanists/Luciferians (Mark Passio a former Satanic priest says as much) as being true. Why do you take a sick joy in believing that a great majority of the population is unfit to be loved, married and have children? You are DEEP in mind control.

    Again, superficially for people who are ALL about EGO, looks are the only thing that matter to them. I’m in NYC, and every day I see couples of varying attractiveness. I see good looking women with men who don’t equal them. And it isn’t about money. I’ve seen good looking men who are with women who are plain. I’ve seen beauty equals and not.

    You have to get off this Social Darwin train, it is killing your spirit. It is killing the very life force that attracts people. That is deliberate!

  22. Lou

    Mel, I did not post that. reread it,

    Bill O’Reilly Gets $25 Million From Fox News As Final Payout
    April 20, 2017

    With Bill O’Reilly officially ousted by Fox News, there was speculation whether the former Fox anchorman would receive a lump sump payout as a parting settlement considering that O’Reilly signed a new 4 year contract just before being ousted. It has now been confirmed by FT and CNN that indeed, O’Reilly will get a payout of $25 million, equivalent to one year’s salary, as part of his exit settlement with 21st Century Fox.

    “The amended contract provides for Bill to receive a maximum of one year’s salary,” said a person with knowledge of the terms quoted by the FT.

    O’Reilly’s payout, following the presenter’s dismissal from Fox News this week after a 22-year career with the network, is less than the $40m Roger Ailes, the network’s former chairman, received when he was fired in similar circumstances last year.

  23. Melponeme_k

    No, Lou. REREAD what I wrote, ALL of it. You are parroting social darwin ideas that have been brainwashing the public for many, many years. At least as long as we have all been on this earth.

    We can’t even conceive of what life was like when the elites didn’t have propaganda control over us before the advent of modern technology and media.

    Here is another bon mot. What you are trained to be attracted to in a woman is nothing but SOCIAL Engineering. You are trained to be attracted to FEMALE IMPERSONATORS.

    You know how I know this? Because I visited the Sex Museum in NY and watched a video teaching men how to be women. All the earmarks that make a woman a woman are FAKE. It caused me great distress because I couldn’t find one feature that I used from day to day that set me apart from the drag queens. In fact the Drag Queens did it all better. Then I realized, women have been so brainwashed, none of us know what it is to be a woman without social engineered BS.

  24. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And all men are cautioned by THEIR MOTHERS to not look at ‘sexy chicks’ because they are DANGEROUS.

    Mothers who are presented with a ‘sexy chick’ as a future daughter-in-law usually howl with rage once their son leaves the house and then seeks out someone to get rid of ‘that creature!!!’

    I speak as a mother-in-law, by the way, of a daughter. Then it is, ‘Oh, he is so handsome!’ and then mom looks to see if he is a cad, secretly.

  25. Jim R

    It was very confusing when I was a lad … Mom always hated the good looking chicks when we came by the house — and she was always OK with the ugly ones.

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