Jerry Brown Forces California Prosecutors To Downgrade Illegal Alien Felonies To Misdemeanors

BREAKING: California Prosecutor Prioritizes The Rights Of Violent Criminal Immigrants (Note we can’t call these criminals ‘illegal aliens’!)


If a violent criminal is picked up by the police, the prosecutors in the state of California are under orders to reduce the charges so it is a misdemeanor.  Not only will the release an army of illegal alien criminals on California (and if they travel, the rest of the USA)  but it is also the exact same ‘solution’ DNC-run ghetto cities use to keep the crime statistics down even as crime ravages every neighborhood.


Two years ago, California Bill: Illegal Alien Victims of Violent Crime Can Stay, so the same governor then decided, after an army of illegal aliens voted for him to stay in control of California, that illegal aliens who commit crimes can also stay.


So, an illegal alien criminal can break into your house, beat you up and steal everything and gets a slap on the wrist.  How many in California want to live this way?  Seriously, it is possible to impeach this man.


But first, one has to NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT!  End of story.  Instead, they will troop to the polls and vote to be ravaged by alien hordes and then die, I guess.  This is exactly why I left and not NY is going down the same insane rabbit hole, too.


But at least here in the hinterland mountains, we are all armed.


Why does our media love this?  This is all about the Potemkin Village ‘appearances are real’ systems being run by the DNC which is now run by a gaggle of female politicians and blacks,  Muslims and illegal aliens.  This voter base is impossible that these people represent is totally at odds with each other.


That is, the rules of the systems each block vote wants is opposite.  Women want no crime but black women want no policing of criminals who are their own children, mostly sons.  White women want ‘equal rights’ and Muslim men and women want enslavement of all women.  The Jews running the DNC want Israel to be able to utterly destroy the Muslim Palestinians while using Muslims in the US as their power base???  As I have said, this is utterly insane and doomed, too.


Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada – Index Map shows that California is quaking like jello and years ago, around 2002, there were very few small quakes on the maps.  Now, the entire San Andreas and all the auxiliary fault lines are showing great stress.  The only parts that are not constantly shaking is the frozen mid-section of the San Andreas and the smaller fault lines running nearby.


California is turning itself into Detroit, rapidly.  When everything is destroyed in the next very, very big quake, California will demand the rest of us bail them all out.


If so, they have to stop letting in armies of illegal alien criminals and protecting these.  And they have to stop protecting Antifa terrorists and rioters who are attacking citizens who voted for our President.


California is also headquarters for ‘global warming (sic) is going to roast us all to death’ ideology.

Intellicast – Current Surface Analysis in Pacific look at the map this morning.  It is snowing in California and it is nearly May!  Wow.  Snowing in all the DNC-voting states were there are millions of people terrified they will roast to death.  How insane is this?


Thanks to little to no birth controls in Muslim and Catholic countries and all of Africa, we have armies of aliens moving restlessly into ‘liberal’ countries in order to take over.  These hostile illegal aliens want to impose the same cultural/social messes they arose from, onto us all.


One thing about Chinese immigrants: they merge quite successfully with the rest of us but this is due entirely to the fact that the Chinese civilization/culture is extremely old and very successful and is based on a work ethic/financial systems due to them inventing many things which we take for granted like the concept of ‘money’ and ‘banking’ and ‘bookkeeping’ as well as printing, silk weaving, etc.


The list is long, the Chinese have been inventors and builders of empires for thousands of years.  But they also have been invaded by barbarians more than once and can explain how terrible it is to be enslaved by alien invaders.  No kidding.



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6 responses to “Jerry Brown Forces California Prosecutors To Downgrade Illegal Alien Felonies To Misdemeanors

  1. Nani

    Countries like China and Japan never embraced the concepts of mass immigration and multiculturalism. They believe in monoculture and assimilation. China has a huge muslim minority, but they won’t allow them to create fifth column inside of China:

    Xi urges Muslims to merge faith, culture

    President Xi Jinping is encouraging Muslims to practice their religion as part of Chinese society, to adhere to Chinese direction, resist illegal religious infiltration and carry forward the patriotic tradition.

    “The Chinese government is happy to see the religions in our country merging with the local culture, but it objects to activities that under the guise of religion actually hamper national stability and unity.”

  2. Lou

    Obama, ‘The Dreamers are our greatest strength.’

    Brown is a sick man. I know someone who knows one of JBs friends and the rumor is he has

  3. They are all ILLEGAL ALIEN terrorists in Long Island!

  4. Jim R

    That leaky dam will also require $275 million of your money. That’s just a down payment, mind you.

    The busted spillway is open again at this time — so far the temporary patches are holding, but once again, inflow > outflow. And the power plant is shut down for maintenance.

  5. It just keeps raining and raining…I recall four months ago the yap was about an eternal drought and super hot planet…btw, it is cold here. And a lot of other places including northern California it is still snowing.

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