Another ‘Allah Akbar’ Terrorist Kills Paris French Police

Paris terror attack video shows police shoot ISIS gunman | Daily Mail Online—yet another attack and this was in the heart of the most expensive part of Paris.  The terrorist assassinated cops while they sat in their car.  The terrorist followed the usual pattern: he didn’t go to the  mosque prior to killing and ‘drink and ran wild’ because this is how all Muslim terrorists prepare for mass murder, they can ‘sin’ to their heart’s content so long as they then attack ‘Christians/Jews/anyone else’.


French officials revealed that Cheurfi was detained on February 23 this year, after it emerged he was trying to buy weapons ‘to kill police’.


This, after being released from prison early, no less!  And they didn’t keep him in custody after finding out, he wanted to kill again.


He used the alias ‘Abu Yousuf the Belgian’ and reportedly made threats to murder officers using the social media app Telegram, an instant messaging service. The fanatic was set free due to lack of evidence on March 6.


And the blame for this fiasco lies directly in the lap of the Bilderberg gang: France and Paris are run by Bilderbergers.  They deliberately allow terrorists to attack over and over again and their solution to all this is to drive NATO nations into attacking ‘liberal’ Muslim governments like in Libya and Syria and replace these with crazy terrorist operations.


Despite being put under surveillance and regarded as a threat to France, he was able to obtain a Kalashnikov, a pump action shotgun and several knives ahead of last night’s attack.


I am beginning to think that, since this happens over and over again, the cops are being told to stand down because the rulers want these attacks!  HAHAHA.  Actually, it has been obvious for years, this is their desire.


Cheurfi had been released early from prison last year, where it is thought he was radicalised, having been jailed for 20 years in 2005 for trying to kill two policemen.


If I were a French cop, I would take down the people terrorizing the country and it isn’t Yusef and his buddies.


He opened fire five times with a .38 revolver following a car chase in 2001, leaving the officers and a third victim wounded. All three survived the attack in Roissy-en-Brie, in the Seine-et-Marne department of northern France.


My jaw drops.  He didn’t threaten the cops earlier, he shot at them and wounded them! It is obvious, letting him out early when the guy was obviously seriously radicalized, is insane.


‘Karim did not pray, he drank alcohol and watched jihadist propaganda, ‘ neighbour Hakim, 50, told MailOnline.


‘He was not a good Muslim, he was a lost soul. He had no friends, no girlfriend, he never went out. He stayed at home all day watching stuff on the internet.


Since all the terrorists do the same thing, it is time for the media to finally explain how Muslim terrorists operate and how the mosque leaders enable this.


Another neighbour added: ‘Karim didn’t go to the mosque. He just stayed at home. You never saw him.’

Hakim continued: ‘Karim blamed the police for ruining his life. He fired (a pistol) at police during a burglary and got sentenced to 15 years prison.


At least in the US, if you shoot at cops while robbing people, you get a much, much harsher sentence.  Except liberal Democrats want to ape French Bilderberg leaders, by the way, liberal Democratic leaders are also Bilderberg gangsters, too.


At the comments section, talking about how Marine Le Pen capitalises on Paris terror attack, is this:


On this occasion, Le Pen is truly mightier than the sword. Her words should awaken all of us to rid Europe of terrorism.


The Bilderberg gang is howling about how the election should be rescheduled because of this attack, they hope a later date will be better only these attacks happen constantly now thanks to the gang and I hope voters figure this out.  Time is running out!


Our biggest Bilderberg gangster news operation is one of the founding members of that conspiracy against democracy:  The New York Times and I am using a screen shot to show how these Jewish editors are featuring this big story today:

It is a tiny story at the bottom of the page and doesn’t say ‘MUSLIM terrorist’ in the headlines.  Kamel Daoud, a Muslim, gets the top editorial position at the top of the website to whine:


The FRENCH are disconnected! How can we be so scared of Marine Le Pen might be president yet so certain she won’t?


Yes, the gang is certain she will not win, recently, they mailed double ballots to French living outside of France in hopes this would tip the scales.  But with this attack and the feeble, limp response of all the males running against her, she is the only one with any balls and will win.


I am assuming they will respond to this possibility by cheating in other ways like they tried so hard here in the US.  Then, when she wins, they will whine that she didn’t really win and that Putin helped her win…oh, they already are claiming that!  This is so insane.


In order to shut up the screaming Bilderberg media giants who run fake news, Trump had to be ‘tough’ with Putin.  He hoped this would save his neck.  It didn’t, of course, the gang redoubled efforts to pull him down.


Trump doesn’t know the Bilderberg gang, he thinks his tormentors are simply unhappy with him appealing to the Deplorables.  But no, they hate him because he isn’t one of them, he has never been to Bilderberg meetings.


The other major story for the NYT, aside from hating Le Pen, is this gem:

  • The flurry of anti-trade action appears to signal a comeback for the nationalist wing of the White House, but there has not yet been a concrete shift in policy.


HAHAHA.  They hope to stop him from stopping ‘free trade’ which has destroyed America.  They certainly hate us American citizens with a ferocious passion.  The comments section to this story are interesting: nearly all are anti-Trump/pro-free trade, screaming about how evil it is for anyone to change this.  I am banned from the NYT comments due to being anti-free trade over a year ago.


I am certain everyone else who had arguments against this were also eliminated.  So the NYT has this stupid echo chamber now and has no idea what is going on in the real world.  This is true in France, too.  The Deplorables there are called names and abused and terrorized by the leaders on the left who want them all literally killed off.


Fighting back is verboten, of course.


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8 responses to “Another ‘Allah Akbar’ Terrorist Kills Paris French Police

  1. Christian W

    Yet another “freedom fighter” well known, used by, and under surveillance by French/NATO authorities. It’s not “Muslim” terror when the perpetrators are trained and armed and allowed to “terrorize” as matter of French policy.

    My question remains, why do all these terrorist have connections to NATO/GCC crimes, why are they under surviellance and why are they not dealt with by the authorities before they go on their killing sprees?

    Remember France had their own version of the Patriot Acts ready to go in Parliament at the time of the Paris attack and naturally the Paris attack pushed them through without opposition (just like 9/11 in the US).

  2. Christian W

    U.S. military pays Syrian rebels up to $400 per month: Pentagon

    By David Alexander | WASHINGTON

    Syrian rebels receiving U.S. military training to battle Islamic State militants are being paid $250 to $400 per month, depending on their skills, performance and leadership position, the Pentagon said on Monday.

  3. Lou

    NY T is Jews. Jews push multi cult on Christians.
    Barbara Specter in Sweden, among many others.

    I found this,

    Godefroy de Bouillon said…
    “Europe has purged its Jews, with fewer than 1 million remaining on the entire continent. They hold virtually no significant positions in either politics or media. Especially in France and Sweden.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Never heard of ((( Nicolas Sarkozy))) or (((Dominique Strauss-Kahn))) ???

    I’m a French expatriate, mon cher, and I’m well placed to know that your buddies have had indeed total control of the French media and politics for decades, and have used their pet jihadis to completely dismantle French culture, homogeneity and identity.
    The main leaders of Mai 1968 (((Daniel Cohn-Bendit))), “SOS Racisme” (((Julien Dray))) and (((Bernard-Henri Levy))) for example are also members of the Tribe.
    Moreover, countless Jewish ministers were behind and/or passed many landmark laws in France like (((Simone Veil))) who legalized abortion in 1974, (((Robert Badinter))) who abolished the death penalty in 1981 and (((Laurent Fabius))) who criminalized Holocaust denial in 1990. The list goes on and on, and just like in the US the Rothschilds even pulled that same fat one than the Federal Reserve by making “La Banque de France” a creditor of the French state in 1973.

    You don’t know squat, mon ami, and you need to familiarize yourself with the likes of Alain Soral or even honest Jewish journalists like (((Eric Zemmour))) as well as the thousands of videos documenting the extent of the jewish lobby in France like (((LICRA)))), (((CRIF))), (((LDJ)))), (((UPJF))) just on YouTube. This is 2016 and YOU can’t hide behind that “blame the jews” BS anymore.

  4. They are desperate to take down Le Pen.

  5. JimmyJ

    The elites definitely want these attacks, anything to accelerate dismantling nation states into smaller tribal enclaves worldwide including the US. The better to subjugate and extract resources. It’s now so obvious because they finally have utter control.

  6. Yes. Isn’t that insane? Yes.

    BTW, if Le Pen wins, she has control of some nuclear bombs. Ditto with someone running England.

  7. Lou

    #5–In the 1990s, when her father almost won, the LA Times made it front page news!!!
    The Bilderbergers want to stay in power.
    Gosh, the people might get their way. Instead of ‘the people get in their way.’

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