Time to look deeper into the insane leftist cults of ANTIFA VS America which is also part of BAMN:

The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary, commonly shortened to By Any Means Necessary(BAMN), is an American militant[1] left-wing civil rights activist group that organizes demonstrations and litigation to achieve its aims.


I discovered online a group of people who are very afraid of BAMN and wish to share this with readers because I know how these crazy Troskyite/anarchist/weird communist youths operate having to deal with them during the late 1960s.  They are dangerous, they egg each other on to attack people who are minding their own business and they have assailed me during speeches I was delivering, in the past, threatening to kill me, no less.


I really hate these lunatics.  From August, 2016:   Secret Survivors of BAMN, the organization the teachers who are attacking students in Berkeley belong to…is this cult operation.  Oh, I know them so very well.  What they do is isolate vulnerable young college kids from outsiders and like religious cults that act like vampires around our schools, they turn ‘nice’ but ‘shy’ children into monsters who attack everyone when their leaders point them out.


‘BAMN is not a democratically run organization, it is a cult that rips apart families, forces students to drop out of school, and financially exploit their organizers to a life of extreme poverty. Numerous testimonies on BAMN’s behavior and their survivors can attest that this organization only seeks to fulfill their sick interests.’


Yes, this is a Maoist operation using a different name but waves the Chinese communist flag when they go to demonstrations in the Bay Area.  They also fly the black anarchist flag.  They have a double standard: everyone walks on eggshells while they get to be violent bullies and they whine about being bullied while doing this.


One of the present leaders of this insane cult was a teacher who preyed on students:  Who is Yvette Felarca – Secret Survivors of BAMN. I have shown videos of her here.  She is the short, nasty tempered Philippine teacher in the Berkeley riots when they tried to burn down the school.  She specializes in assaulting men who are bigger than her and then having her gang jump them and beat them senseless.


It took forever to get her fired.


Ever wonder who is teaching your children at Martin Luther King Jr Middle School at Berkeley? The crazy woman who leads onto pointless marches and making outrageous claims against her own employer, Berkeley Unified School District. Behold, Yvette Felarca, the “nation’s only civil rights leader”.


By now a lot of people in the activist community know about who she is and her notorious involvements in BAMN campaigns. Felarca for years has been known to constantly spark conflicts where there doesn’t need to have one in the first place. Felarca’s record for bringing children to protests is sure something that most parents would probably be concerned.


Note how passive everyone is around this creature.  I used to live there.  I know that place inside and out.  And I know the nut cases there that infest everything.  They are nasty.  These are the same gangs who threatened to kill me because I tried to save a police officer from an assassin.


As with any rally held in Detroit or Los Angeles, BAMN rallies are generally held at night where it is likely to have dangerous confrontations with the police. At these rallies, you can find Yvette Felarca with her OWN students partaking in these activities. Many former BAMN organizers have testified that Yvette Felarca is an insane and delusional person, often times forcing organizers to wake up early in the mornings to organize at the schools in Oakland and at Berkeley.


One tool these people use is to disrupt sleep.  Sleep deprived people are easier to manipulate.  I assure everyone, these ‘organizing tools’ are carefully crafted and have been for many years now.


Despite leaving UC Berkeley in 2006, Yvette Felarca has become a permanent fixture at the University of California, often times handing Shanta’s or Leland’s pointless and sometimes questionable pronouncements. She along with other organizers in the Bay Area are members of  the obscure Trotskyist organization, the Revolutionary Workers League (US) who are also affiliated with the Revolutionary Internationalist League in the United Kingdom.


HAHAHA.  Like I said, in Europe and in the US I tangled with this gang.  The leaders I knew are long dead or in an insane asylum or begging on street corners somewhere.  They were nasty.  Their followers are no better.


Ask any student who has engaged in some sort of political activism and somehow BAMN and Yvette Felarca are mentioned. Yvette’s control in BAMN is testimony to the fact that that the organization does not show control or any sort of accountability in the leadership. Her rule as dictator in the Bay Area chapter serves that the so-called “leaders” bullshit that the organization drills into the brainwashed minds of the organizers. It is clear that the true leadership of BAMN isn’t the organizers or the communities that they supposedly represent. Yvette is the figure of that twisted and corrupt authority.


Trotskyism and its Permanent_revolution is very closely tied to Anarchism.  Long ago, in Berkeley, I made a banner that said, ‘Anarchists of the world Unite’ as a joke.  People would point this out to me, that anarchists can’t unite and I would say, ‘Oh no!  We have to fight each other!’  It was a fun little joke only when these Trotskyites showed up, they would howl wth rage.  So the banner didn’t last long, alas.


Here is a victim of these odious brain washers:  Alex of Detroit gives testimony of FAMN’s abuse and brain washing:


Thanks! I had to find it. I wrote this out about a year ago for a Facebook group that my mom runs. Full of teachers who are active in the DFT fight and who have had run-ins with BAMN but didn’t really know about their manipulative tendencies: Firstly, I would like to point out that while some of their ideas can occasionally be sound, they are a radical organization. That is the hook that got me in the net. I agreed with some of their political opinions.


Poor kid.  Raised in California, the ‘ideas’ of this gang can be ‘sound’ because everyone there is nutty.


In the end, however, I was emotionally blackmailed into being part of BAMN by my significant other. She told me repeatedly that if I wasn’t a member and didn’t actively participate in the group’s activities that she could no longer be with me.


These gangs do this deliberately: they send forth their females to snag males and use them as cannon fodder and money for food, etc.


Being that she was raised in this environment, as her parents are two of the founding members, I can now realize that she was just as manipulated into following this methodology as I was and because of her deep emotional ties has not been able to “see the light” as I and every other person I know who has left BAMN has been able to do.


Honey, I hate to tell you this, but you were selected and ‘gamed’ by them.  They were hunting you.  You thought it was love when it was tricking you into being enslaved by them.


So they start out luring kids with field trips and the chance to skip classes for meetings. When I was at Cass Tech they had a very strong presence because Steve Conn was one of the math teachers and most of their student leadership came directly from Cass. The kids who are just in it for ditching school are using mostly as bodies and extra mass during the rallies and protests.


These ‘teachers’ should be arrested.  It is incredible that they were allowed to openly operate this scam.  Luring children into these schemes via giving them goodies and time off and other things is fraud.


They could care less what happens to these kids but the more numbers they have on their side the better the protests look to the media. If you are not just in it for ditching school and had actual political leanings, they invited us to after school meetings where we would discuss current group events or if there was a particular rally, protest or election coming up we would do things to contribute to that, such as making signs and calling people who had signed petitions with their contact information.


Here again, is where I specifically was pressured into doing things that made me uncomfortable. I do not like talking on the phone. I can talk to family members and I have, after years of doing it, been able to be comfortable talking at work. I used to have extreme anxiety about it. I expressed this very clearly to my ex and to the leaders of BAMN but was given the impression that there would be consequences if I didn’t ie: Being ejected from BAMN’s inner circle which would lead to being dumped.


The more ‘uncomfortable’ the greater power they have over their victims.  Choosing deliberately to inflict pain is a huge way of herding animals and humans.  It is basic mammalian training methods.  I have trained many animals in my life and the ‘whip and reward’ is as old as…the dog/human relationship.


It all came back to that. So I worked through my anxiety and called these people during the times when I couldn’t finagle my way into doing some other task and the overlords were pleased with me. So much so that I started being invited to the next level of indoctrination, which were the weekly “studies”, where they held discussions based on the writings of political leaders like Fredrick Douglas, Martin Luther King, Marx, Malcolm X and more. A great number of these studies took place in a house with about 7 cats. Which I am very, very allergic too.


HAHAHAHA.  See how hard it is to stop the brainwashing?  The more discomfort, the better the brain washing.


Again, expressing my allergy and not wanting to put myself through that would lead to those looks or “Well….Okaaaay…” statements or trying to convince me how much I needed to go. Basically, all tools that would express to me what consequences I would face if I didn’t go. So I went. When I graduated high school, I was relatively free from it since I went to WMU and they have no presence there.


The victim finally escapes to a school that isn’t run by lunatics.  But even so, reluctant to lose the ‘family’ feelings, the victim continued to try to participate.


And are not willing to make that two hour drive. In the 5 years I was at WMU, Shanta Driver came to speak once and I got the feeling that the reception she received was not all that welcoming. The summer after my second year in college, I wasn’t taking summer classes and so went back to the other side of the state, spending the majority of the summer with my girlfriend, her best friend and her best friends boyfriend who were all members of BAMN.


Good lord, the kid escaped and then, wanting sex, went back.  Eve’s powers are tremendous.


That summer, since I mostly lived with them, that meant that I also had to be deeply invested in BAMN. Again, all of the things that made me uncomfortable came to the fore. Additionally, I was coerced into attending certain city council meetings and the like.


Again, just for the credibility of having an extra body. In one meeting, in particular, the day after the 7th and last Harry Potter book came out, I sat reading that throughout the entire meeting unless someone nudged me to ramble on cue or chant something in particular. With their policy of extra bodies, the cannon fodder would sometimes be involved in protests or things that we were never informed of in advance.


Reads Harry Potter and can’t figure out who Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange are?  Right in his face, too!


Again, a particular example, I believe it was a debate between Jennifer Granholm and Rick Snyder and we were protesting Granholm in particular. The only reason I know that specifically is because my mother called to ask where I was and I told her that I was protesting Granholm and when she asked me why, I couldn’t give her an answer.


I wonder if the ‘wake up’ moment came when this victim saw the Harry Potter movies?


I legitimately had no idea why I was there. I was instructed to come along to the protest, hold a sign, chant something and walk in a circle within a specific radius outside of Cobo hall. There was no other information given. Rallies protesting bans on Affirmative Action, sure, I could quote what I had been told but if someone had asked me why (And they did ask when I was asking them to sign petitions) I would have to have one of the other members who had the script down better than I had step in and offer our taglines.


Actually, there are a million You Tube videos showing exactly that: when anyone, a reporter, a citizen, a stranger asks these lunatics about their views, what they are protesting… they refuse to say a word!  Over and over and over again.  This puzzled me for a while but now I see it is how they are brainwashed.  They seriously have no idea what or why they are doing anything!


That was a bit of a wake up call for me. It led to me finding any excuse that I could to not be involved as much any more. It was thankfully towards the end of the summer and I had to go back to school anyway. 6 months later, my girlfriend broke up with me. I’m not saying that there is 100% a direct correlation or that I am not 100% percent better off, but I am also 100% positive that it was awfully convenient that the timelines of me removing myself from BAMN and the relationship ending coincided so perfectly.


HAHAHA.  I hope this is more than just obvious.  It is 100% certain, when he slipped from the baited hook, the young lady went fishing elsewhere.


The other hard core BAMN members also stopped speaking to me around that time as well. Even if I would see them out and about places, they would be at best polite, when I had previously assumed that we were close friends. Now, almost ten years later, some of my closer friends that joined BAMN with me and even my ex’s best friend’s now ex-boyfriend — people who have gotten out — we call BAMN a cult.


Whew.  So more than one escaped.  Good.  This gang has to be stopped.  First off, they should be removed from ‘teaching’ since this is child abuse.


That is truly what it amounts to. Charismatic leaders emotionally and/or mentally manipulating more impressionable people into following their wishes for fear of consequence. I’m sure that’s how Steve Conn got people to vote him into the DFT. When he is not in a manic or alcoholic tailspin, he can be very charismatic and can convince anyone to do anything. He’s had plenty of practice.


I knew absolutely everyone famous in the 1960’s countermovements.  They certainly knew me and we ended up fighting over nearly everything, all the time.  Some hated me very greatly but others ran to me to save them when they got in trouble with the Law.  It was quite a burden which is why I removed myself from this lunatic fringe.  They were too crazy to bother with much longer.


You can’t save people who are jumping off of cliffs deliberately, after all!

Hidden Message in Billy and Mandy “Get Out Of My Head” – YouTube




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8 responses to “ANTIFA Is Part Of BAMN:

  1. ziff

    lots of these youngsters would be happiest in N Korea

  2. ziff

    been looking at NK on google earth , there are no [very few ] cars there , just what the GW ‘ers want to see.

  3. Christian W

    Trump is also against Freedom of Speech and pro-Internet censorship.

  4. Christian W

    Rather interesting read about Ol’ Buchanan. Reading this I feel Elaine has a lot in common with him wishing for the old US again. This article says Buchanan’s Ideas made it [Trump ran on those ideas], but he didn’t.

    ‘The Ideas Made It, But I Didn’t’

  5. Well, my family has been here since the very first ships came over in the European invasion. We have learned harsh lessons and did stupid things here but then we did this in Europe too. Came via ships, back in the Viking days…I see a pattern here…ahem.

    The thing is, nothing is perfect but some things are better than other things. We have to figure this out and to do this, we go to history for clues of ‘what happens next when x happens.’

    It is a shame, people don’t like history all that much. That is, the harsh lessons of history, not the ‘we are great’ parts.

  6. AkhaldanSolo

    Great article Elaine and blog, however, how, exactly, is BAMN connected to ANTIFA? I am very curious because I am compiling information for a thread on both organizations connection to Pizzagate on VOAT. I am also very interested in tracking down not only where ms. Felarca and this Shanta received their mk ultra cult training techniques and where they get their funding.

  7. Um, they are FRIENDS and many belong to BOTH.

    Funding is from the spook operations. That was true back in the sixties, too.

  8. Christian W

    A mugshot of one of the busted “ANTIFA”. Just like previous mugshots almost all of them look like “round up the up the local druggies” and pay them to riot.

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