Two Professors And Mayor Of Berkeley Tagged As Violent ANTIFA Rioters/Protectors

4chan Pol Identifies Antifa BikeLock Attacker – YouTube

The Antifa terrorists attacking citizens in California have been allowed to run riot with the help of the mayor of Berkeley and the Governor of California.  They have been viciously beating people while people defending themselves are portrayed as ‘aggressors’ when Antifa attacks them.  One of these terrorists who wore a mask and attacked an innocent person with a bike lock, hospitalizing him, is a PROFESSOR who has been, after online sleuths investigated him, been uncovered and now fired.  About time, too.

He teaches philosophy??? HAHAHA.  Ethics!!!!  What the hell.  And get this, ‘critical thinking.’  A home run in stupidity.  How was this lunatic hired?

He will hopefully think hard about how revolting he is while in jail.  And he will meet and greet real thugs who are nasty and sexually starved.  The poor guy…I have some experience in this area.  He is a ‘feminize’ male and prison is hard on them.


Here is a blow by blow account how the geeks tracked down this ‘teacher’.  I will note that the California prosecutors and cops did nothing.  But then, over the years, I had to force mayors and cops to do the right thing, too.

JackPosobiec – Charges Filed Against Antifa Professor Eric Clanton – YouTube


Now, we know for certain why the mayor of Berkeley enables terrorist attacks:  Berkeley Mayor Connected to Antifa – YouTube

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin is personal friends with the organisers of Antifa group By Any Means Necessary. What a surprise.  Also is the Berkeley female professor who attacks students very violently.


In Tucson, when my community was attacked violently and this includes rape and shooting us, I always gave the cops 24 hours head start to catch the criminals then I would put up ‘wanted’ posters with all the details of the crime and voila: every time, we caught the criminals very fast.  The cops were miles behind because they didn’t take it seriously even when it was murder.


They were inept, slow and the mayor would show no enthusiasm in going after criminals.  Then they tore down my home and then crashed a jet into the parking lot but I got a whiff about that happening and had fled before it happened.


The point is, our rulers unleash hell on citizens deliberately and they have zero intention on protecting us unless we force them to do this and even then, they have clever ways of introducing more dangers so we can’t live in peace.  The mayor of Tucson and his gang got rid of us by confiscating the properties and using these as parking lots.


Murderous Antifa attacker and coward identified, Charges filed. Evidence provided. Thanks 4chan! – YouTube


We have used online information in the past to do investigations. Some of these are fake investigations or based on lack of knowledge about structures or aerodynamics or other skills.   ‘Bombs in the building’ stuff is pure fantasy with zero proof.  But then, the ‘chemical bombs’ supposedly from Assad are fake stories, too.  And Trump fell for it thanks to being surrounded by people who want to kill Assad.

Laughing @ Liberals attacker “Ton of Fun ” AKA-Ben Kerensa/Antifa Snorlax – YouTube Portland, Oregaon: An Antifa fat man is demanding the police arrest someone who is talking to him. Yes, just talking, not even cussing or yelling. The police arrest one of the violent Antifas and the others are angry at this since they expect the cops to do nothing.


Let’s Play – Berkeley: Total War – PC – YouTube



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9 responses to “Two Professors And Mayor Of Berkeley Tagged As Violent ANTIFA Rioters/Protectors

  1. Shawntoh

    The citizens of Portland (and perhaps other parts of Oregon) pronounce it ORE-ree-GUN and I love your creative spelling of “Oregaon”[sic] that makes sound like ORE-ree-GUN. Bravo, Elaine! I think I’ll adapt that spelling from now on. Your innovations on the English Language are to be commended and I salute you. Seriously.

    Elaine, let’s not get personal about this guy you mentioned and please do not use the three letter “F” word here in being critical of him. After all, out of respect for you and all women–

    It’s bad enough for most women who exercise and diet– and then with all the worrying about gaining eight pounds earlier this week to then hear the three letter “F” word being used– oh my ears– and it’s offensive and demeaning to attack, ad hominem, someone for being overweight, calling them f** — plus, that has nothing to do with content, which always needs more scrutiny and critical commentary instead. Naw–

    He has some “weight-challege” issues– yeah, that’s it. That’s the politically correct term here that should be used. Why, I should create an app for this. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Yes, this is how ludicrous and lunatic the Left has become in some respects and the other term you coined, “Neo-Maoist”, is another brilliant innovation to accurately describe the deterioration. Alas–

    It’s the people quietly working behind the scenes doing great things locally in Portland that are always overlooked– but that’s how it goes and that’s why I appreciate those fine people all the more when I interact with them when I happen to meet them randomly.


  2. Oregon, like California, is a beautiful place that fools people into thinking it is OK to live there…meanwhile, we have some geological situations right around the corner that are highly dangerous. I guess, this is why people go mad out there.

  3. Jim R

    @Shawntoh, this is EMS News.

    It’s OK to call a fat slob, a fat slob.

  4. Floridasandy

    Mayor of Berkeley is a newbie jackass., absolutely unprepared for the position—and I’m not the only one who thinks so:

    You can’t fix stupid, you have to fire it

  5. Lou

    I know someone living in Rogue River, Oregon. She says it is too hot. Much too hot.

  6. She can move to upstate NY.

  7. Petruchio

    Don’t worry, Elaine. These ANTIFA people don’t have any problems a good, hard crack in the head with a tire iron wouldn’t solve. I don’t endorse violence. It should be a last resort, but EVERYONE has a right to self defense!! If the Governor of California and Mayors are going to abandon their duties…..well, you are on your own. Simple as that.

  8. Exactly. In NYC after a 60 year reign of DNC control, I had to whack a lot of people to keep my neighborhood safe. It was all out warfare.

  9. Lou

    She can move to upstate NY.She can move to upstate NY.

    She is Jewish. She would kvetch there, as well.

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