Providence RI City Council And Mayor Pass Draconian Anti-Cop Laws

Providence Passes Ordinance Welcoming Gang Members To Their City – Law Officer: this is a city that is going downhill, fast.  It once was an ethnic enclave that was not rich but had strong family ties, etc.  Then the businesses that sustained the people who lived there were savaged by free trade and like all our major cities, it began its descent into hell.  It is still a thousand times better than Detroit or  East St. Louis, but not for long:


The council voted 12-0 to approve the ordinance as hundreds of supporters cheered.  Mayor Jorge Elorza has already said he intends to sign it into law. Here are some of the items that the future victims of Providence Crime need to be aware of:


  1. Traffic stops can no longer be used as probable cause to investigate further criminal activity.
  2. Police may not ask for identification more than once including “police may not consider an individual’s lack of proof of identification or failure to respond to a request for identifying information as probable cause or reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.”
  3. Police may not photograph anyone below the age of 18 and if a photo (under certain guidelines) is allowed, it must be destroyed in 90 days.
  4. “Police may not inquire about an individual’s immigration status.”
  5. There is an entire appeal process for anyone listed as a gang member to not be listed as a gang member.
  6. “If an individual has no convictions within a two-year period after their name has been placed on the “gang list,” and no new evidence meeting the criteria for inclusion on the “gang list” has been found, the name shall be removed and all related records destroyed.”


And of course, the ordinance ends with an entire page on how police will be prosecuted and sued for any violation of anything in the ordinance of which must goes far and beyond any case law or practice that any agency in this country is currently doing.  Actually, the piles of paperwork that the Act requires of a police officer after they stop someone is done in another city….Chicago.  Hasn’t that worked out well there?


Yes, they are declaring war on the police and making it impossible to track criminals or discover other crimes.  I have seen these initiatives put in place in other dying cities and have written about it in the past and now it has come to yet another DNC power base city.


The rest of the country should observe closely: the plan of the DNC is to create total chaos and utter lack of restraints on criminals in all US cities and thus, keep political power over our Federal systems so they can keep free trade/endless debt rolling on forever while using our money and troops overseas on various adventures on behalf of the Bilderberg gang.


They can’t figure out the end result which is the total destruction of their own power base when the country goes belly up a la ancient Rome.  I am puzzled by this insanity.  In the dire end, they will have no power base at all, ditto if they do WWIII.  In both cases, we end up with dead cities lying in ruins.


Curious about how citizens of this dying city are taking this terrible news:  Providence police union opposes profiling ordinance | WPRI 12 Eyewitness News reports and they have this facebook page which explains everything:

HAHAHA…seems many are very, very upset with this new pro-thug policing that will stop arrests and stop messing with thugs having fun.

Seems the voters are unhappy.  Chaos is getting seriously worse within hours of the new rules.

Yes, the solution to all this was for the city council to make it open season for criminals and troublemakers to do as they please.

This is a Democratic stronghold.  And it is, of course, high crime, too.  ‘In regards to violent offenses, Providence, RI has a rate that is 134% higher than the Rhode Island average; compared to the United States, it is 52% higher than. Looking at crimes involving property, Providence, RI is 79% higher than its state’s mean, and 36% higher than the country’s average.’ according to Providence, RI Crime Rates & Statistics.

The website gives bottom grades for crime, education and employment for this Democratic city BEFORE the city council destroyed the cops.  Seems to be a common story.  Aside from a few ‘rich’ cities like San Francisco or Manhattan/the rest of NYC, most DNC towns are hell holes.  City Council wants to defund Mayor Elorza’s program for vacant homes because many are being abandoned due to it being a crummy place to live.


Instead, the money will go towards ‘fixing’ homes already occupied.  But these will be worthless over time since the City Council and mayor both voted for total chaos a la Detroit.  Like so many delusional city governments, they think if they fix a building, young yuppie types will move in to be ‘hip’ and then…they are attacked nonstop by criminals…the end result.


In NYC, when I worked to fix up buildings, I told everyone, ‘You have to fix the hood first and this means stopping ALL the criminals.’  And that was 90% of my work: stopping crime took time and was lucrative.  Safe neighborhoods are easy to sell properties.  People like safe.  But liberals have this deep desire to coddle criminals which clashes with saving neighborhoods.


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37 responses to “Providence RI City Council And Mayor Pass Draconian Anti-Cop Laws

  1. Lou

    Which NYC mayor cleaned up Times Square? And how did he do that? Huh?

    Seen elsewhere—-
    A million stories out there like this…

    Long hot Summer ahead!!!!

  2. Lou


    Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Countries tired of TNB:

    1. Germany
    ““There are small and medium-sized towns in Brandenburg, as well as elsewhere, which I would advise a visitor of another skin color to avoid going to,” said Heye. They “might not make it out alive” if they dared set foot in certain towns, he warned.”

    2. Russia
    “There’s quite a bit of violence against people considered to be black, which includes, in the Russian mind, people from Central Asia and the Caucasus”

    3. Greece
    ““U.S. citizens most at risk are those of African, Asian, Hispanic or Middle Eastern descent in Athens and other major cities,” cautions the embassy in a statement first posted on its website last November.

    4. Spain
    “After the unjustified arrest of two African-American government employees in Barcelona in 2009, the U.S. State Department issued a warning that “racist prejudices” could lead to the arrest of African-Americans who visit Spain.”

    5. Italy
    “While physical violence is not commonly practiced against Black tourists in Italy, biased ill-treatment of Black visitors can run rampant. A dark-skinned traveler may be questioned longer at border crossings and on trains, and his baggage may be rifled through by officials more often than those of white travelers. Sometimes hotels may tell Black tourists they are full for the night, and then give a room to the next white person who walks through the door.”

    6. Thailand
    “Due to unacceptable behaviour black men will no longer be serviced here” (sign)
    “Black people frequently face discrimination in the workplace and are targeted for scrutiny from police. According to some travelers, it is legal there to discriminate on the basis of skin color or ethnicity.”

    7. China
    “In China, Black people are viewed through stereotypes, and most Chinese assume Blacks are poor, uneducated, violent, play basketball, are barbaric and wild, and even eat each other. The most common Chinese slur used against Black people means “black ghost.””

    8. South Korea
    “Racist mockery of Black people is very common in the public sphere in South Korea. When a Black person turns on the television in Korea, they can expect to experience Koreans using blackface and other stereotypical depictions to mock African people, the Diaspora, and Black culture in general.”

    Keep up the good work Thailand, and don’t let the PC Bugs bite. I say this, even knowing that Thailand have discussed banning Chinese tourists – whatever it is they chose to do, it is their country, their right, and I will defend their exercise of that right. Entry into someone else’s home is a privilege, not a right.

    – A Chinese In Canada

  3. Christian W

    the plan of the DNC is to create total chaos and utter lack of restraints on criminals in all US cities and thus, keep political power over our Federal systems so they can keep free trade/endless debt rolling on forever while using our money and troops overseas on various adventures on behalf of the Bilderberg gang

    And the plan of the GOP is to roll back Obamacare, privatize everything, destroy whatever is left of liberal services in government, kick down as hard as possible on the poor and weak and people of colour (Eugenics + make America White and Christian again), destroy unions and worker’s rights, roll back women’s rights, loot the middle and working class and serve in the military killing people overseas and plunder their nations on behalf of Wall Street and the Oligarch overlords.

  4. Jim R

    Christian, the Democrats did a pretty good job of looting and pillaging overseas, this last 8 years.

    As for Obamacare, I understand it isn’t really working anyway. It isn’t even available in several states.

    We *need* public health care. Of course, the chances of that are slim now, but please note that it did not happen under the Democrats, either. All Obama managed to do was launch the kleptocratic system that bears his name (formerly known as Romneycare)…

  5. Christian W

    I know. What I am saying is that both arms of this monster work for the same monster. But Elaine insists on saying one arm is better than the other because she thinks that arm will give her more goodies. Other people say the other arm is better because it will give them more goodies. And all the time both are being eaten by the same monster….

    Ho hum.

  6. Christian W

    And yes, Obama was given little mercy by his masters (and the GOP) just like Trump is now. I’m sure Obama, like Trump, imagined things very differently when he first won the election. Do note how quick the masters were to assign minders to the new “Presidents”, Obama got Rahm Emmanuel and a pre-picked cabinet (thanks to “experts” from Citigroup ie Wall Street). Trump picked Goldman Sachs and a horde of Koch brothers people and MIC insiders and was closely supervised by Sheldon Adelson and Netanyahu, like Obama before him.

  7. Christian W

    The GOP and Dems are very happy today:

  8. Claudeeyah

    And the plan of the GOP is to roll back Obamacare, privatize everything, destroy whatever is left of liberal services in government, kick down as hard as possible on the poor and weak and people of colour (Eugenics + make America White and Christian again), ……….


    With all due respect, Christian W, you have this part exactly backward. Hand-in-hand, the GOP works with the Dems to bring what’s left of this country to its knees. Obamacare was designed by the insurance company to fleece the middle class into paying monopolized prices for healthcare so the poor (negro) population can ride free. Not to mention the huge kickbacks the drug companies, hospitals, and doctors, who are quickly joining the ranks of the upper 10%. Getting cared for when sick will no longer be an option for middle class whites in three to four years or less.

    The Eugenics of which you speak is directed toward the cash cow, er…..that would be, oh,,,,,I don’t know……WHITES, into becoming poverty stricken before they are killed off completely by paying for warheads mindlessly directed overseas and mostly benefits for the elite government officials who are already receiving bribes from our (((allies))) in the Middle East to destroy us. Other than that, everything here is just fine. 🙂

  9. ziff

    been watching those biker gangs on utoob , could be/are a real problem as they are impossible to catch , fast and maneuverable and how to corral and charge them all? and they know this . , machine guns might work

  10. Christian W

    Very true Claudeeyah. You see my point when I railed against supporting the GOP as an alternative to the Dems.

    I am railing against the perception that there is anything lasting to be had from supporting a failing corrupt system built on a machine that eats human beings to feed itself.

    Some, here on this blog, put forward that in lieu of alternatives to a highly corrupt and destructive political party we must support it’s equally evil, corrupt and destructive party – both of which are run by and for the same group of people.

    Supporting this corrupt system will, without fail, corrupt the supporters as expediency and necessity dictates ever more brutal and immoral choices to support – of course, supposedly, in lieu of other options.

    This is the road to hell.

    This blog is called Culture of LIFE News. Too often lately, it has been more about Culture of SURVIVAL meaning the necessity to do what must be done in order to survive. Taking the Nazi road of Expediency and Power is not to walk on the way of LIFE.

    ALL Life is sacred. Remove the concepts we use to fool ourselves and create enemy pictures and we find we all share the same ground of life.

    White – Black, Christian – Muslim, Rich – Poor, Citizen – Alien, Friend – Foe and so on are all CONCEPTS, and only true within a narrative of concepts.

    When that narrative of concepts begins to become very distorted, we have lost our way.

    The elites, of course, work very hard to keep us all distorted in our conceptual thinking. That is how they rule us. That is how they move us.

  11. Sigh. I have, on the side bar here, a list of everything I write and anyone who thinks I never talk about how both parties VIA THE BILDERBERG STUFF…are on the same team much of the time….good lord.

    Trump is not a Bilderberg gangster. That was his only ‘good’ thing, ditto, Bernie Sanders. Either were better than the Clinton criminal gang.

    Could both do much? Nope. This is because both did not control Congress or the courts which have been run by the Bilderberg gang for hmmm….ever since Reagan was shot which was eons ago, over 36 long years.

    Anyone from the outside, as I kept saying all year long, can’t change our course without a fight.

    Trump did fight for nearly 100 days with the media AND CONGRESS both parties screaming at him at the top of their Bilderberg lungs. He knuckled under and I pointed this out and I really am not angry about this, Bernie would have folded his tent even faster.

    So where are we now? Well, the energy behind Trump’s win is still powerful and very angry right now. He has to be allowed to deliver some victories for them all or…the elites fear an armed revolt which is quite possible. That is, the police and military attacking them. This possibility is growing, not fading.

    Ditto in France and half of Germany and other places run into the wall by the Bilderberg gang’s stupid policies.

  12. About being nice: when push comes to shove, nice dies. And we are being pushed relentlessly into confrontations at home and abroad so we won’t push the elites out of power. They immediately, with Trump, forced him to forget about defending this country and shoved him into wars overseas.

    He, being rather innocent about why this is happening, fell for their schemes, who wouldn’t? Not Sanders who is also a Zionist!

    The confluence of forces that are destroying our country methodically have been at work all my long life. And I have fought it in hand to hand combat all my life.

    And I am one human and interdicted, too. Can’t be on TV or in the news papers even when I do stuff right in front of the UN in Manhattan.

    All I can do is explain stuff and issue warnings. What is brewing in the EU and the US is a right wing uprising due to the immigration messes and crime in the streets.

    The leftist thing where they have social disintegration and so forth, won’t happen because the left is extremely unpopular with ARMED PEOPLE in the US and in Europe, too, for that matter.

    Armed people usually prevail when governments collapse. I know this first hand, myself so I can spot it coming down the road, armed to the teeth and absolutely filled with intense rage thanks to the stupid policies shoved down their throats by the leftists.

  13. Christian W

    According to Mike Cernovich (not sure about him yet) – the US will sell Saudi Arabia nukes, which is the implication of this move if it happens.


    Saudi Arabia to Obtain Arms, Nuclear Technology in McMaster-Orchestrated Deal

    Saudi Arabia will obtain a massive weapons arsenal and missile defense system in a deal pushed by H.R. McMaster, Gary Cohn, and Dina Powell. Under this deal, which is set to be announced in May, Saudia Arabia will obtain technology to build civilian nuclear reactors.

    View at

  14. Christian W

    @ 12

    The confluence of forces that are destroying our country methodically have been at work all my long life. And I have fought it in hand to hand combat all my life.

    And I am one human and interdicted, too. Can’t be on TV or in the news papers even when I do stuff right in front of the UN in Manhattan.

    All I can do is explain stuff and issue warnings. What is brewing in the EU and the US is a right wing uprising due to the immigration messes and crime in the streets.

    The leftist thing where they have social disintegration and so forth, won’t happen because the left is extremely unpopular with ARMED PEOPLE in the US and in Europe, too, for that matter.

    No Elaine, what is brewing is the unsustainability of the Western civilzational and economic model that is immoral, corrupt, overreaching, self destructive (outright planet destroying as a habitat for a signifcant part of humanity, let alone other flora and fauna) and collapsing.

    Combine this with other, non-western, unustuainable and collapsing models like Saudi Arabia and Israel and you have the roots of the current problems.

    What is going on right now is not a fight between left and right in the old sense. It is the system itself that is turning on the host nations and eating it’s own.

    This western system used to feed on foreigners but now it has reached a point where the citizens of the home nations are fair game.

    Of course the elites are quick to point to others as the source of your problems (“Muslims”, ANTIFA, FEMEN (now anti-Le Pen for some “strange” reason…), think tank supported Neo-nazis, Russia and Putin, Assad, the North Korean “threat”, Iran, ISIS, Global Warming and Climate Change, Pussy rioters and Science Marches etc all nonsense created to distort minds.

    The symptoms you point to are not causes, they are reactions and blowback. The West has an option to either sort it’s problems out in a sane manner, remove the corrupt elites and create new economic and political models, or go the Nazi route with 19th century nationalism, racism and brute force as the solution to complex problems. The elites want you to choose the second option.

    Every single time the West has faced this dilemma in the past it has chosen to go to War, with itself, or abroad. But now we are at the stage where we can no longer run to other places and expand, the planet has been all filled up, and the war option means nuclear war, WWIII, which comes closer every day.

    This issue is far larger than the USA, old brutal colonialist and racist republic it is, the issue is that the American me-first way of life (I include post-WWII Europe in this) is destroying earth and humanity, yet the elites will not allow any other model to take it’s place. They can’t, because they are all me-first.

  15. Flor

    Alex Collier 1994 (9 of 12) Physical Characteristics of the Alpha-Draconians

  16. Flor


  17. Flor


  18. floridasandy

    Good news for France today.

    Le Pen still has a good chance to win the French election.

    The European iron fist is one step closer to disintegration, and the last country left in the European Union gets all the leftover refugees.

    Good luck.

  19. floridasandy

    Also, does Providence not know that now they will lose their good law abiding citizens, and gain the disrespectful and the lawless.

    Make your move from that city before it turns into Chicago. I am sure that Mayor Jorge is happier than a pig iin slop, but what should he do if he ever needs police help? Not a well thought out position, mayor jackass.

  20. Flor





  21. Christian W

    @ tio

    I’m well versed in Socionics. Myers-Briggs is a similar system but slightly flawed, they have judging and percieving slightly backwards. In MBTI I am an INFJ-INFP (mix based on descriptions)

    My socionics type is IEI – Intuitive Ethical Introvert, that is INFp.

    My dominant function is Introverted Intuition (Ni). Intuition is a percieving and “irrational” (ie it has it’s own personal framework of reference). Intuition in it’s introverted aspect means it is used from the personal unconscious to build a mental model of reality. (An Extraverted function refers to the values of the collective unconscious).

    My 2nd function, the creative function supporting the dominant function, is Extraverted Ethics (Fe) which is a Feeling function. Extraverted ethics is a judging ie “rational” function which measures against an already determined and accepted collective value. Ie you have accepted a collective value as true and now it is part of your value framework. We do this growing up when we accept values from our parents, school, society etc Good/bad, acceptable/unaccptable behaviour, traits, values etc.

    Judging functions are more binary, perceiving functions are open ended, subject to constant assessment. A percieving funtion would observe, this is happening, a judging function would decide this is good/bad/acceptable/unacceptable etc

    Example: Intutition sees a pattern across the world of bankers and oligarchs getting rich by underhand means (starting wars for profit). Judging function decideds this is not good/unacceptable because it is (binary value added) fundamentally evil, criminal, greedy, destructive and so on

    So my strong Jungian functions are Intuition (Percieving function) and Feeling/Ethics (Judging function), my weaker ones are Thinking and Sensing.

    Human metrics score:

    Introvert(59%) iNtuitive(44%) Feeling(38%) Perceiving(34%)

  22. Melponeme_k

    The problem with these personality tests are that they are finely tuned method of control for the elites.

    They favor one personality type that changes variably and then the rest of us struggle to emulate the personality of the month. We do this in order to get jobs, online dating sites etc.

    What the powers that be NEVER favor is the balanced individual. The person who can use and fuse both left and right brain thinking simultaneously. Why? Because those people are hard to push around and hoodwink.

    This is all magic. Magic is psychological. Magic is knowing yourself. Make no mistakes the Elites know EXACTLY who and what they are and what they want. They rely on our being confused mentally with identify problems and moral relativity problems.

  23. Christian W

    What the powers that be NEVER favor is the balanced individual. The person who can use and fuse both left and right brain thinking simultaneously.

    That’s as good a description of an Individuated person as any in Jungian terms.

    Here is an interview with Senator Paul Wellstone. His views on grassroots leadership are completely anathema to the neoliberal elites. Here he is talking about empowering the individual to be their own leaders and live their lives with dignity and strength rather than victimhood and fear

  24. Christian W

    In contrast, here is GOP George W. Bush post 9/11 telling the American people to not think abou the troubles, let the Government build up the military and take care of matters overseas, and just go shopping instead. Bush is basically telling the US citizens to be brainless flag waving consumer bots serving the elites.

  25. Flag waving? Hello, our elites are now ‘don’t wave that American flag, there is no such thing as citizens!’

    OK. That flag business didn’t exist until the American Revolution. All flags before that were about whose family was ruling the peasants. The British flag was created first, actually, by the British royals during the 1600s when there was the Protestant Revolt that took down the King…James ordered the flag to be created in the name of Scotland and the Crown.

    But when we all came over here because of these disorders, being the losers, we didn’t fly that flag, thus the birth of the new flag here.

    The US is now being directly destroyed by our own rulers. They want us to hate the flag, hate the Constitution, hate the First and the Second Amendments…and get rid of both so they can rule us with an iron fist and my family fought these clowns in the past more than once so to hell with anyone conspiring to do this to us.

    We created this Constitution thing to prevent tyranny!

  26. This video is a great cartoon explaining the history of the British flag and why the Wales dragon isn’t included in it. I always wanted a flag with a dragon on it instead of the one we have now. “)

  27. floridasandy

    tio, fun test.

    what would be interesting to see is to record your results after you take it the first time-wait a couple of hours and take it again, and see if you get the same results.

    Some of the questions could lead to ambivalent results and I wonder if most people would have exactly the same score on the second test. Interesting, though .

  28. tio


    Indeed, a bit of an eye opener imho. Do indeed take multiple different tests (there are many available) and compare results. Overall, it helped me come to realise the diversity and nature of possible personality types, or … just a little fun 😀

  29. Want a real test? Try the ‘Outerdarkness lightning’ test. Survivors get to celebrate, nonsurvivors get to go off planet.

  30. Christian W

    Understanding the functions is indeed both fun and rewarding. It helps a lot with understanding your weak spots and why you struggle with some things and other things come as natural as breathing to you. When we use one function we cannot use it’s opposite, when I use Ni (Introverted intuition) I cannot be aware of Si (Introverted sensing) simultaneously.

    Maybe more importantly, understanding the functions help you understand other people and how they communicate and mentally process information. If you have problems with a teacher, parent, child, spouse, boss etc one reason is often that you process things very differently, meaning when you (or the other person) offers information from their strong functions, although perfectly valid, it may be next to useless because it does not fit in with how you (or the other person) processes information, how they learn, make decisions, express themselves etc.

    This is the reason why eg one parent struggles to communicate with one child, with constant mutual frustration and misunderstandings (which usually means a certain distance even if the normal natural affections are there) while the other parent, or someone else in the family, has zero problems of that nature with the child.

    The danger is if one starts to focus too heavily on the functions and start to analyse reality through this narrow prism and categorize people based on them. That is self limiting.

  31. Christian W

    So tio, did you win a bet or something? 🙂

  32. tio

    Christian, no, no I was just curious. There was an informal poll here awhile back and most were intj, I just ‘sensed’ a disturbance in the force .. 😀

    Elaine, does working for builders that swear blind that they have cut the power qualify?

  33. Anyone working on buildings, swear. To discover why, hit your hand with a hammer just once and bingo…time to swear. 🙂

  34. tio

    I have been invited to the soirée to which you refer, twice, I declined on both occasions.

  35. Lou

    I found this—-Using the same analytical techniques as before, extrapolating to all 50 states and since Texas illegals are 6.1% of the national illegal population (according to the Federal Government), then it follows that the national crime spree for the same period would be around

    10,000,000 crimes by illegal aliens!!!!

    including the murdering of about 50.000 Real Americans!

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