US Super Bomb Afghanistan Barely Did Anything, Like Vietnam War.

Aftermath of largest non-nuclear bomb strike revealed—and it is hilarious…nearly nothing changed except for some MUD HUTS were half-destroyed!  It turns out this ‘fortress’ was a pre-WWI series of mud buildings erected under the orders of the British Maj.  A billion dollar bomb to semi-flatten mud huts!  Typical.  This reminds me of the Vietnam War.


The remote site in eastern Afghanistan where the U.S. military dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb ever deployed in combat earlier this month bears signs of the weapon’s power, but little evidence of how much material and human damage it inflicted.

Images reveal a scarred mountainside, burned trees and some ruined mud-brick structures.

They did not offer any clues as to the number of casualties or their identities.

HAHAHA…I guess this big broohaha about the big bomb didn’t impress the natives much.  I wonder why?  Aw, I know why…like in the Vietnam War, the old WWII dragons told the President ‘bombing will reduce them to surrender, no need for soldiers.’


This wasn’t even true in WWII, either!  And the refusal to understand why baffles me.  I know that the top secret caves my father entered at the end of WWII were totally untouched by US bombers.  Not one bit of damage. The thing that scared the Nazis hiding there was the fact that the Soviet Army blew up their exterior power plant!


And this cave was made ‘top secret’ back in May, 1945, and not discussed by anyone except for me until after I blew it all up by telling the East Germans, I was going to make a speech at the entrance of these secret caves which housed communist missiles during the Cold War.  So I was arrested in West Germany.


I spent a number of years trying to force them to cough up all the documents from WWII.  The reason for this is obvious: we did NOT wreck the Nazi rocket program at all and it was up and running all the way until May, 1945 and only stopped when the Soviets were knocking on the back door and my dad was knocking on the front door of the cave complex.


Back to our New Vietnam War: photos showing the ‘bomb damage are hilarious.  The hills NATURALLY look like someone ‘bombed them’ because it is a barren landscape shaped by natural forces greater than any bombs: plate tectonic movements including of course, many earthquakes.  The valleys are green due to agriculture and water.

US Air Force Bombing Missions – VIETNAM WAR – YouTube: we learned nothing from WWII that is, top powers can hide stuff successfully and ask anyone in the Pentagon, ‘Can your secret bolt holes survive WWIII?’ and they will say, ‘Yes’ and then blow up if you then say, ‘I bet Russia and China have the same or better!’


Back to Vietnam: the bombing of empty mountains destroying huts is IDENTICAL to the Vietnam War.  First LBJ and then Nixon were told, ‘If we bomb trails in the jungles, we can stop the North Vietnamese.’  So over and over and over and over again…year after year, this was done at tremendous cost.  And it was totally useless.  Instead of saying, ‘Bombing only works when you want to kill lots of civilians’ they claim it works sometimes, we have to just do lots of it to make it work.


Realizing this is very costly and tedious as well as not doing anything useful except killing small children and their mommies, we are stuck with mindless drones in the Pentagon and White House, both parties do this, who do the same old stupid thing because it feels good and makes certain entities very rich.  So we do it.


This ‘great victory’ is, like all previous ‘victories’, an utter failure.  I recall the illegal assassination and then beheading and then tossing the body in the sea to hide the crime of kidnapping and murdering bin Laden, was supposed to be OK because then the fighting would stop after making a martyr of him…oops.  That didn’t work, did it?

Afghan military top brass resign after devastating Taliban attack — RT News  just reported!!! HAHAHA.  Good lord.  Duh.  OK: after the ‘devastating bombing’ the Taliban retaliated successfully and now…the top brass in Afghanistan are throwing in the towel!  HAHAHA.


“Defense Minister Abdullah Habibi and Army Chief of Staff Qadam Shah Shahim stepped down with immediate effect,” the presidential palace tweeted on Monday. The resignations have already received the approval of President Ashraf Ghani, according to another tweet.


A separate announcement added that six more commanders from the 209th, 207th, 205th, and 203rd Corps had stepped down.


The candidates to replace the officials have not yet been announced.


On Friday, up to 10 militants dressed in Afghan Army uniforms breached security at the 209th Corps base. The attackers stormed the compound in military vehicles and opened fire on the mostly unarmed soldiers, who were performing Friday prayers in a mosque.


The families of the dead soldiers killed in this attack are demonstrating against the US puppet regime.  Wow, flashbacks to Vietnam!  The Vietcong did this, too. Every time our Presidents claimed ‘we won’ they would stage a huge attack.  Endlessly, this game went on and on.


‘We can’t walk away’: US commander wants more intl troops in Afghanistan — RT News reports…Russians will die laughing, I guess this is the new strategy.  Trump stupidly bought this after promising he would protect OUR borders, he was shoved into this stupidity and is doubling down on the stupid.  And the fault is with our mainstream fake news and the Bilderberg gang and all the other crooks and war criminals running our country off the cliff, they have been mostly in control all my long life and screwing up everything nearly nonstop now.


Hell’s bells, why can’t we ship over to Afghanistan all the Bilderberg gang?  Fix multiple problems this way.


Oh, curtesy of Putin and RT news, click here to see 1,500 bikini-clad snowboarders hit Siberian slopes (VIDEO) — RT Viral.  Sending in troops to invade Siberia in WWIII and this is what will meet them and defeat them!  Female power to the max.


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8 responses to “US Super Bomb Afghanistan Barely Did Anything, Like Vietnam War.

  1. Petruchio

    “This wasn’t even true in WWII, either! And the refusal to understand why baffles me. I know that the top secret caves my father entered at the end of WWII were totally untouched by US bombers. Not one bit of damage. The thing that scared the Nazis hiding there was the fact that the Soviet Army blew up their exterior power plant!” After WW2, the US Army did a study on the effects of the US Army Air Corps (not the Air Force yet) bombing campaign in Germany. One conclusion was that maybe, just maybe the American Bombers should have targeted the German Electric Grid. Apparently the reason the German Electric Grid wasn’t attacked during the War is because it was thought the Grid was so inter-connected that bombing it had minimal effect. The war planners were likely wrong here.

  2. Melponeme_k

    The Middle East need not worry anymore. The elites will now bomb the bejesus out of us in NY and NJ. They know enough not to run these drills in Republican areas.

  3. Melponeme_k

    I don’t know if this report is on the level. But there are police vehicles ALL over the city today. So much so, that I even noticed it and I’m usually oblivious.

  4. Christian W

    US Supreme Court decides to keep 6,700 page CIA ‘torture report’ secret

    Surprise! Nothing to see here, move on pls.

  5. Petruchio

    @#4 Christian: Apparently spreading Democracy must be done in SECRET.

  6. Mewswithaview

    Here is one for you Elainem I see book sales are profitable for Mr. Cuomo.

    What a coincidence then that News Corporporation owns The Godfather’s publisher, HarperCollins and just happened to have certain legislation pending before New York State’s rulers to benefit the publishing industry while Cuomo was peddling his book.

  7. charlottemom

    The state of our world: Truth is silenced or kept secret; fake news is broadcasted wall-to-wall.
    If information is power then nonElites are meant to be (or remain) powerless

  8. Thanks, Mewswiththenews. Yes, one hand corrupts the other in New York City.

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