Obama Collects First Open Bribe, $4000,000 Speech To Wall Street Billionaires

Obama Getting $400k For Wall Street Speech – YouTube

Yes, he is finished playing golf with billionaire buddies, traveling to private islands where his family romped with the super rich internationalists, and now he is back home, collecting double the bribes, no, triple the bribes given to Bush Jr.  This farce of ‘speeches’ was what got Hillary in trouble, it is pure bribery.  Naturally, the liberals think this is OK.  Sad, isn’t it?


Obama will make $400,000 for his first Wall Street speech | Daily Mail Online


President Barack Obama has inked a deal that will bank him $400,000 to speak to a Wall Street firm, placing him on the money train that caused his would-be successor Hillary Clinton problems in her presidential campaign.

Yes, the great hero of the left is actually a Bilderberg gangster who is funded by the richest bankers.  Thanks.

The speaking fee, for a health care conference being run by Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald LP, equals the salary Obama earned for an entire year as president.

This is insanity.  And of course, the ‘reforms’ by Obama are very expensive.  Under him, the cost of medicines shot upwards as these were exploited as tools to make excess profits.  Drugs that cost $15 a pill went to $300 a pill, in a rape of the US taxpayers.  Thank you, Obama.

It also puts him on the payroll of an industry he previously derided as being comprised of  ‘fat cats,’ after stressing elements of his own biography like his time as a community organizer in Chicago.

He was always best buddy to these gangsters.

“I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street,” Obama said in 2009, while the country was still in the grip of a financial crisis that many blame in part on Wall Street’s own freewheeling practices.

He was lying, of course.

Obama is following in the path of several other recent presidents who found they were able to easily monetize the experiences they gained in the world’s most powerful elected position.

It began with Reagan.  I demanded he be arrested when he came back with what is still the biggest single bribe, from Japan.  We were told, this had nothing to do with the gigantic trade deficit we ran with Japan back then and since then.

Politico reported two years ago that George W. Bush commands up to $175,000 a speech, delivering in excess of 200 paid speeches.

At least Obama can read a speech.  Bush Jr. can’t even do that.  Still, he collected bribes.

Hillary Clinton took heat throughout her primary battle against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for her own paid speeches, which included talks to Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms.

Listening to Hillary make a speech is pure audio torture.  She speaks in this flat, nasty voice that grates on my ears.  I feel it is great punishment for all the rich bastards giving her bribes, to have to also sit and listen to her.  Still, a bribe is a bribe.


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30 responses to “Obama Collects First Open Bribe, $4000,000 Speech To Wall Street Billionaires

  1. Christian W

    On topic:

    Obama promptly installed a Wall Street cabinet. Time to cash in, no surprise here.

    Off Topic. It’s good to be King:

  2. That graph is insane. The key isn’t ‘imports’ it is ‘VALUE of imports’. Secondly, we shipped much of our manufacturing out of country. With the usual fatal results to all our manufacturing cities. That graph is useless.


  4. Christian W

    That manufacturing overseas is still often counted as US GDP, ie products from an Apple factory, or an Ivanka Trump sweatshop, in China counts as US GDP.

    If those factories return, will US workers accept the same conditions and salaries as their Asian counterparts work for?

    If not, the products will be so expensive the US has to put guns to the heads of their customers, or destroy all competition (not an unusual trick).

    The US lost a lot of manufacturing exports in the 1970’s and 1980’s because, for example, Germany made much better cars while Japan made much cheaper cars.

    Also, if you actually look at that chart it does not only look at imports and manufacturing, it looks at subsidies to protect domestic manufacturing from competition (US and Russia lead by far).

    The US also has a very large post in “Sub-national government measure” which means Federal level subsidies and support (tax credit) for local manufacturing and plants.

    The US government is actually pouring tons of money into the Federal states to prop up factories, and refusing tax return, on a level which with other nations cannot compete with (thank you FED $USD printing machine). To be fair you can see tax subsidies for a Mercedes Benz plant Alabama, which is globalism at work I suppose. More jobs lost for Germany… or maybe Germany can simply make and sell more cars that way.


    The US also has a large post, equalled only by India, in Trade Defense Measures.

    You can see for example foreign Steel products being targeted:


  5. Christian W


    New York Times scraps ‘female genital mutilation’ for being ‘culturally loaded’ term


    Wow, you really are going down the drain. You are every bit as much under attack as the Palestinian people are. Fundamental principles of international law and human rights no longer exist apparently. Everything is relative and subject to cultural sensitivity first.

    And Saudi Arabia on the UN’s panel for Women’s Rights and on the Human Rights Council.

    Wonder who cooked this shit up? Hmmmmm

  6. Christian W

    The collapse of the US/West is entering the bizarre stage

  7. Those stupid jeans look like the person wearing these was dragged in the mud behind a truck…. 🙂

  8. BTW, the popularity of German cars years ago was due to gas consumption when suddenly gas guzzlers became way too expensive to run.

  9. Lou

    In the 1980s, smaller Japanese cars were popular. Honda etc.

    New York Times scraps ‘female genital mutilation’ for being ‘culturally loaded’ term…Good night.

  10. Flor



    Entire humanity on earth is being misruled by beings of darkness outright criminals mass murderers, mass rapists assassins of the human race, rutless brutal useless plunderers good for nothing’

  11. Flor

    BREAKING! Claim: Obama Hid His Gay Life To Become President! Documented Report


  12. Christian W

    Why nothing matters, [private bankers] Central Banks have bought record $1Trillion in assets in 2017 [so far]


    Yay! Go Zombie Capitalism! (Waves flag vigorously)

  13. Petruchio

    ““I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street,” Obama said in 2009, while the country was still in the grip of a financial crisis that many blame in part on Wall Street’s own freewheeling practices.”###He was lying, of course.” If this isn’t obvious to everyone then this country really IS screwed and screwed ROYALLY. And is anyone really surprised that Obama the Doorman is starting to collect for all his hard work on behalf of Wall Street? $400,000 for one speech. That doesn’t even need a comment.

  14. Christian W

    The country is screwed.

    I see zero evidence for anyone doing what it takes to fix it.

  15. Christian W

    Trump’s State Department hires Fox News anchor (married to a Goldman Sachs banker) as spokeswoman.

  16. Yes, the bankers run everything, but there is this massive, gigantic downside: history says, when people get too pissed off, they find it very easy to find the bankers.

  17. floridasandy

    I really like trump’s tax plan.

    We are moving in the right direction. No more mandatory insurance, no more estate tax, less regulation, more jobs (I see signs here now all over the place for help wanted in Florida).

    It’s going to get a lot better.

  18. Lou

    but there is this massive, gigantic downside: history says, when people get too pissed off, they find it very easy to find the bankers–
    The fluoride, GMOs, Round Up Ready, Electronic ‘zapping’ pollution, etc keeps us in check. Weak. Fluoride has been shown to lower IQs.

  19. Petruchio

    Off topic, but here goes: Does anyone have any idea about what went on in the meeting at The White House between Trump and all 100 Senators? Some are saying that Trump has major plans regarding North Korea, but I don’t think so. Does Trump really need permission to attack North Korea? That would be a first for a US President. I can only speculate that the meeting was about The Domestic Economy–and I’m not thinking it is good economic news.

  20. Lou

    #19, one rumor is there is a nuke protection bunker under the White House.

  21. Lou

    I see the Obamas have been vacationing on Geffens yacht.

  22. Christian W

    @ Pet

    It is War. North Korea is both a fire starter and distraction. North Korea is also not any other war. If the US screws up Japan and South Korea are toast. Plus China has a military treaty with NK. Russia will not stand by and let NK be overrun.

    The US is building up on all fronts. F-35s to Estonia and Israel. THAAD to South Korea + carrier group off shore of NK. US troops + allies ready to advance on Deir-Ezzor/Syria from Jordan. US “advisors” have arrived in Ukraine. Kiev Ukraine has been building up for an attack on Donbass for a year +.

    The US is due a new major tanking of the economy and the printing presses are already going full steam ahead. They have run out of tricks to keep the Zombie economy moving along, let alone have healthy growth.

  23. jason

    The bare minimum things one must do to keep your charity status – Chelsea Clinton –

  24. Christian W

    Re: jeans

    There’s a business idea for you Elaine. Keep a pig or two, then you can provide NY fashionistas with authentic organic pig shit muddy jeans.

  25. Flor, you have to stop spamming my site. I can tell from the code when you do this. Last warning.

  26. Lou

    Obama mentions himself 216 times in that speech.

  27. Lou

    The Obama talk is mentioned at 11 minutes, in above link.

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