Fake Bilderberg New Versus Real News: Google Joins Battle Via Degrading Its Search Engine

Russia’s RT Network: Is It More BBC or K.G.B.? – The New York Times wonders…hahaha.    In today’s issue of RT News is, for example, the story about how the Bilderberg gang who are very powerful in the UN, foisted the Saudi Arabians into the chair of the ‘Women’s Rights Commission.’  They are by far and away, the biggest violators of women’s right on the entire planet earth.  This infuriates me and yet not one Pussy Cat demonstration has attacked Obama and the UN (Obama pushed for this right before Trump came into office) for this crime.


Dead silence from the women who featured Muslim women demanding they all cover up at their cheesy demonstrations after Trump came into office.  Their entire campaign has been destroyed by their support of Muslim fascism.


The Russians are taking away women’s rights.  The Saudis are.  Last month, the NYT, being fake news, attacked RT New which can be fake but which has a huge amount of real news, and said that RT News is fake which was…more fake news from the NYT.


LONDON — The London newsroom and studios of RT, the television channel and website formerly known as Russia Today, are ultramodern and spacious, with spectacular views from the 16th floor overlooking the Thames and the London Eye. And, its London bureau chief, Nikolay A. Bogachikhin, jokes, “We overlook MI5 and we’re near MI6,” Britain’s domestic and foreign intelligence agencies.


Yes, that is a good joke.  The NYT wouldn’t know a joke if it knocked on their front door and they said, ‘Who’s there?’


Mr. Bogachikhin was poking fun at the charge from Western governments, American and European, that RT is an agent of Kremlin policy and a tool directly used by President Vladimir V. Putin to undermine Western democracies — meddling in the recent American presidential election and, European security officials say, trying to do the same in the Netherlands, France and Germany, all of which vote later this year.


‘Undermine Western democracies’ is Bilderberg talk for ‘the poor saps we rule so ruthlessly and who are giving us increasing trouble.’


But the West is not laughing.

The Bilderberg gang is snarling, true that.  But the ‘West’ doesn’t include the many millions and millions of Deplorables who are alarmed and very angry about the New World Order that the gang is imposing on everyone.


Even as Russia insists that RT is just another global network like the BBC or France 24, albeit one offering “alternative views” to the Western-dominated news media, many Western countries regard RT as the slickly produced heart of a broad, often covert disinformation campaign designed to sow doubt about democratic institutions and destabilize the West.


And…this is their fury: RT News tells the truth about many events and covers things the mainstream fake news is hiding.  I go there daily to get world news because the NYT, who used to be somewhat useful in that area, is now totally useless.  99% of the planet has simply vanished as far as the NYT staff is concerned.


As the US is pushed into WWIII by our media giants, the Israelis move closer to starting WWIII and that news is totally invisible in the US:

Israel is bombing right new Damascus.  This is not in the US news.  Nothing illicit or illegal that Israel does is ever in the US news.  The many, many Jews who work in our government and media never mention any of this to the US public.  It is utterly invisible.


Western attention focused on RT when the Obama administration and United States intelligence agencies judged with “high confidence” in January that Mr. Putin had ordered a campaign to “undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process,” discredit Hillary Clinton through the hacking of Democratic Party internal emails and provide support for Donald J. Trump, who as a candidate said he wanted to improve relations with Russia.


Trump had no choice but to turn on Putin and contine the increasingly hot Cold War launched by the Democrats and Obama, the Peace Prize fraud.   Putin is no fool. I figure he has my level of brains at the minimum and figured out how the Bilderberg gang, which he knows very well, forced Trump to oppose him at every point.


The agencies issued a report saying the attack was carried out through the targeted use of real information, some open and some hacked, and the creation of false reports, or “fake news,” broadcast on state-funded news media like RT and its sibling, the internet news agency Sputnik. These reports were then amplified on social media, sometimes by computer “bots” that send out thousands of Facebook and Twitter messages.


This is the propaganda story the US media has blasted everywhere: RT News is ‘fake’ and even though they have ‘real’ news, it still is mostly fake.  Seriously, how stupid is this?  Well, people who never look at news overseas fall for this tripe.


The claim of ‘computer bots’ spreading RT news is an outright lie.  They don’t need to do this, there are plenty of readers out here in the Wilderness who carry stories from RT News because these tend to be serious news stories, not the tripe we are fed in the West.


Watching RT can be a dizzying experience. Hard news and top-notch graphics mix with interviews from all sorts of people: well known and obscure, left and right. They include favorites like Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and Noam Chomsky, the liberal critic of Western policies; odd voices like the actress Pamela Anderson; and cranks who think Washington is the source of all evil in the world.


Note the extremely biased New York Times is raging that RT News covers all bases and lets all sorts of people appear there unlike in US media where many serious people are locked out of the conversation (in my case, for my entire life) they present to the public.  They do an immense amount of censorship.


Right now, all of them are attacking Alex Jones nonstop.  This pisses off Alex because he doesn’t know how difficult it is to get any coverage by the mainstream media.  The mainstream is setting him up to be destroyed, of course.  Destroyed by the State.  First, they have to cut Trump off entirely from his support base and that project is running full steam ahead.


Right now, the media is using the Chobani Yogurt King story to attack Alex Jones.  When I look at Google to find his take on the story, the search engine only has ‘mainstream’ fake news about him, not his own stories about this matter.


Google search shows Infowars’ own news feed about this story this way:

Alex has several articles about his legal fight and after three searches using different words, I finally got only one of these from Google and it isn’t even ranked #1.  Chobani is suing Alex for real news: namely, this foreign businessman is now on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve.


Alex also reported the real news that Chobani hires mainly illegal aliens and is bringing in mainly Muslims to work for him in this small town in Idaho where the citizens are increasingly freaked out by this invasion.  That news is totally verboten by US media giants.


They are taking on the ‘racist’ tactic about all this.  I will note that the media has done this ever since Trump began to rise in support.  That is, we must bring in many Muslims here like Europe.  I figure the Jews who work very deep inside the media operation here, hope stupidly that this would save Israel while they kill off the Palestinians.


I see on the search page that there are ads showing how to find Infowars.

The top one is from CBS news who pays Google real money to produce this:

HAHAHA.  The second one is alex jones infowars news | www1.looksmart.com

Nearly useless as a search.  The third one, infowars com alex jones – GMX – Web search is the most useful:

Google is nearly useless and this is quite deliberate.  The clowns destroying Google had a meeting in California where they plotted to scheme how to reduce people’s access to sites that annoyed them, being ‘liberals’ who are actually international crooks, so they redesigned Google’s search systems to reduce all contrary sites to near-invisibility and if you use that wretched system to search the web, you will get mostly anti-whatever sites that attack the site you are really seeking.


This will destroy Google, of course.  I think it stinks at this point.  It is rapidly approaching near-worthlessness.  The people running the business are very self-centered and think they can impose their politics on the rest of us.  This will destroy You Tube and all the other systems run by liberals over time.


I see a split web in the future with the Bilderberg half versus all the rest of us.  The Chinese are forcing all these Bilderberg people to do their bidding via money: the Chinese lock them out of a billion potential customers.  This is working great for the Chinese.


But instead of standing up to honest reflection of the People’s Desires, the liberals have decided to chop up the web to attack conservatives on all fronts and thus, are on the path of losing 50% or more of their users who will, with increasing fury, create their own systems from the bottom up.


By the way, GMX is a German news search system.  Five-euro coin valid only in Germany taps into D-Mark nostalgia is one story I found today via this circuitous route.  It is interesting and didn’t make much news in the West but Reuters did carry it…from a few months ago:


A limited edition five-euro coin issued by Germany’s Bundesbank has tapped into a deep sense of nostalgia among Germans for Deutschmarks, to which the newly minted money bears a close resemblance.


Germany’s old five-Mark coin was a favorite among households until the national currency was physically replaced with euro notes and coins in 2002.


A rush for the five-euro coins, leading people to queue for almost an hour at the Bundesbank’s Berlin office on Tuesday, has coincided with antipathy among conservatives towards the euro’s guardian, the European Central Bank.


“The euro is, at the moment, good for our export economy,” said Joerg Mueller as he waited. “But we’re worried about the southern euro countries. Italy is saddled with debt and France isn’t much better.”


Many Germans were reluctant to give up the Deutschmark, which symbolized Germany’s post-war economic revival. The Bundesbank estimates that 12.9 billion Marks (worth 6.6 billion euros or $7.48 billion) were still being hoarded at the end of 2015. They can still be exchanged for euros at any time.



Enough Germans remember the horrific past which led to Hitler rising in power: the super inflation of the currency in Germany after the WWI defeat.

How odd: the thing is still a euro!  It isn’t a Deutsche Mark.  This is being sold as a German coin whereas the original looks like this and Germans are hoarding these:

Whoa!  The 5 Mark coin is over $2000?  Wow.  A Pfenning is $50?  Damn, I used to have a bunch of these coins long, long ago.  Rats.  This shows how much faith the Germans have in the EU. NAZI COINS FOR SALE

The Nazis had real silver coins before WWII.  During the war, these vanished, of course.  The US has been at war since Vietnam War and our coins have been totally debased.  I see a pattern here!  Ahem.


Alex Jones is under full attack and he is reveling in it.  He is also vulnerable because he is noisy, he has his own news systems on line and is quite popular.  Taking him down is very difficult.  They have to send in the assassins if their character assassinations don’t work.


The US public is being shoved around quite violently now.  Trump’s popularity has been hit by him surrendering over and over again to the GOP/DNC machine but voters realize one man can’t do this alone and are revving up to fight the combined machine.


Ryan, the head of the GOP machine in DC, is increasingly unpopular with his own voters back in his home state.  In Arizona, McCain’s voters vote for him only because they hate the DNC choices totally but his personal popularity has been hit very hard by his actions against Trump.  His own voters hate him, for the most part.


It is interesting to see this revolt against the Machine in DC.  This is a revolt against the Bilderberg gang.  99% of the mainline commentary about Europe and the US leave out this very key, core issue.  That is, the revolt against the Bilderberg gang’s programs of domination and control.


I say, the internet has been most useful in creating this revolt, that is, now people can look up a wide range of information about this gang and then act on this information.  Which is why Google is destroying itself in order to prevent people from seeing verboten information.




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3 responses to “Fake Bilderberg New Versus Real News: Google Joins Battle Via Degrading Its Search Engine

  1. Melponeme_k

    The elites need to control the word. It all ties into their debauched alchemical, Luciferian belief system. If they control the word, they control reality. The internet gave us ALL the power of the word. Words change everything. Now they will destroy the internet just to get back their power.

    I love RT. They frequently have documentaries on the Russian ballet scene. These little films feature smaller companies that can’t tour the west. In relation to ballet, you don’t even have to be political to be a person non grata in the Bilderberg press. Joy Womack is a ballet dancer who was made principal in one of the mid-size Russian companies (Kremlin Ballet). She has a fan base there and is featured in many of their ballet, fashion and lifestyle magazines. She was given a lead role to dance at a gala that was attended by Putin himself. She is never mentioned in the mainstream press here when she should be. For a western dancer to be a lead in a Russian company is a big deal. But nope. No press. She is not the only dancer who isn’t mentioned. There are a few other Americans working in Russia who have a following there. Never mentioned here. These aren’t even political people, just artists!

    Have you noticed any of the prep for Operation Gotham Shield? Supposedly Albany was part of the maneuvers. Albany struck me as odd, one of the last places anyone would attack.

  2. Lou

    Elsewhere the plot thickens. Two children killed.

  3. Lou

    Google buys 30 million dollars worth of ‘mobile’ homes for its workers,

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