Le Pen Popular With Workers In France: Even NYT Admits This

France: Presidential candidate Macron heckled while visiting striking workers in Amiens – YouTube

Marine Le Pen upstages rival Macron with factory visit – YouTube


France Presidential Election: Macron, Le Pen visit closed Whirlpool factory – YouTube: this female reporter explains that it is OK to close factories, that Macron is promising to give them all new jobs of unknown type.  This is how far away from workers the ‘left’ is from real live workers.


This reporter is carrying Macron’s water for him because he is unpopular.  ‘Macron is from this industrial heartland’ whines the female reporter which is hilarious.  Macron isn’t a ‘worker’.  He is an elite banker!  Duh.  The French workers know the difference, big time.


PARIS — France’s presidential contest moved on Wednesday to an unlikely arena: a tumble dryer factory in the country’s north where, if the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, did not quite humiliate her rival, Emmanuel Macron, she sure upstaged him.


Workers at the plant, run by Whirlpool in Mr. Macron’s hometown, Amiens, have been striking to prevent the factory from closing. Far from being welcomed as a favored son, Mr. Macron was jeered and booed by a hostile crowd as tires burned, while Ms. Le Pen paid a surprise visit and was greeted with hugs and selfies as activists with her National Front party distributed croissants.


The poor reporter had to add ‘Le Pen did not QUITE humiliate her rival’ because to tell the truth totally is to be fired.  So that little tad had to be added.  Of course, she totally and utterly humiliated him.  Big Time.


Even funnier, the NYT tells us that while Macron was meeting with the top union bosses who were angry with him, but in the building of the Chamber of Commerce, Le Pen went to the workers and they roared support for her.


One of Mr. Macron’s supporters, the writer and economist Jacques Attali, said in an interview on French television that the case of the Whirlpool factory was an “anecdote,” meaning a detail in the wider context of France’s economy.


“The president of the Republic isn’t here to fix every individual case,” Mr. Attali said.


Ah, an ‘intellectual’ idiot strikes again.  Good…’He doesn’t have to fix their problems!’ is a great slogan, no?  ‘Anecdote’ is better than ‘Deplorable’ but both are dismissive and show hostility towards workers.


Marine Le Pen Draws Cheers in Macron’s Hometown, and He Gets Boos – The New York Times reports.  This is actually an honest report!  I am stunned.


Ms. Le Pen, 48, praised the Whirlpool workers for “resisting this wild globalization,” and, taking a page out of the populist playbook of President Trump, she promised that the plant would not close if she were elected.


“When I heard that Emmanuel Macron was coming here and that he didn’t plan to meet the workers, that he didn’t plan to come to the picket line, but that he was going to shelter in some room at the chamber of commerce to meet two or three handpicked people, I considered that it was such a sign of contempt for what the Whirlpool workers are going through that I decided to leave my strategic council and come see you,” Ms. Le Pen said at the site.


Indeed, he did visit the plant and was attacked and booed and the workers would have crushed him if he didn’t have an army of bodyguards.  Good move, Macron!  He was totally surrounded by friendly media so no one was able to do what happened last year:


Last year, he was targeted by egg-throwing union activists in an eastern suburb of Paris, and he famously told a T-shirt-wearing protester in southern France — who had heckled him about his suit — that “the best way to pay for a suit is to work.”


The NYT reporter Aurélien Breeden (@aurelienbrd) | Twitter account is hilarious:

This looks like the US map: the countryside heavily for Le Pen and the cities are for others.  But the vote now is not four way but two way and I am thinking the vote will go heavily towards the patriotic woman rather than the international banker but then, there is also heavy vote cheating like in the US, the same illegal alien/enabling cheating of elites will happen there like in California and NY during the last election.


Elections in the US are all about voting old fogies into office.  I am an old fogie, myself.  In Congress, old is in – politics | NBC News:


Congress, in fact, is the grayest it’s ever been, and don’t expect this to change much after the November midterms. The average age of a senator is 60 (the oldest ever) and the average age of a member of the House is 55 (the oldest in more than a century).


The aging Congress, experts say, is partly a reflection of more members — like Byrd and Akaka — deciding to stay in office for their own personal reasons. But it’s also a reflection of their political parties wanting them to stay. “What is indisputable is that both parties are begging their incumbents to continue serving, regardless of age,” Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, wrote at the beginning of this election cycle.


The senility shows.  VIDEO: Pelosi breakdown? Garbles words, mispronounces countries in short speech.  It is painfully obvious, she has some brain damage.  She went crazy this last summer and blew a fuse.  That is, the stresses of forcing Hillary onto the voters and fighting her own constituents has destroyed her brain, probably blood clot problems.

Too much corruption and powerful parties that lie and cheat lead to the sort of crisis we are in today.


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