Berkeley Police Finally Forced To Arrest ANTIFA Rioters…Due To Lawsuits

Police Remove Antifa power at Berkeley by forcing them to remove masks or go to jail. –Finally, the police are doing their job.  The ANTIFA creeps are being arrested if they wear masks and carry weapons.  About time.  This isn’t due to California suddenly being sane, nope. The government is being sued:

Lawsuit Coming For Those At Berkeley Who Stop Free Speech.  Yes, what the mayor of Berkeley, the county officials and the University staff and President all broke many laws and will be forced to pay up for the damages they all caused and for the distress of students beaten up and terrorized by staff and fellow students who were allowed and even encouraged to riot.


I hope this bankrupts the school, frankly.  I was driven away years ago.  It has only gotten worse.  The left thinks they can do as they please.  This is dangerous and stupid.  The furies they are encouraging will destroy themselves.

Berkeley again,Antifa color codes and tasks – Yes, understanding the enemy is important.  ANTIFA and the government leaders in California think they can use thug tactics on peaceful demonstrators and people giving paid speeches.  This is unconstitutional as well as illegal.  Whoever told the government and the police that they could create this situation was a liar.


It is utterly illegal.  During the Civil Rights years in the deep south, officials did the same thing: they let in armies of thugs to attack people who were simply giving speeches or marching legally.  The Feds had to move in and indite the officials who broke the laws.  The same will happen with California’s thugs.  They must be arrested and charged, all of them.

BREAKING: Tensions escalate in Berkeley, man confronts Trump supporters – this was filmed yesterday and yes, the thugs got to make threats and stomp around but this time, cops moved in and gently told them all to stand back.  Not all of them did.

Antifa Member is Done After Facing Trump Supporters at Berkeley – This clown was arrested.  He couldn’t believe it.  A female came over to unmask him so he would be let loose again but the cops didn’t let him go.



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16 responses to “Berkeley Police Finally Forced To Arrest ANTIFA Rioters…Due To Lawsuits

  1. Lou

    Off topic———–

    Congress Refers Hillary’s Private Server Company To DOJ For Prosecution

  2. Jim R

    … so they’ll prosecute some poor shlub at the private server company for all this shit done by the Podestas and Wieners and Hillary …

    Elaine, I keep trying to tell you. The police are not your friends any more. It isn’t the 70’s any more. The corruption has gotten to them, they have licenses to steal and kill now, and stand by while criminals run rampant.

  3. Lou

    Militarized police and pat downs at airports.

  4. floridasandy

    the police are your friends. I suppose you think the “other side” is your friend?

    It is wrong, IMO, to try and discourage people from turning to the natural source of protection when they are being threatened or intimidated. The police are not perfect, but they sure have helped more than a few people. My only complaint with the police would be on minor drug charges, but that is the fault of the community you reside in if their laws are too oppressive. You change the community, and you change the enforcement policies.

    The ANTIFA types don’t help anybody, and only try to drag the country down. There is a faction all over the world doing this, some paid, some unpaid. They are just whiners really. If they wanted to do good, they would spend their time doing that instead.

    I’d like to be on the Berkeley jury. 🙂

  5. Christian W

    This CIA has a long history of using ANTIFA and similar organizations as agitprop.

  6. Christian W

    It’s exactly as I have said, the “Muslim battering ram” aimed at destroying Europe is no accident. NGOs (CIA) work in close cooperation with human traffickers (CIA) to bring refugees to Europe.

  7. Christian W

    Is it surprising to see French troops are fighting in Mali and Sub-Sahara? The US (Obama) split Sudan up in North and South Sudan. And of course, the key part of the puzzle, Libya was destroyed by the US/NATO. NATO is acting as funnels for the refugees and human traffickers.

    And in Germany Mutti Merkel (CIA) said:
    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

    It is not the running dogs (refugees) and war dogs (Al Qaeda) that are the real problem. It’s the owner (the US) using the dogs for it’s destrucive purposes.

    “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

    [The illegal attack on Lebanon 2006 by Israel failed thanks to Hezbollah’s heroism and professionalism. Israel was roundly defeated.]

    General of the United States Army, Wesley Clark (ret.)

  8. Lou

    I thought the NGOs were $oros.
    He admits to wanting to destroy White Europe.

  9. The attempt against Iran is doomed.

    Syria, they are losing there and now have to resort to lies and outright tricks to keep it going.

  10. Christian W

    Soros is part of the same setup Lou, he works hand in glove with the CIA and US State Dept. etc.

    The US will roll in heavy weaponry towards Raqqa/Deir-ez-Zor now that the Kurds (including child soldiers) have done the heavy lifting.

    Deir-ez-Zor, where the US bombed the Syrian army twice, is interesting. The US absolutely hates that the Syrian government is surviving in that part of Syria still. They want to cut off that part of Syria completely along the Iraqi border and install a fake Kurdistan/Arab tribe balkan state there instead.

  11. Jim R

    The empire may get its wish of a no-fly zone, however, with NATO & co being the parties not allowed to fly. Not the one they hoped for.

  12. Putin just won over Germany and that means NATO can’t menace Russia anymore.

  13. Shawntoh

    Hey Elaine,

    Dig this, Portland, OR, got a new police chief– her last name, and this is the CORRECT spelling, is Outlaw! That’s right, we have “Chief Outlaw” for the Chief of Police now.

    I could say more but I’m sure find this interesting–

    One of her facebook posts goes like this–

    “There are two sides to the libra woman: The Debutant and The General.’’


  14. Thanks for the story, Shawn. OMG, the new ‘chief’ is someone who went after cops and blamed them for troubles in OAKLAND CA and CHICAGO. This means Portland will continue sliding into chaos.

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